Idabel OK Tornadoes | Day 6 | Grindstone Ministries

By | November 10, 2022

Morning of day seven hey what's up bro Whoa Say hi what's going on I heard a rumor you were here but I've Seen you yeah you were sleeping by the Time I came so oh what are you trying to Say I was sleeping I wasn't gonna go over There you know hey what's up bro say Good morning McMaster good morning Everybody if you've ever been on men's Group Monday on patreon you know McMaster uh more chainsaw filing because Chainsaw stuff oh got two teams up today Doing saw work uh Team a is going back To the ranch Team B is going to the Search and rescue house to get that Cleaned up and then they are pushing From there to miss Lopez's house where There is a tree through the roof of her Uh Barn And trees down everywhere and then we're Still working on the house for Jamie Which is the single mom with two kids Two jobs who also entire life In This Storm and um Obviously I'll keep you all posted Dudley's stretching his hamstrings I don't know I don't know giant black guy who Literally kicks people in the head Because All right so we got uh saw team a lining Up over here

I think six trucks Down this way like so and we got Sauteing B lining up over here Five trucks one two three four five And um We picked up a straggler What are you doing Hitching a ride Just uh sitting on my butt Just chilling Front of this tree trying to figure This out Saying tensioner on the 661 seems to be Jammed up But at least I got my fuel My water And a new chip New chain and Now they're grabbing a different bar Because the old chain I threw I threw so bad to Jack the bar up so Yay Had to uh go meet up with saw Team B to Scavenge Parts off of a different saw To get the Beast the 661 up and running Again back on approach to the ranch B is finishing up at the search and Rescue house it's about 10 40 in the Morning they'll have that wrapped up by Noon then they're headed open to over to Miss Lopez's place to get the tree out Of the roof of her barn and clean up Over there We are still ongoing

The ranch it is man we've been on site Six days it is technically day six I Thought it was maybe day seven but it Shows you how long we've been here Site at the ranch For six days And it looks better than it did but it Also still feels like we've done nothing And so it's you know just trying to keep Morale up and keep momentum up and One of the Timber companies around here Is allegedly getting us a big front end Loader with a grapple on it we need that Because some of the logs that we're Cutting out here Four foot and five foot diameter pecans And uh Oaks Gotta Have It can't move it with The skid steers up Stop Foreign Oh Pull over Go Julia All right disconnect the ropes That one was a little hairy I uh I Should have just knocked it in the Directional Lane it's not like we're Gonna mess up the fence so that was my Bad one In the field but it was easier to work On it and then pull it over Well turns Out a 299 ain't enough to push it over

So Yeah could have done that better but Everybody That's about a four four and a half foot Diameter log right there Was part of that Now it's part of this Thank you what was lunch today Delicious it was good it was brownies Brownies your freaking brownies in the Disaster Zone yes Oklahoma reservation weed brownies No you start tripping out on us What was it Some of the best And I put a lot of hot sauce on it I'm Just I'm just noticing now that we like We like upped our ratio for like Equal Opportunity Employment yeah I know this Is great That's gonna look good we've got 100 Increase I won't say hey is that angry prepper Right because you're here and he's over Here the twins the twins I love it when People think you're me that's my Favorite I'm like I shaved and stood out In the sun a while so And this is what happens when you use a Chainsaw all day yeah I turn into this Oh look a bumble all right he left oh Well Got a uh 67 000 pound link belt track Hoe with a thumb on it inbound thank you

Equipment share yeah praise the most High Uh with the thumb on it because that House over there is not a house it Hasn't been a house for about a week and It's starting to fall in on itself and Yeah it's starting to come apart so it Needs to get knocked in a pile so that People don't be going in there Oh This Ranch man this Ranch is just it's Uh I said earlier this is a campaign not A battle Yeah like it's this this site Will not be over in a day or a week So you know and I've got man we've got Logs out here these two skid steers Can't move them together So about a 67 000 pound link belt cam All right so just left the ranch Confirmed that the search and rescue Project Search and rescue house project the Brush clearing is done it is so that's Good to go so that's one to cross off The list Saw Team B is still at uh Marilyn Lopez's place and They're doing great they're making tons Of Headway Gonna need to find a roofer to bring in To deal with the hole in the roof or the Barn slash shop building Anything And While we're saw Team B was at the Lopez

Property the uh A couple of guys that were Walk-Ons that Are locals basically became Saltine Charlie which is cool so we just adopted Them and put them to work And then just went and checked on Jamie's house single mom two kids two Jobs it's a wreck they've got uh it's Broken in half they got everything that Was worth getting out of the house out And so now that we need to confirm the Power the water and the gas to shut off To the house so that we can uh smash it Into a pile so that we can Figure out next steps for that and The Conex box arriving at the ranch 4pm Today which is an hour and 11 minutes Away so that We can get the The keepsakes the good stuff out of the Ranch house into the peconics box so That the ranch house can get smashing a Little pile after confirming that it's Power Water gas is turned off with the 67 000 pound link belt track though it's Arriving on site tomorrow midday We've still got a couple other sites Currently on our radar that we're Committed to go work And I don't know dozens more That we haven't even put eyes on yet So uh that's an 088 Or an ms881 Because that's what it's going to take

Around here to get the big trees According to the owners of the ranch we Haven't even seen the big trees in the Back yet And uh 661 with a 32 inch bar wasn't Getting it done So uh that's an 088 Or an ms881 Because that's what it's going to take Around here to get the uh Big Trees According to uh the owners of the ranch We haven't even seen the big trees in The back yet And uh 661 with a 32 inch bar wasn't Getting it done Well Back at the fob shouted up I believe angry burgers are on the menu For tonight We are all smoked Day six and uh we didn't give a Shabbat We didn't get a rest So really like very 12. let's try to Work So Okay So the homeowner at the ranch has been Informed that uh To my other house comes down so it's Getting real for them That's them and that picture with the Beautiful sunset Pray for them please pray for us we're All smoked

But we got What we're dealing with is nothing Compared to what they're dealing with Pray for them as well I appreciate every one of y'all Thank you for helping us do what we do We could not do it without you We'll see you tomorrow Shalom