Overnight Bushcraft Camp – Waking up to Snow! – Multiple Tarps – Huge Fire – Great Food.

By | November 18, 2022

Foreign Trying to find a decent spot to put in We come to the sad realization that it's Time to put the canoes away for the year Because 90 of the Lakes were ice So we found a cool little spot by the River here and put in battle across We're gonna make up a nice tarp Camp a Big old fire in front supposed to get Pretty cold we got both dogs with us Wolf software some are getting into Trouble looking forward to this camp for A while We're gonna have some fun So I've got my small Canvas tarp I think it's like a five by Seven or six by eight type we're gonna Use some toggles I've already cut To attach it Then the toggles allow you to be able to Slide it down wherever you want it Tighten it up Okay handy gotta get one in the middle Here Well we're certainly making progress Tasha's got his nice big 10 by 12. nice Big awning there that's pretty slick Setup we put a couple people under there I got my little Ideas oh I've already got it you see how Crappy my setup looks Nice and taut over here So it's just it's not a big enough area There and I'm just kind of saggy a bit

But it's fine I have a lot of room Actually it just doesn't look the Prettiest but that's okay neither do I Quite a bit of room Like it So yeah as you can see me and my dog Have plenty of room here hey Cooper hey Good boy where's Wolfie I've eaten Birds Okay Anyways lots of room so this will be Home have a nice big fire out there we Can chat be cool I like this type of Camp Good boy Silly me I forgot my ground sheet I have uh nice canvasable ground sheet That wolf and I will share You can lay on it I actually have a Sleeping bag for him as well so All is well supposed to get down to Negative seven tonight So cold enough Well if you can sleep in front of me Oh yeah Oh yeah I think I'll be using a baby for the Most part now just not only because it's Gold but to keep the dog off of my sleep Stuff We'll be sleeping in tarps and open Shelters and things like that for the Winter so anyway that's all good old Fuses right here

You can sleep next to me She will probably start collecting Firewood now Look at these guys Oh we're going to steal the stick no no No no Hey wolf what's going on eh go get your Own stick yeah Getting my good side there no don't Worry I let your crack out of it I'll try to at least we're just kind of Taking up the whole frames The ass crack Yeah let's build a fire pit I'll go get Some wood maybe if you want to start on That a little double team Look at that General vicinity I think is Good yeah that's my grill All right On account of the Cookings the cookings yeah that's kind Of the steak that we forgot Tasha's been In my place for a few days we're out Trying to get a deer or whatever but uh We write on the we're like trying to Plan our camping trip and we're coming Up with stuff at night and he goes you Got a pen and paper write some town the Only things we write down stake and Seasoning we forgot we forgot Kansas tonight I forgot my potato I didn't break any Potatoes sort of God Okay I think we've got two potatoes one

Grows two potatoes some popcorn And some freeze-dried stuff yeah I love The golden dog food we got oh yeah Cooper here Good boy Go on to your dad Clean up camp a little bit make it a Little bit neat and then It's firewood Duty Brooks There you are boys Oh I know hi he's like Who you calling Me for what are you calling me for I was Smelling stuffs Thank you But there you are just popping up out of Nowhere Let's go Foreign Ah yep I don't think that's enough for the fire Pit What do you mean It's just chipping right out Yeah lots of resin in it You got it or what bud That worked out easier than I thought it Would Oh Yeah that was plenty dry Foreign It looks like that's enough for me Good boy Wolfie Oh the Husky boys got his nose in his

Bum bum Do you know husky Lake Oh the lab Can I eat that damn it I got all fogged Up And then we got the lab oh he looks so Worried right now oh no now he's fine But his ears back he looked all worried Like that like that What are you doing are you hungry yeah Actually probably is yeah good time to Eat eh Plentiful on the wood I've been throwing On big Pieces Just hanging up by the Fire it's a perfect day to just chill Out on a camp Getting pretty cold it's supposed to get To what negative seven tonight well you Said 10. negative 10 tonight something Like that This will be the coldest I've slept with Uh wolf what have you had a coupe wrote To you think mine was 30. oh yeah yeah You know hot tents or no no we tarp Camp Last winter at minus 30. and he's fine He was like basically in my sleeping bag With me but well you're more than Welcome in my sleeping bag feet I think I think with his Husky coat like his fur Is probably three times the length of Coopers and he's got a double coat yeah And he's part husky I think he'll be all Right I think it's gonna be just fine hey what

