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By | November 19, 2022

Yeah this game [Applause] [Music] What the hell What the hell What the hell is going on Must forgot to get the oil change or Something Come on you piece of crap work oh geez What next That's a real bright light shrooms must Be kicking in man Is that what I think it is All right I guess it's time [Music] All right Whoa Oh Wow See what's going on here Mr Fix It to The rescue There we go How the hell do these things work again Leg bones connect to the shin bone Collect your negatives here a neutral to Your accelerometer First thing I gotta do is get warm Well it looks like I'm probably gonna be Here for a while oh boy first thing to Do in a situation like this Is I gotta have a smoke Oh yeah [Music] Whoa It's toasty oh no

[Music] You put this here and you connect these Two things here I see this on the Discovery Channel Once Those this has gotta work [Music] It's really cold in here Oh Hot in here I'm really thirsty too and I'm all out Of Kombucha what am I gonna do there's No water around here No it's made of water You say something Trippy man she's right snow is made of Water Oh man That's ridiculous Oh [Applause] oh it tastes like rabbit curds Or something the lady lied to me [Music] God hits the spot cheers brother I don't know how much longer I could Last down here I better check the Internet to see if there's any Information about this predicament Oh not this guy again the Great Canadian Prepper more like the great fear Monger Oh yeah this is my favorite part of the Movie I love this man this being Stranded in the middle of nowhere stuff Ain't too bad after all that's it I'm

Giving this guy a piece of my mind quit Scaring people nothing is ever gonna Happen send What the hell no no oh I love this scene This is amazing absolutely amazing [Music] What's that song that sounds like a Helicopter I think I might still be Tripping holy cow is that a helicopter Is that Lenny Oh hey hey man help me out man all right Yeah come down here man [Applause] Everything Is Hey you old sob nice to see you but I'm Gonna have to get you guys to come back In 24 hours or so because I'm testing Some gear down here this apocalypse Thing only happens once in a blue moon So I gotta get the footage gotta make a Video there's some other guy down here But I think he'll be all right [Applause] No no come back [Applause] Hi folks Canadian prepper here all right Guys do not be a normalcy Norman when The apocalypse happens so today on the Channel we're just gonna go back to Basics some of the stuff that I carry in The truck in winter time for survival And emergency preparedness now this is Going to be a no particular order of

Significance because it's really cold Outside the Communist cameraman and now Communist camera woman are freezing Their butts off where to start here so We're gonna go starting with this Outside panel here now this is what I Carry because I have a truck obviously You're gonna have to scale this down if You just have a car I have this side Panel this is an RSI smart cap I've done It in depth review of this before I can Basically carry as much as I need on This truck one thing I do have that's Smaller and I've done a review on this Before this is a Mr Heater Buddy this is A little buddy so this is a small one This is more than enough to heat the Interior of the truck cab to power that We have this five gallon propane tank These are very convenient they're not as Big as the full-size propane tank But they're a nice size because you can Kind of have it in your vehicle all the Time it doesn't take up an inordinate Amount of space and the problem with the Smaller propane canisters for using Those Mr heaters is that they only last Four to eight hours so something like This will last you if you ration it and If you position your vehicle towards the Sun in the appropriate way that we're Going to show you can last you two or Three days even if you ration it well in Terms of keeping your body warm and when

You pair it with your sleeping bag so I Just have a goose down sleeping bag here Any sleeping bag will do I have a way to Get water okay so this is just an Isobutane stove it's a jet boil there's MSR isobutane stoves they're very Efficient so this right here can melt a Lot of water my only recommendation is When you are scooping your snow into the Cup because you're only going to get About 10 percent of the volume of water That you would from snow you want to Pack it in there nice and good it can Mean the difference between getting like This much water and getting that much Water this is self igniting so Everything is in here so even if I Didn't have any matches I'd still be Good to go of course on a more practical Note we have a air pump compressor this Is probably one of the most convenient Things that everybody should try to have It's just a mini air compressor takes a While runs off lithium power I do have An onboard external power supply which Has its own solar panel system as well So I'm able to recharge this so even Though it's on the exterior of the Vehicle and it might get kind of cold These lithium batteries hold their Charge very well even in cold conditions So I'm not too worried about that then Underneath that we have some emergency Road flares just in case you need to get

