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By | November 17, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin Announced in 2018 the existence of six Russian nuclear super weapons Russia and China are so much more aggressive now Than they've been for decades because They understand they have all these Advantages you know if it actually comes To nuclear war they would win it so the Stakes have never been higher it really Could happen at any time China has all The military capabilities in place today They've mobilized their military already They've mobilized their economy for war We're just in an extremely bad situation Where we're completely outmatched and I Don't see how the US can survive the Financial system would collapse the Dollar would be worthless and people Would begin starving to death especially In urban areas I think it's really Important for every American every Canadian to prepare their families it's Going to get a lot worse [Music] We had the deputy Commanding General of The point of first Airborne Division Conducting joint military exercises just A few miles from Ukrainian border this Is one of the most disturbing Developments that I've seen I Know Myself personally drastically Underestimated the capabilities of Russia and China when it came to their Strategic forces because we presume that

Because the U.S has such a large Military budget over the years that we Must just have Superior weapons like you Know it's a lot of group think going on Even though a lot of this money has been Put towards other things like funding These aircraft carriers floating all Around the world trying to police the Planet right or just paying veteran Pensions and stuff like that you know From all the wars that have been fought Whereas Russia and China have solely Focused on things like missile defense And enhancing their strategic forces and You talk in your article about how they Are 30 years ahead in nuclear technology And you talk about the following super Weapons so you talk about the kinsal Hypersonic weapon the Zircon Hypersonic Missile the Avon garage Hypersonic Missile the sarmat which is Intercontinental ballistic missile the Poseidon the Skyfall nuclear-powered Missile they have the S550 missile Defense system and apparently you say That they have 10 000 Dual Purpose Surface-to-air missiles that they deploy From s 400 and S 500 missile systems and 225 times more land-based anti-ballistic Missiles I mean talk about being Outgunned in every possible Dimension Maybe you could talk a bit about some of These Super weapons that Russia has and we

Haven't even talked about EMP super Weapons yet Yeah so uh Uh Russian President Vladimir Putin Announced uh in 2018 the existence of Six Russian nuclear uh super weapons of Which I think three or four are already Operational the most alarming of those Super weapons is the Poseidon underwater Unmanned vehicle and that is a Essentially uh it's been compared to a Underwater nuclear ICBM but it's nuclear Powered it's the size of of a school bus And it's very stealthy and it has the Cape it has the capability to I think it Has like a 10 000 mile range before it Needs to be resupplied perhaps with uh You know additional nuclear materials But um It's uh you know what what the Russians Have said it's it's its uses is to Create like a massive tidal wave along The Atlantic uh Seashore which would Devastate and kill tens of millions of Americans perhaps with as little as a Single passion detonation because it has The largest nuclear warhead ever Produced reportedly 100 megatons uh Could possibly be larger than that or it Might be smaller but uh most most Analysts believe it's 100 megatons Um but uh Dr Peter Pryor and I both Believed and I believe currently that It's more likely use is to to uh Trail

Um U.S nuclear submarines from from Their bases and Destroy them at ranges Of of up to 50 kilometers that's how how Large their their explosion is uh you Know when they detonate and so uh each Russian nuclear submarine uh Belgrade Submarine has the capability to carry Six of those Poseidon Uuvs and so in theory even one fully Armed Russian dog garage submarine might Have the equivalent nuclear Firepower The entire U.S nuclear Arsenal combined And so that's that's something that Should be very alarming and then as you Mentioned there's other other ones Probably the the next most threatening Would be the sarmat the sarmat is a Super heavy icpm which are fired after Um out of super hardened uh ICBM silos Which once they're they're done super Hardening may be able to withstand Direct nuclear hits from our icbms as The Chinese have been doing with these Uh 350 df-41 silos they've been Constructing which is going to increase The size of their nuclear Arsenal by About four four to five times over the Next two years But uh they think this this summer super Heavy icbms can carry between reportedly Um up to 20 to 50 uh low-yield Warheads Where they can uh carry you know as few As 15 uh heavy strategic Warheads so the Russians have openly talked about using

Only two sarmads to take out all of our Major cities in the United States you Know our top 30 to 35 uh major cities And that's that's very doable and by the Way the first 50 of those the Russians Have stated will be deployed by the end Of the year so just within the next two Months if they remain on schedule and Then the Zircon recently became Operational as as of August the Russians Stated they were Mass producing the Zircon Hypersonic missile this is this Um primarily a submarine launched Hypersonic missile and back in February Uh you might remember that uh President Putin actually threatened Biden that if Uh if the U.S dared to intervene in and Uh in the war in Ukraine uh militarily With direct military force that uh Russia would respond by uh destroying uh Washington DC within four to five Minutes uh from a submarine firing a Zircon Hypersonic missile at a range of About 200 miles from the capitol so That's certainly a major threat I've Also assessed that a Russian submarine Firing the Zircon from the Gulf of Mexico could potentially execute a Comprehensive EOP attack super EAP Attack uh with this as few as one or two Missiles within 10 minutes warning so The uh those are major threats as well Uh now most recently the Skyfall which I Think is perhaps the most uh technically

