City Prepping News – Food Costs 2023 / Railway Strike / War Escalation / Economy Challenges

By | November 16, 2022

Welcome to this edition of city Prepping's news to watch for this week If we haven't met before my name is Chris and on this channel we discuss Emergency preparedness AKA prepping in This video segment I try to provide you With the essential news items to watch This week with a specific intent to Inform your prepping activities now some Of the things happening right now They're going to impact lives over the Next few years and potentially even the Next few decades I'll also announce the Winner of last week's giveaway and this Week's giveaway item a little later in The video so definitely stick around Midterms We made it through the midterms without Any significant civil unrest so we can Now look at how our bicameral systems New alignment will impact our lives and How policy will look moving forward now The Democrats say retain control of the Senate and it looks like the Republicans At least at the time recording this Video May gain control of the House of Representatives those 16 races remain Too close to call previously the Democrats they held a slim majority in The house and barely controlled the Senate a divided Congress next year will Mean that the Biden Administration will Have a more challenging time pushing Through its agenda while preparing for

This video house Republican leader Kevin McCarty he won the GOP backing for the Speaker in retaliation for two Impeachment efforts by the Democrats Against Trump house conservatives are Already beginning to gear up to Investigate the Biden Administration Officials and the president's Sons Hunters past business dealings with China and other countries they're Looking to make the tax cut enact in 2017 permanent and to see cost Savings In the Social Security and Medicare Programs however the Democrats now hold A larger majority in the Senate so the American people can expect continued Government gridlock in infighting in and Out of Washington and that's really no Surprise here it's just worth noting the Two parties they may work together in Some things like inflation the economy And the energy crisis still it's equally Possible that they will continue their Infighting and even less will get done For the people they represent so how do You think this is going to play out Dangerous escalation It finally happened what is believed to Be an errant Russian missile targeting a City in Ukraine instead it settled Across the Polish border and fell into a Polish Town hitting grain dryers and Killing two people I did a quick video About this yesterday and I'm not going

To spend much more time on this subject But it's important to note this as a new Chapter in the war as the fighting has Spilled across the borders into NATO Territory something that is long worried The surrounding Nations and could Potentially change the Dynamics of this Conflict we anticipated much of this as Both sides have really struggled to gain The upper hand before winner sets in and Change the nature of the battlefield the Three big questions are how far and how Much territory will Ukraine regain Before the land Wars Frozen in place how Will Russia react as it increasingly Seeks the safe face and muster of Victory and lastly will NATO Collectively retaliate or significantly Up to stakes in this conflict the Kremlin has indicated that it would be Willing to have peace talks without Conditions Ukraine has responded that For peace talks to happen Russia must Withdraw its troops from the whole of Ukraine and no negotiations will be made Directly with Vladimir Putin at the Moment it appears that Russia will Continue to Target civilian targets and Infrastructure in Ukraine so this may Turn into a war of attrition if Ukrainian forces control the water Supply in Crimea what do you think are There any winners in this conflict or do We all lose are we reaching a global

Point of no return let me know your Thoughts in the comment section below Economy the two important stories to Keep an eye on in the economy this week Are the implosion of the cryptocurrency Giant FTX in the moves on Wall Street FDX is a cryptocurrency exchange that Recently imploded and you may have the Inclination to say well so what I don't Know any cryptocurrency but you would be Wrong to dismiss this quickly The Exchange collapsed last week after a Run-on deposits left an 8 billion dollar Shortfall the ripples of that money Essentially just evaporating will be Enough to wipe out the recent very Modest gains in the stock market and Many people have lost money many others Have lost a lot of money and this is one Of the biggest Financial implosions in History and it may not end up being on Par with the 2008 crash but it's Significant in many ways the Repercussions of the cataclysmic FTX Downfall they're going to be broader Than the crypto markets as they will Accelerate downward moves and stocks and Commodity markets this will only further Drive up prices for you investors who Have had assets with FTX will likely Never be made whole again as there's Really no mechanism for deposit or Insurance in the world of crypto and That's not only for wealthy investors

It's also tiny investors who are Dabbling in the cryptocurrency World Ftx's overnight collapse really drove All cryptocurrencies lowers and really Shook investor confidence in pretty much The whole crypto Market more importantly Though whenever eight billion dollars Just suddenly evaporates overnight There's going to be an impact on the Overall global economy at a time when Inflation is already crushing many it Will push Market Movers and investors Into defensive positioning this will Only lower growth forecasts increase Inflationary pressures and can even Impact jobs in the cost of goods well Some early forecasts this week indicated That inflation in the United States Might have been peaking this sudden Evaporation of eight billion dollars Will kick that Rosie news into next Month if there is a strong Christmas Season the U.S may be able to stabilize Inflate relation if not it will likely Very well carry into 2023 and look I Repeatedly say this on the channel That Prepping is one of the best ways to beat Inflation and I'm going to repeat it Here consider downloading a free Recession guide and prep your finances Like you prep your food I don't see this Getting really any better or brighter For us in this coming year so are you Feeling inflation what are you doing to

