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In Switzerland every building has a Shelter in its basement there are no Shelters for the American public in the United States of America they do not Exist the United States and Canada have Completely failed to provide for civil Defense for its population our Transition through the globalization Will be worse than it was for their Grandparents during World War II the way You kill millions of people at a time is Through starvation you cut their food Off this world is nothing but a Graveyard of dead civilizations Foreign People think one nuclear bomb goes off At the end of the world and we've had Over 2400 nuclear detonations above and Below the surface since the history of The nuclear weapons on the faceless Planet and we're still here one of the Other things I wanted to ask you about Was what is the risk of contamination Like let's say there was a You know something that had happened and With the crops that year be basically a Write-off with the any sort of exposed Food or water sources uh how long would It take for these these toxins to Disability less than 100 days and 100 Days the radioactive iodine will be one 1024th of what it was when it was Created or when it landed so the Half-life is about 10 days so any

Radioactive iodine is not like salting The planet with something that is going To be there you know Forever at all Would it be safe to say though that any Like if this happened during the growing Season would those crops potentially be A write-off or at the very least a Hazard Well yeah During the period that the Iodine is radioactive their Hazard but It if they're just growing no it's not a Hazard any anything you get from Ingesting Ki probably like if you look At the Marshall Islanders there were Exposed I think it was IV Mike they Didn't develop thyroid issues for six to Nine years after the test So it's not like an immediate thing you Go you fall over Um it is preventing something that is a Uh a long-term Uh issue that develops in a decade or Less typically people's food storage is Behind many barriers including you know Being enclosed in a can or a jar or a Freeze-dried mylar bag or something like That which all would be protective Against those things It's not go it's not going through there It's not going in through that bag and Into the food at all okay and another Myth that you talk about in the book is The myths of deaths based on Calculations of yield versus population

Density because oftentimes we hear like You know the tsarbama was a hundred like Megatons which is like what like 1000 Odd times bigger than the Hiroshima bomb It was 55 megatons capable of 100 Megatons right and so it was it let's Change the units a little bit so people Don't get confused okay so then 50 55 Megatons I'm going to say it was 55 000 kilotons and Hiroshima and Nagasaki Were 20-ish kilotons and we're talking About 55 000 versus 20. so you know that is a Ginormous humongous weapon yeah the the Point you were making in your book was That you know if you were to take that 55 000 kilotons and spread it across you Know a thousand bombs the the Devastation cause would be far greater Than if you just used it all in one bomb In New York city so like instead of uh Dropping one 10 Megaton bomb in New York City they would detonate several smaller Ones far apart and they would stagger Them it's it's like do I want to put 850 Rounds of belted 308 through an M60 and Fire it you know all at once or do I Want to put all those individual 308 Rounds through in a sniper rifle and Shoot one person at a time which one do You think is going to kill more yeah Yeah analogy makes sense absolutely yeah And I think this is where some of the

Estimates of you know overall deaths Have been somewhat inflated because They're basing the calculation on the The yield in population density remember Historically throughout history I'm Going to talk about Millennia the way You kill millions and tens of millions And hundreds of millions of people at a Time in years or decades is through Starvation you cut their food off that's The way historically it has been done Food starvation has killed many more People than war and keep in mind World War II killed 80 to 100 million people From China all the way to Germany and 35 Million Russians died fighting World War II it was less than a million GIS that Died during World War II you're probably Familiar with the movie threads and the Day after what do you think they get Wrong I've not seen threads but the day after In fact I'll go watch threads before our Next interview if we have one just so we Can talk about any aspects of it yeah The gist of it is that basically Britain Gets I don't know how many megatons Right like it's all out nuclear exchange Between the Russians and the United States and Britain and a lot of the the Myths that you're talking about are are Depicted in this movie like nuclear Winter uh stillborn babies you know Genetic defects crops not being able to