Immature in the sense that it's the Technology is is not fully ready that is Uh a nuclear-powered Hypersonic missile Which can fly up perhaps indefinitely Um and just kind of you know appear Anywhere essential actually fly under The radar that is actually according to Satellite imagery which reported by Rebecca Koffler I mentioned referred to Earlier former senior Dia analyst on the Russian threat that may be tested within The next few weeks and then we also have A kinsal which is an air launch Ballistic missile Um the Chinese also have an Aerologicalistic missile that Um is operational I believe as well that Is a Hypersonic missile that you know Could be fired from mig-31s I think There's a they have a range of about a Thousand kilometers so those are some of The the Russian super you know super uh Nuclear weapon systems that we have to Worry about and the US really doesn't Have any comparable system to any of These six uh super weapons uh you know That's the crazy thing I mean we don't Have super enemy weapons we're not Developing them uh we don't have any of These super weapons uh equivalents and We're not developing any of them we are Only developing conventional uh Conventionally earned Hypersonic Missiles now uh certainly we have we

Have the capability to uh you know Convert change that development and Revise them to to carry nuclear warheads Uh without much difficulty but at this This time we don't even have a nuclear Hypersonic missile uh that's being Planned and so that puts us at a major Disadvantage uh to uh the sign of Russian Alliance into in terms of any uh Direct military conflict so really Theoretically all they would have to do For a decapitation first strike is Utilize these Poseidon uh Warheads to Track down the couple submarines that Are out and about and you know maybe That would even if we were able to get All of the missiles out of a couple Submarines They would incur much less damage than We would because targeting the bombers Is easy targeting the ports is easy Targeting the missile silos is is easy So effectively right now we would lose a Nuclear war is what you're saying we Would absolutely lose indict in the war With Russia or China there's no question In my mind about that I mean they can Execute a cyber EMP attack that could Potentially uh adversely affect our our Nuclear C3 or command control and Communications the Chinese actually uh It's been reported that the FBI has Notified Congress that the Chinese have The capability to to not only intercept

Nuclear launch orders but actually Disrupt nuclear launch orders emanating From Washington DC so that could Potentially eliminate our ability to Fire our missiles at all Um but then you as you mentioned you Know uh the Russians could could use two Nuclear warheads or the Chinese combined Uh could could take out both of our Nuclear missile submarine ports which Could take out eight to ten of our Nuclear missile submarines in Port and Then the other four could be destroyed With Poseidon's uh operating in the Atlantic and as little as you know one One Russian dog around submarine in the Atlantic and Pacific currently they only Had one so that would likely be used in The Atlantic because it's deployed with The Russia's uh the Russian red band or Northern Fleet Um and then uh they would uh you know Three nuclear weapons would destroy all Of our strategic nuclear bomber bases That would take out 300 of our strategic Nuclear weapons as well and that would Leave us just with the 400 ICBM uh uh Warheads that uh are more difficult to Destroy would take uh you know would Would get uh presumably water or two or Nuclear warheads in a Um the Russians or the Chinese would use To to take those out uh but even if they Didn't take those out you know with uh

With the 10 to 12 000 uh you know Sam Abms that they they possess uh most of Which are modern s 400 s 500 Um you know abms that are much more Advanced than anything we have they Could potentially uh take out at least You know on the range of 1 000 worth so If we fire 400 Warheads at Russia uh There's a very good possibility they Could take out uh the vast majority of Our entire Um second or down you know second strike Regulatory strike so that's something That a lot of U.S leaders don't realize And it's why I think that Russia and China are so much more aggressive now Than they've been uh you know for for Decades because they they understand They have all these advantages in terms Of EMP and nuclear systems uh in which You know if it actually comes to nuclear War they would win it Yeah we just heard recently uh the Commander of stratcom Admiral Charles Richards made some remarks that were Pretty significant he said that Ukraine Is just a warm-up and the big one is Coming that those are pretty those are Words you don't want to hear from the Guy who's in charge of all the nuclear Weapons right what do you think he is Referring to with respect to that well I Think Admiral Richard you know he's he's Seen the U.S intelligence reports uh you

