Setting up a Semi Permanent Winter Camp; Wolf and I Camp Out in a Brand New Hot Tent with Stove.

By | December 2, 2022

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In as far as I could and then I hiked in The rest pulling this sled so we’ve got Enough gear to really get situated for Quite some time out here and we’ll leave It up and just leave it up as a test Uh to its durability and it’s livability A ton of gear like I said Wood stove all the fun stuff A table Here’s my tent the old the new nortec Decent size like pretty hefty but as far As hot tents go And for how big it’s going to be it’s Really not that bad All right Well like I said I’ve not set this up Before and the wind is picking up so That might make it a bit difficult but We shall see Checked it out at home this is the inner Tent Which is certainly not necessary but I Wanted to use it holes Stakes And scent proper Oh it’s a lot of tent a lot of tent okay Well See what we can do here there’s carbon Fiber poles Which are really nice actually Nice and lightweight and Not going to be so cold in the winter Time to touch as metal would be more Aluminum

Set these up they’re not bungee together So we’ll figure out how they go And that wind Looks like there’s two Uh size options for each Uh attachment point Make it smaller or bigger so Pretty versatile I think Oh and then it’s got like five at the Bottom Okay Leave this like this For now [Applause] Well I can’t lie it’s giving me a little Bit of difficulties probably should have Set it up once first but that’s the joke Way we’ve got one steak here sorry one Pull up trying to get this other one in Oh my goodness I’m moving it losing it Folks here we go All the sentences Oh hi wolf please Join me hey buddy okay I’m gonna fix This up quite a bit but Probably start speaking it down now Pretty confidently I think that’s the worst of it just Getting those poles up But it wasn’t really even that bad just Again my first time this is the spot I Camped at In the fall Hey bud

Yeah Okay This tent has a couple really cool Features Definitely Yeah Show you them If I can figure them out myself So this comes out like an awning It’s pretty cool That’s out of the way truly is that all Gears tent with the integrated bugs net In it and the wood stove Jack And all your base is covered That’s too tight over there I think I Gotta loosen it up in the front here Use that as a base of a snowman Okay so she’s all set up nice that’s how I want it I want to get the snow out of Here as much as possible and I’ll be Able to put it on the uh snow skirt on The outside as I’m bringing it out I brought myself a little shovel we use That Snow in here melting If I can get it all out I will Like I said I want to keep this up for a While like a couple weeks or a month and See how she goes I want to have it nice And comfy in here It’s here We get a little base camp Pull over here this might make a

Difference [Applause] I want to get this pulled back because It seems like I’ll get a bunch of extra Room in there if I do so So That’s what we’re doing right now right Now Looks like I can control both of these Tie outs from this one Uh But Who knows if I’m right Who knows do you know Look at that It’s connected Okay I’m just gonna get another piece of Paracord and connect it uh back to that Tree there but look you can see Quite a bit of room off that And ventilation at the bottom All right cool Cool double granny You know if you don’t know knots tie a Lot You can come lay in the tent if you want The guy Another cool feature I’m not done yet a Couple more cool features you know I gotta tie that one out too but Actually do that right now There is a lot of tires there are a lot Of coyotes so let’s keep that in mind Okay

So we have a side entrance on both sides [Applause] With screened in Smoke protection Just said the other side’s got one as Well it can be open even more Tucked over the way Or stake down and pretend like it’s just A solid wall which is cool lots of Options I’m gonna sleep on this side Here it looks pretty flat and I have an Inner tent will set up here too just Trying to get all the bonus trees and Sticks and snow ochia Sticks and snow made suck to sleep on But leaves and ground is bonus Yeah and then you just stick that back Down And obviously if you’re using this Entrance no need to stake it down But I’m not we will The inner tent this is what’s going to Make this place My sleeping quarters separate From my chilling quarters and hopefully Keep the dog off of my sleeping stuff And keep it nice and dry maybe she’ll See so This one I have not opened As you can tell I assume it’s going to buckle yeah it’s Going to Buckle in okay The way this inner tent goes on is There’s a buckle here in a strap system On the top

And you got to make sure you got the Right one because there’s a right and a Left here so I have the correct one I think I’ve got to fix the Strap I don’t know it’s good all right Let’s see if we can get this all in so I Was lucky enough to get North as a brand On Robinette Outfitters and we are Actually selling this exact tent that I’m trying out right now on the site but One of the only North American dealers For nor tent And It’s been one of the best sellers to be Honest with you so if you’re interested Go check out Robinette Outfitters Good boy So check this out I just set up This awning part there’s three and I Want to show you how slick this is It comes with some titles already on it Obviously but there’s a bungee That is attached to the tarp or the Sorry the tent rather itself that can’t Come off that’s always going to be a Cord lock or or chord keep rather for You when you want to roll this up so This bungee is always going to be there It’s on this Loop you could also stick a A hiking pole through this Loop or use This it’s a lot of good options it’s Pretty slick pretty honestly man it’s Super well thought out like I’ve said That before and I’ve said that in this