Grow for years and years and just a Complete reversion to like medieval Mad Max type stuff it's actually a very Terrifying movie when have you ever seen Hollywood do anything of anything that's Really scientific Integrity unless it's Really like hard what's called hard Science fiction which is all science Fiction based upon physics what do you Think about that uh like because Britain Is obviously it's it's an island you Know so if they were to to take the the Hits as depicted in that film do you Think that there's you know let's talk About maybe the the genetic defects and Genetic damage the sustain because You're talking about well six to nine Years people develop Cancers and stuff Like that is this going to be a problem Long term that's going to drastically Reduce our ability to procreate we Already have enough problems procreating We're not at our our replacement rate we Don't need radiation to help us with That okay but would it make it worse No you can look at the you can look at The studies the the Marshall Islanders The people around Bikini Atoll and Everyone else they were studied for Decades and decades and decades and Decades and those surveys which again Were done in the 50s and the 60s and the 70s those are you know the height of you Know our Apollo era scientific integrity

And so what were the the Marshall Islands for so people who have no idea What that is which is going to be most People what are the Marshall Islands They did they did a test of one of the First Fusion devices and the thing is They expected it to be like five Megatons instead of getting a five Megaton explosion they got a 15 Megaton Explosion which was the largest Intentional explosion in the United States ever did So the mushroom cloud The Fallout I mean They had instruments that they were Depending on destroyed from this big of A detonation that they didn't expect and The result was a great deal of Fallout Over a great deal of people that weren't Evacuated that didn't expect they they Were really really really certain of a Five Megaton yield not a 15 Megaton I Mean they entered a whole order of Magnitude of difference of of what they Were expecting and so there was a great Deal of Fallout a lot of people in the Marshall Islands and other areas and They ate radioactive potassium iodine Day drain kit they were exposed to Cesium and other Fallout products that Fell around them so they're getting Whole body radiation And uh I mean even survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were were tracked Literally until year 2000 and what you

Know how their life was and everything Else and you know all did they have side Effects did they not have side effects You know what was their life like did They have prolonged life that was a Question that was at Did they have a shorter life and how Many of them what was the distribution Curve of it there's a great deal of Science that went behind this and Looking at those reports will provide You a lot more factual information than What I can with respect to you know what You're saying then is that yes there Might be some adverse health effects but They not they wouldn't be as Catastrophic as depicted in Hollywood They're survivable it wouldn't entail The end of the human race it wouldn't Create you know Mass infertility and Mass stillbirths and infant mortality And things of that nature that's that's The gist of what you're saying in in General in general and uh actually they So believed in the the the problems with Pregnancy in Russia after Chernobyl they They put people on buses and everything And if they were female and they were Pregnant they forced them to have an Abortion right so I mean there's you Know I think we're perhaps A little past that in terms of our our Social Development but there is always The risk that was always that was almost

86. we're a little bit further you know We're almost 30 years Advanced on 40 Years in advance from that now in our Medical knowledge but you bring up a Good point that there's always the risk That uh these falsehoods could lead to Real Um real-world disasters in terms of like Government policy and stuff as we've Seen maybe in the last few years right So don't let the don't let the falsehood Be a reason for you to do nothing you're In more danger of walking out your front Door and getting your car and going down To the grocery store than you are from These dangers don't let the falsehoods Be a reason that you move yourself into In action fear and the inaction that Comes from it is the worst cancer you Can put upon someone there's a fine line There's a balance I think because you if You paralyze with fear then you're going To do nothing but if you're not fearing Anything at all you're also not going to Do anything it's just like Joel skousen Makes a point that if you give people Any bit of Hope whatsoever they're Likely not going to prep 100 I 100 agree With that man if you give a one percent Chance of hope they are going to use That as a reason not to prepare and say Oh it'll be fine and and everything else Uh Shane Connor our buddy from Ki for You put together these little vials of

Potassium iodine and he held on he he Made him up when his people weren't busy He had them filled aisles did this for Years and he stacked them in the corner I mean outlets and pallets and pallets Because he knew there was going to be a Nuclear accident in the future or Something where potassium iodine was Going to be needed and this is an Available form of potassium iodine that You can use and Fukushima happened and He was giving 20 orders a minute From scared people around the world one Sort of fear causes paralysis one sort Of fear of causes motivation that's a Real world example of fear motivation I do not like to motivate by fear I like To motivate by confidence and hope yeah You really need fear is kind of the Initial impetus and then you need uh Rewards and sort of higher order uh Motivations in order to go much further With whatever it is you're doing Um I would say that a lot of the Population today because we're so used To Plug and Play I would probably advise Them just to go with the thyrosafe Because it's easy and most people like Are never going to get to the level and Unless they're panicking you know when The pandemic hit everybody was looking For alternative Solutions online so They're buying whatever they could and This of course created a you know like a

