The Reasons Food Costs Will Soar in 2023

By | November 27, 2022

Food prices are up for multiple reasons Some obvious and some not so obvious Food prices have risen nearly 12 percent Just since August how high will they go And are we already seeing clearly hidden Shortages what shortages are looming on The horizon that we will soon see in This video we're going to take a Critical look at the inflamed pain Points of our food supply and what you Should be watching for in your area most Importantly I will tell you exactly what You can do now to brace yourself and Prepare yourself for even higher prices And shortages in the future Download the start preparing Survival Guide to help you prepare for any Disaster I'll post a link in the Description and comments section below Or visit forward slash Get started for a free guide to help you Get started on your journey of Preparedness Pain points The food supply has several problems Even if Harvest yields are up that is no Guarantee that the product will get to Market soybeans are a perfect example of This at the moment typically more than Half of the U.S soybean exports Traverse The Mississippi River and this year's Harvest is one of the sole agricultural Bright spots in an otherwise dismal Harvest season decreased water levels on

The Mississippi are reducing barges and Driving up the prices of bars shipments That in turn drives up the cost of Soybeans the further you are from Locally sourcing your food the more Dramatic the impact of future shortages And storing price increases will be we Cover food quite a bit on this channel Because it is essential to preparedness And survival beyond the small cover that Passes for Pantry modern homes you have To have local level food that you're Accessing stored supplies of Nutritionally dense foods that you can Cook and eat you should be growing Something to supplement your food Supplies recently the most prominent Pain points for the food supply chain Have been the global recession and Pandemic disruptions lockdowns disrupted Nearly every part of the food supply Chain including production processing And Retail at one point laborers were in Short supply at another time skilled Meat processors were in short supply due To covid at one point the meat was in Good Supply but there was a lack of Styrofoam trays to package it on for Cell the most significant impact was the Ship from restaurants to people eating At home for instance milk producers who Supplied schools with 7.5 percent of all Milk sold in the United States they Suddenly had more product than they

Could sell after school closures you Might remember the ketchup package Shortage during the lockdowns there was Plenty of ketchup in the supply chains But there was a shortage of the Individual serving packets necessary for The soaring takeout food industry Finding agricultural field workers was Also a problem during this period which Made it more challenging for farmers and Increase their costs this may all seem Minor and individually they probably are But combine they reverberate across the Supply chain taking the price of food to New highs manufacturers adjuster output All the while guessing future demand the Typical rule of supply and demand Driving price is less accurate Supply Can be way up demand the same but the Price can still Skyrocket another pain Point has been distribution the supply Lines snarling to an almost Hall ports Backing up and imports and exports Plumbing all put upward pressure on Prices once prices go up they rarely go Down then there needed to be more Truckers now there are unfunded rumors Of a diesel shortage regardless of the Validity of these rumors there is no Denying that the price of diesel will Continue to rise for the foreseeable Future This price increase will eventually Trickle down to the products that you

Purchase Rising barge costs are due to Scant rain leading to dwindling water Depths this leads to fewer barges Operate and the high cost of that Translate into your food it also reduces Exports which hampers the economy and Results in inflation finally there are Some severe problems with agriculture Summer droughts and heat have taken a Hefty toll on American crops in an Earlier video we covered how California Rice production is half this year what It is typically this multi-decade Mega Drought resulted in low Harvest for corn Wheat tomatoes strawberries lettuce Melons carrots sweet potatoes celery Sorghum feed grains and so many more Lack of water has left some Farmers to Have to make difficult choices about What to grow and what to Let Die Ranchers must decide between current Prices for meat and Rising prices for Feed grains and water bills there are Challenges up and down the food supply Chain in some cases there is an Improvement like the Plymouth full Soybean Harvest but compounding problems Like distribution and processing Complicate the future Global problems low yields are a global Problem as adverse weather has brought Shrinking Harvest Russia's invasion of Ukraine a major agricultural export of Wheat cent the price of wheat soy

