Winterize Your Bug Out Bag – Casual Preppers

By | November 10, 2022

What's up guys it's that time of year uh Winners coming it's getting colder it's A great time to start looking at Winterizing your bug out bag adding some More things in for that cold winter Weather so I just thought I would show You a few things that I do let's do it Real quick number one clothing that's The biggest thing you got to stay warm When you're out there A lot of times I Just have a regular pair of socks a T-shirt some pants but I add in some Warmer stuff so I've got it when I need It the other thing is if you don't have Chapstick make sure you have some Chapstick in there the cold dry weather That can become an issue plus chapstick Has a bunch of different uses your hands Get cold your tootsies get cold things Like this uh take up no space they're Super cheap and they can really help you Out in a bad situation keeping yourself Warm so hot hands hand warmers and Things like that are always great your Eyes can be sensitive to Bright Sun Especially when there is snow on the Ground also wind and things like that Will irritate the eyes some glasses Throw those in there just a cheap pair It's really going to help you fire Becomes even more important when it's Super cold you got to keep yourself warm You've got to make your food you've got To do whatever you got to do so make

Sure that your fire kit is stocked and Ready to go have extra Fire Starting Gear anything else you can put in there Especially in those winter months last But not least is calories now when it's Colder you have to have more calories to Keep yourself warm your body's working Harder add some additional calories into That bug out bag