Fraudulent Market where people were Buying things that don't protect them Everyone got onto the uh the thyro safe Is everyone got into the potassium Iodine business in the last couple years There used to be only i o sat and Thyrosafe out there and those are you Know never mind the lugly's iodine and Painting it on yourself and everything Else The gold standards for treatment of care Is 130 milligrams a day for adults of Potassium iodine that is the gold Standard that is what is known to work There's also another one called Potassium iodate but it's not as common As iodide these days A lot of other people in the supplement Market have gone on because potassium Iodide is a standard salt that is used In chemistry it's used to produce a lot Of things that we have around us daily So if you go on to Amazon or Ebay and You look for potassium iodide and it Says potassium iodide on it and 65 Milligrams on it that stuff your your Your pretty safe with even if you can't Find thyrosafe and I O SAT but even Amongst these Quote supplements This is still considered the gold Standard let's say this is the silver Standard the amount of information in This book even though it's very easy to

Follow it's very easy to read it looks Intimidating because a lot of people are Used to big bright colorful shiny Pictures and stuff but I assure you it's It's entertaining also it's entertaining Read so don't let the the size and all The scientific jargon uh intimidate you From not wanting to to get this book Because I would strongly recommended He put that book in so many people he Put in front of so many people average People who did never knew what it was And he goes okay what didn't you Understand and they circled everything They didn't understand they went back And he rewrote it okay it's written to Be simple and then he gave it to other People and it's like what didn't you Understand and and like nothing he got He rewrote and rewrote and rewrote and Rewrote that book until the average Person with a sixth grade education Could understand everything in that book He got it to the point where the average Person could understand it otherwise it Would be worthless In part of the addendum that you added For the 2022 version was talking about Different methods of communication like You talked about social media and stuff Like that I've always been a little bit Critical about the government's openness About the seriousness of the situation When it is an actual crisis if we look

At a more recent example in prior to the Russians invading in in February Zelinski knew that the Russians were About to invade but he didn't want to Spook the population because it would Have jammed up all the roadways this is Documented that the reason why they Didn't warn people because they were Worried about logistics so I can only Imagine what sort of lengths the Government will go to to mitigate panic In these situations what do you think The advance warnings will be do we still Have things like air raid siren Uh what is it going to look like there The video I was asked to play for you From uh my buddy Dave And it's a simulation of the emergency Alert system now I've heard the Emergency alert system which is what we Have in the USA go off twice in my Lifetime for real once was during the Blackout of 2003 and I wrote a book Called surviving the blackout of 2003 But WWJ 950 AM played the EAS tones in The alert and and instead of saying in The event of an actual emergency you Will be given instructions you know it Was and would just like blank there were No instructions but they they the EAS System got triggered the other time was Uh the day all the schools got closed in Michigan The state of Michigan activated the EAS

System and I got a recording of that Coming across my television system The trouble is it is illegal to play These tones yeah on YouTube and on the Air because the EAS reserves What's Called the squawk and the tones Tone that you hear as in actual tests or Actual emergencies and young Sheldon on CBS actually accidentally played that on A show and they got fined like a quarter Million dollars you can go to jail for Playing those tones publicly But uh It Really Makes even you and I look at that Simulation and go Okay what would we do if we saw this for Real okay it's really happening And uh it's spooky and I think the Withholding of information from people Is one of the biggest travesties and Harm that is out there in fact Edward Teller didn't even believe in keeping Stuff classified he wanted everything Declassified I think as humans we are under credited And we can handle These emergencies as well they don't Need to worry about not panicking us Which seems to be the big thing the Government the TV and the media and Everyone else is like oh we don't want Panic we don't want panic and the

