Late Fall Overnight Camp. 2 Dogs, 2 People Camping under a Tarp.

By | November 7, 2022

Hey folks how are you Will's behind the Camera her and I are gonna get out for Our annual one-nighter alone a year and Uh we were able to leave our children With our mother-in-law this time in Order for us to have peace of mind we're Gonna use the inreach to communicate With them because she has our children On my new website Robin Outfitters we Were lucky enough to team up with Garmin And we have the inreach for sale there With this in reach I can only text back And forth for information it also saved My butt the one time remember will when I texted you uh earlier this spring when I fell in the water oh I remember that Very well and if I didn't have this it Would have been a whole different story So life-saving for me we can look up the Weather every day and get a good trend On wind Sun everything you need when You're out here so once again check out Robinette Outfitters for all your Camping needs we'd love to have your Business You guys already I think he saw something and chased it Like a leaf or something all right go Ahead This is crazy You just popped her in the head can you Just get in Foreign Yes

In the boat Yes Oh you look a lot bigger in the boat Since last time I think you're uh You're gonna be a little bit bigger We originally thought Oh these dogs Now we see this nice spot here we're Gonna pull up and check it out We're due for a break anyways It's nice when the sun comes open my Hand's too cold too cold You wanna help Who's that It's your beauty Okay out Oh graceful you're like a gazelle Derpy husky [Music] No no That's what the side Good Rocks me Slippery there Very well You warm or what Do you think about this site it's a Little windy yeah a little open it's not Great eh no On down the lake we go Foreign [Music] For me to get wolf out On at least one more canoe trip

Before the season ended Just because it's been a minute since he Has he's grown quite a bit and I can Tell you it's different now he didn't Want to get into the canoe without a Little coaxing whereas before he had no Problem he actually was jumping in the Canoe on his own So it's nice to be here doing that and It's nice to have will Nice to have will and Beauty with us as Well this time so We could only really go out so often Because of uh The kids and not having really anybody To watch them so when Will's mom comes Up it's nice to get out once or twice a Year with her I'm probably gonna be down deep this is Pretty shallow but It's giving it a chance before we hit Our Portage But he seems to not be reactive at all With this which is really really Important to me As we all know Tripper was Not keen Not keen on letting me fish Okay Will's got orange too she just Hasn't put it on yet but I want to try to see if I can get a Gross or two and a fish or two and cook Up a nice Bush meal for her that'll be Nice

This is a log this is log Well oh there yeah that's like a Manicured Portage right there I was Gonna say there's a boat here so it Tells me that there should be a Portage Soon but yeah I know that's certainly Important okay good boy go out Go go on yep yep Good boy yep Oh way more graceful he landed on the Rock and everything Good job Good job because he said that Oh beauty girl Don't worry about that you're good Care for the Rocks what it might be Slippery what from being crashing into It yes exactly Chair rock with me [Laughter] Oh they're gone look at these dum-dums This is a mushroom It's got a lobster or something I think It's called one of them Lobster cell Phones We'll found something I come around the Corner and he's chomping at something What do you got Little bone no bone action what's that Here good boy good find wow Good boy Oh what do you got Go get a beauty get it Styling and profiling we do think we'll

Try to camp on this Lake here Oh this is a nice little so it doesn't Go around well There's a couple cool little spots we Could potentially camp at so I think We'll bring the gear over here and Maybe right there that looks decent That's a good girl Yeah I just heard one I just heard one Did you hear it Oh I can't see yourself my hair where the Thing is There we go you're gonna be all right I'm good okay you got your uh paddle I can pass it to you after you get it up If you want Okay all right Sometimes I have trouble giving it up Why are you laughing this is not a Graceful thing good you're not a Graceful person Wow good thing Beauty got out of the way No nothing you're doing great This thing's popped off hold on it's Gonna It's Gonna Hurt Okay whatever yeah you can have your Paddle Here you go thank you have fun you Should hold on to the string the Rope to Use it for balance so you don't have to Hold on to the top yeah whatever you

Want to do though all right yep bye love You It's not that far Not that big of a deal But it's a little bit uphill Whoo I'm gonna pull up to this other Little site here see how suitable that Is Wolfie and Beauty keep trying to eye Each other What do you think It doesn't look great anymore does it What Foreign Good thing we don't have a tent I'm about done bribing you to get into The canoe bud do you want to stay there Or do you want to come with us Good boy there he is come on let's go Come on Come on let's go come Yes yes yes yes yes good boy all right See ya What are you gonna do is swim He used to be fine about it now it's a Huge deal All right so now he's crying at me So we're gonna go back for him And he's not going to get into the canoe Watch He's got a mental block now I'm not sure What happened what changed Like I said he was eager more than eager Wait what's my butt more than eager to

Get in the canoe before there you go big Boy We're Not Gonna Leave yeah I was Just Just shaking you out good boy come on Let's go up up up up up yes yes come on Right here come on yes good boy good boy Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Good boy Good boy Wolfie yeah that was a good boy Good boat good canoe good up Good up Oh it's all just powder lick the morsels Look the effing morsels Bud the f is for Flavor Oh Oh I can taste the pumpkin spice in the Air All right well Our bargaining chips are all gone All bargained up the dog trainer I'm Dealing with is like oh yeah he's a good Dog now but we'll see how he is in about Six months he might get a little Rambunctious and that's right about now Five and a half six months and he's just Oh boy Anyways we're gonna find another spot Because that one was no good There it is that's what I want to see This dude just relaxed in the canoe Taking it easy I'm gonna lose well There she is Well

