Russian Missile Hits Poland – Start of WWIII?

By | November 15, 2022

I decided to hop in and film a quick Video about what just happened with the Aaron missile striking Poland this is a Pretty big deal and this is going to be A quick video getting you up to speed And hopefully calming the community down In the process Um I already know what's going to happen Next in this community everybody's going To get worked up they're going to freak Out there's going to be some videos that Will come out talking about this is it This is world war three you know you Know we're gonna get nuked yada yada Yada and the same same content that We've been hearing for the last several Months but this is going to be I think An excuse to ramp it up and I'm doing This video to hopefully calm everyone Down uh look this is a severe situation What just happened it changes things at A certain level but let's just again try To calm down let's take a step back and Look at this rationably and reasonably Now that always that does it always Apply to situations where Wars start but I think there's enough that we can cover To to hopefully kind of pull back and Look and see how this is a little bit Different before I give my take on this Here's what we know at the time of Recording in this video right now it's 2 43 PM PST what is believed to be an air Russian missile uh was originally

Targeting Olivia And instead it's a Ukrainian City and Instead it's sailed across the Polish Border fell into a town in Poland Hitting grain dryers and killing two People the Russian Ministry defense of Course denied that the missiles were There saying no strikes were made Against Targets near the Ukrainian Polish state border by Russian weapons That's their official stance on this This despite the fact that there was a Recorded 100 missiles fired from Russia On Ukrainian cities just a few hours Before minimum which impacted the Original City Live sorry if I'm Mispronouncing that in this particular Missile the one that went into Poland it Instead landed 40 miles in the Polish Territory and would while pundits will Try to argue against evidence and try to Paint this as a type of false flag event Implemented by Ukraine to draw NATO into The conflict the more obvious is exactly As it appears a errant brother and Aarons Russian missiles struck a NATO Nation where an attack on one is Considered an attack on all so that's Where this is a pretty heavy and severe Situation and at the end of the day It won't matter where the missile came From as it will draw more and more Countries into the conflict now Poland As you know is a full member NATO member

Or a full NATO member they can invoke Article 4 or Article 5 as a result of This attack and undoubtedly they will Evoke Article 4 which calls for allies To consult together when in the opinion Of one of them the territorial Integrity Political Independence where security of Any of the parties is threatened and This is definitely going to happen even As Warsaw confirms the ownership of the Missile So Article 5 is a little trickier though Article 5 states that an attack against One NATO allies considered an attack Against all allies if it was a Russian Missile and it could be traced back to Belarus or Russian territory as its Point of origin for some NATO members it Still wouldn't be considered a Deliberate attack it may and hopefully Just be considered an errant missile So having said that what happens next And again the time recording this video It appears as far as we know and Information will clearly hopefully come Out as time goes on that this was not Intentional and yes I realized that Mistakes that were not intentional can Lead to war but here's a reality nobody Wants a direct confrontation between the Superpowers it's too close to nuclear Annihilation So my take and this is my take is that There's there's really again I'm not

Again reducing the severity of what Happens but on the flip side I don't Think this Rises to all right let's pop Off the war because of the missile that Was targeting Ukrainian sea that we've Been observing for the last several Hours and it's like well one went across Accidentally does it appear intentional But again I know these things can be Tricky and even non-intentional uh Things like this can lead to bigger Bigger issues so of course what happens Next uh we can probably expect that Russia the fleet and the Black Sea will Probably take more rush or more losses From British technology that's been used To damage and destroy a lot of these Ships you can expect probably an Increase of sabotage behind Russian Lines like we saw with the Crimea Bridge Was U.S was the U.S involved with that Who knows but I expect that we'll Continue to see these type of Remote events on the Russian side on Their on their you know military Continues so the big question is here am I worried that this is a spark that Starts it all and you're going to hear This a lot in the community over the Next probably several hours if I haven't Looked at some of the channels I know This is probably going to be the big Talking point right now but do I think This is what starts at all no but it

Does put Putin in a top position with These blunders it moves everything Closer to the edge which is not what we Need right now do I believe cooler heads Will prevail I think so and honestly I'm Not getting worked out by this and I Would encourage you to not either I was Even going to record this video I had Some plans I had to be out of the office In a few minutes that's why I keep Looking at my watch but I figured hey Why not let's just sit down talk about This real quick What do you think are there any winners In this conflict or do you feel like This is going to turn into a situation Where this will just continue to Escalate to a point of no return let me Know your thoughts in the comments Section below but as always I would Encourage you calm down we're going to Look back at this in the next 24 to 48 Hours and be like well that was uh not a Good situation but did it rise of the Occasion of starting World War III I Don't think so not in the sense of this You know Sparks off a bunch of nuclear Uh retaliation or anything like that but Clearly it's not a good situation so We'll continue to Monitor and if Anything continues or escalates I'll Definitely let you know as always stay Safe out there