Threshold for what Panic is keeps on Getting lower and lower and lower do you Not think that people would Panic to the point of making the Government's job of getting everything In put into place where they needed it When the smoke settles don't you think That would complicate their job Okay you've talked you've talked about On your Channel about Russia and Poland And Switzerland and all these other Places getting their nuclear shelters For their population ready right Do you know why you're not reporting on The U.S and Canada and other places Getting their shelters ready for the Public Either because it's not happening or if It's happening it's happening in secret Why do you think that is There are no shelters for the American Public in the United States of America In fact there are not even shelters on Military bases for military personnel From radioactive black from from nuclear Blast and nuclear fallout I have been to Cheyenne Mountain okay That is one place that is protected from Radioactive blast and radioactive Fallout I have seen the Springs Underneath the buildings I've seen the Two 25 ton doors that protected from the Tunnel I have been all through the Complex

And had the three-hour tour It's fascinating place I have sat in the Chair of the general like you kind of See in the movie Um from the 80s what was it not not Terminator not the new Terminator No no no no no it was um do you want to Play a game how about global um war Games where you know it's a simulation Of global thermonuclear war I have sat In that chair I've been there I've been To the Nevada test site and been at the Edge of sedan crater and everything else There the reason why you are not talking About Us getting our bunkers ready for the American population for Fallout or blast It's because they do not exist that's One of the things doctors for disaster Preparedness and Physicians for civil Defense have been advocating for a long Time starting in the 80s along with Dr Edward Teller who was a member of the Group and many other nuclear scientists As we need to have a national shelter System in the United States that's real That's not a plaque on the side of a Building with a basement in New York City in Switzerland every building has a Shelter in its basement every building Of a certain size every apartment Building they have entire soccer fields With Fallout shelters and blast shelters With nuclear chemical and biological

Filtration on them For like one and a quarter of the Population because there's gonna be People visiting and everything else so They have over capacity for their Shelter and it's built in the law of Every building is going to have that Russia has shelters a lot of it is uh Underground Subways for its population And other countries have it to a Different degree but the United States And Canada has completely failed to Provide for civil defense for its Population and for its military and it Is an absolute travesty it is so simple To avoid And it's such an easy protection for Your population I mean let alone if you Know Europe in uh Upper Canada and down Here in the south of the United States And Texas they got thing called Tornadoes and it would be a beautiful Shelter for uh tornadoes and any other Severe weather that occurred but again Let's not scare people by putting Shelters you know in their apartment Complexes and underneath their soccer Fields or football fields or whatever Baseball fields or whatever field that It is that you you want to do Yeah and if they're not willing to do it This far in advance I mean we're Starting to see some like public uh Service announcements uh you know what

The New York PSA uh talking about which Obviously you have a lot of criticisms Of and rightly so and some radiation Awareness campaigns for radiological Events but it seems like they're very Being very sensitive or they're catering To people's sensitivities so not to Upset people it is by far more Insidious Than that Um it came out in what we call Open Source intelligence which means Newspapers and Google and stuff like That and they change some of the PSA and They're on the back of the buses and we Have photos of them and that one with The lady of saying well let's say the Big one has happened we don't know but The big one has happened here's what we Need to do stay inside don't leave wait For further instructions Turns out that was for a dirty bomb Threat A dirty bomb possibility which is all That is is a conventional explosive Taking radioactive contamination of Whatever type you want from a hospital Cat scan machine or anything else any Other type of medical isotope and you're Just like spreading it all with a Detonation over Time Square and you're Not really hurting or killing people There's no nuclear reaction it's an area Of denial and the fear weapon and that's What they were protecting about and the

Reason why they were making those PSAs Was to cover the rear end to say well You can't say we didn't warn you exactly Yeah I mean I think that was one of the Reasons I gave yeah yeah exactly it was Like don't say you know we can't say we Didn't warn you and put something out And which is you know and when I was in Pennsylvania I was a Sheriff Deputy and I was in the sheriff Reserve and that's Kind of like a volunteer firefighter Okay you volunteer to run in the Building but you don't get paid and we Did the same do we did the same Duty as A Sheriff Deputy we were deputized Officers we were officers of the law we Carried a gun to badge uh a uniform and Everything else but the thing is we Raised our hand and we took an oath and Yes we took an oath to the Constitution Of the United States and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to protect it against all Enemies foreign and domestic but the Other oath we took was to put our bodies Our Lives you know with our bulletproof Vast and with our lethal force and all The tools in our belt which are mostly Less lethal we promised we took an oath To protect the innocent from the Malevolent And that's why it's called The Thin Blue Line The Thin Blue Line is the line Between good and evil the innocent and

