Flint And Steel Fire Without Char – Testing Materials – Clematis

By | November 23, 2022

Hey Brandon look at your Sloppy Fish You're not getting this he's not getting This WOW Wally here You're not getting this guys the flint And steel Journey continues okay I'm trying to find Materials natural materials that you can Just Harvest Out of the Woods or the Forest or or the hedgerows that you can Set on fire Without charring with flint and steel Okay this week it has led me to clematis Okay or honeysuckle right so this is Very Fibrous check this out Focus Very fibrous here look at this and then What I'm thinking is that I can process This down And we can try and get it to take a Spark on flint and steel Conditions aren't great it's Misty it's Damp but look that's what we have and That's what we do stay tuned Yes okay so I have some clematis here All I'm going to do is I'm just going to Sort of shred it up a little bit okay And this is what I found was the best Way to do it so I actually have some Already done here all right so all I'm Gonna do Is I'm just going to peel off This outer bark okay I wonder if it Would flake off easier with the knife

It's like fact this hand isn't it It's just a little bit unruly And about forever now Bruno what are you hanging about from It is very similar properties to the Landia bark guys very very similar You're gonna do me for now Bruno wants That that's what's going on here okay And this is what I'm left with and this Is a rough-ish Woody type material So all I'm going to do is I'm just going To break it down I'm just going to flick It up Roll it up into a ball flake it up make It smaller So now they can catch a spark easier Mash it up a little bit with my mortar And pasta I wonder what Bruno is looking at And see if it works No I'm gonna see if it'll take a spark With a feral Rod first There's not really much Point any going Farther going any farther if we can't Get that to happen Foreign 's anyway okay Well I'm gonna Mash all this up guys And then I'll come back here Okay Here it is right it's quite fluffy It's quite fibrous you know it has all The characteristics it definitely works

When you when you hit it with a Ferro Rod so look at his face look at his face Now can you see it he has slobbered all Up over his his muzzle because he was Too excited So guys It has potential okay and the same was All these other things that I'm using Guys if you were to use this as a bird's Nest for an ember for Bujo Lambert or For Flint or you know for charcoal flint And steel these things are all perfect Okay it's just getting it to go Without the charge that's that's the Trick that's the trick now I'm just going to set it up on top of it For a little while and I'm going to uh I'm going to try it like this guys now I Don't know here's the thing When I do these videos guys I I do it Every different way I can think of every Different way that I can strike my Flint Uh you know so I know you guys comment a Lot about why don't you why don't I I Hold it up like this or why don't I put It down in a container and strike Sparks In the container generally I do that but What happens is that guys uh these Videos can be very long so I do a lot of Editing and sometimes I added out stuff By accident okay so look this is what We're gonna do Bruno Let's let's see how we get on

Fingers crossed Everything crossed at this stage Wally That's why you can't set right okay An awful amount of filtering with this Any Sparks anyway She's not going that way okay I'm going Guys I'm going to go back into the table and Try shower Sparks down on top of it okay I'm gonna try a container This is my charting it's quite deep this Is the only thing Don't know if this is going to work Does contain the Sparks but Okay like I'm not going to have a Container with me when I'm out do you Know what I mean so that's that's that's My thought process on that Foreign Morgan Let me check with the feral Rod again Foreign Works at the foul rod It actually turn into a flame with the Flower rod And let it go right there So Foreign Once again guys that is not working so Clematis is generally it's good for Tender bundle but it doesn't take a Spark of flint and steel it's just it's Just not enough Here in winter in Ireland it doesn't

Work okay so look This is it guys This is this is all we can do you know I Know I could go home and dry it and Stuff like that but the whole idea is That I don't you know I let it dry Naturally so uh so that it is something That you can gather up when you're out Okay I don't know okay it's back to the back To the drawing bird and we will uh we we Will figure something out so thanks for Watching stay frosty