Dark Times Ahead… People Are Losing it…

By | December 4, 2022

Hi folks Canadian prepper here I hope You guys are enjoying this fine Saturday Evening when the lights are still on and Water is still coming through the Taps We got to enjoy every moment we can While the getting is good today we're Not going to be doing our Run-of-the-mill current events analysis We're going to save that for tomorrow There's a whole lot of crap going on and It's about to get crazy but we're gonna Save that for tomorrow today I want to Talk just free form about some things That I'm noticing because if you haven't Noticed it people are losing their minds Out there right now okay and this all Coincides with the economic downturn as We approach the bottom in the next Couple years with this recessionary Stagflationary depressionary style cycle That we're in when we hit the bottom of The trough right around the time when You see that happen you're going to see Political discourse get more aggressive And right now you're seeing a lot of Chaos in the media whether it's the Elon Musk Twitter thing the Kanye thing you Know people are losing their minds left And right for some people they're Spouting wisdom as they lose their minds Depending on which side of the debate You're on but regardless as we enter Austerity you're going to see more Fighting emerge and this is just a sign

That the 2024 election cycle is going to Be raucous and riotus and quite possibly Lead us to some Civil War because Remember January 6 and the truckers Protest these were unprecedented events Okay things that we had never seen Especially here in Canada the invocation Of the emergency Powers Act even a lot Of these uh sweeping gun bans and I'm Going to talk a little bit about that Today that our government is trying to Impose and just all of the craziness I Mean this is a transitionary period if There ever was one and I just kind of Want to comment on it because what I'm Seeing happening right now guys is that There's a lot of bread and circuses There's a lot of things that it may not Be intentional but it sure is absorbing People's attention and right now your Time and your attention are your most Valuable things when I say things like You gotta appreciate the water coming Through the Taps the lights being on and The heat coming through the vents I mean It because there may come a time when Those things just are not a luxury that You have at your disposal or it's going To cost so much that it's going to make Life incredibly difficult so I try to Not allow myself to be distracted by These algorithmic forces that are at Work in feeding me up this information Which appears to just be intended to

Rally people up and and it's bread and Circuses during the collapse of the Roman Empire they made sure that they Provided people entertainment so that They couldn't see what was happening Around them It's very important that this day and Age that you are maximizing and trying To squeeze everything you can out of This grid that's up while the getting is Good because it could come violently Crouching down at any moment now so I'm Just saying if it's Elon Musk and the Twitter Fiasco and the hunter Biden Thing and all these other things coming To light the the crazy political divide That has ensued the politicization and The woke pendulum that's swinging back In the other direction all of these Things okay At the end of the day I'm a firm Believer as a prepper that if we take 100 accountability and responsibility For our lives then politics is virtually Meaningless Because as long as you're doing you know Everything you can that's that's going To determine ninety percent of your fate Uh not whoever is in office and I'm not Saying you know that uh politics doesn't Matter or anything like that definitely Matters but just be careful because I Think that there is I don't want to say it's intentional but

It appears as though this craziness is Being put there for us to distract us From the fact that the superpowers of The world are gearing up for a major Conflict that economic hardship is going To reach critical levels very soon for a Lot of people On this world on this world on this Earth in this world however you want to Call it and uh at the same time they're Also trying to strip people of a lot of Their freedoms whether it's their Freedom of speech their freedom to Bear Firearms Um to hunt even you know the bureaucracy Is going to grow as we enter these Austere times case in point firearms are One of those things If you didn't see our review that we did Earlier today of the folding shotgun Probably one of the most practical Folding survival rifles that I've ever Used go and check it out it seems that Anytime we do a Firearms review on this Channel it doesn't get a lot of Attention and I'm not chalking that up To you know YouTube suppression or Anything like that I actually am a Believer believe it or not in the YouTube algorithm Having a certain wisdom to it I do Believe that I'm not just saying that so That I don't get canceled or anything Like that I actually do believe that

There's a method to YouTube's Madness That I don't entirely understand but I Will say that any video that we've done That showcase Firearms even if it's that Like flamethrower up there or crossbow Videos that we've done shotgun videos That we've done They don't seem to get a lot of traction Or not nearly as much as I think they Would now that may be because I'm Misreading my audience I'm willing to Take accountability for that but I'm not sure maybe there's some other Force at work anyways uh what I will say Is that our provincial government is Fighting back against this current Legislation that is happening bill c21 Which has been amended to include a Variety of other Firearms Bill c21 if You don't know if you're not from Canada Basically what it is and if you're not From Canada then you've probably already Been through this phase of the the Um the process of restricting firearms In your country or you're about to and What it is is the Restriction of Handguns but they've amended this bill After it was already passed to include a Variety of other firearms and when I say A variety I'm talking about thousands I'm talking about Firearms pretty much All black guns as they call them assault Rifles as they like to call them that Ambiguous terminology very subjective uh

