Overnight Fall Camp with my Dog

By | November 11, 2022

Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign Good boy Wait no no Good boy We’re gonna try something a little Different Wolfie in the back and the Gear in the front I had to bring extra Lots of gear uh to counterbalance them But uh yeah let’s go Jeez You can see all these swells here There’s a little bit of a rapid there I’m just gonna try to get over here And camp Free Okay free dog good boy yes I’ve got to find a good spot to set up My DD pyramid tent It’s almost dark and we’re just getting Here there’s a good reason for that but Right now I gotta find a spot to set up Uh Tosh and I were supposed to meet up We’ve had a bunch of plans that have Been canceled lately uh both on both Ends and uh yeah so we met up today four Hours drive from each other in the French River only to find super crazy Winds and uh we couldn’t put in so we Looked for some crowland and

Unfortunately it’s deer week there’s Your season for rifles so uh everywhere We just stopped full of people that we Can get to pretty easily so we decided To part ways and meet up in a few days Um and I was going home and I thought ah I know of a spot there won’t be anybody So so I don’t know I figured I’d come out here With wolf anyways make a night out of it Because we drove for roughly eight hours Already today That’s why I’m here so late And why I’m in a rush kind of It rained on the way here everything’s Pretty wet Of course that’s Rocks Under there cool Cool Wolfie’s been cooped up for almost eight Hour drive today so we’ve got some Energy to burn off We’ll see if this paddle Works in lieu Of a stick or a hiking pool Oh it should work Should work Cool we’re just gonna get this uh All tightened up and then we gotta Search for firewood Yeah good boy All right so we’re going with that’s Home for tonight on to firewood and food Mr Wolfie Let you go Woof

Good boy you want some supper buddy Now let’s go get you some food dude We’ll be sick Free You didn’t know I was in there Was that good food Okay Pretty dry for being Laying down here This is gonna be all my wood I need Tonight just this one we want a piece Here Noise Brandon That wood that I cut was real decent Super dense but it’ll burn good at least I found some twigs and stuff so I just Gotta split this down to get some Kindling and starter fuel pieces Oh she’s so dense Wow I hope he’s just Exploring and I’m happy about that Should be pretty safe here Canoed in so I’m not too worried about People And he can handle himself you got some Animals I think If not he can run back to me for help Hey buddy Oh thank you for the kiss I hope you Worry nothing crazy hey Oh he’s a good boy You’re happy to be out of the car aren’t

You all right let’s get this fire Started Sounds like a LMFAO So Why you’re starting in the house tonight Joe robinettes What a good boy you are buddy I’m not gonna mess around with the fire Steel or anything I want to get my food Cooking it’s uh it was Daylight Savings Time last night or the night before or Something like that so we’re losing an Hour of light At night which I never understood I Understand in the morning if you need it But like it always seems to not be what I want whatever switch is over anyway I Heard that they were gonna do away with That but I imagine they would do it on The wrong schedule right so we always Had that less an hour at night I just Don’t like the kids getting home from School and it’s like not bedtime but It’s dark already by the time like an Hour after I get home Nothing to do and it lasts a while you Know but anyway Maybe one stick in it you got to get Them all on at the same time That’s some good wood we’re gonna be set With just that one piece I keep going Down by the water and cutting more Pieces off of it but I got a decent Amount up here already so we should we

Should be good to put myself around him Usually hard to find something to stand Pieces of wood up to split them like This in the bush but every now and then You can find a log Whoa that could have been bad Again Part of the reason I like doing it like That like this Split it down anymore it’s nice and Solid we’ll get a good coal base but I Don’t even know what that is it’s like Oak Yeah It is Oak 100 that brings me back to my Windsor days That’s why it’s so straight grain and Splitting so good I say that and then I get hung up on a Knot Here That’s how it looks with my flashlight At Full Tilt all full charged and Everything pretty bright flashlight Check this out It’s six o’clock folks it’s six o’clock I won’t even say in the afternoon I’d Be a hard chore for me to stay cold out The night six o’clock anyways Daily savings time here we are But I’ve got the nice setup All right So like I said I have a nice setup here I’ve got my this is a super old Vivi

From REI I went over to Michigan when I Lived in uh Windsor I went over to Detroit There might have been Lansing somewhere Near there anyway this REI they have There And I was able to get this REI Minimalist Vivi I don’t even know if They still sell it but it’s a real slick Bivvy it’s pretty lightweight compared To like my usgi one so it’s good for Times like this where space and weight Would have been an issue on the trip and I don’t want to carry that but I’m also Using a bottomless shelter right so I’m Sleeping on the floor on the ground and I prefer that but there are certain Things you need to do or I like to do to Be prepared for that and one is either a Ground sheet and or a bivvy sack like This so I don’t have a ground sheet with Me I could have brought a tarp but I Prefer a bit and Wolfie’s got a top Quilt to lay on and cover up with so He’s golden as well What the heck there we go Anyways minimalist REI Let’s get this in there I’m gonna take The flat spot Son of a gun Uh wolf And then you can Choose the where you want to lay on the Lumpy side anyways that’s it for me I

