Army Poncho Tent

By | November 21, 2022

Foreign Folks this is the shtf Hunter I'm coming at you today with a I learned this trick from staff sergeant Ba off of uh From Step One survival And I was doing a uh Doing a video which I can't show you Until after November the first because Of uh It was a contrast entry to Brent zero Three three ones uh contest uh the video Was so I can't show it right now but After November Uh well beginning December I can I can Post the video but uh anyway this is a Piece of gear That I had that I entered in the contest And Yeah it looks like a standard Army Poncho But what ain't standard is the fact you Can make poles for it and turn this into Like a bivvy I know most of my military Career I've seen these expensive uh Gore takes baby costs like 200 and some Dollars and you know to sleep in or Under or whatever But uh I thought this was one of the Coolest things I ever seen but what you Do you go buy you a tent pole kit And So my these two poles are about 115 Inches from uh into wire nut to in

From what I let the wire nut and uh So you might you might can get bigger Wire nuts I don't know this is just the Wire nuts I have I drilled a hole Through them And uh threaded the The elastic cord through them so uh it's Just tip hole kit you probably getting Cheaper it uh off Amazon than you can at Your local sporting goods store or uh Or I got these from army navy store and It was It was kind of costly you know I recommend you just shop around but Anyway here's the other one All right here's the other one it's up Under the thing but uh So you're gonna run them across ways From Outlet to eyelet and I don't see if I can put you on Thing now Foreign On the outside I'm gonna try to fold it or you can Probably fold them both at the same time Maybe Let's see There it is Now Now you got to put put something right Here and it's to hold these two poles Together or it will collapse And a lot of my kids always carry black Tape So it's just as easy as wrapping

Black tape around it Try to do it right here at the hood be a Lot easier So And uh of course take your drawstring And cinch it down So the hoods Collapsed And Here's some uh tent Stakes You know you put these through Alice or Whatever and just to hold your hold your Little tent down But uh Now I'll take you inside and show you How much room you got So Here I am inside the Alpha Pancho Kent I'm almost six feet tall and it's about All the room we've got it's about you Know it's about six foot long or Something but It might keep you from getting wet You dry You know Better being wet and cold probably so I'm out

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