Stocking up Before Money is Worthless!

By | November 25, 2022

By folks Canadian prepper here so just a Quick video for you guys today we're Gonna have a big Black Friday sale 13 Off everything in the store everything Must go this is a pre-World War Three Special you gotta get this stuff before Vladimir Putin conquers us and takes it Or we donate it to zelinski one of those Things is going to happen so make sure You get it while the getting is good Behind me you can see a white duck tent These are tents that we just got in These are military-grade canvas tents White duck makes a great Outfitter style Tent we got a whole bunch of them in Stock so make sure you get one today I'm Just going to take you around the shop Show you all of the top tier premium Brands that we have Under One Roof we Don't drop ship we ship everything Direct from our warehouse from my hands To yours Perfect [Applause] As you can see we're almost out of fur We have some brown beaver fur bits and Some black Beaver ferments these are the Warmest mitts in the world handmade here In Saskatchewan they're in very very Short supply and they take a long time To make so we're not getting a whole lot More in anytime soon we also have some Real sheepskin insoles something like This is going to last 10 years it's

Going to keep your feet warm in the Winter if you don't have a fancy pair of Winter boots that goes a long way Another brand we're getting into is Bellraven a Scandinavian company who Makes some of the best outdoor Bushcraft Style pants in the world go check out Some of the Fall Rave and pants outdoor Survival Canada jackets the warmest Coats in North America Bar None there's Nothing warmer on the market not even Canada Goose compares to it we have a Whole bunch of Darn Tough socks if There's going to be one sock that you Need for the apocalypse it's darn tough It's a sock that I wear every single day In fact I wear this exact version this Is the hunt version you can get them at Hunter versions tactical you can get Them low cut over the calf knee socks All kinds of variants we also just got These in stock you know when it hits the Fan you don't want to stink so you're Going to have to have a way to clean Your clothes in the riverbank these are Handmade here in Canada so check them Out as you guys know we do sell freeze Dryers unfortunately the Black Friday Sale does not pertain to freeze dryers But you still do get free shipping for Most of Canada with the Harvest Right Freeze dryers and we do have the large Version and the medium stainless steel In stock we also sell a variety of

Different right in the rain notepads Including right in the rain copy paper That is antimicrobial and is water Repellent great stuff and a great little Gift great little stocking stuffer Another thing we sell a lot of are Survival books survival medicine said Handbook probably one of our best Sellers we sell a variety of these Field And Stream books that are very well Illustrated if you're a pitcher person And if you just like to read stuff and You want some really densely packed Information check out nuclear war Survival skills we probably have about 50 different books that we carry at the Store you can't go wrong with Magnetic Chess for your winter outings and the Conflicted series probably one of the Most popular board games when it comes To survival and preparedness lots of Really cool stories very extensive kind Of like a Dungeons and Dragons for Preppers if you will katula is one of The premium manufacturers of foot Traction devices would strongly Encourage you to check those out another Thing we just got in the store is sea to Summon sea to Summit makes a variety of Different camping accessories mosquito Net liners that are very lightweight and Packable they make silk liners for your Sleeping bag and you know many little Things like this like this little things

Like this pocket shower folding water Buckets folding kitchen sinks variety of Different sleeping liners so if you want To increase the warmth of your sleeping Bag you can increase the warmth by up to 15 degrees with one of these liners MSR Snowshoes As you guys can see we are fully stocked With our Peak refuel food five year Shelf life probably going to last 30 or 40 years but that's what they have to Put on the box one of the best tasting Freeze-dried foods on the Market Bar None other thing we sell are Excalibur Crossbows these are recurve crossbows The most powerful crossbows that you can Get in a recurve this little Daisy here Is the Umar X air saber bow now you do Need a special air compressor for this Which we also sell this thing can shoot Up to 20 arrows very very fast almost at 500 feet per second as you guys can see We have a whole lot of these Zender Super Bass lithium power generators yes I said generators I know lots lots of You guys don't like me saying that you Pair it with a solar panel it's a Generator up next we have a lot of these Power film 120 watt solar panels in Stock in fact we just got resupplied we Even have it in camo for you guys who Like to lose your stuff we have Garmin Inreach GPS satellite communicators as Well as a lot of their watches guys we

