Semi Permanent Winter Camp, 2 NIGHT CAMPOUT, Major Camp Improvements, Wild Game On Woodstove.

By | December 9, 2022

It’s nine o’clock at night it’s been two Days since I camped here last but I Couldn’t wait to get back out to the Spot again and camp with the dog I have A lot of goodies and a lot of ideas to Help improve this semi-permanent Winter Camp bear with me for about two seconds Here will I get the tent set up and the Fire lit and I’ll let you in on what’s Happening I got a bunch of kindling ready but Before I get my fire going I this is one Of the goodies I brought this is like a Fire mat to go underneath it and it’s Relatively uh Hefty in size Pretty big size so I want to put it down Before I get the uh the old fire lit so Let’s just do that now If I’ll have to how much finagling this Is going to take but it’ll make it nice And neat at least An egg one That’s how she goes All right not too shabby I like it kind of neat Kind of neat A little bit more finagling but you Don’t need to see all that We’ll uh look at this bad boy Rock in Here there’s Wolfie Gracing us with his presence once again Hey big guy What do you think Is it gonna occur

I don’t care So this didn’t smoke the other day over The top which I was concerned about Which Nice All in all I really had no complaints About this stove Thank you So that mat is an upgrade this is also An upgrade just a little power bank I’m Gonna charge my head um sorry my Flashlight with it right now so I can Have some light it also throws the light It has a flashlight on it I’ve got Another big flashlight here that needs To be charged And then my cameras and stuff so if That’s good enough for a while then when It needs to be for a place I can bring It home and charge it up or I have solar Panels for it as well we’ll see how long This thing stays out here for though Foreign Oh yes I think assembling was fine but Getting it back together was the pain in The butt I might have I’m gonna come on To something here Yelling at it and spitting and screaming Wasn’t working so I’m gonna try A little Ingenuity Little smirks Now

I know what you’re thinking Joe you don’t come by those Honestly okay we got him we got it Everything’s good now we just got to Figure out how to get this in there Actually it’s got rounded Bottom so I’m not too concerned about The bottom of the tent it’s unbelievable How mild it is For almost December It’s gonna be December 1st in a few days Here it’s wild [Music] All open and Caught in there so the cot’s gonna do a Couple things right it’s going to give Me A spot where I can sit The spot where I can lay down without Bending my knees too much as an old man I can appreciate that and then also it’s Going to keep me warmer because I’m up Higher and that’s where the hot air is Going to be right like from the from the Wood stove I’m almost wasting the hot Air at ground level It still does something 100 but all the Warmth is up higher and that might be a Good thing it might be a bad thing it Might be too warm tonight maybe I’ll Have to take it easy on the fire or Maybe even sleep on the ground tonight Depending but again once that Cold weather sets in that winter that

Real coming with that real winter boy You know that real like nipple cutting Glass I’ve been listening to a lot of People on can you tell a lot of a lot of People want anyways real cold winter I Want to appreciate it Um Yeah there’s a mosquito Uh it’s pretty wild Buddy Did you get the memo All right [Music] Foreign Who knows maybe I’ll bring some Cardboard to put under the feet after a While but For now this is totally fine except for I might be in the drapes of the inner Tent right now I gotta figure this Freaking entertainment Fine In the middle oh man a little princess In here look a princess in her freaking Whatever the heck those beds are called Princess beds princess in the princess Dress Everybody loves a princess best Everyone loves [Music] Oh flatly Oh yeah Oh I can appreciate that Oh man

Oh my ribs are still jacked folks Yeah this is good This is a good call okay Joe big happy With this one Everyone loves the princess but You good Opie I got a few more goodies but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow morning it’s Easier than trying to film in depth at Night here in the dark Another useful thing about this cot We got my Kevin Kellen book bring that Out here another useful thing about the Cot I can put stuff that I’m not going To use uh right away or whatever Underneath it and as opposed to being Wasted space right where I would be Laying before so we put all this stuff Even stuff I need like my two readily Available right under my head there I Got a box full of goodies here for Tomorrow so that can all just go under There it’s pretty handy actually and I’m Gonna make up Wolfie’s uh spot too a Little bit better here [ __ ] what there we go a little crack Well Wolfie’s over here puffing huffing And puffing up a storm I try to tell him There’s nothing going on but I came over To pet him And I’m sitting with him and there is Something going on I don’t know what it