Sunflower and corn to near records Ukraine the Bread Basket of the Black Sea that feeds much of that side of the World has seen its exports decline by Nearly 50 percent Russian exports are Obviously challenged as well the shaky Truce between the Warren countries to Allow exports has allowed just a paltry Amount of agriculture products to flow This same year poor weather reduce Agricultural yields in China India South America and Europe This has led both China and India to begin Hoarding in Stockpiling grain reducing the overall Supply there's also the rising costs of Fertilizer to contend with much of the Fertilizer produced comes as a byproduct Of natural gas which is obviously in Challenging Supply from Russia mine Fertilizer like batash is a diesel Intensive operation Both of these forms of fertilizer have Seen input costs Skyrocket that has Driven up current and future prices of Fertilizer forcing many farmers to scale Back their planning there are also Reported shortages of other Agrochemicals like herbicides and Fungicides this too drives up input Costs and lowers agricultural output Globally there are significant Simultaneous agricultural disruptions Typically if you have a dearth of one Product because of the poor harvest that

Your country uses like soybeans you Merely import more from another country In this case the U.S could step up Because our soybean Harvest has been one Of the only bright spots in a dismal Harvest season however the bars traffic On the Mississippi is so costly and Slowed because of the low levels of the River that getting it to Ports to export Is dramatically slowed not to mention The relationship between China and the United States which is strained at the Moment then there are also less affluent Countries dependent upon foreign crop Aid less agricultural products are Flowing to these areas this has prompted The UN world food program to warn of a Tsunami of hunger in the real and Dangerous risk of multiple famines this Year Is our solution Any way you examine the current Predicament there are more problems than Usual and there are more compounding Problems in typical every single problem Exacerbates the other agricultural Executives indicate that Global grain And oil seed markets need two Consecutive normal crop years to Stabilize Global supplies but do we have Two years of stability in our future not At the moment with each of these crises Forming a large poly crisis one has to Wonder if there's a solution at all

By the end of the 22-23 crop here the World's buffer stocks of corn will be Enough for just 80 days worth of Consumption down 28 from five years ago As is string Global food supply Continues more countries will reduce Exports thereby also reducing their Economy more Nations will hoard what Grain they can produce or acquire While one crisis could allow the world To Pivot out of it all of these crises Combined make it more difficult to find A single solution in fact it makes a Global Supply more susceptible to the Impact of future disasters One significant weather event at a time When the global food supply is already So battered can knock us even further Away from ever regaining Global Food Stability at the very least we are Looking at years and years of higher Prices the world is currently heading Toward the tightest grain inventories in Years in the time of abundance might not Return anytime this decade fiat currency Will buy less of a product that is in Reduced Supply and that's a recipe for Even higher prices still There is currently no solution plug-in That would stabilize prices anywhere There's no solution plug-in that would Allow producers to lower prices in the Future economies are continuing to Struggle and the high price of

Fertilizer diesel seed grain and Agrochemicals will continue to drive Costs up further reducing output and Increasing prices if the weather was Goldilocks good for the next several Years the war in Ukraine ended Amalically tomorrow in China and India Which account for a full third of the World's population stopped wearing the Grain and resume pre-pandemic levels of Exports maybe we could right the ship That's a long list of things that need To go perfectly right when compared to Just one major thing that can still go Wrong bad weather a nuclear event A Continuing and escaling War Etc What should you do So that's a Litany of problems with a Global food supply as I look at it there Are not really a lot of bright spots the Revolutionary advances in agriculture Over the last hundred years have peaked At this point The same agriculture that brought us Copious amounts of food greatly narrowed Our pallets and biodiversity the entire World's food supply depends on about 150 Plant species and just 12 of those Provides 75 percent of the world's food More than half of the world's food Energy comes from just three crops rice Wheat and corn all three of these crops Are at dramatic lows right now Supplementing the lane with fertilizers

And herbicides increase the amount of Food produced but other methods like Crop rotation and cover crops take Longer to produce similar results so Farmers can't get the same yields when The agrochemicals used are in short Supply we are facing a decade or longer Where you will see some significant Changes to our Global food supply if you Are in a more affluent country you may Start to see this through a narrower Production selection suddenly there will Be fewer choices in the food aisles Cleverer merchandising will make the Aisles appear full but you will notice That your favorite brand may not be There anymore in some extreme instances There will be outright shortage Sometimes this will occur even as Supplies of agricultural raw materials Appear in good Supply the result will be Panic buying in some areas which will Further exacerbate the problems at the Retail level So what can you do to offset the Significance Society altering downward Trend that's happening first and Foremost you've got to focus on your own Food preparedness if you don't have your 72-hour Supply you may not make it Through the first significant disaster That comes your way if you don't have Your three week Supply you're likely not Going to fare so well when the

