Something Isn’t Right Here…

By | November 12, 2022

Hi folks Canadian prepper here today I'm Going to give my honest to God opinion On whether or not I think that we are Close to nuclear war Now I say that out the gates because This is going to be more of a Meandering Round and quite frankly this is only a Video for those who are hyper attentive To the events as they unfold in the Kirison oblast which is a region of Ukraine which is now acting as somewhat Of a demarcation line between East and West it borders a river that basically Cuts Ukraine in two and it looks like This is shaping up to have everything West of the river be in Ukraine and NATO's possession and everything to the Right of the river quite possibly being In the hands of the Russians or at least Most of that now we need to sometimes go Back to First principles thinking when Trying to understand A war like this where there are so many Unanswered questions so many things just Simply do not make sense for starters Why is the United States there in the First place well many people have Theories with respect to why why is it That the Eurozone is decapitating itself In an industrial sense why is Europe Shooting itself in the foot by now Restricting its access to incredibly Cheap energy and Unlimited Supply of Cheap energy which would help its

Economy grow and expand why is it doing This why is it so important that we pour Hundreds of billions of dollars into This conflict that is the question some People say oh it's a conspiracy by the Americans to basically make the Eurozone Their that's what some people Think okay more or less I'm not going to Get into the Nuance of that but that's What some people think I've long since Suspected that hundreds of billions of Dollars may seem like a lot of money However you need to also consider that If the Petro dollar was to fail as a Result of Russia Establishing itself as a global player And of course you'll notice that in 2014 The Russian economy was roaring it was Going I think it went up to like 3 Trillion or something or close to that 2.5 trillion and then after that 2014 Situation as it unfolded in Ukraine of Course this is when things started to Quickly devolve for the Russian economy Now why is that okay so and we're going To get to the kirison situation because My immediate thing the first thing I did And this might seem strange to some People who are of a geopolitical Analytical ilk you might ask yourself Why on Earth would you do such a silly Thing well the first thing I did when I Heard that the Russians were retreating From kirstan I went on to Google News

And I searched for ramzan catarov Kirstan and I put I selected uh some of The options the tools and ordered it by Date Descending okay and because I want to Know what's the most current story and The reason why I did this is because I Wanted to know how he was going to react Because this guy has historically been One of the most aggressive a belligerent Actors in The the military ranks of the The Russian government and now of course Third or fourth in line or something Like that and so I was waiting for him To come out and condemn this move Because in the same way that he did that In Kharkov and in a place where the Russians were firmly established in a Place where they were effectively you Know had stabilized the lines for the Most part there there wasn't any major Offensives uh or major gains by the Ukrainians in the recent days they were Protecting the bridges and the dam with Their missile defense systems the Ukrainians couldn't destroy the bridge That the Russians used in fact the Russians destroyed the bridge when they Just left just today So I went and searched to see what this Guy was saying about this and lo and Behold he's praising the whole operation As if it's you know one of the greatest Military decisions ever made the same

Guy who when the Russians retreated from Kharkov talked about how disappointed he Was and the same guy who just had a few Platoons of uh soldiers wiped out Recently is suddenly on board with this As is the leader of the Wagner group Who's the private kind of Blackwater-like company who's done a lot Of the fighting for Putin in this war And they're both surprisingly uh yay for This for this move And you know for the longest time the Ukrainians have been talking about well Maybe this is just a ruse maybe this is Just a faint maneuver by the Russians to Try to bait Us in and entrap us into Making uh you know concentrating our Forces And in into a place where they're just Gonna light it up And this is what you would presume would Happen but today I'm watching the news And I'm seeing this parade of civilians Cheering on all of these Ukrainian Soldiers coming into the town of kirstan The day after the elections this all was Initiated literally the day after the Elections they declared and that was no Coincidence that was clearly planned They talked about this for many many Weeks they primed the population they Got people ready for the move now They're going to say because we couldn't Resupply and yada yada yada and all the

Russia Bros are going to be like ah as They usually do it's never strategic When they lose territory when the Russians lose territory but it's always Strategic when they gain territory okay And you got people like the Duran who People are calling the Oracle for some Reason I don't understand how because This is the same guy who insisted that The Russians would never invade in the First place and has been dead wrong About you know time and time again even Scott Ritter the day before the kirstan Would treat was saying that this would Be political suicide for Putin and that He would never you know authorize a Curacao defenses that they were making Gains they were holding the line they Were you know had a eight to one a kill Ratio so why would they and then the day After like clockwork okay this guy Scott Ritter comes on and says that uh what Does he say he says oh yeah it was it Was it just makes sense you know like of Course you would Retreat you know just It makes perfect strategic tactical Whatever sense right why would you you Know you can't resupply and you don't Want to have all your troops around it And I'm not saying there's not an Argument to be made there especially if They're going to Nuke the dam not nuke In a literal sense but maybe but Especially if the ukrainians were to get