Have a ton of backpacks Maxpedition Eberly stock we even got this new brand Called rux which is a whole new take on The backpack you can check it out on the Website I'm not going to pull one out Right now we're going to do a review on It in the future but vanques Maxpedition Eberly stock we have MSR variety of Backpacks everything you need but we do Have only a limited supply of the Vanquest mark core 45 and those things Are flying off the shelves so get them While you can the other thing we have Are these bug out rolls of the many Videos on these before these are made Right here in our city and always in Short supply so we got everything guys Any kind of sleep system and tent system You can imagine ultra light tents from MSR the lightest freestanding tent in The world that's the carbon reflex ultra Light that's a full tent we also have Some more heavy duty MSR stuff if you're Into something a bit more heavy duty and You want a stove Jack so you want to be Able to use a wood stove in your tent we Carry nor tent which is a Norwegian Company we do have a limited supply of Gam6 and we actually got in some of the Gam8 which is a much bigger one very Very high quality tents we also sell the Rhino hunting blinds if you're not Familiar with Rhino 180 blinds it's Really a cool technology because it's a

See-through camouflage mesh I've done a Video on it go check it out absolutely Insane we also sell a variety of climate Sleeping mattresses goose down Therm-a-Rest sleeping blankets All kinds of stuff we also have a lot of Wool blankets probably one of the first Things you need for your bug up egg These are very Hefty I believe these are 90 whoa and they're also very Comfortable made by Arcturus they also Make ghillie suits and stuff like that Those are those monkey suits that you See Hunters wear once in a while as you Can see here we have an awful lot of Mira safety equipment so that is hazmat Suits gas masks filters All the Rest You Name It We got it another thing we just Got into the store is solo stove I've Had a solo stove in my backyard for the Last seven years these things are Amazing just for everyday use not a Survival item but still very cool one Thing we do have a lot of is winter well Wood stoves we ordered a ton because the War in China is about to flare up any Minute we wanted to make sure that we Could lock in as much as possible we Also sell a variety of other little Stoves whether it's BioLite or or Firebox or even these as bit stoves lots To choose from we showed these in our Last video this is the gas Growler Deluxe so this is a five liter mini

Propane tank perfect for winter camping Or just for putting in your vehicle for Emergency purposes you pair this with Your propane heater and you're good to Go We have an infinite amount of medical Supplies everything from tourniquets to Israeli medical bandages to pre-made Kits any sort of mosquito repellents all That kind of stuff so we are the number One dealer of silky saws in Canada any Silky saw you need we have it in stock Did I mention that we have access to we Have too many different knife brands for Me to mention but one of the most Notable is Benchmade we carry a lot of Benchmade products one of the biggest Benchmade sellers this year is the Anonymous knife and those unfortunately Are in limited Supply so I'd encourage You to pick one up while you can water Filtration everything from MSR Guardian To muv to lifestraws to Berkey we got it All So guys we got a ton of Mountain House Food in stock I'm fully loaded with Mountain house because they're going to Be raising their prices by 15 in early 2023 arcopia freeze-dried smoothies 25 Year shelf life nutrient dense excellent Stuff we probably carry a thousand Miscellaneous survival knickknacks Everything from you know the Grim Survival cards which are card tools

Survival kits Emergency blankets you name it fire Starters any possible thing that you can Imagine this is a very cool Christmas Gift these are the jumbo Mega wizzy Wipes okay so put those in your prepper Stocking All kinds of shortwave radios Flashlights we got flashlights from About four different companies FoodSaver If you're into vacuum sealing your food For food preservation for short to Medium term food preservation we got a Whole lot of these scepter gas canisters Okay these are NATO military spec I can Throw this up in the air 100 feet I Could drop this from a helicopter ain't Gonna break as I mentioned before we Have a whole lot of Harvest Right freeze Dryers in stock I believe we got about 20 in stock right now and these things Are flying off the shelves faster than We can bring them in we also carry a Variety of different pelican cases Probably about 50 different skus so Anything you need from Pelican we got That another one of our big sellers is Xmre one of the best tasting meals ready To eat so if you're not a freeze-dried Person pick up some xmres while they're Still not really that affordable Foreign So when I told you guys that we had wood Stoves I was not lying we have dozens of

Wood stoves winter well Nomad winter Well Woodsman Titanium wood stoves we have the bundles The kits You Name It We got it And as I told you guys before we have a Ton of Mountain House the great thing About mountain house is that I'll put Every last scent I have into mountain House because I know it's going to last 25 years it's always going to have value The thing we have a crapload of is rope All kinds of rope climbers rope tow Ropes ropes that can basically Lift cars we're talking about seven Eight thousand ten thousand pound test Type rope of course one of our most Popular products is the Titan Survivor Cord we do also have these Rambo e-bikes I think we have about six or seven left In stock the most badass e-bikes on the Market some of them are up to like a Thousand Watts dual motor so these Things are fast so do yourself a favor And capitalize free shipping over 200 Bucks to anywhere in North America Thanks for watching Canadian prepper out The best way to support this channel is To support Yourself by gearing up at where you'll Find high quality survival gear at the Best prices No Junk and no gimmicks use Discount code prepping gear for 10 off Don't forget the Strong Survive but the Prepared Thrive stay safe