Most Don't Realize What Just Happened...
Most Don't Realize What Just Happened...

This video is a bit of a different video From my normal uh videos that I release On the channel it's more of a personal Video combined with looking at a recent Event that more or less nearly changed Our lives Um I'll avoid Meandering in this video I'll do my best to try to tie everything Together stay on point and not go off on Tangents but before we jump into Discussion I wanted to let you know we Are starting a Black Friday special for The Preppers roadmap course this is a Course that I created last year I spent A lot of time put a lot of time and Energy a lot of editing and anyone That's starting out in their Preparedness Journey or even if you are On your journey and you want to make Sure you get all your ducks in a row This is a course for you we're also Releasing a guide to help you prepare For 2023 in the course as well so if You're interested in that I'll post a Link in the description comment section Below So obviously this video is going to be Released on Sunday before Thanksgiving And let me just start off by saying Thank you uh this is the time of year Where we try to sit down at least in our Country here in America and we try to Give thanks for everything that we have And for me there's a lot of things I'm

Thankful for but one of the biggest Things I'm thankful for is the community You those that watch my videos those That provide feedback and encouragement It motivates me it helps me to do what I Do every day it's the driving force that Gets me out of bed that encourages me on My journey with this channel of Hopefully educating and providing useful Information to again help a community I Like all of us that are interested in Preparing for everything that's Happening in our world uh clearly we're Living in some fascinating times and I'm Glad that I have you this community Around me and again thank you for all That you do I greatly appreciate it uh For this video I wanted to try to I wanted to discuss Uh some things that we covered in a Recent video plus our newsletter and you Know what I'm talking about in Particular is the Poland you know the Incident that just happened with Poland And Ukraine this is an incident where The rocket that appeared to originate Out of at least come across coming Across the Ukrainian side of the Border Landed in Poland Um again the information seems to be Very contradictory was it Russia's Missile was it Ukraine's missile but It's despite the point of origin it the Point I'm trying to make is that

Situations like this they really show That during the fog of War how things Can quickly change and this video I Wanted to kind of highlight this this Reality that we live in where We're living in this moment where things Can change so quickly with seemingly Small events that can you know Put history on a different course if you Look back over the long Arc of history At least in a recent you know 100 years We've seen events like the assassination Of Art Duke Ferdinand and that was kind Of the first Domino that really kicked Off world war one the first Domino to Tip over And there's been similar events that can Spark and ignite these out of control Fires that quickly engulfed the Nations But the good news out of all this if There is any good news despite Everything that's going on is that we Live in a time with better technology And better communication to trace issues Back to their soy their sources not Sources their sources before things Skyrocket out of control but still in Moments like this it really reminds us How single events can Define our Collective Futures it's the reason I try To be careful to not jump to conclusions Before I know all the answers after the Missiles hit Poland this week or the one As far as the no one missile to hit in

Poland Several people reached out asking if I Could just do a quick video kind of Giving my thoughts and I tried my best To utilize the information that we had At the time but it was a developing Story that changed more and more even at The time that I released a video things Began to kind of evolve and shape you Know as more information came out and so That's why I typically try to be careful With this channel not to create Reactionary videos or release Information same day of things going on Because I try to stay calm I try to look At the information irrationally to make Sure that I'm presenting as accurately As possible not getting caught up in the Hysteria that typically Engulsar Community after events like This and I can say our community because It's part of my community and I know This happens a lot but the good news as I pointed out the video on that video That I released a few days is nothing Will come of this cooler heads will Prevail and of course that was how it Played out but there's a story that I do Find very interesting that I would Encourage you to study a little more and I often bring this story up with Individuals when I bring up the Discussion of this timeline that we live In today where things can happen very

Quickly and it's a article I'll post a Link to it below in the description Section it's uh gentlemen and oh he's a Russian his name is uh stanislav Petrov And I apologize if I'm pronouncing as Mispronouncing his name there's a Wikipedia entry about this individual Essentially what happened is in 1983 Stenislav uh Petrov was an officer in The Soviet air defense and he was at a Command center that was designed its Purpose was is an early warning system That watched for potential American Nuclear attacks now the short version of This story was that the systems that They were using they were fairly new Technology and they indicated that there Was an incoming ICBM missile from the United States followed I Believe by four Behind it and so in this situation the Protocol demanded that he immediately Consult you know his higher up chain of Command and it would initiate you know The sequence of firing off icbms and Retaliation of you know because again Everybody was on edge right everybody Was pointing at everybody and you know It was all about as soon as one pops off The others got to get on top of it to Match or uh you know to keep up and so He decided not to do it he saw some Indicators that led him to believe that Something was wrong something didn't add Up even though all the Machinery at that

Time told them no this is what's Happening you need to jump on this Um again later after the investigation Everything you know after the incident They found out that the machines had Indeed malfunction It's an entry worth reading again which I'll link to below and I bring up the Story in conjunction with a recent event Between Russia and Poland to try and Highlight the time that we live in and I Look I don't want to play Down the Threats that we live in but neither do I Want to feed feed on or prey on people's Fears as we've covered in past videos We're in this unique moment in history Where so many things are happening Seemingly at once and we continue to get Closer to the line where something Catastrophic could go wrong now again Using that incident that story that I Shared a moment ago yes I mean we've had These moments in history and they've Unfortunately transpired these seemingly Small incidents that have led to larger Catastrophes again using the example in World War one but all that to say it's You know I don't know I don't know if I struggle With this myself to try to get a grasp And understand this is just the fact That we live in this 24 you know 24 Hours news cycle life where information Is constantly thrown at us most of it