A few missiles passed and the dam blew And the region flooded out okay and the Whole right bank would be flooded out And they would be trapped there and then They would be surrounded by Ukraine and Then of course all of that equipment and All of those pows would be in the hands Of Ukraine so you can make that argument But the fact that this has all happened So seamlessly and then the day the day After it happens they're celebrating in The streets now for starters okay don't You think that if the ukrainians were Really concerned that this was a trap Maybe they wouldn't be parading a bunch Of civilians through the streets if this Is a war zone that's likely going to be Lit up and don't you think that the Russians would be trying to do that as They were read it so why oh why is this Not happening Well I think that maybe there was some kind Of tentative Temporary deal made in the back channels In the upper echelons between the United States and Russia that if we Retreat Across this River okay if we go back and Maybe you guys can have everything left Of the river Okay you can have everything and you can Have access to the seat and we'll have To the right of the river okay and that Means that we're going to continue our

Offensive as they're doing in Bak Moot And other places in the donbass they're Making advances still perhaps part of The deal was that they get to take Karkov or maybe you know who knows who Knows what else because right now as it Stands Ukraine currently has soldiers in Annex territory in they still they've Always had uh soldiers in what Russia Considers zaporizia Rosia or however you Want to pronounce it I'm going to Butcher every single name I promise The city of zaparosia they have the Power plant but they don't have the city And uh so there's a big chunk of these Territories that the Russians are no Longer in but they they call it their Homeland so where is the the you know The the big response to all of this Something isn't right here There has been some sort of agreement Made now do I think that any agreement That's been made is going to stick no The only other alternative I can think Of is that why on Earth if this isn't The case why are all these civilians Still in Gerson in the streets if this Is going to be a potential trap and a War zone that oh that we need to you Know we need to proceed reluctantly Now it was very surprising to me That the media didn't really make as big A deal of this as I thought they would At least not in the beginning you know

When they got there okay they started to To put some attention on it but they did Not make as big of a deal of it as I Thought Now I don't know yet you would think that That would be that they would play it up A little bit more than they did but Maybe maybe I'm mistaken maybe they Actually have and I'm just not paying Enough attention to the the headlines But it seemed like it was a little Understated for what it was for how Significant of a victory it was because Now of course this puts Crimea in the Crosshairs it puts a lot of critical Russian Assets in the crosshairs and Quite frankly unless that River freezes Like four or five meters thick like some People say it does I don't see how it's Gonna freeze that much because we have a River here in the Saskatchewan River That doesn't even freeze it's not a very Fast flowing river in many parts it Freezes over a little bit in some spots But you can drive a truck over it can You drive tanks can you drive heavy Equipment now I don't know I they're Saying but I know it doesn't get nearly As cold and especially close to the Black Sea I'm presuming it's more of Like a temperate climate so I doubt that The entire River is going to freeze you know or

Freeze in such a way that they'd be able To attack it through the cures on front So what I'm saying is Is that either the Russians are you know Really planning for a big major winter Offensive or there's been some kind of Deal made Now I'm hoping of course that some kind Of deal has been made And that maybe this is partly why this And you know that they're they're saying It's because the inflation numbers were Low and all of these things Just happened you know coincidentally on The same in the same few days you had The inflation numbers come out that were Very low while relatively low they're Still high it's what they call Disinflation so it's still inflation but It's just not as high of inflation as it Was the previous month or or what it was Expected but things are still inflating In price And You had the election that had just Concluded and all of a sudden this Withdrawal from Curson and so it all Just seemed kind of scripted and then You had the market Spike big time and You had the dollar drop big time like Flick of a switch the markets went up Because really the dollar crashed so Really theoretically because the Market's measured in dollars