Is but Certainly uh Heard something walking I don’t know how big it is or not That’s how close I can get with my Four-wheeler pretty handy I don’t know what it is big guy I got hungry I’m cooking up some bacons You know I might as well stoves rocking I got some for tomorrow morning as well So I just took A few little pieces I’ll give wolfy one I’ll eat three And Then I think we’ll call it a night you Know Gotta love the cast iron But I love the cast iron So many tiny camper songs in my hair Um Midnight snack Bonus Sorry buddy I’ll give you some tomorrow morning Who am I joking here you go there you go Good morning You got a lot colder last night than I Did the other night It’s a little bit of condensation in Here but um anyways it’s uh just after Seven I’m gonna get this fire cracking And uh get some breakfast going and Stuff hey buddy

What’s up pretty good This thing must have Came out during the night but Something good stayed warm Uh Been up for a little bit just been Reading but Okay We’re getting up I just heard an owl He heard it too Hear it Works for you who cooks for you Just an owl buddy Nope stay Just wait go in your crate Wolf Creek Yes go great great yes Good boy just wait a second okay man Got this little foot pad here I’ve been Standing on that pee and stuff it’s Pretty handy I might get a little Like ground sheet blanket type thing for Over here for me anyway I get dressed Man freaking Man he’s going to town out there pretty Chilled Where’s my pantaloons We’ll let wolf you out here so we can We’ll chase that out and do his business Dumb Book Young pup Oh Wait Iced up on the zippers

Cool Boy Oh Foreign Big old stretches Big old stretches go get yourself a Drink Good boy Yeah it’s a little chilly everything got Uh Crunchy this is crunchy last week I cut up a bunch of shavings again last Night so I don’t have to go search for Any kind of kindling or bird spark or Anything but I do have to get some So fuel I wish I would have brought this in There that last night It’s soaked oh That was silly I was so warm last night I didn’t need it I wasn’t even wearing It like a boy Do you sleep good you have a good Sleepy’s oh do you have a good sleep the Big guy the big guy hey oh fluffy butt Little people on fluffy pants Wolfie van fluffy pants Yeah you want some bacon Oh I’m gonna do a few projects today Some chores as well Spend the day out here for sure Okay Good boy

Oh I’m not going too far away that’s a Good boy Foreign [Applause] [Music] Oh yeah oh yeah What’s up All right we’re about done Foreign [ __ ] Just sit Sit Hey sit Sit Good set So very defiant Mmm The bacon grease on the bagel is very Nice We’ll be sick Good set Good boy Well My water’s not quite boiled just yet I barely had it on there the pan took up Most of the room so I can make myself up a tea as well And it’ll start to work This dude’s been licking this pan for 45 Minutes No for about five minutes but still Going to town it was a little hot when He started I think He’s got it down this pot of water is

Very uh full it’s a big pot so it’s Taken a while to boil I figured maybe I will try this out It’s big enough to Perfect I might go a little bit quicker now The sun is on the come up Something is on the cover Wolfie you got it I think it’s all clean Though You probably got it clean I’m gonna be feeding the fire all day Long as I go just keeping it nice Cherry In there so I don’t ever have to work Too hard at getting it going again or Keeping it going all day long So this little gear lock rack deal Doesn’t need to be huge but I want to Keep it out of the way of where I’m Walking and I’m barely never walked in Between here I actually cleaned this up There was all branches coming out here This is where I was parking the sled so I figured this is as good a spot as any And it’s going to give me enough space Too so we’ll get the uh I want to use this thick rope For it so it’s nice and sturdy And I might actually just wrap around a Couple times and get um A couple different Levels like I’m gonna boom and then down So I can get more uh usage of the space Go boom and then down