Video and About the other tenth I have from North Tent It’s like they know what they’re doing It’s almost like they know what they’re Doing We’re gonna get this tied up have our Awning out It’s gonna look cool and then we’re Gonna get uh our fire burned in our Stove we haven’t I haven’t used this Stove yet So we have to burn it in Half the reason I want this awning open The other half is just because it looks Cool oh my goodness it goes there he Goes he’s gone unless I saw something Good Foreign Get Some firewood and get it burned in Losing weight quick all right maybe We’ll open this from the inside how do We do this Okay I know for next time now that I Should roll that up before setting it up I’ll still be able to get it Just be a pain in the butt a bit So this is a new stove I’ve never used This before really this kind before when You see how I like it if not I can Always switch it out For one that’s proven to me but we’ll See

How she goes there’s got a couple things I like and a couple things I’m concerned About to be honest The stove is from Winter well I’ve had It for a while now a couple years just Never got the chance to use it I always Had Michael stoves and stuff that I Haven’t been used to but I figured this Good chance to use this I got a couple Ideas if I can use it a little bit Differently if it’ll work so we’ll see Decent size for in here now I have to Figure out if I wanted the door facing What way I want the door facing my inner Tent looks a little saggy I’m gonna go Home and research what I did wrong I’m Sure I did something wrong but like It serves its purpose certainly like got A good ground sheet here keeps me off of The snow with in this in this bottom Part and I can make this in here pretty Comfortable with blankets and pillows And stuff long term like I said uh and I Can shut it too if I want for to keep Well felt so Maybe I can improve it the next time I Come out like I said I’ll check out Online uh Of service here to look but I will at Home so I can check it online And see and maybe I can tighten this up A little bit but as it is it works like Something way worse there’s no problem It’s just a little saggy for my liking

Anyway Stove Top yeah we’ll have the I think we’ll Have the I don’t know because there’s a window on It too let’s see Have the stove facing me probably And then Wolfie can lay over there or in With me if he really wants to I’ve got His bed here but I imagine it’ll be too Close to the to the uh wood stove for Them because the jack is right there Yeah he’s not gonna lay there Maybe like that Yeah that works fine I’ll just have it Facing that way So these are different these are pretty Solid uh I think just stainless steel to Be honest Big old spark arrestor which is good [Music] I’ll show you the bottom of this thing It’s got a good design you can see here On the bottom it’s got big airflow and This is the grate so it’ll it should Burn really well there’s another Different thing about it That I’m not really used to is this top Part so in my opinion it’s equal from The best of my Knowledge is to be able to Put a pot right on there to boil and or I’m going to use this to grill a steak I Think like that but we’ll see how it

Works because I can see this not being Very airtight I remember camping with Alexis so oh doors and everybody last Last winter I was camping and pretend With her and her guy and this kept Puffing up smoke because of the the wind So we’ll see but anyway Brandon Brandon is his name Let’s see because then this will be the Handle will be up here and it won’t burn Yourself that’s probably good Good call let’s see if the next one fits Into it like that though Just gotta go by size I guess Okay it does Cool all right Let me show you how this damper works Straight forward locks So lots more heat come in And airflow Bucks Dude stop All right let’s get this fire going and Grab some burst bark and some Twigs this Part of the bush is uh never used so It’s lots of stuff readily available I’m At the same same Bush as the fort but I’m way away from it I’ve got a Hundred Acre acres here to play around with so This is plenty is a ways away from the Fort Where I never come Rarely ever come

And the resort And the resources are abundant Abundant resources look how cool that Thing looks I’m super impressed with That tent I haven’t even camped in it yet Freaking one of it A bunch of hardwood look at this Maple right here bam That’s nothing to sneeze at I’m gonna go walk Down the trail Try to find some birch bark I know there is a bunch oh here’s Somewhere here actually this is probably Enough This is Yellow Birch This is actually my favorite for Starting fires If you never heard me say that before Also But Tula elegantensis but you never Heard me see the app more White birches batula papyrifera so you Can remember it as white birch or white Birch bark looks like paper papyrifera Paper paper referia and Yellow Birch is Common in the Allegheny Forest Elegances Bizarre associations those weren’t Actually that bizarre though those Actually make sense so that was yellow And then I’ll take a look at white And this is a very mild case in it but