The malevolent and these politicians are Absolutely not taking that oath or any Portion of it or seriously well I just Hope that people never have to utilize Any of these skills but unfortunately The way the world is going it appears That there they may well have to and um I guess I I would rather that uh I would Rather nothing ever happen and I'd be Told how wrong I was then something Happened just to be Vindicated because If what we're talking about here happens It's going to be such a catastrophe it's Going to be so uh a billion debt is a Lot of the all of the individual like a Hollywood movie cannot depict how bad It's going to be because it only it only Follows one they typically follow one Protagon Right in any Hollywood account but you Have to multiply those stories by Millions and millions of people to Really get an understanding of what it Would actually be like it is absolutely In incomprehensible the level of the Loans and evil that is out there and the People that battle against it you know As uh it was Orwell that said rough men Stand ready in the night to do great Harm upon our behalf so we may sleep Peacefully in our bets and even if we Even this all blows over Nate and we Have no nuclear detonations let's say a Great through great herokian Nobel Prize

Award level efforts are done To alleviate the majority of the Possible and upcoming famine throughout The world has alleviated everyone Watching you right now is going to have To use some level of your preparedness Or the preparedness I'm teaching you're Teaching or other ones teaching because Guaranteed in our lifetimes you're going To have a blackout of 2003 you're going To have a winter storm you're going to Have you know thunderstorms and knock The power out for two weeks or a week You're going to have all of that happen To you in your lifetime guaranteed And you'll be happy for like I don't Have to worry about anything you know Well sometimes I have to re-reiterate This on the channel is that we're kind Of deviating from our our purpose here Today but I I will say that uh part of My motivation and part of my hope is That these the preparedness efforts are Are also helpful towards personal Development as much as they are just for You know surviving a disaster because You can only prepare for hard times if You are taking good care of yourself Right now so my whole belief is that Preparedness can actually motivate People to do better in their life and I Always say maximize your time while the Grid is here and while everything is Normal because one hour in our current

Society the way everything is nice and Convenient right now is worth a hundred Hours after times get hard and that grid Is no longer are there like it'll take You 100 times the the uh the amount of Time to acquire something that right now You could just walk down to the store And get so in that sense even if nothing Happens people become better people Right people become more productive Members of their society they become Healthier people and uh you know so long As they're not becoming paralyzed with Fear which is something I hope that I'm Doing enough to defuse at the same time Compelling people to be you know to take These matters seriously because I do you Know I reading um you know the collapse Of complex societies I do believe that The deglobalization that is coming is Going to be a bumpy ride even if it Doesn't go nuclear so uh getting our Transition our transition through the Globalization will be by far worse than Our grandparents went through World War II in 1904 40 to 1945 It is going to be a rougher Road for us Than it was then for them during World War II I agree but but we will uh we Will absolutely make it we will come out The other side and we will come out Better that is the history of everything That we've done as far as what you said About the fall of civilization is this

World is nothing but a graveyard of dead Civilizations From the Roman Empire for the Egyptian Empire and all the way up and through All of them this this planet is nothing But a graveyard of Dead and or evolved or conquered Civilized civilizations when a nuclear Device goes off when it goes critical it Does so in about three quarters of a Millionth of a second it's not a Physical particle it's a little piece of Energy eagle flies off at very high Speed it can impact you it can disrupt Your DNA it can cause Burns depending Upon how close and how much you get The best way to support this channel is To support Yourself by gearing up at Canadianpreparedness.com where you'll Find high quality survival gear at the Best prices No Junk and no gimmicks use Discount code prepping gear for 10 off Don't forget the Strong Survive but the Prepared Thrive stay safe