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By | November 28, 2022

Thank you In one of my previous videos I show how To make such a burst back container from A DIY set Well I also said that it's very Difficult to find good birchbark here in Denmark so I thought why not try to make One out of level so this video is about Making such a container not from Birch Park from Leila hope you enjoy First I have to make a templates and I'm Using a approximately the same size as The burst Park container Um I have to measure it out so it's going To be Exactly the same and I actually made a Template that you can see In the end of this video where I have All the measurements and yeah I also Have it on my website Kimberpushcraft.com Here you can see I made the markings for The where the holes are going to be And There's three in the one ends and four In the other ends The I'll show it later Why it's made like this And in the end where the four holes are I'm going to cut them so I'll make these Markings where I'm going to cut them You can see here Four and three holes

And I use such one to make the holes They are approximately 16 millimeters In diameter And See here I hammer it down so that the holes are Made Of course on Both ends You can cut this out with a sharp knife If you don't have such a Hole puncher And then I cut there Like this in the end where I'm going to Put it into the other sides you see that In the moment And it should look like this So the three flaps Can be uh set into the hose on the other Sides Like this Yeah and you can see it fits nicely So uh Good night Pull it apart again Because I have to transfer it to the Piece of of leather And the leather I'm using is Approximately two millimeters Thick and yeah I use my tools for Leather working A sharp knife and a ruler out of metal Yeah and then I have to punch the holes And after that you can see

How it should look now Yeah Then again I cut the Holes here in the middle With a sharp knife And then I I'm finished with the With the container and I have to try to see if it fits Always checking If your measurements are correct That's very important You see I bend the liver here It's much easier than with the Birch Back the little ones uh Be ripped apart And you can mold them So yeah it looks great I think So then again I pull it apart And Then I use some sandpaper And sand it down I use a machine for this but you can use The hands if you want to send it in both Ends so it's going to be thinner there So that the transition between the Leather is more smooth Then in the ends And around the holes You can see here And then I try to Assemble it again And it's

Very smooth now Then I'm going to make the rims And I measured here and again I have a template where you can see the Measurements And then I cut it out From the piece of leather And again check Before you cut So that It will fit nicely Here You can see the difference in the color Of the leather and it's because I like To sand my leather on the surface so It's not glossy but matte I like that Finish Then again I use sandpaper Send it down Especially in the ends And then they are Again A little bit Smaller Indians Yeah And then I I'm going to make the bottom I measured here And Make it template again Like size Fits yeah Foreign And again checking Does it look all right

Yeah I think so Then I just have to make a piece of Woods That is in that size and you can see Here Fits nicely Then I'm going to make the markings on The rims so where I'm going to make the Holes for the stitching or the weaving And Five millimeters down and 10 millimeters Apart And then I have the markings there And that's where I'm going to make the Hose with this A little bit later First I have to Put it on see if it's okay yeah and then I apply some glue And the This is what we call contact glue in Denmark You have to glue each sides And then let it dry For a couple of minutes And then you can put it on Like this And then On the other end too And now I'm beginning to make the holes After the markings I made on the letter Using such supplies the most easy way to Do it But you could probably use other tools

Then I'm making these Strips the strips Or straps And they're going to be 80 centimeters long Approximately And then I'm starting to Leave it in or sew it And you have to be it has to be Tight there Bullets Tights All the way around On both ends And here you can see how it should look At this stage Then I Apply some leather color little dye And use something that's called 10. Colors 10. It's a light brown color that I Like and use for many of my projects And again you have to be sure that the The color is all over the leather Both outsides and inside And after it's dry it looked like this And yeah I'm going to set in the bottom And I apply a little bit of glue On the insides Remember this is going to be the bottom The downsides And applying glue on both Of the items And then turn it around and it's easier

To uh Put the bottom in from the top And then you just have a stick and you Can punch it down So it has the right Distance To the to the rim See here small adjustments and now it's Finished In this end I'm going to make the top Of the lid I use the same templates but Making it a little bit bigger at the top Is going to be conical so it will be Pressed down And it will hold itself in place Like this To put some leather On the top the lid So I just have to glue that on First glue on the Wood you can use the wood as it is it's Beautiful too But the I like the look of the leather So after it's dried you can put it Together and Put something heavy on it so stay there And finish dry I just cut it out with a sharp knife Like this And then I want to make something Special for the top and I have a piece

Of angler That I'm going to work on And after that it looked like this You can see here A little hole in the bottom Where I put this one in Of course I'm going to glue it And a little hole there so yeah But before I glue it together I will add Some color For the lid to Yeah And now we are almost finished See here I think it looks cool A nice little container Easy to make if you are having trouble With the birch bark Leather is much more easy to work with And I think it looks nice And I can store things in here That I bring with me on my Viking hikes So hope you like this little container And perhaps you will be inspired to make Something like that or similar and Here's the templates And again I put the template on my website Kimbapushcraft.com Yeah And then I hope to see you again on the Next one Bye bye take care Foreign