As you can see very riveting and then Quite papery but it can get so papery That people do calligraphy on them and You guys know it’s Birch bar it’s Freaking Birch bar but been around for a Minute there but All right it’s going good Foreign Well I’ve got the tent title way better Now Lots of anchor points I don’t have nearly enough firewood But I just wanted to make sure I got This block and everything all squared Away before it got too dark I can always Cut firewood fly my headlamp the Residual moonlight We’ll get this uh actually that’s Probably fine to sit there I’ll tamper It down now And uh Yeah let it sit We’ll go try and Uh make a concerted effort to get some Firewood This is a perfect suck Perfect diameter stuff I’m not even Gonna have to split it So that’s bonus Oh Uh Oh what a nice sight I’m really happy with this tent so far What are you even doing right now

Hey Isn’t it cold My ribs feel much better but As soon as I start doing anything I can Really feel it not complaining Who’s explaining my weakness not Complaining just explaining my weakness Plaina just explaining them a week all Right all right I’m okay I promise I got this uh table last year when I Thought I was going to Do a little bit of an extended Winter Camp I thought a table might be nice and this Packs down real small I think I got it at Mac Nice and light and stainless steel or High leased aluminum Some kind of middle The original since 1984. that’s when I Was born what a good year it was meant To be meant to be So you can have it Like that Just like that just one just like that All right All right Table right next to me Cool let’s try and go find my dog Maybe Oh I see him oh I see him Do you guys see him See the orange way over there just Sitting in the field He’s laying down now what a weirdo

Freaking weirdo tons of firewood All hardwood I’m laughing here look a Little beach there I’m laughing for firewood tonight I don’t really have to be concerned I Don’t think What is this guy doing now He’s literally laying down He’s laying down in the field What a weirdo What are you doing Hey What are you doing Oh my gosh Come on oh Piss and vinegar are you What are you trying to tell me You see the deers see all the deer Marking spread Okay All the evidence of deer that’s probably What you’re all about eh You’re a good boy You’re a good boy [Laughter] Look even that’s all Maple here This is perfect You’re a weirdo I’ll have to score Oh I went to the Uh to get X-rays And they said they couldn’t find Anything And then I talked to my chiropractor and

He said a lot of times they missed it on Broken ribs until it starts to heal Again or something Regardless if it’s just a torn muscle or If it’s broken ribs it’s freaking agony I can’t even put the oomph into the ax Like I normally do And dry This is how Mortals feel Oh I paid for that one [Applause] What the heck man Foreign [Applause] This is Oak actually nice I wonder it’s so hard to cut This will go a long way You don’t like it inside on the blanket With the warmth Foreign I’m really actually pretty impressed With this stove to be honest All right well I think I’m going to Stoke this up Let me go take a little hike Wolfie Wolfie burn some more energy off before It gets too dark and maybe we might be Able to scare for gross Or a bunny that’d be awesome but even if Not a good walk is always nice So If you do that hopefully there’ll be Still some cool I’m sure actually you

Know what I’ll throw a Decent log in here Two plenty of wood now So I know it’ll be have some good coals When I come back All right Yeah I’ll let you know if I uh See anything exciting I wonder if I should shut this see how Warm I can get it in here Let’s do that let’s Chuck this Until we come back with this stamps down Pretty good And a little bit here It’s kicking off the heat there’s no Question Really careful I don’t want this to just Break back down right onto the stove Right Foreign Come on What a nice looking tent holy smokes What a nice looking tent Those are deer tracks and Wolfies Well nice little walk we’re back at the Camp now let’s open the tent and see how Warm it is you can actually see the Flame through the uh Tent wall here on there Oh the heat is pouring out I’m not even Cold but I imagine that would be amazing If If you were All right let’s get this piece open

Yeah yeah it’s so hot it’s so hot it’s Like a freaking sauna in there Got that keg spice Just like Montreal But better Because it’s okay you know I actually Don’t know if it’s better It’s very similar though Use our handy dandy tool Foreign ER What we want to do is twist it Off Okay Oh yeah Okay with any luck If we just toss our Stake onto there And it Cooks up nice looks like a nice And steak like Oh yeah she’s hot man All right let’s see it’s about as flat As it’s gonna get Let’s see how she goes it should work it Should it should work I don’t see why it Wouldn’t Oh it smells good Well that Masterpiece Cooks up Oh I might have to flip it Sooner than later We’re flipping we’re flipping our boys And girls Anyways well that Masterpiece Cooks up And I take the pine needles off of it