I love my terminology Go boom and then down Okay start high up Actually you know what Tie a bowline or a Jolin in it first if I can remember how so let’s go A loop Another loop that’s twisted And then this is go Like that and through Does that make sense Yeah I think so and then I’ll be able to Untie that Yeah no that’s not right Try again here we go Loop Other loop Through that Loop twice There we go then I’ll be able to untie That when I want to relatively easily And what this does is give me Just like a loop A loop through so I don’t have to tie it Off On both sides just Loop it through on One Foreign We do this all the way down maybe we Make a little Something wall Windbreak Type thing above See see how she goes I don’t really want to cut it to be Honest with you it’s really nice rope So if I can do this and keep it we’ll be

Keep it still in one piece and reuse it That’ll be a bonus You’re helping or what Hey let’s go Wolfie off It’s like caught in his face dude come On Foreign It is quite enjoyable quite entertaining There bud all right it won’t go any Lower Don’t forget me I wonder if I can use this you can play Throwing it up tight enough you can Probably use it as a ladder to be honest So I could I could anyway It’s not a flex it’s not a flex All right well let’s see They have like three things to hang up On this freaking massive Hanging dealy Hanging dealy Scale massive scale hanging daily Oh look at that Yeah that’s it Foreign It is actually kind of Handy but things Just go up easily like that Oh boy We’ll see it’s just a birdie It’s just a birdie You’re a good dog He just came and laid down here by Himself I was out there doing whatever Cutting up the firewood

You’re such a good boy man Really good traits really good traits Foreign [Music] Oh I’m uh sitting on the end that doesn’t Work okay anyways I want to tie up a Little uh wood store out there I could Store my wood in here but again I’m Assuming I’m gonna have a visitor by the Way of Tosh and Cooper So got more room in here the better for Those guys So to share it with those guys So we’re gonna tie up a wood store Outside All right I heard that too actually Come on come on come on come on baby all Right Two down I had originally tied off to this tree Here And have recently found oh it’s dead and Ready to fall over so I re-tied But awning up Way back there and it’s better now it’s Above head height This one’s still in the way but we’ll Figure that out see if we can get rid of This tree though Okay well she’s coming down regardless I don’t almost want the exact opposite

Way I want it so that’s good Up Wolfie Come on bud We uh just got back from a hike we got Lucky got ourselves a bird so Clean that guy up and share it with wolf For a lunch slash early supper I got Other food too but we’re gonna cook this Guy up you just just give me a second Wolfie Leave it here Just call let me clean it first man We’re gone for like an hour and a half Probably a good hike Let’s see how this is going yeah and There’s still a bunch of Embers in there So that’s a bonus I threw some hardwood In beforehand Get a couple pieces on there just keep It going nice This thing holds the coals man Holds the coals good Hey bud yeah you’re gonna let that get Out of your sight aren’t you okay I’m gonna need a splitting block here Too that’s something to do pull them out Here I think I’m gonna spend the night Out here second night out here uh Tonight I got enough food and stuff and with That gross Wolfie’s got enough food now Too so Should be all right

All right let’s get this guy squared Away and you can eat some morsels Bud Some horses okay There you are buddy How about it How’s that working out for you [Applause] Foreign Nothing like a bush chicken I really do enjoy this I know that it’s turned some people off But I’m sorry this is new to me I’ve Been wanting to do it for a really Really really long time and now I Finally have the nut some a little bit Of knowledge uh and means to do it So I’m doing it and I’m happy about it So I’m gonna have this one this one’s a Little bit messed up I think I might Have gone to the body a little bit on This side uh so anyways it’s a bigger Piece I’m going to give it to Wolfie There’s some bone in it still I knew That going in I was gonna give that Aside to Wolfie so I’ll eat this side And this one does not need to be cooked As long as mine does so I’m gonna take It out for a wolf and let it chill now Let it cool down Good boy Wolfie come Here Come How’s that

Was that half cooked food Hey relax homie I called you over here So I can give it to you sit Will sit Free You okay It wasn’t much bone just a tiny little Piece and I only cooked it it’s still Rubbery barely cooked anyways mine’s Ready and uh I’m gonna eat that It’s a nice day I can’t believe how Freaking warm it is I’m having a good time out here I needed this this is something uh Quite rejuvenating and new to me Can’t keep doing the same stuff all the Time He’s exactly what I wanted out of a dog He’s pretty aloof Like he just does his own thing and he’s Sturdy Um he’s not reactive He eats whatever I give him for scraps And that’s that’s a good Bush dog to me He’s resilient to the cold And he’s still only like six months old He’s a little pig-headed sometimes But ninety percent of the time he Listens And he always comes back Can’t really ask for much more than that I’m not the greatest owner in the world Either I know that I get it