Know reporting estimating that the Orders have already been given uh by President Xi Jinping to his military to Prepare to uh attack and invade and Reconquer Taiwan by the end of next year By the end of 2023. so we have a 14-month window at most in which uh China's is is most likely to you know Block first blockade and then attack and Invade Taiwan and uh you know based on Biden's own statements that's going to Lead to World War III and any any War Direct war with Russia or China will Probably go you know it will escalate to The Cyber level on day one you know so We could actually have the US and NATO Destroyed just with us operates as a Cyber attack uh let alone EMP and Nuclear strikes that could follow the Beginning of the war as I mentioned uh Within the first you know six hours of Any of any War we would you know likely Lose the use of all of our satellites so We'd be blinded and disabled in Incapacitated and unable to effectively Fight or resist the US has never really Been in this situation and we we fought World War II against uh you know Nazi Germany Imperial Japan and we never Faced the threat uh of attack on the U.S Homeland you know we had Pearl Harbor Against the Hawaiian Islands we had the Japanese Occupation of a couple of Volusian islands uh ATU and kiska that

Were you know very far removed from the U.S Mainland but as of 1950 one you know The Russians developed had a kind of a a Nuclear bomber that had uh you know One-way range to to uh attack us with Atomic weapons and the threats have only Gotten worse since then and now Russia And China have the capability to destroy Us in you know three or four different Ways at least and uh you know us leaders Are are as in Dr Peter price words play With nuclear fire you know with uh with This uh escalating war in Ukraine and And the threats of a direct war against China over Taiwan and it's just not in The U.S uh strategic interest it's not International Security interest to Defend either one you know we can just Um we if we restrict ourselves to Defending our treaty allies and NATO and The Pacific you know that would include Japan South Korea the Philippines and Australia Um you know we I think we can avoid a Nuclear war with Russia and China but uh Ukraine is obviously uh viewed as an Existential fight uh by Uh Russian President Putin uh so we really need to Find a way to compromise with Putin if We're to avoid World War III with Russia And then Taiwan of course uh has been Viewed even admitted you know we Actually U.S government admits that Taiwan is part of China we just disagree

On on whether they have sovereignty over Over Taiwan or not and you know with our One China policy so um you know it's uh It really is critical we have more America First leaders you know like President Trump who's been calling for For peace with Russia even volunteer to Uh to lead a a U.S diplomatic delegation To uh negotiate and enter the war Um you know we have Tulsi gabbard on the Democrat side recently left the Democrat Party denounced them as a bunch of uh You know War monitors trying to you know Encourage nuclear war and she's Absolutely right and we just don't have Enough leaders who have the vision Um you know of even any of our Cold War Presidents you know all of our Cold War Presidents were clear-eyed cold war Realists you know they were foreign Policy realists that understood the need To avert you know a nuclear conflict or A potential escalation with the Russians Uh in this you know the Soviets at the Time and understood the importance of uh You know diplomatic negotiations uh to Resolve any potential nuclear disputes And we just don't have that right now And uh the President Biden has been Throwing uh what I call eight and a half Month uh long temper tantrum in terms of Refusing to talk with Russian leadership About the war in Ukraine and how to how To to end it uh even if we were to just

Simply you know provide them with our Terms and then try to negotiate them Even if we were far far apart you know Even just uh meeting with uh with Russian leaders uh you know the state Department level would would be a Tremendous step forward in terms of Um you know trying to dial things down a Bit and you know avoid this potential uh Nuclear conflict Yeah I guess I'm a bit more skeptical About uh Change in the political party actually Having any meaningful effect on foreign Policy because I think right now it Appears as though NATO's power is waning And the the rise of China Is ultimately going to threaten U.S Gemini so therefore anybody who's in the In the cockpit when that happens is Going to be pressured into making a move I know that when Trump had that moment Where he visited with Kim Jong-un And everybody thought that you know this Is the beginning of new peace relations With North Korea and they didn't do any Missile tests the following year and Then only two years later they did more Missile tests than I think any year on Record and now they've doubled that this Year so something is going on that is Outside the realm of politics I think uh What is your take on The the notion that Russia won't use any

Nukes because it will piss off China What what is your thoughts on that do You think that that's a real Uh concern that they they are waiting For the nod from from Xi Jinping or what Do you think about that you know I think The opposite is the case if Russia or You know I I've described since April I've talked about how uh the Russian use Of you know a limited number of nuclear Weapons uh tactical nukes in in Ukraine Would be a win-win situation for them Because you know the biggest thing that People fail to realize is that bite Administration is one of the most Anti-nuke probably the most anti-nuke Um Administrations we've ever ever had Certainly since the Cold War and uh all Of the the top experts that I've talked To none of them think that Biden would Respond Um in kind to a you know a Russian use Of nuclear weapons in Ukraine I would Even go so far to argue that Um Biden wouldn't even retaliate with Nuclear weapons if if Russia were nuking NATO forces or uh you know military Bases as long as they uh you know Russia Refrain from taking out major uh cities And killing you know millions of Civilians I think that bide would try to Dial it down and try to de-escalate A conflict which which went escalated to