Cope with it are you using any of your Preps let our viewers know in the Comments below when we learn from the Community it often helps others that Read and a lot of people have insight And ways of approaching things that Maybe someone hadn't thought of before Thanks to Audible for sponsoring this Video audible is an amazing place to Listen to whatever you're interested in For me I've gleaned a lot of insight From business audio books such as the 10x Rule and motivational titles like Living with a sill with everything going On in the world it's been a great way For me to let my mind Escape one of my Favorite titles is Project tell Mary if You're a Sci-Fi buff I can can't Recommend it enough as an audible member You can choose one title a month to keep From their entire catalog including Their latest bestsellers and new Releases members also get full access to A growing selection of included audio Books audible originals and podcasts There's something that appeals to a wide Range of listeners located all in one App that you can download or stream new Members can try Audible for free for 30 Days by simply visiting City Prepping or Tech City prepping to 500-500 Food cost We're covering food costs and shortages

In a video next week where we take a Deep dive into the global food crisis You're going to see headline after Headline the rest of this year and Probably well into next year about Global food insecurity and shortages I'm Not going to diminish the gravity of That any way you examine the current Predicament there are more problems than Usual and more compounding problems than Typical every single problem exacerbates The other an agricultural Executives They indicate that Global grain and oil Sea markets need two consecutive normal Crop years to stabilize Global supplies But do we have two years of stability in Our future Some countries will suffer far worse Than others Nations dependent on Fertilizer from other countries were Produced from natural gas to sustain High yields they're going to find Themselves in short supply of what they Need and it's going to be costly Canada Sitting on a sizable amount of the Mayan Potash and in the United States with Rich natural gas reserves they're going To benefit in some ways and suffer in Others mainly through even higher costs For agricultural Goods both countries Are really in a unique position to Weather a global food crisis neither North American country will likely Suffer from dramatic shortages even a

Production selection dwindles and the Prices go seemingly continually up and Up some countries worldwide however will Slip in the famine or be forced out of The fertilizer Market as countries look To their own so it's going to get worse But how bad watch for our video next Week that will try to answer that Question for this week's giveaway we're Going to give away a pocket knife the This is a Kershaw pocket knife the same One that I've carried for years to Enroll for a chance to be entered into a Giveaway just simply post a comment Below and next week I'll use a tool to Randomly draw a winner from the comments Of this video just be sure your email Address shows on your YouTube account This is the most important thing to note I've been getting a lot of bots that Have been slamming my comments and Personating me telling people they've Won I'm not going to reach out to you Unless your name shows on the screen Next week please ignore and Report those Comments for last week's winner we used A tool to randomly draw names from the Comments section and the winner of last Week's giveaway for the first aid kit Was Liberty off-road and the winner for The vanquest fat pack was donut Springs I'll reach out to you shortly to get Those sent to you 8 billion we just crossed a global

Milestone there are now an estimated 8 Billion people on this planet and many Say we have crossed a threshold where we Can't sustain that many people on this Tiny planet in some ways 8 billion it's Just another number it indicates that The competition for resources will Increase and you should be preparing and Becoming more self-sufficient to combat As more developing nations develop an Appetite for the resources required to Live as many of us do in developed Nations prep with a slant towards Becoming more self-sufficient and Independent because the systems that We've collectively established they have Demonstrated less capability over the Last several years to keep Pace with the Rising population this is a conversation That I recently had with my mother There's a book that she gave me called The big thirst it's a fascinating take On the issues that we're experiencing With water the commodity that we're so Used to just having at all times is Becoming more and more rare at least Clean water so so I would encourage you And this is something we'll be rolling Out videos on more and more to help you In your journey to self-sufficiency but Think ahead as one of the things that I've always learned to do over the years Is try to look a little over the horizon To anticipate what's coming so I can

Position myself and my family Railway strike finally we're going to Release a video here shortly on the Channel about the railway strike that Appears to be more imminent by the day 12 unions must ratify the agreement that The Biden Administration and the Railways struck their memberships aren't Voting to ratify it that makes a Potential strike possible but can a Government even let that happen if the Railways stop working your grocery Stores would be empty within 72 hours And it would cost the U.S economy 2 Billion dollars per day oil wouldn't Make it to the refineries food wouldn't Make it out of the field or off the Ranch there's really no way to sugarcoat This the Reagan Administration they Fired the air traffic controllers in the 80s when they were deemed to necessary To strike Railway workers are even more Critical they know that that they can Leverage this to strike for better Conditions at the same time the railway Companies know that they will have to Give concessions to their employees they Deem it better to be forced to do so Than the voluntarily do so at some point Point when this boils over and the Government intervention will be required Inevitably the U.S Railway system is Really too big to fell I would encourage You to check out the video we'll release

This weekend and we're going to go into A deep dive on this subject more plus I'll let you know what you should be Preparing for should even the threat of A strike for the materialize so that's The big stories for this week if you Have any feedback or any comments feel Free to post those below and as always Stay safe out there