And the dollar declined correspondingly Almost to the exact same degree that the Markets went up did you really gain Anything in your portfolio when your American dollars are worth less not Really no and the same thing happened With gold so the American dollar the USD Index declined something like seven Percent and the markets went up you know Pretty much the same amount in that Period of time as did the price of gold And oil and other things like that and Other commodities So all of these things happen at the Same time people are saying well was it Because of the the inflation Um low inflation numbers which indicate That maybe the FED is going to reduce Interest rates probably maybe or it's to Do with the fact that maybe the markets Or somebody in the higher up in the know Knows that maybe the war is Going to be frozen for a little bit And literally These are going to be frozen forever no Absolutely not I'm almost 100 convinced That the Russians are going to commit to A major Invasion for starters they've Mobilized all these troops they're not Doing that for no reason they're still Expelling U.S diplomats they're still Preparing bunkers in Moscow there was a Article that just came out on Bloomberg That talked about that their their

Refurbishing bunkers and they're doing It in secret They're still putting sanctions on Various U.S people in the individuals in The U.S and U.S companies and of course The oil What is the oil price cap is still Taking effect in December there's still All these things that are showing you Know signs of escalation they're still Sending copious amounts of weapons and Equipment and money and funding into This into this conflict and because There's now this lame duck congress Which is about to turn over quite Possibly both the Senate and the house Although I think the last I looked it Was likely well I was looking likely According to mainstream media that the Democrats might win the Senate but by The time this video comes out that could All change and maybe they'll win both Regardless foreign policy is not going To change As a result of the election foreign Policy will stay the same as it always Does and we're just one major event away From that nail just being driven into The coffin and when I mean an event I Mean something happening that grabs the Attention of the average person and Garners more support for the conflict Because guys it's going to be a long Dark winter for Europe when those Wells

Start to run dry that's when reality is Going to sink in the Russians have been Incredibly patient right now you have The Americans who are on the border you Have the Crimean bridge that was blown Up okay this was supposed to be this red Line you blow up the Crimean Bridge as Dimitri Medved have said it's the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and it's Going to be Armageddon yada yada they Blew up north stream they claimed to Have evidence like the the envoy to Who's in the UK right now says we have Direct evidence that implicates not only Implicates but proves that you Orchestrated it the UK that you took out This 20 billion dollar pipeline this Critical infrastructure okay which was An act of War and what have they got in Return now they have these troops on Their territory or what they consider Their Annex territory and yet they've Done nothing now according to David Pine They're planning something they're Planning something big perhaps they're Just biding their time by having some Sort of tentative agreement with the Jake Sullivan was able to to broker with Um was it petrusive is that the The Other Guy Foreign Affairs guy but uh in Russia I don't know I really don't know what's Going on it's one of those two things Though that the Russians are regrouping

And preparing to do a major of invasion In the North and then what they would do Is they would they would effectively Because you can cross the river there's Smaller River Crossings in the north so It could be that this whole uh Bolstering of forces in the north around Belarus is the final plan they're They're planning on going down into Kiev Maybe as David Pine has indicated Detonating some EMP weapon over Kiev Blocking the place out we have kiev Talking about evacuating three million People that's very suspicious And you know evacuating them to where Well it would be to Western Ukraine I Presume But if there was some sort of deal what Did Russia get in return Now you could say that the Russians have Had some significant gains while many Significant gains I mean Crimea itself Is a treasure Trove of uh resources and Industry as well as zaparosia and the Don bass is a huge industrial Hub and There's trillions in in resources in These regions so if that's all the Russian gain you could say that was Gained but to me It still falls short of a lot of Expectations and I don't know how Putin is you know his his favorability Ratings haven't declined more Significantly now according to Tass

Which is basically the state-sponsored Media organization The most uh formal one anyways in Russia They're saying that his his approval Ratings haven't declined at all that Much well you know you really have to Take that with a grain of salt like I Say a lot of the the Russian the Pro-russian people who I understand They're they're trying to compensate for A very very Pro-western bias in and out in analyzing The situation I cannot stand the people Who are just you know Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine you know with no deeper uh Curiosity about why these things emerge In the first place I can't stand those People but I also can't stand the people Who are like just minimizing everything That every blunder that the Russians Apparently make now that all said this Could be all sterlitz right this could Be Just like Napoleon did in in osterlitz How he retreated and he he feigned uh Weakness in order to bait the Russians In to attacking I believe was the Russians and I actually have the uh Story here I could read it too I suppose But this is a common tactic especially In maneuver Warfare is that you would Want to bait people in and make them Think you are weak but the thing is About making