[Music] We've taken on a second dog Beauty wanted to come over here and what Was having a little bit of troubles Paddling with the weight in the front so Pop the beauty on over here like a good Girl in the middle of the water no Problems Wolfie took a laid down for a little nap And we're just looking for Camp still Bull's trolling There are Splake And potentially rainbow in this lake so Anyway get back to you when we find camp Well after piling around all day I Couldn't find any sights that weren't Very windy just overly exposed to the Wind so we hiked into the bush a bit we Found this awesome spot we're gonna set Up here The dogs for the night But I can't remember which backpack has What So well we're gonna sleep under our tarp Tonight how do you feel about that Um Would have liked the tent I would have Liked it you know you know with all of The gear Already we had to go lightweight a Little bit I don't have a tent big enough for us Two and both the dogs so

You don't want to make the doggy sleep Outside So we're all sleeping outside We're just setting up an A-frame Shelter Tonight Enough protection from the elements and Have enough space For all four of us We got will a bivvy so she didn't have To sleep right on the ground I'll make things easier Right make things much nicer for me All right well I'll open it up see what You think it's suitable Yeah just pop the snaps There you go head on in Let's go take a a nice quick tour of our Lovely Abode what do you think this is The living room and sleeping room what About the dogs They can sleep down there at the doorway Not for me I think so They'll protect you from everything it Needs to be protected from that nylon Would protect yourself All right Oh we're gonna get all our Sleep stuff squared away cut some Firewood and stuff we'll get back to you Gotta cook supper still and everything I'm gonna make a fire hero but It's all pine needles Get down past that and it's all sand so We're golden

It's just a little bit of Duff to get Rid of Foreign ER just something to Sit by and cook with nope Foreign You're kind of in the way there bud I dug that hole for a fire Not for the Husky [Music] Beauty's licking the camera The score on the sports bar Try and do it with one strike of the Fire still let's see Oh nice You know what I know I've never had any Doubt you know What do we do with the fire still when We're done with it put it back away And learn that from old Jew Rubin it Wow what do you got next to you there What do I see next to you My wine Do you remember the last time we went Camping What 'd you say it like that well because you Told me it wasn't gonna rain and then It's a storm and we had to like hurry And set the tent up in the pouring rain Get inside What remember I just drank a bottle of Josh waiting for it to stop remember I Wanted to push on and go farther you so

Did and you're like no we should stop It's thundering it's going to rain yeah That happened and then uh remember Beauty How like just distraught she was yeah She was ring from being rained on and The bugs were just eating her alive and She was done right she was so dumb well Let's take a little pixie Oh Are you done for the day Like so I brought Beauty a whole sleep System that she can share with Wolfie Sleeping pad and top coat but I'm just Gonna do one of these for now because She looks a little distressed hey Sweetheart you're not an outdoorsy dog Are you even though you want to be your Agile is all get out but Good girl And this guy Just faithful to the food to no end you Know what I mean like he's here and the Food's just like right he's got his paw On it you know what's up big boy Good boy No Josh is it no Josh Or Jacob Who the f is Jacob Here woman warm up You want to put it around your shoulders Like a shawl you don't Know you can move closer to the fire Will's cold I'm cold I'm always cold it

Was big cold What just happened Um You sawed your knee yep Yep sawed my knees Now there's a bandana Nope can't say that word oh Holding me together Yeah YouTube doesn't like that word Well they probably don't like that Either Will's been going hard on that freeze Dryer and this is chicken and broccoli Casserole It's a staple in our household what do You think will for rehydrating what Should we do Before we Half a cup of water on top of this yeah Why do you think that Bro that's my food Do the chicken Oh yeah I'm gonna break it all up but Completely dry Not hard like a like a dehydrator all Right So we'll put cold water or anything Yeah it doesn't matter if it's cold Because you're gonna heat it up cold Water we're gonna put as much until it Floats I think I don't know what Rose Motor means Right about there

Around And maybe a Little smidging more There you go they go Oh my goodness that was close hey beauty We'll move that way good girl This is not food You cannot eat my camera All right let's get your honest verdict It needs to sit longer it needs to sit Longer and It's fishy it tastes like fish right It's a little fishy what the heck it's So weird tell me the ingredients right Off the ingredients real quick Chicken broccoli mayonnaise Ranch Mushroom soup Cheese I say cheese no and croutons Uh no fish no fish And I have not put fish in our Freestar Yet and I have not cooked fish in that Pot since I have washed it How well did you watch it Tastes fishy though I agree it's so weird right Here give me a little Spoonful no no Just feed me feed me Mom Um Next stop It's not like a offensive taste no no no No But it certainly tastes fishy Something Fishy going on here you know What's going on doesn't look appetizing

Though it does It looks like baby vomit no it looks Like chicken broccoli casserole What is it wolf You still cold nope I've had to move back from the fire Twice She doesn't seem to mind no Beautician S Oh she's a good girl this guy's a prick Over here though and it all brick They're all back Do you want me to turn off the fire yeah Just a little bit just dim it Well We got the bake home going on A little flame ejection gotta fix that But a little late night stock after our Uh fish and broccoli casserole You need some of this me yeah yeah you Better Bacon who says no to bacon you can have One and a half pieces Um no you can have one What did Wolfie say about that one Hey Wolfie you having some Wolfie we can Each have a half a piece That's looking good Um that's good Smoky that's good Maybe I will eat this piece here Oh yeah Came and tasted the fact I left it out Of the fridge for three days

Two All right I'm gonna try this piece it's Nice and slippery a little rubbery bacon Oh wow I put some Lowry's Seasoning on it Michael hours seasoning Man I look blue Eiffel 65 up in this piece Um nope Very good Nice midnight snack Well My better half went to bed They all misses this is a weird looking Good looking Hood Um yeah I'm gonna drink this last Gonna head to bed Will's been in bed for a half hour or so With both dogs