Could have pitched this up if this Um Canoe paddle was shorter or if I used a Stick I would have a smaller stick I Would have got more angled out more room Totally fine though if I close this off These doors my my feet and everything Would be completely Closed in see no question there I Actually have Two and a half feet So it’s not an issue but it’s not Supposed to rain tonight I like to have It open so that Wolfie can get in and Out if he wants without ripping another Tent and for the ventilation and it’s Nice and it’s nice to be open to the Elements when you can So let’s go I’m actually if I turn that So you have more room And we’ll go back down to the fire see How that’s looking probably start Cooking up our food I mentioned it was six o’clock Why are you barking We barking at Hey Whoa What the heck bro Way to Triple guy out what you barking At homie Hey I had to get him a new backpack and Harness System he outgrew

The original one I got for him So this one I was able to get in blaze Orange which was one of my favorite Colors I’m happy to have it in orange instead Of red So this is a large and it’s still a Little bit big on him but he’s going to Uh Grow into it soon but we can probably Take this off you now buddy I don’t Think that there’s anybody out anymore Tonight here hold on Good boy come on good dog yeah it’s a Nice it’s called uh it’s a company is Called Bay dog It’s got pouches on it it’s all water Resistant at least and there’s a nice Sternum protection here it’s hard it’s Got a little reinforcement there so I Really like that Um actually sorry on that side right There So I really like that for when he’s Running through the bush and stuff So like always say I caught up with Tosh Today and Cooper for those of you don’t Know I’ve been hanging out with Buddy Tosh since I want to say late Last year Late late summer last year if I’m not Mistaken anyways you become pretty good Buddies

Um and his dog he actually is the reason Him and Cooper his dog is black lab is Are the reason that I actually went Ahead and got a dog again Because I didn’t know after trip or what It was going to be like I didn’t feel Like I deserved a dog it was it was Crazy like I really felt bad and Going out with him and Cooper A few times and seen their bond and Seeing how good of a dog he was and just Enjoying it it’s like yeah that that’s The whole point for me that’s like part Of the reason I started everything Um And like I said I’ve in previous videos I try to do it with beauty and she’s a Great girl and great dog it just doesn’t Work it’s not my dog and she can’t Handle what I need her to handle and I I Would feel bad if something happened and She’s not my dog you know she’s my my Oldest daughter’s dog Anyways Tasha’s gonna chirp me for Saying this but I’m so glad that we met If you have not seen him or check out His channel it’s Tosh self-propelled And he’s a very like-minded person with Me to me as well as I am very Like-minded person And like me he doesn’t mind traveling Like I said we met up halfway today four Hour drive each and then we just turned Around went home because it wasn’t going

To work Uh he has a similar schedule as I do but He’s a good guy man like he You kind of rejuvenated a lot of things For me you know what I mean he’s just Starting out in in the YouTube thing or Has been for the past couple years Um He told me that I was the motivation for Him to start the channel well he’s been A ton of motivation for me as well So anyways enough of this sap story I Really owe a lot to him and his dog go Check him out if you don’t uh know who He is already Josh self-propelled and we Made plans to get together again next Week so it’s not a lost cause I’m Camping now with the dog everything’s Fine we got together for lunch it’s all Good Um Yeah Doug kind of uh stopped camping Doug was my main buddy for camping And now kind of talks and I have it’s Weird because like honestly like I don’t Want to sound like Like anything but I have to take into consideration People’s motives right I’ve been camping with people before who I knew were just there to Camp with me So that they could film it And put it on the channel and stuff and

I had to like almost be careful with What I said and like it’s just a weird Vibe they’re nice people it’s just a Weird vibe Um But with Tosh I never ever ever got that Vibe you know what I mean it’s all like It’s always like camping first And video comes after whatever You still always film It’s just He’s never tried to use me to get over And I really appreciate that you know What I mean so anyways we’ll show him Some love And uh Don’t tell him I sent you because he’s Gonna chirp me Laughs Foreign Special day when we get up to the Costco You know six hour round trip Anyway I’m gonna grill that up for a bit And then I’m gonna put it into the Stir-fry but I want to get the smokiness And the grillness of the fireplace That’s looking good too Oh yeah well it’s looking pretty much Done now I’m gonna pull it off because it’s still Gonna stay very hot on the skillet here I don’t have a plate so I’ll be eating It on this pull it off and build up the Fire because I’m pretty cold and then we