The austerless thing only works if you Really really sell it you know you can't Just be like oh I guess we're you know I Guess we're gonna have to retreat now no You need ramzan catarov to be like yes This was a great decision you have to Really make it look and then you have to Go steps and steps further to make it Appear as though yes you really are Running out of weapons and you really Are having to buy weapons from Iran in North Korea and uh buy more missiles From from these places in order to You know bait your enemy into a fight It's just like uh hustling at a pool Table you know it's like uh Pretending you suck and then playing for Money you know it's that's really what It is and this is why a lot of people Have been saying well where's all the Good Russian equipment where's all the More advanced fighter jets where's all The kins all missiles and the Hypersonics and stuff like this and why Aren't they using you know I mean There's just so much technology that They could be employing more readily They could be using EMP weapons right Now uh you know very low yield nukes and It probably won't even elicit a it would Cause some immediate panic but I think It would quickly become normalized now If they use tactical nukes For their explosive impact

To to destroy actual hardware and troops Then that might be another story but an EMP you know there's still a lot of Mysticism about that and as long as There wasn't as many casualties then Maybe people would not care about that So much But I really don't know what to think I will Say That In the last couple days I've been Somewhat more hopeful that this Situation might be remedied at least in The short term but in the long term you Still have China Taiwan cranking up and That could very well be why the United States is trying to refocus on that yet They're still trying to put through this Extra 50 60 billion dollar package Through Congress before the Republicans Take over everything even though I don't Think that's going to matter one bit Now you have to ask yourself why are They doing that in a deficit I mean we Have a huge deficit there's a huge Interest that needs to be paid on the Debt I say we North America it's all the Same Canada the united united states Joined at the hip forever will be Canada USA UK they're all it's like the Triad Okay we're all joined at the hip we're All Tethered to the big U.S ship the U.S Aircraft carrier and when that gets sunk

We get sunk So you have to ask yourself why oh why What's so important about keeping this Thing afloat and the thing is if they Don't keep it afloat the Petro dollar Tanks everybody joins bricks which they Are anyways and they're really just Expediting their own demise they're Expediting the demise of the US dollar By forcing all these other countries Because all these other countries see The writing on the wall they're like oh Look How They confiscated all of Russia's foreign assets look How They Confiscated all of Russia's assets in US Dollars and Uh look how they sanctioned everybody Who went against them this is what other Countries are thinking and this is why Other countries aren't going to go for It and this is really our own undoing So you know in an attempt to save the Whole Petro dollar system And maybe have the the uh serendipitous Impact on LNG and boost the liquid Natural gas industry in the United States and maybe re-industrialize the United States at the expense of Europe Who no longer are going to have an Industry and I guess they're just going To provide Human Services or learn to Code or something like that because They're not going to have the well They're not even going to have the

Electricity to do that I mean unless there is a deal made soon Then lots of people are going to starve Next year lots of people Europe will be De-industrialized there'll be a Depression there's going to be a Hyperinflation not necessarily due to The printing of money well I guess it Will be the printing of money it'll just Be the scarcity of of Supply there'll be There won't be enough Supply That's a scary kind of inflation Is that there just isn't enough stuff And uh I don't know I like I said guys this is More of a Stream of Consciousness type video I Don't really have a Strategy for how I'm trying to present This information to you today But on the one hand in the macro sense The war is still ratcheting up between Russia and the United States it is not Slowing down at all but on the Battlefield it appears as though there's A period of calm approaching Now is it just the Calm before the storm When the ground freezes are the Russians Just going to go Ham hard as a you know what is that What's going to happen or is this the Winter that they're going to pull out All the stops because you know it's Funny too how I'm not funny for the

People who are impacted but Literally the The day after The Russians met with the Chinese at That uh was it Uzbekistan conference They started hammering the critical Infrastructure in Ukraine and it was After the Kirch Bridge it was after Nordstrom and things like that but they They just started gutting Ukrainian Critical infrastructure and of course This is conveniently right around fall Right before winter so if they the Ukrainians did need to repair this Infrastructure they're not going to have Enough time really before it has a real World impact on their ability to house And shelter and keep their population Warm this winter They're going to be in the dark in Winter which is just not sustainable Which is why they're talking about Evacuating people So are we looking at a long dark winter And perhaps there's this period of Relief but it still doesn't explain why The ukrainians are parading the Civilians in the streets now if we Project the most nefarious intent onto Ukrainian military strategists it's it's The good old human shield thing you know Like the Russians may be less likely to Target these areas if there are Civilians there because it's uh doesn't