Kind of what brand is uh code is that You got going on there where'd you get That code from Go check out Robinette Outfitters Maybe you should have checked that Before you left hey Wait Free Yeah you're about to get that before I Said that buddy This is oil right I guess we'll find out So we were able to snag a chicken on the Way in And it's a white one so Nice and tasty We're gonna fillet this And split it and then we got a poutine To make This is a rough gross or Partridge as Opposed to a Spruce Head So the spruce will be this person will Be darker meat From what I'm told this is the more Sought after one Getting kind of dark so we dinner Started Starting to cool off but I got my poncho Joe was all ponchoed up But Joe picked up a rough Grouse on our Travels today So we decided we might just put a little Spice on that that's our appetizer Spice spice it up oh

So yeah a couple of these for a meal if You were Heart up a couple of these would do it Yeah for sure Hot It's ready Oh yeah okay these are fine most seasons Hot oil Oh yeah boy The hot oil let's deal with Jake I remember we had this one guy That's the worst all right she done What do you think so actually gonna give Her a test let's try it all right if you Uh croak yeah all right I'll take this One Oh yeah yeah Nothing wrong with that at all those Chickadee Chicken Delicious It's cooked all the way that's a bonus Yeah that's a little crisp on the Outside of it Oh yeah Cheers your body just rub it all over Your fingers Oh yeah no that's good yeah nothing Wrong with that at all delicious it's Still juicy too That's really good yeah a little bit of Spice on there Yo just like chicken eh like you're just Like you hardly know the difference no I

Mean it's not the same grain And you know since I Purposefully Cajun cooked yeah yeah That's good Oh man nothing wrong with that Probably another Pizza Right of course oh She's all cooked yeah Cool nice well done So that would take like Two of those probably have to fill me up Two birds to fill me up that's not that Hard to do Two birds on a It's not right or something yeah rice or A potato or whatever yeah you have a Meal yep If we wanted to get real fancy We could have cubed this up Deep fry it put it in with the poutines That's like a partridge Putin cartridge Put That's gonna happen So what uh you want to tell the fine Folks at home what what just transpire Well I thought I would adjust the fire a Little bit right on the counter there Was so much flame there was so much Flame that we were gonna probably light The oil on fire probably in the process I spilled the pan and let all the oil So So now our Pan's empty well you saved a

Bunch of oil to put in again right So we're gonna go with plan B Which I think involves some tin foil Crispy bits Nice You're done yeah oh yeah Good and hot What if we were to do something like That Noise And then I just thought of this and it Might not work Put them back in melt it up a bit Oh my that is a genius idea I'm not gonna work Are you making up now Make a little gravy to dump on top of This Tasha's got the gravy on Now we're gonna smother these Freaking Fried up cheese curds and fries and Gravy so all look at that monstrosity This is so Canadian look at that oh yeah I'm gonna leave that party You ready for this oh I'm getting ready Foreign That's a lot of gravy That's good Hungry Canadiana right here boys and girls Oh it's harder than sin Yeah I'm sure it's pretty hot How's that cheesy goodness that's so

Good oh my God I lost it Don't worry I've got something It's pretty hot Oh no Worth the wait Okay That's amazing Oh it turned out so good Even though I've royally screwed the Pooch on this one No Functionello that's what it is You hear that what can you do Punchinello punchinello From the zoo Must have been a Robinette thing A little Windsor thing A little word Um Sure did I'd say this is better than Salvage Questionable there for a while Chef talk in the kitchen Is it Josh or Tosh spilling everything Making an himself Going on And so for that line it's a dizzy Oh no just dripping Gravy on my Pancho Well Oh yeah look at that Oh Perfect I thought it was just ashes raining down