We're talking about everything from SKS To to divorce to Chris vectors you name It they're going to ban it and they Snuck this in at the last minute Intentionally okay now the reason why Are are unknown but here's what they've Done and this has been my criticism of How the conservatives are dealing with This issue They're now framing this as an Anti-hunting gun Bill okay and I have a Problem with how they're framing it like That because this is not an anti-hunters Hunter's gun legislation anti-gun Legislation this is an Anti-shooters legislation and there's a Very very critical distinction to be Made there because here's what they're Going to do I think I think that the Liberal government has made the most Outrageous amendment that they could Possibly think of so that perhaps in the Last minute they're going to revamp this List and remove a variety of the hunting Rifles and then the conservatives are Probably going to chalk that up as a win Even though the conservative leader has Pledged to repeal Bill c21 if the Conservatives are ever so lucky to take Office which based on the Coalition of The block the NDP and the liberal holes In the greens it's very likely that That'll maybe never happen again Um

What I will say is that it appears as Though they just did this they made the Most outrageous Recommendations that they could so that At the last minute they could look like The good guys by taking away a few of The hunting or giving back some of the Hunting rifles but still taking away Everything else and the conservatives Are going to say that that's a win That's an old sales tactic called the Door in the face sales tactic it's the Idea that you know a Salesman comes to Your door and he makes this outrageous Proposition and you slam the door in his Face then he knocks again he says okay Okay how about this right and it's still Outrageous but relative to the Proposition he just made it doesn't seem That bad right so bill c21 is still Going to go through they're still going To take all the semi-autos but they're Probably going to give back some of the Ridiculously out of place firearms that They put on this list that were you know Like single shot 22 rifles and just you Know things that shouldn't be on this List if it really is just for the Purpose of restricting semiology photos Which many including the gun lobby as a Whole don't agree should be banned at All including handguns which a lot of The the gun lobby don't agree should be Banned because Firearms owners in this

Country are among the most law-abiding The most law-abiding you can't have a Criminal record and own a gun I mean you Have to there's steps that you can go Through I think to to get a firearms License if you have a criminal record There's some exceptions but we're the Most thoroughly vetted you know we pay Probably the most amount of taxes and There are millions of people in this Country who own firearms believe it or Not and none of them Are actively involved in gang violence As far as I know anyways I'm sure There's there's always the Oddball Exception but what I'm trying to say is That I really don't like how they're Framing this because that that is what I Foresee happening I've made this uh Criticism of Rachel what's her name Rachel Dachau or something like she's One of the conservative MPS and uh I I Can't pronounce her name I remember Raquel or Rachel or anyways terrible With names guys but uh she's really Framing this now as an anti-hunter Legislation that's she's trying to make A name for herself right Um I appreciate what she's doing I I Really do I think anything anybody who's Going against this in any way they can Is a good thing and maybe there's some Strategy there where they think that if They go at it from the perspective of

Protecting Shooters rights as opposed to Hunters rights they won't be able to Make any Headway in the public eye there Could be something to that but I still Think that we need to keep the bar set Where it's at otherwise we set a very Bad precedent that sport shooting in General is completely unjustified and That appears to be where they want the Goal posts moved to anyways let's talk About how our province is fighting back In a very creative way Now Saskatchewan will not comply with The new Banning of firearms that are Being imposed by the federal government Now in may 2020 there are already 1500 Firearms that were reclassified as Prohibited and banned by the Liberals And this is what that pertains to so but It's also going to pertain to when they Come to confiscate all the thousands of Guns millions of guns that are going to Be included in this sweeping amendment To bill c21 so they've introduced a new Legislation to protect gun owners and What they've done is very creative here Because they can't really Resist the federal government's laws but They can make it very complicated and Very prohibitively costly for the Federal government to Embark upon this Gun confiscation so what they've done is They've expanded the role of the Saskatchewan Firearms office that's the

Province I'm from in Prosecuting Non-violent regular regulatory Firearms Offenses and this like I said is going To be pertinent to the banding of the 1500 firearms from May 2020 and Probably the ones from Bill c21 So they're not going to be devoting Provincial policing resources to this Federal confiscation program or Buy-Back Program or whatever it is and it would Also restrict provincial and Municipal Agencies from accepting federal Government money to confiscate Firearms So that's very interesting so they're Not going to accept money from the feds To go and confiscate firearms and They're not going to you know put any of Their own money into it for that purpose They're going to possibly defund the RCMP if they proceed with this Confiscation any agent of the federal Government that is going to confiscate a Firearm needs to be licensed by the Chief Firearms officer of Saskatchewan That's another interesting roadblock Bottleneck if you will there's also Going to be a new legislation that will Ensure Fair compensation for firearms Seized so they're basically going to Force the Buyback of these Firearms which is going To cost the government billions of Dollars which most Canadian taxpayers Are not going to be happy about it's

Also going to require the new Legislation to require forensics and Ballistics testing on all firearm Seas Before they are destroyed so that's Going to be incredibly time consuming And costly and Alberta has also echoed This and said that they're not going to Agree to having the RCMP act as Confiscation agents although they don't Provide as detailed a plan anyways guys I'm going to run out of battery life Here I just wanted to Muse about a few Things today a little stream of Consciousness Style video let me know What you think am I off The Mark with my Observations here that we're being Distracted and they want us to fight With one another and maybe there's good Reason to fight with one another maybe This is just the wolf pendulum swinging In the opposite direction but it appears That very convenient that as we enter The dark times ahead that all of a Sudden you know things are going to get Political again and there's going to be Civil unrest and I do think that in 2024 If we can get there without a mushroom Cloud in the distance that you know we Could potentially see events that made The truckers protest in January 6th look Like just a appetizer let me know what You think in the comments section below Thanks for watching Canadian preparo