Will eat some supper finally Got a half a sausage left for Wolfie Even though he has had plenty of food Today Oh And chilled straight up and I’ve been Around the fire Cooking Oh You want a piece bud Here we go Come here I’ll make sure the people see that you Know All the way back from the Scout days If I didn’t show people that I was Feeding my dog old dog scope on video Back in the day everybody always worried About what Scott was eating and telling Me I started my dog and everything Hmm Oh man There’s some crispy bits There is Juicy vegetables The meat Was greasy They’re a good way Most of the garlic is broken down now or Charred but I added my secret ingredient Mike Lowry seasoning Which really works really well with this It’s called Lowry seasoning I don’t know If you can get in the states

It’s in a white and red bottle or a Little jar Mike Lowry Good boy Wolfie Such a good Such a good companion you know in the Car for eight hours today I didn’t hear A peep out of them Don’t get me wrong Who’s getting into the garbage at home You know what really is funny We have a kitten the kitten Will Mock Stuff off but I guess it’s not a kitten Anymore young cat knocks up off the Counter and Wolfie will go and get it Chew it up and get in trouble for it Meanwhile it’s a kid that knocked him Off their best buds too I’m really glad I have them It’s like it’s honestly a waste to not Have them where I am and what I’m doing I want to be able to share this Experience with with the dog All right well that’s it I’m just gonna Eat up and get back with you after I’m Done supper but This is what I’m gonna do for the next 10 20 minutes Enjoy my supper It was so good I highly suggest anybody who tries this I have right now Thin cut potatoes garlic onions Orange pepper

Carrot and sausage Well I’ve done all every type of Different thing with I’ve used really Really thin cut steak But I’ve also put in water chestnuts I Put in Mushrooms And I think maybe some Rust no what are the other things The Asian food things Sprouts I don’t know anyways Bean sprout bean sprouts This is good I like water chestnuts they add a lot to It Good boy I just threw another handful of Twigs on Here I’ve been sitting here for quite Some time Um Fire is basically all burned up except For these Twigs I didn’t want to go lay In bed pretty soon I am actually quite Cold I have a nice warm top quilt And um Yeah I’m excited to lay and get lay in It and get all warm Wolfie’s over in the Tree line right here I laid out his top Coat over there but he’s pulling a Trepper and he won’t lay on it but I’m Gonna go put it in the tent before we Lay down so that it’s not a big ordeal And then hopefully he’ll just come in And lay on it and and I can cover him up

With my jacket or or the uh the blanket And top coat it’s honestly probably not Necessary but again I’m just trying to Keep them happy and healthy and all good I have a little bit of PTSD from tripler I will admit that There’s no question People have told me that Good boy A dog How are you feeling good boy huh it’s Gonna be it’s gonna work for you yeah This will work we’ll keep sleep right Next to each other warm each other up A little big spoon little spoon action You can be the big spoon We’ll stay warm oh we’ll see it’s not in The tent You know oh I’m in a bad position for that I think I am going to change my socks Out if you go a little damp and I have Extra clothes because again I thought I Was going for two nights So this is my pillow slash clothes bag It’s got wool on one side wax canvas on The other just gonna fish out a Para Stockings You know I’m gonna tie that up and use it as a Pillow oh yeah they’re real wet actually Wow It’s crazy how you don’t even notice it With your boots on

Supposed to get down to negative flu Tonight negative two Celsius Which is not too bad But it’s the beginning of this season so I’m not really accustomed Uh to the cold yet I haven’t acclimated As it were But that doesn’t take long and before You know it we’ll be camping at negative 40. no problems I hope we get a lot of snow this year so I’ll be able to build those like old Dugout shelters that was like I was a Few years ago Okay I’m gonna settle myself in here We’ll get back with you guys in a bit Empty Oh good boy Oh wolf is such a good boy at 6 45. And he slept all night next to me right Here This is not for tying them up this is Part of the tent He had nothing tying him up And as you can see he’s out there now Somewhere so it’s a decent night kind of Eventful though Um I don’t know what happened to my Sleeping pad it must have been wolf Stepping on it poked a little hole into It so I get about an hour before it Deflates then I have to pump it up or Blow it up as as hard as I can and

Slowly slowly deflate so I got up every Hour roughly Um But yeah no good times it’s pretty Freaking cold so I’m gonna stay in bed For a bit it’s only 6 45 I don’t care if He wandered around so I’m going back to Bed or at least I’m gonna laying here Until it gets laid out And as you can see the sun is coming up It’s just Pretty dark Unless you look at this guy Whoa Come here buddy come Yes yes good boy good calm Foreign Perfect Pop the Old Pad but oh good boy All right I guess he wants me to get up You hungry My boots have frost on them Good I got pretty cold last night But I gotta nice warm Top quilt so Stayed pretty warm What else happened last night something Else happened last night I can’t remember Oh the tent the tent came down on me Because there’s I put it up crappily in The dark and on Rock so But we got it back up

