A Camp Favourite – Dutch Oven Beef Ribs

By | November 16, 2022

Foreign Foreign Today Been splitting my own kindling because It's so wet out here just the ground is Just sudden but wanted to get out and do Some beef ribs that's going to be my Lunch today it's going to take a couple Of hours so I can do some odd jobs in The meantime but I need to get this fire Going to start Okay that's some Fat wood shavings Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Foreign Ah that first couple of the day trying Out some of the steak detectives new tea Got some hot chocolate as well Looking forward to that on the next camp All right I'm gonna finish this let that Get to some coals and get proper cooking It's time to get the Dutch oven over the Fire get that warming up And this is what we're using today I've Got two beef ribs here So I'm going to fry them and brown them Off before I add the rest of the Ingredients to the pot Foreign [Music] [Music] I've got a few things for the pot here

For the massive onion Can't actually find my bigger open also Still using this small one for the Moment from my little tranger kit Okay just gonna slice this up Just peeled a couple of cloves of garlic And now I'm gonna grate them in as the Onions fry so it's not to burn them Here we go into the onion Give that a fry off There goes that grated Garlic get that mixed in [Music] Beef ribs A couple of sprigs of Rosemary Got some tomato puree I'm putting in There This is some Merlot or Shiraz Merlot And to that Some beef stock Mix that in a bit Foreign For a while anyway On with our lid They say only cook with wine you would Drink I don't drink wine so I'll get the Cheapest bottle but it's going to be Fine for this Now one thing I probably would have done In hindsight is floured them beef ribs Before I um browned them off that would Help thicken the sauce but I can thicken That afterwards anyway we'll find a way Sun's actually starting to come out

Between that and the fire and warming up That beef's going to take a while to Cook so I thought I'd bring out a couple Of tents with me to have a quick look at They both won Tigress ones and they're Called the tetras there's two different Sizes of them this one Requires a trekking pole they're ultra Light tents and the other one's got its Own pole and dinner so uh yeah just like Give them a little go and see what they Like It's always good to see sewn in Instructions with these tents because it Can be quite a while in between uses so A little refresher on how to put it up Well I believe they call this for 130 Because of the height you need the polar And that's good because my poles at Least that's their maximum comfortable Height Um They're two-person tents And it looks quite comfy I've not put Out the guys so their walls aren't being Pulled right out but it's got this um Pretty interesting vent at the back So as you can see they've got these Spreader bars at the back which um pulls It up and gives you more room inside but It's got this big vent the whole length Of the tent there And you can see that vent on the inside Here as well

Can unclip it there Haven't got all the information with me Today but um this one I think is about The one kilo Mark which is pretty Impressive now obviously you're going to Need some kind of ground sheet unless You're somewhere very dry and you're Pretty comfortable with putting your mat Down there but um Yeah looking forward to getting this out On the Moors or something maybe in a Couple of weeks This is the 160 version I've just noticed the doors come Completely off so if you wasn't fussed About closing up you could um just leave That at home or you could take it off While you're at Camp if you wanted to The vents are on both sides Your pockets in both of them actually in The kind of porch area and of course This one being a bit bigger has the Inner as well I think it's about two Kilos So see how to get in [Music] Nice free ZIP design so you can get in And out either side you want Well bags of room For two people in here Um It's a bit of a tight squeeze the other One being more open you've got more Options but this being an inner

Like uh if you've got quite narrow mats Or maybe like a double one that's quite Narrow you'd have to be close with the Person but uh for me I use um two-man Tents solo got that same vent design at The back there and that higher back so It opens it up Yeah Of course this isn't a review or Anything this is just me playing around While dinner Cooks but uh I will review Them after I use them and I'd really Like to get out with them soon because I do quite like them Oh hangy loops on top as well so you can Use a tripod or a tree Hopefully next to each other very few Curious about them but uh both seem to Have their advantages Probably a better check in on the meat Look at that pulling back off the bone Nicely A little ways to go yet though Foreign It's about time I started peeling them I'm gonna do some mashed potato with my Beef ribs Now I could have just got instant Mash There's some really good ones now like That I had a hoen but uh I always do it Properly So relaxing day out No rush with this one Foreign

Potatoes are boiled Gonna add in Some butter And some seasoning Just seasoned the meat as well And I've got a normal Masher with me I Really need to get a potato ricer On the home stretch now so I'm just Going to chop up some parsley Most of the big stalks taken out Just gonna get this pan on [Music] Foreign Take off the Dutch oven I'm gonna pour some of that sauce in Here to reduce [Applause] Okay first up is Our mashed potato Get a nice bed of that down We'll put on a few of our Onions One Two beef ribs Some of our parsley And finally some of that sauce reduced Oh my goodness Now I've not tested these at all to see How tender they are Pretty tender I would have left them it's hard longer But uh time's getting on Hmm Pretty tender actually

Yeah it will pull Let's try some of that Mash with it Hmm Very creamy and buttery See that can pull Hmm It's pretty melt in the mouth actually I'm pretty happy Now if I was on overnight or I might Giving it another half an hour but uh That'll do nicely And it's about lunch time Worked out well All right Oh man that was good eating restaurant Food in the woods Tender beef right that's me packed up I'm gonna head off now don't forget to Get your Poppy and I'll see you guys on The next one thanks for watching bye