The tactical Nuclear level and I think You do the same Um with regards to uh you know potential Chinese uh nuclear use in the Pacific Even if it killed tens of thousands of U.S troops so that's that's uh you know It's an important thing to consider and They wouldn't do that they wouldn't do That because they know that it would Escalate to the Strategic level and we Would lose that's right well I I think They you know they still believe that uh You know it's suicide essentially uh you Know if you someone use nukes and and Then the other country you know the US Uses nukes in response then it'll Automatically escalate to the Strategic Nuclear level and they're likely right If we were to use Um you know tactical looks in response And took out Russian targets they they Likely would escalate to the Strategic Strategic nuclear level but that's the Reason that uh Biden would be highly are Likely to respond to even you know Tactical Nuclear strikes on uh allied Military forces because that would be You know the total Destruction Annihilation of the United States and And he'd be absolutely right but the Problem is uh you know he's not doing Enough to follow the lessons of the Cuban Missile Crisis in which Kennedy Gave up actually gave up more to the

Russians than they gave up to us in Which he uh withdrew our nuclear Missiles from both uh turkey and Italy And then essentially repudiated the Monroe Doctrine and said we'd never Invade Cuba to avoid a nuclear war which He estimated would would cost the lives Of 100 million Americans you know now if There were a nuclear EMP War it would Likely it could could result in the Deaths of 208 million Americans so the Stakes have never been higher and yet we Don't you know Biden has no serious Strategy on how to you know to De-escalate from uh the verge of Armageddon as he put it Yes and so you think then that the the Chinese Uh will say one thing for public Consumption in that they don't support The Russians doing the War I think Xi Jinping recently said that uh nuclear War should never be fought or something To that effect so they'll say that but That they will silently support Yeah absolutely yeah so uh I mean what We see what we hear and see are Chinese Propaganda so they're saying one thing They're doing another that's always been The case with the Chinese Communist Party and uh already we're seeing on a Large number of Chinese drones that are Being used against Ukrainian forces uh They're quote unquote civilian drones uh

But still you know they represent uh you Know Chinese increased Chinese Assistance uh to Russia and help them to To win the war in Ukraine as I mentioned It was uh likely president XI himself That uh told uh President Putin to Escalate the war in Ukraine by Mobilizing the Russian military because It was just two days after he returned From uh from the the SEO Summit in Summer con uh Uzbekistan that he just he Issued his uh mobilization order Um I think it was on the 21st of September So um try to absolutely once they want Uh Russia to win the war the only Concern that I that I think the Chinese Have that he has president XI Um has is that uh he does he views the These temporary Ukrainian Battlefield Victories as as uh negatively affecting Chinese Prestige because you know Russia Is obviously uh Chinese China's top Ally And so uh he wants to to show that you Know uh the sign of Russia Alliance Cannot be defeated essentially by Western forces and its proxies uh and The reason I stated that I think that um You know China would would be happy to See Russian nuclear use is because what Would likely happen is that as I Mentioned uh you know if if Russia were To use tactical nukes and say an EMP Mode over Kiev and other uh even other

Ukrainian cities that would kill very Few civilians with Direct effects and if Biden were to do nothing then that would Essentially give China the green light To uh to use nuclear weapons similarly Um in the in a war in the Pacific Perhaps against Taiwan and other U.S Allies and but more importantly it would Likely cause Biden to not intervene Militarily against China knowing that The nuclear genium was back out of the Bottle uh and that China likely would Escalate to the tactical Nuclear level Um uh within weeks of any direct war With the US it's safe to say that we Don't know much about what the Chinese Or at least the public doesn't know much About the Chinese nuclear capabilities Because we have no strategic arms Reduction agreement with the Chinese so They are able to basically do what they Want undeterred and We could presume then that they you know Were drastically underestimating the Amount of nuclear capabilities they have You have said that there's 350 10 Warhead Df-41 ICA ICBM missile silos under Construction And that they are trying to complete These by the end of 2024 and that date Would coincide somewhat with the Invasion of Taiwan do you think they're Waiting for the completion of their

Uh the fortification of their nuclear Arsenal before they do their foray into Taiwan I think they'd be wiser to wait till 2024 for that reason I don't think they Will I think that um you know already It's Um you know they might be half 50 Complete at this point we we just don't Know for sure Um but Um I don't think they are gonna they're Gonna wait until it's uh substantially Completed I think they they believe they Have sufficient uh nuclear Firepower I Think today uh if you were to ask me to To guesstimate this the true size of Their nuclear Arsenal I would say it is Likely the same or even slightly more uh Than the number of nuclear warheads the US possesses we currently have 1715 Um nuclear warheads which uh about 200 Of those are tactical and the rest are Strategic but the Strategic nuclear Weapons or the the most important Measure of a nuclear superpowers uh Nuclear might and uh and I think as I I Said I think China has art like we Already exceeded that so uh we are now Likely that the third strongest nuclear Power on Earth and that's that's a big Change from uh the Cold War years when We were a close second to the Soviet Union

