Idabel OK Tornadoes | Day 13 | Grindstone Ministries

By | November 16, 2022

Morning uh day 13. And uh Tyson You know they're like Mexican chicken birds like Tyson Has got a semi of uh turkeys out here to Give away to the Fine people of Idabel Oklahoma so we're going to be doing a Turkey wrangling here this morning Um hold on this freaking radio The local Hammer Peter is down And so I guess they switched to Gmrs frequency so they could jack their Jaws all day and it happens to be the Same frequency one of the same Frequencies we use for deployments They've been uh They're all right I get on there and Yell them sometimes I'm like Hey we're Doing over here could y'all shut The hell up oh yeah I'll buy it okay all Right Ham guys I love y'all but shut up you talk too Much way too much on the radio say what You need to say turn the radio off Which Could go for me as well on this dumb IPhone I said what I need to say we're About to distribute turkeys I'm gonna Turn the phone off I let the turkey people and Caleb Another Caleb put that gas in my truck

Yes sir all right Track this line of cars is backed up all The way to the highway It's more than two miles long for folks Coming in to get their free turkeys Wow yeah so we're gonna be here a hot Minute it could be a minute Just saying we have heavy equipment I Mean we can clear the road I know it's not it's not the very very Nice thing to do it's not the Christian Thing to do hey Happy Thanksgiving get Out of the way Um but it's good There's Tyson over there Pallets and pallets and pallets A quarter of it out so far they got Enough guys over there like are they Good for people I think so cool So we are not the we are not in charge Of the turkey people we are they're just The turkey people are doing turkey People stuff at our fob which they Announced to us was happening yesterday Um so a little lack of coordination There but if you remember to a previous Video I was like hey Um we're gonna lose our fob because they Have a wedding though that got canceled We're still at the Larry Brinkley Event Center in Idabel Oklahoma so praise God For that All right foreign Okay apparently we're getting pizza for

Lunch can't even get the whole stump in The shot But look at the figuring on this this is Gonna be Nice log but uh I wanted to point out see these black Spots That means there's metal In the tree and right there I felt metal When I was bucking this see that See that so whenever you got metal in a Lock you'll get these black spots around It in the wood I don't know why it's Just the tree reacting you can't see the Metal over Here but right there see that Piece of metal I don't know if that's a bullet or a Railroad spike or a nail or I have no Idea but super cool figure And this Oak log and there's a glove For scale if you're wondering how big it Is Had to come out of both sides with the Other end Boom boom right five five foot diameter And of course when you hit metal You got a party with the old file It's no big deal Just a 105 teeth To file There's a little scope Some monster trees out here man I'm king of the world

Only about four foot diameter where I'm Standing here That's tree limb not a snake So just got off of a live stream with Johnny that's always tactical and Nicole sauce from living free in Tennessee And uh come down here up this Behemoth And now we're gonna see if the Kubota Wherever he is There he is Moda Has enough ass to Move this thing I brought the 661 down for this I Probably should have brought the 881 . That's a limb Foreign Trailer It got blown over And so was this that was also a Semi-trailer that Got blown over It's like a 48 footer If I had yeah That's a big old massive tree And this is the they leave for me Everybody's like oh great they got the Big sauce here Here we go All right it's uh pushing 430 we're

Gonna come back to this job site Tomorrow which we will now call the leg For reasons There's still plenty of stuff to do here Lots of big trees down Where do you want to put this Stuff in my truck your truck to work Know that a team has been at the ranch All day hauling loads so I'll get a Debris from them when I go back tonight It's just another day day 13. What do you think Tired head nod That's what we got tired heading on Uh we appreciate you do you appreciate Them I appreciate you appreciate it so Much I appreciate them too you realize Without them we couldn't do this right Oh yeah definitely it's been like me in A truck with a chainsaw that's right They're a lot less effective We really do appreciate y'all we could Not do this without you thank you for Enabling us to be the hands and feet Tell all your friends grindstone bless y'all