Government can't come in to rescue you Or the rest of your fellow citizens who Are starting to panic ideally you want At least and this is where I tell people To start go for three months of food six Nine months and work up to a year get That set up and then additionally in the You know at the same time work on means To cook without electrical or natural Gas coming from your Municipal supplies That may not be available find the means To do that we cover that in a lot of Videos on the channel and look that may Sound extreme but you can supplement and Stretch that through long periods Building it when there's an opportunity To do so and stretching it when there Are short supplies it may seem odd right Now to pack five gallon buckets of rice Beans and wheat berries but that's 147 000 calories without supplementing any Of these that's 48 days of 3 000 Calories per day you could pack all that Food away for less than a hundred Dollars a day of course you could have Done that two years ago for probably About 50 bucks or less and next year who Knows perhaps that same amount of food Will cost you two hundred dollars you Should also look to bulk up the rest of Your food supplies At the very least stocking up now will Be a hedge against inflation when it Comes to offsetting what are guaranteed

High cost in the future you should also Focus on your skills of cooking Preserving pickling and dehydrating and Growing your own food each of these will Save you money in the long run keep you Fed with nutritionally dense food and Position you better to survive even the Worst of the global food supply chain Failing I would encourage you to find Local sources for food that are closer To home and there's always a boutique a Small farm or home Gardener with a Bumper crop of something despite what's Happening in the rest of the world and Finally I can't stress enough the need To grow some of your own food this will Be the critical future difference Between surviving and thriving and when You do this consider growing Non-traditional crops that have more Biodiversity as we've shown on this Channel sunchokes sunflowers many Varieties of sweet potatoes and even Porcelain are all great non-traditional Foods one batch of walking or potato Onions will keep you perpetually in the Supply of allium one fruit or nut tree Planted now will take a few years before You can get any meaningful Harvest from It but you will be glad in a few years That you took the time today remember That old Greek proverb a society grows Great when old men plant trees in the Shade of which they're never going to

Sit we're working behind the scenes on a Series of videos to show how to grow Food in an apartment balcony if they Have it already come out by the time we Release this video but they're in the Works there's not a lot of good news for The global supply chain it's something That I'm hesitant to talk about I don't Like this channel to be focused on the Negative but I do want to bring the Reality so people can prepare As dark as the future looks right now we Only see clouds gathering before the Storm food prices they've gone up across The board by slightly over 10 percent This year many foods have gone up a lot Higher than that and by 2023 we're Likely going to see at least that much Of an increase again but I'll be the First to tell you that it will probably Be very higher much higher than that no Less than I believe 15 percent Very possibly on the order of 20 or 30 Percent higher based on some of the Research that we've been seeing behind The scenes so many of these input costs That go into bringing food to table keep Increasing That five dollar loaf of bread right now It could be six dollars or more by this Time next year That three dollar gallon of milk today Could be over four dollars by this time Next year and there's no avoiding it at

This point the dollar here and their Increase it's gonna erode the economy Further and complicate the growing food Crisis even further At the very least it means far less food Available to you and your table and I Believe that should be a wake-up call For Action to you your food scarcity or Insecurity in the future is going to Really depend upon the decisions that You make and the actions that you take Today There really hasn't been in my life a More evident and pressing need to prep Start with the videos on this channel And building a two-week or one-year food Supply whatever wherever you're at and Work from there Food scarcity or food security rather Will be the luxury in the future if Things continue as they are so you've Really have to start today to strengthen Your prepping or at least start your Prepping in the coming years you're Going to be glad you did Prepping is like investing the best time To invest is five years ago the second Best time is today in the coming years You're going to be glad that you did if You prep and nothing happens you will Still reap the benefits as a hedge Against inflation still I can honestly Tell you that food insecurity will be Coming to even the nicest of some

Neighborhoods in the foreseeable future As always stay safe out there [Music]