It’s hard we got a family and kids and Stuff to do all the time but it’s a Responsibility If we’re gonna get a dog right No she’s caught Wow she’s perfect okay let’s go come on Oh it’s hot hot A little bit of steak space on there One point boy You can see one fluffy butt I don’t uh There’s not much left you know There’s nothing left there’s absolutely Nothing left Like Nope there’s a couple feathers I’m glad you made good work of that Right Hey what a pretty feather Okay make sure you get that one too at Least not wanting on I guess Okay well nearly done that There’s a few odds and ends on the ends Odds and ends on the end pieces And uh Yeah I can start stocking firewood now Honestly I’m getting warm man Quite warm I’m gonna lose this wool at least for a Few minutes well I’m working around here Huh Oh yeah this rack is actually uh not too Shabby Nothing to sneeze at Achoo

Looking for morphles still He wasn’t that enough wasn’t that enough I was a good boy I’m not gonna let you Give me too many kisses right now on the Count of the rock gross but Maybe later if your player cards right You know [Applause] It’s getting there So I’ve got lots of space down here Lots of uh room for firewood I’m gonna Put a third row behind as well another Log that I can stack Third row and then up high I’ll be able To get a decent amount in here I’m sure All right keep at it I’m trying to get a Different selection of like smaller Stuff hardwood soft wood mix it up I Might split some stuff in there too We’ll see we’ll take a break from doing That still gotta get a bunch more Firewood but I want to make a spot out Here clear spot where I can have an Outdoor fire because I have a really Cool Grill I haven’t tried out yet that I want to try out tonight I don’t want to have it too close to the Camp because of Sparks and working area So I think back here is not a bad call I just got to clear it up a bit which is Okay because I can always use this stuff For other things this might be a good Chopping block I can put it as a side Wind Block on the uh

Wood storage okay no chopping block Just a Wind Block on the wood storage She’s rotted out All right oh I’m not mad at that Drop the guy move hey Good boy [Applause] Foreign Adventure awaits campfire grills zero affiliation I think You just sent it to me uh quite a while Ago now to be honest with you I don’t Even know the guy I checked it out at home never used it But got the gist of it so I think you go Boom Then this goes on here Like that And then this you can move The grate once it’s already warm You can move it like this That’s at the highest point there Yeah We’ll see See how she goes Might want to do this again though So highest possible is there Flames are Here Or coals even up at that high that’s Pretty high for coals that’s not bad and Then you can obviously Adjust it the whole way down And I don’t know if this stays on or not Yeah you can sit there I guess

It’s got a little hole here so you can Do a little you know fidget spin if you Get bored or whatever Okay that’s a decent sized one Carry this for me bro Oh smokes I absolutely love a leather stacked Handle If I ever get another Custom Knife But it’ll be The handle material So again Dual Purpose you know clean This up the pokies and Gathering some Super Ah dry kindling And Tinder It’s lighter than an ax An ax really necessary for this as you Can see so it’s just easier to use this Way more efficient That’s dense wood too Foreign Tell them to open a safe Okay well that wasn’t so bad Oh crap What do you want can you do something For me 21 do your thing Snowball earlier Maybe that was the last video I can’t Remember they all kind of blend together Eight biggen for sure All right Okay well

It’s getting there this is a freaking Massive Rock Fire pit Let’s give you an example of why I’m Always stressing about cutting the Branches off trees where you’re walking Around How’s the outlook for you It’s 90 clear It’s not on the pupil I think it’s just a little bit watery From getting the stick stick in it but Anyway Can’t always wear glasses That’s a good option too but you can’t Always do it especially now it’s getting Dark I won’t be able to see nothing Um just gotta be careful I always turn Around call them Wolfie and walking at The same time it’s just my fault but Anyway Rub some dirt on it it’ll be all right Readily available it’s nice Very very nice very handy Get a big old Rip Roar we’re going get a Good bed of coals all this hardwood uh Coals and then we will cook up Our supper On the grill And I’ll switch it up a bit right I Can’t keep doing the same thing forever That’s a theme for this video can’t keep Doing the same thing forever you know You harm