So you think that they're going to Enter Taiwan in Spring of 2023 and uh Why do you think that the timeline has Been accelerated Well I think that the Russia's war in Ukraine um has has played a major role In accelerating uh the timeline I think That it would benefit China Um immensely if they were to Um attack Taiwan uh as I said beginning With the joint era Naval blockade Initially and then following on within a Likely a few months uh an occupation or Invasion if necessary of Taiwan Um but uh you know currently I mean We're sending uh an increasing number of Uh I think we have a hundred thousand Troops for the you know first time in Over a decade in Eastern Europe we've Deployed uh even one of our nuclear Missile submarines uh which is surfaced In Gibraltar another one in the Arabian Sea within firing range of of the Russian Federation and so there's Um you know we only have about 15 Percent of our aerone Naval power that's Deployed to the Western Pacific so uh You know that's Um you know those forces could be Destroyed in in Pearl Harbor uh Conventional or even tactical Nuclear Strikes Um so I think uh you know I think a lot Of that plays into president XI is

Thinking but also president XI is about To charge 70. he's just uh you know Become been recognized as uh China's Paramount leader with uh you know Essentially dictator for life and that Was really the last thing that was that Was was the last thing that most Military analysts thought would would Prevent him from invading or attacking Taiwan prior to the the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist party So uh it really could happen at any time There's really there's nothing China has All the military capabilities in place Today they've mobilized a lot of their Uh their military already they've Mobilized their economy for war you know They're willing to uh to have their Economic growth and capabilities reduced In order to engage in this this National Military mobilization that we we saw Leaked back in in May so I do think it's Going to happen uh sooner than rather Than later most likely early next year One has to wonder if these lockdowns Were not in some way uh preparation for Putting the economy into full War Mobilization mode Because I've always told people like you Know it's only a matter of time before The the Chinese manufacturing and Industrial sector just flips the switch And starts making weapons instead and Then the the Breakneck speed that

They're going to be able to drastically Grow their military I think is going to Astonish a lot of people I mean if you Look at the rise of Germany throughout The 1930s like within the span of a few Years they were able to build one of the Most powerful militaries so just imagine What the Chinese industrial Capacity will be once they commit Themselves to the task of War I think the world has no idea what could Potentially be coming with respect to That because their entire population has Now been conditioned to be put into Lockdown and go under martial law do you Have any thoughts about how the pandemic Stuff relates to This World War III Stuff Yeah I mean that's an interesting Question I think it's and I think that's True I mean I've always said that um you Know the Chinese economic growth and Industrial manufacturing growth has has Really been it's just always been a Means to the end and the end is is a Chinese world domination and you know China's preference is uh has always been That it would be a peaceful expansion it Would be uh you know a peaceful Reunification with Taiwan uh concrete of Various other island nations that uh you Know that aren't U.S treaty allies in The Pacific and then they would they Would essentially uh you know continue

To colonize America transform every Other country into essentially a third World uh Colonial economy in which we Provide them the raw materials and the Food and they provide us with finished Manufacturing Goods it's essentially Almost the sole source that we're Completely dependent on and they're They're by force uh Force you uh us and NATO and other other you know Pacific Ally leaders to do their bidding uh Merely you know just as a matter of Economic blackmail so that's that's the World that they're they're trying uh to Achieve certainly I mean they've uh we Know that China has about double the the Industrial manufacturing capability of The US today and that's why I think it's So interesting that uh so many U.S Political uh political leaders seem to You know and even National Security Experts seem to think that the U.S could Successfully fight a long war with China Um in which we would be out produced Um four to six times uh the estimates I've seen are that that China could out Produce this in advance modern weapon Systems by four to six times a lot of You know a lot of our modern weapon Systems require foreign components Including some some Chinese components Um at this you know at this point at the F-35 recently went offline because it Was determined they were Chinese Alloys

And we had to stop production but uh Yeah we're just in a in an extremely bad Situation where we're completely Outmatched uh in so many ways in China Is uh you know they've been fighting uh This unrestricted Warfare against the United States uh for A decade or two China will always be an Enemy but we need to peacefully coexist With their enemies and we can we could Have like a sphere of influence Agreement with China uh in which uh you Know we we retain a sphere of influence Over our treaty allies but they're you Know their uh sphere expands to include You know perhaps Mongolia North Korea And Southeast Asia and south southern Africa Um but in terms of Russia they're only Our enemy because we uh U.S policies Have made them our enemy and as Dr Peter Pry talked about we need to make peace Not war with Russia and Um you know kind of and and the conflict Between us with the comprehensive Mutual Security agreement uh which would would Make us uh strategic Partners not Necessarily allies but strategic Partners with Russia to neutralize their Military alliance with uh with uh with China and thereby end of the threat of Uh you know Russian nuclear missile Attack on the U.S and NATO and at the Same time reduce the chances of a

