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You have no idea how close the world is To World War III if Russia gets through Ukraine they won't stop they're Basically going to be Air Bursts that Are going to cause an EMP the cloud will Reach down and pick up the dust that Will create Fallout there's not going to Be any Walmart there won't be any news There won't be any 9-1-1 there won't be Anything what you have is what you have Food and supplies and medicine He's just not going to get it what is The build up to World War III look like If this isn't it right now Perfect Hi folks Canadian prepper here today on The channel we have once again back in The flesh Ron from Atlas survival Shelters he's back from the war zone He's going to tell us all about his Experiences that he had out there he's Going to tell us about the state of the Bunker industry and World War III in General so Ron tell me some stories what Have you been up to for the last month I Have been to Europe three times in the Last two and a half months so I have not Even been to moan Factory in a month I'll just tell you a little story so I'm Staying at the Radisson blue in Keith And um all these drones start flying in They sound like little weed eaters Coming through the sky okay well one Hits about four blocks away it hit

Apartment building so I walked down There they blocked it straight off so You see the smoke in the fire trucks and All the stuff and and now all the news Media is showing up and everything and It's like oh my god what happened to That building so like the week earlier On a Monday this beautiful 40-story all Glass building got bombed what they're Trying to do the Russians are trying to Hit this power plant but they're such Bad shots they hit everything but the Power plant they keep hitting the Building over here the apartment over Here but they can't hit the power plant Because I don't know if their GPS is on Or whatever so they use glonass it's Their own uh GPS which is still in Development well it's not very good I'll Tell you that so anyway I got bombed Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday well the Power start going off and everyone was Spending all their time in the bomb Shelters so you can see everybody's down In the bomb shelter I mean people are Just sleeping down there you can't go About life I go out at night this is 11 O'clock at night and look at it if the Streets are black there's nobody out There it's it's Eerie okay so after I Left they got bombed a lot more and now The power is down to like 40 percent so They get uh Power for about eight to Nine hours they're just rolling the

Power from different people as far as I Know I think 80 percent as of making This recording were out of power right Now while I was there here I'll show you A little clip I was on the media there I Was the news while I was there okay Because bomb shelters are coming back But it's like I'm bringing back bomb Shelters that were being used during World War II to shelters in particular One called the Morrison shelter which is Basically the size of this table right Here and if you're in a 50 60 story High-rise you can't go down to a bomb Shelter you sleep in the mattress Underneath so that's going to prevent if The building collapses from you getting Crushed if the building collapses you're Probably going to get crushed but if It's just blown up because they never Just collapse like that it blows off the Facade it blows off the windows but you Know what it's keep and it will work and And nobody else is bringing any ideas to Them and then of course I'm reproducing The Anderson shelter with 3.6 million of These were built during World War II and They saved hundreds of thousands of Lives and then we have this new shelter Which you've seen and you like you said Put one here in my showroom you know What that's basically the atlas safe Room which is basically a Texas style Tornado shelter that you go in and you

Got a slide in door and it's basically Just it's like a walking Gun Vault but It's modular and it comes in pieces so You could take it in and put it in your Basement you could take it up to the 50th floor through the elevator bolt it Together and at least you feel like you Have some armor plating around you so These three shelters which are strictly For artillery nothing else not for Nuclear not for biological not for Chemical they're not even thinking like That if you ask them they're like Putin's locking the nucas Putin's not Going to Nuke us that's their mentality Over there I know there's definitely a Uh concern about there's been a Stockpiling of cbrn gear for potential Nuclear disasters in Ukraine but I can Understand how if you're living in a war Zone your top priority is going to be Not getting bombed right that's that's The first thing so how many bomb Shelters or bunkers whatever you want to Call them have you built there well We're just starting to mass produce them Okay so what we did is we made the Prototypes at my Factory in Poland but We're making them all in Ukraine because The cost of making them Ukraine is Actually four times cheaper than the Cost of making them in Poland and making Them in Poland is three times cheaper Than making them in Germany

So so why is that that's because the Cost of energy well I I don't know but The the average salary in Ukraine is Four to five hundred euros per month It's cheap labor keep labor the average Salary in Poland is 15 to 1800 per month For a welder for a skilled position then You go to Germany it's three times that One thing people need to know is that Hollywood has made it I see the comments Where people say I don't want to live Just take me out of the first blast okay Guys you want a limp because Realistically after three to four days The radiation has decayed so much from a Nuclear bomb that you can walk out now You can't eat the food off the trees you Gotta throw it away because it's been Contaminated but after four days the Radiation is down to one one thousandths Of what it was when the bomb went off Okay right that's with a typical air Burst that's an air burst Um if it's a nuclear spill that's yeah Like 20 000 years but we're not worried About nuclear spills or like a ground Burst might have a slightly more Fallout A ground burst has a slightly more Fallout but the bomb is smaller okay Because it's a tactical Newt basically And it's designed to take out a bunker Or a missile silo or a Runway so those Aren't going to be very big bombs so the Tactical nukes that Putin is talking

About using they would take out probably You know a one square mile which is Still a large area you're not going to See many tactical nukes hitting America With these icy beams they got they're Basically going to be Air Bursts they're Going to be going off at seven to Fourteen thousand feet they're going to Cause an EMP uh the the cloud will reach Down and pick up the dust that will Create Fallout it will be spread with The wind downwind check the wind if the Wind's blowing that way you don't even Need to go in your bunker I would just Go in my bunker anyway yeah because you Never know the wind direction and you Also don't know when a second bomb is Going to come in there's going to be an Information Blackout because you're not going to Know it's not like you're going to be Able to turn on the Internet or news to See what's going on now there's not Going to be any Walmart there won't be Any news there won't be 9-1-1 there Won't be a corner convenience store There won't be an Ace Hardware there Won't be a Home Depot or Walmart there Won't be anything what you have is what You have is why it's better to have it Not need it than need it not have it is Why people should get the supplies they Think they need to last for however long They think the disaster will be but I