Well this fire is Rip roaring I got a couple pieces of Cedar here to Split up this is super old Aged Uh really Dried seasoned Cedar you can see the top Of it here it’s got like moss on it so I Think I’ll split these down and make Some kindling for my wood pile and for Tomorrow morning As much wood on this as possible [Applause] To cook on A little little ball on fire tell me That Fire the gold baby Channeling my inner inner field on can You tell Them about that I remember man we had this one guy [Laughter] Okay That’s that thuya occidentalis boy Eastern White Cedar so I’m top out Now the reason I want to use cedar for Kindling And not fuel Because it’s very light very easy to Split very straight grain And Pretty flammable you can it it’s Rot resistant So even this old ass piece Very seasoned it’s still extremely dry

On the inside Smells phenomenal too A bunch of reasons that’s why people use It for building as well just because It’s rot resistant it’ll last a lot Longer even than Hardwood which is wild To think of but just the properties it Has right It was in light keep track of stuff now Like Wolfie he’s freaking ko’d Yeah this is almost ready to be done I Just don’t want so much flamage well I Just fed Wolfie some of his fish that I Brought for all of the fish I brought For him so he’s had gross Uh bacon fish what else dog food I’m Sure other things today but These are spicy Italian sausages so both Of these bad boys are for me don’t quote Me on that I very well may give him a Bite You know soft Earhart let those cook up There as high as possible And try to Keep them nice and smoked from this Maple and Oak You know what oh how it feels so real Wine here with no one here only you And you can hear me We’ll buy them Count the sausage on the grill It’s next to peppers yes it’s here I’ll eat them first yeah so we’re here [Music]

To resist off Oh yeah Um The spiciness is coming through whoa oh Spicy Oh no spicy is all good out A little leaf litter on this one No harm no foul Oh This is a local pepper I think they called it Vocal yellow mixed colored Pepper Well Well it’s uh It’s snowing or something I imagine it’s snow too cold to rain Looks like snow Cool keep it up Bring It On A little snowy Joe you know Would you Oh she’s starting to come down now Happy to see it it’s about time this Guy’s KO It has been for a while I didn’t even Tell him to come in he just came in Made myself a home which is awesome New good boy starting to understand the Deal I shot this so we don’t get too much Snow in there I’m certainly isn’t Snowing So comfortable in here look how comfy it

Is I think they’re great on the bottom Gives it a lot of airflow Well I have spent The last hour going through footage on My camera and deleting what I didn’t Need because I filled up a whole 128 gig Card which is hard for me to do even on A week-long trip with these past two Videos so anyway I’m gonna go to bed it’s nice and warm In here I’ll see you guys in the morning All right I have to conserve memory card As well so yeah see you in the morning Good morning Good morning Wolfie Uh it’s almost seven I’m gonna get this Fire started slept real well I passed Out early slept all night till about 5 30. just been laying here reading so I’m Gonna uh It’s not cold like No socks on no shoes I was walking Around went and grabbed some firewood I have my Pan full of shavings Nice prior preparation prevents pissed Poor performance a coach Socks up here Jordan And It was up there dry as well I left that door open a little bit there So wolf can get in and out when he wants

I really like the fact that I can trust Him so just go wander and he’ll come Back and I’m not worried about it I Really really like that Foreign I don’t got to worry about you I just Find out where the Food remnants are and that’s where You’ll be Even see him when I came out I thought He’s a part of snow What you got What you got here you go boy Camp’s looking good wolf what do you Think A couple more improvements I’ll be ready For the snow Yeah it’s still Tons of coals A fire I didn’t any add to it at all last night After you saw after I was done cooking Or whatever It broke off So I’m like Oh sorry about that camera cut out on me Again I’m going to take this as a sign To go my memory card is done it’s all Full and I should probably Maybe go check that out get that checked Out by someone who knows more than I do Anyways having a lot of fun over here I’m going to come back soon this guy’s Having a lot of fun too and I hope

You’re enjoying it