The attention of emergency services this Is just a standard military wool blanket We do have Arcturus wool blankets at Canadianpreparedness.com this is just a Military fuel canister this is a scepter Fuel canister I prefer for them over the Metal for starters metal in the winter Really sucks those gas canisters the Metal ones can also rust so these Scepter Military gas canisters are NATO Spec and we saw my Canadianpreparedness.com and of course As always if I ever have to push Somebody out I bust out these coyote Ferments because you know there might Come a situation where maybe help is not Going to be able to come and you have to Bug out so in that situation you're Going to have to obviously leave your Vehicle like the situation which is very Unlikely and in 90 percent of the time You're going to want to stay with your Vehicle but there's going to be those Rare occasions when you have no other Choice but to leave your vehicle in Order to get to somewhere safe which is Why one of the number one things I would Recommend a lot of people get complacent Here in the winter time Make sure anytime you are going to be Driving a considerable distance Especially if it's outside the city in Winter time don't be one of these people Who tries to be Billy badass and jumps

In their truck with just their t-shirt On you know because you're too cool you Don't need a jacket yeah you don't need A jacket because you have gas and the Engine's running but as soon as that Stops if and when it stops you're going To be sitting there freezing wish you Wishing you would have brought a jacket So it sounds very obvious but make sure If you are going out in winter time that You're actually geared up and wearing a Winter jacket and it should be a winter Jacket like you guys seen my my video That I did the three levels of winter Survival clothing right now this is Level two clothing because we're between -10 minus 20. if it goes down below -20 That's when I bust out my outdoor Survival parka and I'll be wearing that One all the time just in case back here We also have survival Lily's new knife Which we're going to be doing a review On in the future this is the apple one t Okay it's very much like a Tracker style Knife a do-all apocalypse knife this is One of our best selling knives at Canadianpreparedness.com and then of Course we just have the the spout for The fuel container oh and one of the First things every Canadian should Always have on their person at all times In winter Lock the icer this will be a lifesaver This could mean the difference between

You know just a little thing like that Keep it in your purse keep it in your Pocket let's go around back real quick Here So I I have this uh cooler back here and This is just to Just to make a point that coolers can Also be used to keep stuff warm So if you have water that you don't want To freeze one of the first things I Would recommend is wrap it in something That's one of the best ways that the Difference between wrapping a bottle of Water in a blanket or a few t-shirts and Not is about six to eight hours of Freezing depending on what the Conditions are but you can use a cooler Like this it doesn't have to be a Yeti Could be anything yet these are good to Keep in the heat as well as keep things Cool and don't forget your flame thrower Everybody needs one of these you guys Know this is my favorite ax I use it all The time unfortunately we don't we're Not getting any uh halted fours and Wetter Hall axes in stock yet but this Is just the beauty of an ax we have our Katana boy we have a metal Shovel with a scoop but it also has a Bit of a spade and a sharp blade so that When you know if and when you do run Into some dirt or some heavier more Coarse material you can penetrate that Of course we have our Bug Out roll here

So in the Bug Out roll this is just to Give you a few more ideas okay so we Have our emergency blanket just some Toiletries mini Survival Guide candles Our fat rope stick the best fire Starters in the world come from Pro cap Tech okay the ultimate fire Tinder and The fire plugs guys you got to get some Of this stuff for your emergency kit It's just amazing stuff we've done Reviews on it it literally Lights under Water like it's amazing stuff we have Some Zippo hand warmers Titan storm Proof matches some alcohol heater just In case you know everything else fails Some battle cord everything you'll Notice here is high Vis because we're Not trying to be Rambo here we're just Trying to survive right we have our Orange hybrid light Peak refuel a couple Packs we also have some emergency ration Bar within here we have our ice pick We have some more emergency flares we do Have our booster cables a heavy duty Emergency blanket built to be used many Times over and just another backup knife Some reflective material in case we need To get the attention of Emergency Services or if there's an accident or Something like that so everything Hive Is I've done a review of The Winter Survival roll so you can go check that Out post the link in the description What else do we got going on here well

Inside I've probably showed you my Mad Max wall panel I'm not going to go over All that we got first aid kits we got a Fire kit right here because fire is very Important a few tools some rope all that Kind of stuff now this right here We also have our This is just our cheap Dollar Store bug Out bag normally that would go in that Compartment there but I just throw it Back there in winter time because it's a Dollar store bug up bag I mean it costs Like 150 bucks no excuse now this stuff Here This is your thermal Reflective material now this is going to Work great when I did my winter -50 Camping Adventure last year this really Came in handy and you just line the Walls of the interior of your vehicle With this stuff and it's going to Reflect that heat it's going to allow You to hold more heat in the vehicles You're not going to be losing heat Through the conduction to the outside World so You could you know just have a few uh Strips of this you know that are fitted To your windows and you could keep that Under the seat or somewhere in your Vehicle and that would help it's not Going to provide a huge r value or Anything like that but it will reflect Some of the Heat and if you have those