Chinese nuclear attack on the United States and its allies How does North Korea factor into this Because it it appears to me that they're Kind of the tip of the spear for the Chinese and if the Chinese need to Have some weapons sent to Russia they Might do it through North Korea or you Know how do you figure that that and What is going on in the Korean Peninsula Right now because you got these huge uh War games being waged and both sides are Are assuming that the other side is Getting ready to invade so why is there This sudden flare-up on the Korean Peninsula well um you're absolutely Right the U.S and South Korea have Engaged in uh the largest war games and In perhaps a decade or more Um and in response uh you know Kim Jong-un has has uh engaged in a temper Tantrum and and show a force and you Know I think they deployed hundreds of Uh jet aircraft and and then uh they Fired over a dozen uh ballistic and Cruise missiles Um to show show that they are a nuclear Great power but I think North Korea is Um as you alluded to is uh is really a Chinese vassal State and there's uh There's no way that they'll start a war Without uh without Chinese authorization The only way that they'll get Chinese Authorization is if the U.S were to uh

Find itself if China were to fight Itself a direct war with the United States either by virtue of us going to War against Russia or more likely if we Were to defend Taiwan militarily only in That situation I think uh with the Chinese authorized North Korea to invade South Korea and reconquer the the rest Of the Korean peninsula in order to Reunify the Korea so why why are they Doing these uh major war games now Though is the question are they trying To put pressure on the Chinese is it Sending a message Because they're even talking about Putting more uh nuclear capable Equipment there in South Korea I believe I heard that yeah I do think it's uh It's a matter of signaling the timing uh Strongly suggests that uh you know the Bite Administration is signaling to China that the U.S remains uh you know Strongly Engaged and has the weapon systems to uh To try to defend uh Taiwan its allies From Chinese and North Korean aggression I mean I think it's a good message to do But given that this how close we are to To uh potential nuclear conflict inside A Russian Alliance uh now is not the Time for you know military confrontation Nuclear brakemanship I think it's the Time for diplomacy uh to try to get Russia and China to uh you know to agree

To some kind of sphere of influence Agreement or a non-aggressive act in Which we would Um uh perhaps mediate a reunification Agreement with Taiwan in which the kmt Would essentially uh become the Governing party under under Chinese Communist Chinese sovereignty uh with uh You know some auspices of you know Political and religious freedoms uh Remaining in Taiwan what do you think The outcome is going to be if and when This happens next year Because we're talking about a major war Which is likely going to only intensify The Ukraine by that time and We're also talking about a major war Where trillions in trade is conducted Is it safe to say that most people Aren't prepared for the economic Fallout Of such a thing yeah I mean that's That's absolutely the issue because you Know we can I can easily see you know There it's the way to avoid war with Russia and China is is uh obviously very Easy and simple we just need to uh you Know stop it setting military aid to Ukraine uh to reach a cease pressure Them to uh agree to a ceasefire Agreement and then come to some Accommodation with China over Taiwan Which would uh essentially include this You know a reunification agreement on The best firms possible for Taiwan

Um but even if the U.S were not to Intervene uh militarily in a Sino-taiwanese war Um most likely we would see a lot of the Same Um you know serious to severe economic Sanctions against China we've seen with Russia and unlike Russia you know we're Heavily dependent on on China for uh Most of our manufacturing Goods uh you Know so many of the the things that we Depend on from you know terms of 80 to 90 percent of our Pharmaceuticals are Produced by China and a lot of other Critical manufacturing Goods Um as well so I mean minimally in the Event of a Chinese move on Taiwan I Would expect that Biden to respond with Uh you know major economic sanctions That would severely impact the U.S Economy and I of course they would try To do that with their uh in concert with Our um our NATO allies and Pacific Allies as well So minimally we would just we would see An economic war with China in which uh You know the U.S would likely move into Um either a severe economic recession or Perhaps more likely an economic Depression now I I've argued that that's What we need to do the sooner the the Better we do it we need to completely uh Disassociate you know and and cut off Our economic dependencies on on

Communist China it's uh it's a situation We can't allow ourselves to to continue And so even if they didn't invade China Taiwan I would argue for you know in Terms of the uh the grand strategy for Countering communist Chinese uh uh Global domination which I wrote back I Think in August Um you know that's a critical part of The strategy that I've had it would Include uh forming a trade block with uh You know kind of a coalition of the Willing uh presumably between EU country And most of our Pacific allies as well And and hopefully Canada in order to cut Off all dependencies on on China and Kind of help each other uh you know and Strengthen each other's economy and Economies in the process and last but Not least we haven't really talked about The Middle East obviously there's a Penchal for Things to get out of control there with The Iranian situation and Netanyahu Threatening a strike on Iranian nuclear Facilities and of course now the Iranians are becoming more associated With the Russians in this conflict as Are the North Koreans so we're seeing The hardening of these alliances how do You figure the Iran Saudi Israel Matrix factors into all this I assess That Iran likely has already weaponized Nuclear weapons likely tested them in