Can tell you Food and supplies and medicine You're just not going to get it I have Been to these places and I have seen Blown up tanks and I've seen men in Trenches and I've seen unfortunately Dead bodies and I've seen recently blown Up buildings and until you can go there And experience what it's like to be Bombed and see a place that was just Bombed that's still smoking within Minutes of the bomb going off you have No idea how close the world is to World War III and if you don't think it can Happen I mean if what is the build up to World War III look like if this isn't it Right now Yeah it's not like going to be overnight Where there's a progression of events That we would see I know with World War One they called it the Great War it Wasn't until after that they gave it a Name and a start date yeah you know what I mean so right now people are looking For okay well when's it start well you Know I mean the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand is technically Now considered when World War One Started but you know there's no real Official start date it's it's ambiguous And I think what we're seeing now is a Potential run up to that what do you Know about the government bunker Building obviously they have their own

Contractors do you know anything about Activity like that that's happening in The states or in North America right now I personally have not really been Contacted by any major governments to do Any major bunkers those bunkers that the Government builds those things cost Hundreds of millions of dollars and They'll hold thousands of people matter Of fact the one in the Denver Airport I Mean it cost billions of dollars but it Holds like 25 50 000 people so wait a Minute are you saying there's a bunker In Denver Airport yeah that's a there's A bunker under the Denver Airport now a Thousand percent I mean it makes sense Because it's geographical center they Built a a bunker in Denver they did one Colorado Springs they did they did like Seven of them okay and they have a high Speed train that travels around all the Bunkers so they're all connected Underground so they don't even have to Come out from the ground so there's Actually elevators that take fighter Jets and trucks down into the bunker in Denver so they can get the big stuff Down there clearly that would be a Target then if if the shizzy hit the Fizzy well that's the corrections are Gonna Target Denver Airport these Bunkers are so damn deep I don't even Know if a tactical nuke will take these Things out so you see you have a bunker

Factory in Poland is that just serving Ukraine or is that serving polling Because I read an article the other day That said Poland is taking inventory of Its 62 000 civil defense shelters and is Getting them prepared for if this war Spreads into greater Europe have you Heard anything about that or are you Guys seeing more uh bunker building Activity out there I I'll tell you this Much Poland's putting it all on the line They really are and uh if if Russia gets Through Ukraine they won't stop they'll Take it out on Poland Lithuania Estonia A lot via Moldova all these countries And I've all been to they're all they're Just basically going to put them all Back together uh how many bunkers would You say you've built this year since This war started like just a rough Estimate of all year I did not need this War to be busy I was slammed worth work Already all this war does it puts a fire Under my butt and people want their Shelters quicker now because in case Putin ever presses the button they want To have their bunker that sounds like There's a lot going on I mean I know Right now there's this talk of the United States Expediting the delivery of Some nuclear weapons to Europe some more Advanced nuclear weapons I've come to Like these people they're they're just The nicest people they're calm they're

Happy and they just go about life Imagine when you go to a dinner table or You go to dinner and you're sitting at a Table and you pick this table over that Table in case a bomb goes off out that Window right there the glass blows in This is how you think but life goes on In Ukraine there's two types of people In the world I say that there's people That keep their mouth shut because They're in it for the money and there's People like me that I don't care about The money I care about the honesty and I Care about or I care about Mother Earth I care about my people people I care About God and I care about all the People on Earth okay I put those ahead Of money and profits okay but these big Corporations are putting money ahead of Everything and what changed me is when You know when it's been a year and a Month since I got the cancer diagnosed And the doctor called me day after the Surgery and told me you've got three to Five years to live but then you know I Found out that I went to a second doctor After thinking I was dying in three to Five years the second doctor goes oh no It's a different type of cancer and it Won't kill you and I'm like wow Um So I I but I'm still stuck in that in That lane of like the first doctor what If the second doctor's wrong

Contemplating your mortality I I I am And and I realize life is short and I Want to make the world a better place And leave it better and I found it you Know I like what you say about doing Things for you and not doing it for the Money because at the end of the day you Know life is short and hey maybe you and Kanye can get together maybe you can Build Kanye at Bunker because I think The way things are going for him he's Probably going to need one and he's Still got enough money left to probably Buy that yeah and of course I know Kim Kardashian so uh you do so yeah I do There's an inroad there yeah yeah I know Kim and Chloe so I figured I figured I'd End with a Kanye comment just you know Current events what has Connie been up To since I've been gone I've only heard Some stuff he's only been banned from Everybody right let's not go in there Yeah all right let's save that for a day Thanks for having me over again all Right everybody good seeing you yeah and Uh you guys go check out Ron's Channel Atlas survival shelters and check out Some of our older videos where he Actually goes into great depth about What it takes to build a bunker and all The technical stuff so go check it out Thanks for watching Canadian prep around The best way to support this channel is To support Yourself by gearing up at where you'll Find high quality survival gear at the Best prices No Junk and no gimmicks use Discount code prepping gear for 10 off Don't forget the Strong Survive but the Prepared Thrive stay safe