Idabel OK Tornados | Day 3 | Grindstone Ministries

By | November 7, 2022

Which was this indoor water park And then all the ski resorts In the Mississippi Foreign Foreign Guys down here clearing the road There in the road so that we can get to This house Foreign So we're clearing the road right now This huge Oak was light across the road Um one of the limbs I took the 661 with a 32 inch bar and it Was everything I could do to get it down To limit With a 32 inch from both sides so Probably 62 63 inches in diameter the Limb and then we got there's a man Walking next to it So it's probably five foot diameter at The base easy Disaster stuff And then We're gonna start doing fence line Because these people own several cows And also Championship barrel racing Horses In fact they're in the process of Putting one of their horses down right Now we're going to assist them with Burying it and we've got to clear all The fence lines like you can see back Here this pile of debris all the fences Are down so their animals are running

Loose so Yay grindstone Ministries Lacquer huh Just that's all it takes at this point Is Done some 300 grit sandpaper a little Lacquer Got a table Yep heart rock I could feel it when I was cutting it And clear Hey y'all go stand in front of that for Scale Hey if you stand in front of this end Okay go stand in front of the other end She big Yeah she's uh She's got a little ass to her and she's About six inches into the dirt That's uh Here you stand over here I'm five nine You're five nine okay Yeah Yeah yep nice table thank you to the Brother uh from Ohio who met us in Kentucky and donated the 661. if you Ever thought it would get used on Anything uh yeah Tornadoes tornadoes It's just a little bit of rot on the Stomp just uh A tiny little bit It came apart when he touched it with The machine

So it's it's a shame but this tree would Have come down anyway with that Heart Rot I mean Now this is 20 foot up on the tree and As you can see I had to bite this from both sides with A 32 inch bar to get that off and uh so There's significant amount of Heart Rot In this And it's still Punky on the in the inside See that All right we got that uh Big Oak Off of the drive another big Oak right There still standing but pretty beat up Houses Got a tree in it uh it's a total loss And now we're working on clearing the Fence line There's the fence There's the Prince Line and you can see Dangerous we got this tree right here Compressing another tree underneath it The only thing that's holding that up Right now is just bent over tree So Gotta be methodical gotta be careful This stuff uh It can injure you and then we'll need to Get into this field over here and clean This up to the best of our ability And there's some big trees in here That's about a

Three foot three and a half foot Diameter Oak right there there's another Three foot diameter Oak laid back over Here and Another three foot diameter Oak back Over here So Waiting for the insurance adjuster to Get here so we can talk about the tree In the house in the meanwhile staying Busy doing what we can do you uh you're Having a hard time cutting with it no I Was just I Mean I can I can help it run a little Better You want that how's that I mean I can I make it run like Make it run like professional soft yeah Yeah you down sure okay There you go nailed it I fixed it No Adam Let's go let's get it moving what's for Lunch today Come on guys let's go all right eat up Go Oh Families All right so this three foot diameter Plus oak tree has another Three foot diameter plus oak tree stuck Into it and the tops are blown out of Both of them And it looks like it's got a little bit

Of rot up here as well so unfortunately It's got to go So Um We're clipping the fence back away from The tree clearing all the trip hazards Out of the way I'm gonna Notch it we'll put a rope up In it I'm gonna Notch it hook the Rope to the Skid steer I'll start the back cut and The moment it starts getting a little Squirrely we'll pull it over with the Skid steer That's the plan anyway Come on All right hold hello All right uh let's see it's uh Mid-afternoon we're headed back to the Fob a lot of the guys are smoked it's Long day uh vegetative debris labor Intensive pulling trees out of fence Lines and out of houses and Emotionally intensive uh dealing with The The homeowners at this one property here Something I would definitely encourage You to do is auto audit your insurances Make sure that you have sufficient Homeowners insurance to replace Current cost of your home Remember construction costs have gone up Significantly both labor which is up in Materials which are significantly up and

So if your house costs a hundred Thousand dollars to build In 1990 well guess what it's 2022 almost 2023. your replacement cost may be Probably two if not three times that now Your insurances are up to date make sure Your policies are up to date and make Sure that they cover things like this Because Was kind of three classes of people With uh Those that don't have any insurance at All and they're just screwed And then those that are under insured They'll uh you know they'll get some Money but it ain't gonna be enough and Then those that are up to date Okay he saw You know sometimes the truck just needs To run like garbage on the way back from The job site to the fob so you Convoy Just takes over a lane with traffic Control and Stuff also what's up with this beard It's starting to grow out like like Poking out on the side I feel like I'm I Represent the Lollipop Guild or Something We're made it back it might have been a Fuel filter It might have been I don't know militia warlocks I don't Know Nice try hasselton kiss my hairy white

Ass So uh this is the bow of the video Even Though I've been trying to get the Footage of that massive tree that we Were rigging uh to my phone But that's not working because it's a Disaster Zone in rural Oklahoma where The internet wasn't good to begin with And so that's not happening currently But maybe I can put it in tomorrow's Video and if I do you'll understand what The hell I'm talking about and right now We're sitting outside the fob trying to Get signal in order to be able to do a Live stream but in order to do a live Stream ideally you want a minimum of 10 Megabits per second upload speed Which Oklahoma is laughing at right now Um and this might be difficult to Believe But the wi-fi at the middle of nowhere Fairgrounds is not that great And sell signal isn't either so We'll see what happens That being said I do appreciate every One of y'all we are yet again imagine This smoked we had a good day Um we're helping some really good people Who have been a big help for a long time To their Community they are missing over Missing from the storm over 200 head of Cattle right now they just had to put Down their prized stud horse today Because it had two fractured legs from

The storm and their insurance company is Uh sticking them around imagine that But we're going to keep doing what we do We have a bunch of other targets to hit As well we have a bunch of people to Feed And we literally had people from the State here earlier today saying Wow uh you guys are awesome Little do they know it's because yeah is Awesome although we made that point to Them several times don't know if they Got it or not they said wow you guys are Awesome what else on This Disaster can We use you guys for Can we literally give you the keys to The county like Maybe don't know if I'm in for that I Want to help the people that the father Has sent to us thus far and then we'll See what happens from there I could not do this without y'all We could not do this without y'all Thank you Is the cheapest of phrases that could be Used to express how I feel In regard to your support So Understand that when I say thank you It's a million times more than that We appreciate y'all shalom