Look good right so you keep a bunch of Civilians you bring the Army in with Civilians which is probably something You shouldn't do But who am I to see I mean what do Ethics mean at this point what does Morality mean at this point what is the Geneva Convention mean at this point Because there's going to reach a point Where You know all those ideals When it comes down to winning or losing A conflict where there's so much at Stake where literally the Global Financial system is at stake And people worry about the U.S losing Hundreds of billions of dollars but they Stand to gain everything they stand to Lose everything I should say if they Don't pour hundreds of billions of more We're talking about trillions the Trillion dollar Petro dollar system Goes to put if they don't invest Meager 100 billion dollars But they've invested a lot of money in a Very short period of time A lot of money and resources and it's Not only the resources I mean we're Looking at the street value of some of This stuff But the thing is in order to make a new Javelin missile today costs a lot more Than it did Just a few months ago just a few years

Ago probably cost twice as much and Where are you going to make it you know I mean well you're going to have to make It I guess in the United States but Where are you going to get all the Component parts you know you're going to Be sourcing various things from China And abroad And uh Yeah I just I don't know So anyways What else is going on in the world today Trump has told the media or has told uh DeSantis crew to be ready for war well I Don't usually talk politics but I can Tell you one thing is that there's Nothing That the media would love more than Trump to be back in the White House you Know why Because it's great for their ratings Trust me they might on the surface Appear to not like them but there's Nothing that CBS ABC Um CNN NBC there's nothing they want More than Trump back in the White House Mark my words Great for ratings I mean look what happened in 2020 right That was probably the most readings they Ever got Putin is not going to the G20 Summit This is another thing so He's not going to G20 which I didn't

Really think for security reasons he Would go anyways but you also have this Situation where one of the uh the Foreign minister I can't remember what His name is it protrusive but he went to Iran recently and you know to go to Iran Right now is pretty tense but literally The day after the cures on withdrawal he Went there so That's almost saying like he had a green Light like there's been some kind of Agreement made some temporary agreement And there's even a limited amount of Strikes right now across River now I Could be wrong by the time this video Gets released they're lighting up Kirsten like a Christmas tree it could Happen but I'm just trying to Give you guys some things to think about Because something ain't right Something ain't right now if you take The Joel skousen view if you don't know What that is well go and check it out I Mean he thinks that this is all part of The plan right you know to create bring In World War Three and you know have one Last his whole thing is okay in the World war one you got the League of Nations World War II you got the United Nations they need a world war three to Bring in the globalism thing I don't Necessarily believe that I still even Though I used to think that The elites couldn't be that dumb to have

A nuclear war now I'm not so sure Because the more I I become a manager in Life the more I realize how incompetent People are at the top It's not nearly as coordinated and and Uh contrived as you think it is it's you Know there's a lot of haphazard stuff Going on So anyways Um the U.S has conducted a provocative Arctic missile test aimed at Russia well What a great time you know if cureson Was a back Channel agreement that was Made between the U.S and the Russians Would they be doing this Arctic missile Test right now You know would they be doing all these Exercises with the emergency alert Messages and the uh the planes going Black and turning off all their Transponders and all the nuclear war Games and you know all the stuff that's Going on in South Korea right now I don't know The Russians are planning something If they aren't then uh Maybe they are just maybe they just Don't have the resource maybe everything The mainstream media is saying is true Maybe maybe sorry I'm not as You know here's the answer in this video Like I said this is a stream of Consciousness only for the people who Are paying attention

Even Dimitri peskov has explicitly Stated that Curson remains a part of Russia despite the withdrawal Remains a part of Russia despite the Withdrawal the Region's legal status Remains unchanged that means still a Part of the Russian Federation Well they must not see it as an Existential threat yet They're still talking about taking Crimea back by next summer and it looks As though they could be on track again It's possible What else do we got here let me tell you About the austerlitz scenario I'm really Oh actually you know what I only have 50 Seconds left guys keep on prepping man Because I'm thinking this is the Calm Before the storm but let me know what You think Let me know what you think in the Comments section below and I'll leave You on a good news Okay Russia and us to Hold first nuclear talk since Ukraine War November to December somewhere uh Somewhere in November December Apparently something was brokered in Cairo but I don't have enough Information really about this but They're going to be talking about the New start treaty but is this just both Both sides you know playing the game to Try to buy their top I don't know you

Guys let me know in the comment section Below thanks for watching Canadian Preparout