Negative at least in the last few years I don't know it's hard to say but it Clearly The thing always it comes to mind is I Feel like we live in this era where the Chicken has come home the roost so many Things that have been done over the last Several decades they're now catching up To us And what I find that's really difficult Is and I would use the word frustrating Uh uh is that we live in this timeline Where it seems out of control things And let's be honest things are out of Our control our own individual control To a certain degree On a personal level and I kind of share This at the beginning of the video that This video is a little more personal in Some of the things but There's been some setbacks that I faced Here recently things that were out of my Control and things that happened to me And I'm not bringing up this as you know What mean means for sympathy or you know Trying to cash in and say hey you know What was me or you know feel bad because It far from the far from the case I I Feel very fortunate for the life that I Have even though I've experienced some Personal setbacks lately and it's not Easy for me to kind of pull back the Bill on this channel sometimes and share Personal information uh it's something

That I always struggle with and try to Work on to be a little more open I'll Just put it this way uh about my own Life but again that's something I'll Work on more and more as I feel Comfortable but I bring it up because it was a personal Issue that I went through that was Deeply impactful in my own life and Maybe I'll share about it more in the Future and by the way everything's okay My family's great my health is great you Know everything that I went through I Rebound from Um it has impacted the channel the last Few weeks it's been hard to get several Videos I've had in queue mostly how-to Videos I try to do one how-to video Every week I try to balance it with Everything that we the information that We provide on the channel but typically The how-to videos are the hardest will Take three to four days to put together And just with the incidents going on the Last couple of weeks I haven't been able To work on some of the projects that I Had that I want to share in addition to That separate issue which maybe in the Future I'll share more on uh just in my Own personal life with my family I've Had my mother I was in East Texas a Couple of about a month ago I went back To visit her she's gone through some Severe health issues she's recovering

She's doing well my mother-in-law who I'm very very close with I was very I am Very fortunate I we share all the jokes About mother-in-laws I just got lucky I Have one of the sweetest mother-in-law Mother-in-laws in the world she's Actually she's not watching this video And you know no one's got a gun to my Head off the camera here but she's an Incredibly sweet woman and she went Through a health incident that really Caught the family off guard last week And she's recovering but all that to say It's uh It's been a frustrating few weeks and Watching everything in the you know in The media watching my own personal life Watching all these things happen that It it's frustrating to to know that you Know I I have no control over certain Things but I bring all this up for one Reason I I share this personal Information for one purpose I've had to learn to make peace with What I can't control and instead try to Focus on gratitude and the good things That I do have I have an amazing Beautiful wife that is you know Yeah I could go on and on about her I Have children that you know I love uh You know in within my sphere of You know the things around me I've been Very fortunate uh when we talk about Learning how to make peace with things I

Can't control well I've got a teenage Child and uh you know I've always heard The horror stories and you know amazing Child but you have to learn especially When you go into those teen years as I Have that there's a lot you can't Control you know you have to step back As a parent and all that to say it's Moments like this that I'm thankful that Despite all the chaos in the world I've Decided to try and position myself in The best place possible myself my family To weather the storms that I see on the Horizon and this week I would encourage You to focus on what you have whether That's your family your health your job Your friends whatever it is in your life That you can say this is a good thing And I'm thankful that I have it the key Is to focus on the good and not allow All the negativity that squirrels around Us to get to us yes things seem to Spiral or it feels like things are Spiraling more and more out of control Here lately it seems like bad news just Keeps hitting and on top of all the Possibilities that we've talked about All the things that could happen even Leading up to a potential World War We're staring down the barrel of a Potential massive recession and it never Seems to end which is why I have to be So careful to take charge of My Mind on A daily basis the personal things that I

Shared at some level a moment ago it's Just really highlighted in you know come Back to me to realize I've got to learn To be careful what do I allow to focus On what do I allow myself to focus on And even I was working out this morning At the gym and I found myself Fixating on some of these things that I've been going through but I've had to Just consciously pull back and decide I Can't do that because I know the path That it will take me down despite Everything I've gone through I can at Times I feel like the only answer I have Is to laugh and to choose to focus on The positive because I have no control Over some of the things that are Happening While this channel will continue to Serve up the information you need to be Aware of I hope that you don't lose Sight of what's important during the Season especially and allow Discouragement to set you back Your next year looks to ha it looks to Be a year fraught with challenges It's always tough when you kind of look At the next year you know I don't know I Just think in times of the way my mind Works I kind of look at things as Chapters as blocks uh just allows me to Kind of compartmentalize and attack Things and work on things from that Perspective and when I look at the next

Year I see several challenges like we All do and like yourself I have to keep Perspective and I have to keep looking Ahead I realize things will continually Get more and more difficult but I won't Allow that to determine and I and I Would hope that you would do the same if You can take away anything from this is Despite everything that that's happening The Closeness a severity of things that We've almost gone through even in the Last week That despite it all find ways to stay Encouraged and to stay focused on the Task at hand I always enjoy the community's feedback In the comments section if you have Anything that you want to share to Encourage the community during the Season especially during this Thanksgiving week please feel free to do So and as always stay safe out there