Heat Shades that you use in summertime To prevent your car from getting very Hot while you just flip them around and It will prevent the heat loss from the Car so it works in the exact same way All right so First off I have a winch in this vehicle Not everybody's going to have a winch And it's a remote control winch which is Cool and when you need a winch boy do You ever need a winch I know a lot about that now this is a Portable lithium jump starter probably One of the first things that everybody Should have in their car that way you Never have to use your booster cables so Would highly recommend NOCO boost very Durable brand it also doubles as a Smaller battery pack just keep an extra Lighter in there and my katula micro Spikes because guys if you ever have to Pull somebody out or if you ever have to Push somebody out I should say Having good traction devices can mean The difference from getting you know Leverage to no leverage at all so these Are katula micro spikes super heavy duty If you got tire chains which is another Thing you probably should get if you got A big truck get yourself some tire Chains we did a video on that last year Oh and uh just a little secret thing I Got back here night vision because why Not you just never know we got all kinds

Of stuff you know that you probably Don't need to see we got block and Tackle which is brand new and I've never Had to use it thank God I've had to use My winch a lot but block and tackle is For situations where there isn't a place Directly in front of you that you can Winch up to and you have to you know Create an elaborate system of of pulleys In order to get yourself out of a jam Here we just have A little saw some random tools I have a Tool kit underneath here and then we Also have a tire repair kit I also have A portable power system on Deck here This is just one of the many affordable Power Systems I got this is the Zender I Think it's the M1 but it's a smaller one It's very much like the energy Kodiak It's a one kilowatt hour battery pack Puts out about a thousand Watts nothing Major just for small electronics and I Can power that with this solar panel Right here which plugs right into there No problem so that's basically what we Got on the inside of the vehicle all Right so the thermal reflective liner When you have a situation like this Where this is ideal if you still have Enough gas in your tank or you're able To position your vehicle in such a way That the sun is still able to enter the Vehicle that is the largest window is Pointed towards the sun in winter time

You have the advantage that typically The sun is not high up in the sky so This works great and this is why solar Heating even works at all is because the Sun is at the perfect angle right now so We're having a bit of a greenhouse Effect in here in such that the sun is Coming in and this thermal reflective Liner prevents the heat from escaping so We're trapping the heat in here so we Can stay warm in here without using any Of our propane heating Source at least During the day that means you can Conserve the limited amount of fuel you Might have for night time obviously the Days are much shorter so you're only Going to be able to do this for part of The day as you can see I just did this Really quick if you had all day and you Had nothing better to do with your time Like just try to survive and not die From exposure then you could probably do A much better job than this this is why You should always have duct tape in your Car if you are going to be carrying Bring some of this thermal reflective Wrap and another thing that you should Probably consider is make sure you have A lot of gas Make sure you're always above half a Tank okay because you just never know Because your car's engine You may be stuck but as long as you have Gasoline in your car your car will run

Idle for days especially if you have a Full tank of gas that's something to Consider you can use the heat off the Engine and so you are everybody already Has a built-in heating system in their Car the idea is that your car might not Start that's why you might need some of These backups that we've talked about Today I've done all kinds of videos on How to stay warm if you don't have any Of this stuff there's a psychosomatic Methods that you can use there's ways That you can maximize heat retention and Minimize heat loss to conduction Convection evaporation I'm going to post A list of those videos in the Description section below so if you guys Want any of the products that I talked About in today's video go and check out The links in the comment section below They are affiliate links and a lot of it Stuff goes to our website it helps Support the channel and it helps that Communist cameraman pay off all the Student loan debt that he racked up Getting that useless Fine Arts degree All right guys thanks for watching you Take care Canadian preparo Best way to support this channel is to Support Yourself by gearing up at Canadianpreparedness.com where you'll Find high quality survival gear at the Best prices No Junk and no gimmicks use Discount code prepping gear for 10 off

Don't forget the Strong Survive but the Prepared Thrive stay safe

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