North Korea Um and they already have higher VMS uh They can reach that can range Europe They're developing icbms to arrange the United States so they already I believe Have a nuclear limited nuclear Capability and so there's there's really No chance I think Israel likely knows That and Um it's this is just posturing on their Part Um perhaps to help Netanyahu win the Election which he just won uh Conclusively uh as as uh Israel's new Prime minister Um but uh certainly uh I mean there is There's a a major threat that you know If they were to be World War III and it Was being fought on multiple fronts and You know perhaps in Eastern Europe and Taiwan and the Western Pacific and and North uh the great Peninsula as well It's extremely likely that Iran which Would make move us to perhaps to uh take Out the Saudi military and perhaps Occupy uh neighboring countries in the Region and even Southern Iraq which you Know Iraq of course has become Essentially an Iranian proxy state Uh thanks to the U.S Invasion which Destroyed uh you know the uh the bath Estate uh of Saddam Hussein which was Actually a very useful counter from the U.S in our fight against in the war

Against Iranian Terror that Reagan Recognized but that his successors Failed to realize So with the potential for all this stuff To go wrong what what do you think your What do you put the odds at that this Situation gets worse before it gets Better I mean you're you're proposing a Lot of solutions and your work is very Solution focused which is I think a very Important voice uh that needs to be There right now uh hopefully it gains Some steam as time goes on And maybe it will prompt uh maybe the The political shift might actually Assist in bringing forth some meaningful Change in that respect but realistically I personally more pessimistic obviously I'm a prepper so you know I think it's Just in my nature but I I know you don't like giving Percentages Uh the lady you quoted gave a 30 chance Of this escalating to the nuclear level What is your what do you put it at you Know maybe let's say next year what is The percentage that this situation is is Worse than it is now well I think it's It's going to get a lot worse uh as I Mentioned even if if we were simply you Know to stay out of a direct war with Russia or China or North Korea and it Simply had a you know an economic War Which you know could cause almost a

Global economic uh depression with China You know following uh their blockade and Attack on Taiwan I think it's going to Get a lot worse Um that's I think it's really important Uh you know it's a for every American Every Canadian to to you know prepare Their families uh physically obviously But but spiritually as well turn back Turn back to God but I think it's um Yeah I think the chances of of World War III are likely over 50 percent within The next 14 months Um there's just two too many you know The we just don't have the leaders we Don't have the Statesmen anymore in the During the Cold War there was no Shortage of Statesmen that helped us to Navigate uh out of potential nuclear Conflicts with the Soviet Union uh we Respected their sphere of influence in Eastern Europe we didn't try to to Intervene militarily like we are today In their sphere of influence in Ukraine Um and uh there was just just kind of a Common sense you know a reasonableness To U.S leaders that is completely Lacking today uh with the exception of You know the America first uh wean of The Republican party which is I would Say as a led by President Trump but is Is a minority even within the party Itself so I I do see this likely Escalating to a direct uh military

Conflict with Russia and China and I Don't see how the U.S can survive it you Know as I mentioned even if it was uh Simply a you know a massive Cyber attack Um they could you know they could take Out our our power or water distribution Water purification food distribution or Communications or Internet you know Businesses would go to a halt come to a Halt the financial system would collapse The dollar would be worthless and uh People would begin starving to death Especially in the you know in urban Areas So um yeah it's it's uh I hate to Hate To be a a doomsday theorist as I've Sometimes accused of being a book myself And Dr Pride but uh I tend to agree with You I I'm much more of a Half glass Empty kind of guy you know in terms of Uh I want to be an optimist but realist I'm I'm more more of a realist than Anything else and uh you know my sense Of realism suggests that uh it's going To get much worse before it gets better I don't think it'll ever ever will get Better unless we can change our policies That's really the only solution is to to Change our policies to one of more Peaceful coexistence peace through Strength versus what I call War through Weakness and obviously turning back to God and and praying for for his

Um you know for the Lord's protection For our families and our countries Well I would say that to the contrary Based of what I've read off of your work Is that you are primarily solution Focused uh you always when you lay out These problems you're not just talking About the problems you're also trying to Propose some sort of You know a way that we can you know like You say make peace with Russia China and Find a way to work with them as opposed To you know escalating this further and Just you know basically saying oh well We're doomed and there's nothing we can Do about it but prepare so I I would say That you're not a glass half empty Person Um I I unfortunately lack the faith like You said in our leaders that they're Going to be able To it feels as though there are forces That are pressuring them that it's going To take a very strong-minded individual In order to counter those forces it just Appears that they're whether they're Financial or if it's a military Industrial complex or whatever it is Something is uh guiding us towards Collapse and perhaps it's just the Nature of our our global economic system That it has to come undone and that you Know whether it comes undone kinetically Or you know hopefully not kinetically