On me Poncho Live on Oh boy So we are aware That this is a pretty Canadian thing Very Canadian yeah but I highly suggest It I highly suggest trying them fries Cheese curds can you dig it yeah you can Get cheese curds in the states Wisconsin The cheeseheads down there Isn't that what they are then cheese It's a Green Bay 100 chocolates yeah no Question And then some gravy you know You will not be disappointed you could Even put bacon in it My Wife puts will puts onions She fries up onions and mushrooms and Bacon together and adds it into the Poutine with the gravy and the cheese Curds and it is Pretty choice Well it is certainly snowing right now That's a bonus oh yeah quite a bit Actually Oh yeah tarpaulin yeah yeah it's Accumulating Enough the dishes after supper and she Is uh snowing snowing pretty good So maybe we'll wake up to it Fresh white blanket tomorrow Good boy Well he's laying under the tarp now

Which is good The f is for Freezing This awesome Rock and fire we got going On It's a good dry stuff on there now All that oil in there Well what do you say Tosh I think we made it to Nine o'clock that's pretty good yeah That's I feel all right about that you Know yeah been up early every day All right well Don't show him No promises Where are you going Where did Wolf go what are you doing bro There's some go to bed homie You know the snow You want your blanket washer blanket Oh that's waiting why That's right we're gonna cuddle tonight Big boy we're gonna cuddle tonight here I use that as a blanket and a pillow There you go Come on Good boy that was a good night's sleep Um we went to bed I think at nine O'clock man It was before 10. And then I don't remember laying here For long at all before I freaking saw in Logs So good sleep nice and warm the dogs

Chilled uh chilled out I tried to cover Up Wolfie once again I'm gonna stop Covering him up because he just gets up And takes the blanket off so I tried a Wool blanket this time for him and got My Poncho you guys were here at the Poncho and he didn't care about it so I think both these guys got a little Deuce taken out of them this morning I Feel a little bit better now Oh good boy He really pops against the snow Not this guy All right Frisky buddies in the morning Laughs Nice I feel like Bluff through our gym There's just this rectangle of dry Leaves around here Does that mean you want some food hey Boom What what Okay Foreign Some breakfast on Foreign Do you like the snow Almost got it I almost got the Leaning Tower going Priorities hey wolf you get fed first or What For the humans That's not for you buddy

So Tosh hooked you up with a One of his homemade freeze-dried Skillet Meals so we got Eggs sausage onion all sorts of green Peppers anything I'm missing I think there's red and orange peppers Sausage Onion Oh it's very good anyway came back Really good and uh It's warming me from the inside my Little bones oh wow if that tarp is set Up properly that would look sick The sun coming through it What a sad sad shape of Affairs Finally yeah we'll pull it oh okay now Just stand there for the next eight Hours and we'll be golden Just slide so easy yeah Cheeses are given it's like why wouldn't You put cheese right Well breakfast was real good just Tearing down the rest of camp now You can see A little space I had there the rectangle Of dryness The dogs are circling it my smell of Like Joe You know We've got a little bit of a drive to get Back to my place so I think it's Probably about 10 o'clock I'm not too Sure Chilled out for a little bit had a nice

Warming fire it's actually snowing quite A bit now I don't know if it's slowed down but I Came out here and checked out the sun oh Yeah But it's small little pellets Good spot Very good spot I'm glad we came here Well boys That's All She Wrote Wolf's uh Picked up a new habit you know cleaning Out rocks watch out there bud let's see What you did just clearing out the rock Of all the Moss that's so strange man Like eating low you know that much Moss So no more of that go on go on get from Here go play with you buddy Just for next time you know just for Next time All right Wolfenstein let's go Come on good boy What Just wait Guys thanks for watching I hope you Enjoyed the video Josh thanks for coming Buddy thanks for bringing me along bud Anytime we'll see you again and soon

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