Flint And Steel Fire Without Char – Testing Materials – Burdock Leaves

By | November 13, 2022

Wow Wally here guys My flint and steel Journey Burdock Just came across it there I'm out in a Walk I'm gonna Harvest up some of these Leaves Stick them in do my pocket because I'm Not announced the carried them in I'm going to try and get all the ones That's on the ground that's off the Ground sorry it has been really wet So I'm going to put these in my bag and I'm Going to keep these dry and we give These a shout tomorrow On it And see how we get on Score stay tuned yes guys Burdock leaves right Burdock leaves They're just in a little container I've Done nothing to them since I picked them Off the mountain uh I'm going to see if They will take a spark using flint and Steel okay It's a little bit hard to contain my Excitement at the minute because I just Had a success but you should have Watched that video already so I'm not Going to go into it okay so look I'm Going to try it all different ways I'm Going to shower Sparks into it I'm going To I'm going to to mash it up a little Bit if that doesn't work and I'm going To see if I can find a way to get

Burdock leaves to take a spark okay Ugly dogly right Let's do this let's do this as Unscientifically as possible Okay all I'm going to do is I'm going to Take my Striker I'm going to drop some Sparks into this Container and and see if it works okay That's not a striker that's two stones Look I'm gonna hit two stones with each Other and see what happens Guys everything's very wet so So I'm Sparks Latin everywhere except where I want them Let's try this As you can tell they're quite dry Foreign Er a bit uh so that I can sort of spread The motor wee bit more Oh There we go There we go Okay so This is taking a spark okay but it's Burning out very quick so how do I Rectify that It's compacted I'll try a fire rod Foreign Works in foul Rod very easy I'm gonna mash it up a bit Thank you So if you're wondering what are you Doing Wally

I don't really know I'm thinking maybe if I just mash it up A little bit and sort of try and bring Them back together a little bit so that It's more condensed it might be able to To hold the Sparky I was taking the Spark took the spark from the thorough Rod no problem has taken the spark from The uh from the the flint and steel as Well I have whacked myself so many times in The knuckles doing this for you guys I Hope you appreciate that check it out I'm bleeding Him smallness small Foreign Okay Bardock is not working no it it's like The racism it's sort of working on Assorted knot right so like and that is That those leaves are fairly dry okay so They've sat in my house since they've Picked them I haven't done anything you Know especially with them or anything Like that but they have just sat in a Dry house so uh I don't know You know you think you're like like the Whole idea right is that you're doing This so it's something that you can pick And just buying spark there you go fire Right so even the bringing it into the House is is a step that it's not going To get in the outdoors do you know what

I mean so for me Unless you're picking it in the dry day You know when there's very little Moisture in the air or anything like That It's not it's not really working okay so Back to the drawing board on that one Okay What can what can you do so but remember As I said these things will all take a Spark with a flint or with a Ferro Rod So it's not a lost cause right and There's also the fact that it is me it Is forcing me to think about different Types of tenders and different types of Of properties that different materials Have and how they burn and how I can use Them to start a fire so that's a win-win Win-win Anyway Thanks for watching guys stay frosty