And hopefully if we do split if the World splits it's on Peaceful terms at Least but it's looking as though it Definitely will be kinetic I I don't Think Human Nature has changed Substantially like a lot of people have A lot of people think oh we're different Now than we were back you know in World War II and but I think that uh that's Only Uh there's a very thin veneer of Civility right now that exists because Times are good uh unfortunately that's My Freudian pessimism I guess you could Say about human nature but what do you Suggest you know in light of all of this And I like to leave people on with some Sort of constructive note you've talked About the spiritual component in terms Of genuinely trying to prepare for What the world is going to look like Post 2023 what do you recommend that People do in order to get prepared for What might be coming yeah well I Appreciate you uh reminding your Listeners that I I have very solution Focused Um there's always a you know there's Always an answer there's always some Hope that our leaders can change because We are where we are on the verge of Nuket arm again because of our policies Because of foolish U.S and NATO policies Which have led us uh on this war monery

Path as you mentioned it's uh it's it's Bipartisan it's multi-party it's Multi-country Um everyone seems to be they believe in That the US is you know is global Hegemon and that we can face down the uh The sign of Russian Alliance which is Much more powerful than we are Militarily and even economically but in Terms of preparation you know Um We need to avoid her you know I would Counsel your listeners to if you if You're located in an urban uh Center to To move to a more rural area I often Joke that if I was a multi-millionaire I Would buy a farm uh to you know that was Self-sustaining because that's really That's really the model we had during World War II we were entirely America Was entirely self-sustaining we could Manufacture all our own necessities and It's kind of like a farm mentality uh That we we just don't have in this Country anymore Um so uh you know obviously stockpiling Food and water and uh you know having Solar generators with solar panels uh For power to for refrigeration purposes All those are very important guns and Ammo unfortunately those are those are Critical as well because you know there Are going to be roving gains and perhaps Even invading forces you know I live in

An area which I think would be a Target Zone for Chinese military occupation and The event of a massive EMP attack for Example But then also there's as you mentioned There's a spiritual element and uh you Know we've um we've been promising the Holy Bible that if we turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and and recognize him as Our God and and we repent of our sins And genuinely try to to Um turn to him and more strictly keep His Commandments then uh he will you Know protect and watch over us and our Families and and ultimately you know That's the solution I think that's gonna That's the only solution I think that That's gonna work I mean certainly There's the physical preparation uh but In terms of insurance you know for our Family for ourselves and our families For our very lives and our safety it's Turning back to God it's repenting Having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ And uh in encouraging as many of our Family members to turn back to God as Possible and if all of us did that Everyone listening to this program and Every citizen of the US and Canada I Believe the Lord would restore his Protective hand over our countries and Uh you know he would not allow the uh These you know other Wicked countries to To destroy us but that's that's what

We're facing right now is we're facing The Lord's righteous judgments and uh And there's only one way we can prevent Them or you know sure the safety of our Families and that's to turn back to God It's interesting you mentioned that Because I just read an article yesterday That said that the head of the Russian Orthodox Church patriarch Corral I think His name is he has essentially given Putin tacit approval to defend the state The state's existence anytime Russians Use the word existence you know you know It's tied to their nuclear Doctrine but Effectively giving Putin the green light To utilize any means necessary to defend The annex territories so You know I guess spirituality can be Used for good or or evil right so we Have to be careful as well but I I Appreciate uh you joining us today and I Would encourage people to go and check Out David's sub stack uh very detailed Articles how often do you would you say You release an article like once a week Or so you know it really varies Sometimes it's three times a day Sometimes it's uh you know it's once Every two weeks and I you know I have I Have Ideas and I actually do post things for Example on Facebook uh which I think are Very would be very interesting but I try To limit it to really um articles of

Greater substance you know that that Really or kind of think pieces that make People think and and they can have uh Make a difference on the uh the National Security debate Um For uh for our leaders and our citizens Uh but yeah I would encourage all of Your uh your subscribers to please uh Subscribe to my website uh my sub stack Website the real war newsletter at uh And I will say that a lot of the stuff That you write I mean it's very Comprehensive it's very easy to read a Person doesn't have to be a military Expert or anything like that and I find It to be a very engaging read and There's always information that I've Never heard anywhere else so I would Strongly go and encourage people to Check that out and uh I guess we're Gonna have to have you back once again Because as this situation progresses We're going to need more insight uh Perhaps we'll we'll shorten the Gap this Time and get you back sooner so thanks a Lot for coming out and uh you guys go And check out Dave substack thank you Thanks a lot The best way to support this channel is To support Yourself by gearing up at where you'll Find high quality survival gear at the

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