We’re gonna cut up the we got a zucchini We got a zucchini today So put that in the pan with some Seasoning and fry that up as our Steak Is doing a steak thing All right we’ve got lots of Zook Um we need some uh I don’t know why I Said Zouk I don’t like I have a personal Intimate relationship with zucchini and I can call it by its first name All that steak is cooking mighty fine Some butter excited to eat Oh boy Whoa Zucchini on point So good Oh no So good that I’ll eat it off the ground So all the leaf litter Hmm Steak is a little more cooked than it Needs to be But that’s okay Let’s check it out Not so shabby right there uh Oh Boy Want a piece Wolfie Here Here Boy Good boy Well

Everything is coming together The zucchini is awesome I never started eating zucchini until The past couple years Of frying it Normally will does it with Lowry Seasoning It tastes awesome we just got a The Keg spice on it right now I think I do like The Lowry’s better But this is still Phenomenal Straight phenomenal I think Wolfie will eat some zucchini I guess so I guess so hey I do see some Tufts of smoke coming out Through the holes on this stove But it’s nothing nothing crazy not a Deal breaker Here Here good boy lay down Yes down Wolfie down Hey Good boy Half down [Music] Well he’s accepted his fate Good boy Nice and cozy as soon as I shot that That door Very very very warm in here Last song Count the head lace on the Highway

Oh [ __ ] Pipe is blowing Hope it’s gone boys and girls Oh my gosh this guy’s koed We had everything blown up going book Over there just relaxing Just came over to check the fire again Here I love having this little window here This is pretty freaking awesome man Foreign It’s bedtime Wolfies ko’d hard He’s been like that for a hot minute I’m gonna go to bed too Uh I’d like to get up early in the Morning and go and walk around for gross And see and take this guy and uh burn His energy off and then I’m gonna lead This up And I’ll keep going back to it like I Said A lot of Moaning coming over from you Boots are all wet And there is a handy dandy hook right Here so I figured I’d hang up my boots Tonight over top of the Wood stove And if I can get it on with one hand It’ll work That okay Okay There And then now it might be dry in the

Morning all right I’m going back good Night folks whoa It’s about 6 30 in the morning Slept pretty good And it feels like there’s some residual Heat here The glass cracked Oh yeah I know it’s hot stuff I made up A bunch of shavings last night Oh just sitting here Foreign Bellows would go Well right now that’ll work well Here we go Foreign I want to get up I just ate a cliff bar I’m gonna make some tea Feed this guy breakfast Let me go hike around a bit It’s warm it’s nice and warm in here I’m gonna get up now I’m gonna get up now Come on boy Yep good boy It looks to be any sparkles Oh yeah there is there’s one one Sparkle It was quite windy last night That’s not too bad actually Okay water [Applause] Foreign [Applause] Clearing up all these

Extremely hard Twigs Clearing up right to the flush with the Trunk So that there’s no pokies for the dog And or myself my puffy jacket and all These extremely dense Spruce Twigs are Going to be very good Kindling Which I can just burn up right now as I’m sitting there having my teeth So these Spruce Twigs have tons of resin In them and they’re super old and uh Dense they’re gonna burn hot And bright And quick [Applause] The oil going on Time for some freaking Camp life spot in The nor tent Thing is uh It’s nice and it’s nice that the snow is All melted around it and inside it other Than the stuff that I took out but it uh It’s feeling homely feeling nice and Comfy so I’m going to take this off There put on the handy dandy table Hopefully It stays Let that steep there Some of these Twigs in here It’s nice it’s a nice balance between Having a lot of warmth Coming from here and

Air and coolness coming from that side I don’t always want to be Way too hot especially when it’s not Even very cold out But I’m sure in the dead of winter In about a month or so Be happy for all the warmth I can get It’s been such a mild I guess it’s still fall But a mild start to the winter Last year we already had Over a foot of snow Stayed Yeah like the other side of the tent That side is held up way better than This side for some reason I did something wrong Did you think it would have something to Do with these tie outs but it’s not like They’re not There’s nothing to Try to Anyway I figured out one of these days Well if you Come where What are you doing Hi Vlad you only came about halfway and He said that’s enough Good boy I don’t have any for things for you it Was just wanted to pet you Have fun You ripped it how did you rip it

It ripped your harness buddy Boy Well I think I’m gonna let this fire die down Full of coals full of Embers in there Like Chock full so it’ll take a while but let It burn down I don’t want to go for a Walk with the doggy and then by the time We come back it’ll probably be all out And we’ll head over here Foreign