Now I have to get up You hungry buddy We went to bed pretty early and even Though we had to get up every uh hour to Blow up the sleeping pad I’m really used To getting that up that much to pee Anyways so it may be a little bit more Getting up this time but it’s not that Big a deal I got back to bed every time No problem So I feel pretty good And it’s too cold too cold what what Are you saying Give me my foods give me my breakfast Oh my goodness Oh my goodness oh that tent looks sad That looks sad hey hey what are you Biting me for why are you bleeding me For bud They’re all wound up painful I know I know wow Foreign Good boy That’s a good dog Foreign That’s not for you to go in Yeah I’ll cook up some bacon don’t worry But yeah Foreign Cooked We’re just gonna throw them up on the Grill to finish them off to get some Smoky flavor on them and also I want to

Cook my eggs In My Pan it’ll free up my my pan for Some eggs All right Thank you You’re a really good boy and I love you Good job God Make it enjoyable Good boy Well We’ve eaten I’ve tried my hand at some fishing No luck I thought I might be able to Pull a pike out or something Wolfie Would have been excited about that but I Don’t know I think I’m gonna probably Hang out for a bit I might go in the Block around in the bush a bit there and I got Wolfie’s orange on them now so I Don’t feel so worried but uh yeah I’m Not in a hurry to go to here Come on Good boy And for a little hike in the bush Before we start packing up hey Hey what’s up Good boy Yeah that paddle worked okay for the Freaking Thing but it was a little tall And the ground is all rock as you can See so it’s hard to Peg in if I had more Time I would have definitely grabbed Rocks and done it properly or found a

Better spot but No problems Foreign Really nice Dead Maple for firewood On all this is Balsam fur And Cedar I don’t know if there’ll be any birds in Here or not It’s a nice mixed Forest but I don’t see Too much Spruce to be honest Tons of firewood back here They’re certainly not scaring any up There you are go on get those birdies go Boy That’s a spruce cone that’s a pretty Hefty Spruce cone actually white spruce I would I would assume It is white spruce 100 actually the Black Spruce cones are tiny And then there’s a white pine with a big Deep furrowed bark and the long needles The two needles Excuse me I guess we’ll make our way back to the River Up River a bit and then hike Back down the river To get uh back to camp Oh nice hop nice I didn’t know this was Here A little Inlet to the river Sweet Wanna hike up the stream a bit

Foreign I don’t think you should go in there But you do you boo You do you woof Oh this is pretty man Under Foreign These are all big spruce Spruce spruce Or the spruce hens uh Man there are some monster Birch back Here There’s a yellow And a white no two yellows One yellow grown out of Yeah Look at this one big old dead Monster white birch No Yellow Birch actually These big plates it gets Turns us crazy colors almost like copper Eh like that coppery this big plate and That’s very burnable Here Wolfie or like you can use it for a Frisbee with your dog here Man this place has not been logged like Big a big big Cedar here too Huh pretty neat little spot actually oh You got it good boy you got it You’re not that type of dog normally hey You’re not gonna take my dog oh Rubber ready go get it A birch bark dog you know Bill Birch Bark Doggy

All right well this is a cool spot man Maybe I’ll come back here and uh Good boy and actually go up here and Camp one day I don’t want to do it in this season Because I don’t want to disturb too many People out here doing what they’re doing They only have a short window for that So Yeah Cross over and go up in the hill over There Got a good water source here All right All right well it’s pretty blocked up Here buddy come on let’s go back this Way We’ll go back down to the river That’s like Very old metal Very heavy Good boy Hey You’re a good boy Yeah there you go Can you sit oh that’s a good dog that’s A good dog I’m sorry I’m trying buddy Free Come on no Wolfie This is clear as glass man Is that good take a bite Take a bite there you go yeah

Yeah you like ice cubes here you go it Sounds like plates breaking Oppa Hey Action Oppa all right Oh boy I think I will uh Start packing up it’s almost 11 now Not really much else to do so We’ll pack up and uh Start driving home Hey Wolfie what do you think Nice Fire has burned down to a nice white ash Oh still warm enough to warm the old Frozen hands Bro Enjoyed the video folks I had a whole Lot of fun really glad I did this stay Back hold on you’re coming with me Promise I would believe How did you see that did you see that I Hope that caught on camera Okay come on up out out good boy That was crazy You gotta be careful about that okay You can’t have me lost you know I lost Wolfie Anyways good times Thank you All right guys we’re gonna get out of Here take it easy we’ll see you soon