Idabel OK Tornadoes | Day 1 | Grindstone Ministries

By | November 5, 2022

Uh what’s up we are on site in Idabel Oklahoma it’s about 1am we are we being The Refuge guys are Manning a Um triage site for the search and rescue Teams that are in this neighborhood Tree snapped off on top of houses Structural damage this and that we’ll Know more once the sun comes up as to What exactly we’re looking at Um But uh it’s pretty bad Pretty bad I don’t know what used to be Here but it ain’t there anymore Yeah so A little uh 2 A.M Mulk By the light of a headlamp and we’re out To a neighborhood that has not been Searched yet we’re about to put a Four-man team up in there and do a Little uh search and rescue Turn there’s the turn there’s no power So you can’t see anything yeah I can see Your your headlamp though Mulk for the win Shout out to Jocko fuel for keeping up Yeah for real like Jocko fuel Um They sponsor our Shenanigans we Appreciate y’all It’s uh about 3 A.M Audible on the ground Doing search and rescue Test out by the EOC

Emergency Operations Center Guys over here Is checking in Just a brief look at This house ain’t that bad and it’s still Pretty bad Trees down Going door to door checking for Casualties And documenting the condition of the Houses green no problem yellow slight Problem Orange Pretty major problems red bulldozer Start over again let’s see there’s a Truck here the tree on top of it Big hole Watch out Tops blowing out of trees Bottom of a tree Root ball Part of the roof up there Is missing on this house And uh Got another vehicle over here It’s been crushed by a tree Front of the house is coming down And there’s another car on the other Side of that Big Oak Tree it doesn’t Look that big but that’s probably a 25 Inch diameter Oak Laid over Pretty good size tree Had one of this guy’s Neighbors Try to pull a gun on us

Which is fun When you’re screaming EMS search and Rescue but uh you know he’s probably had A pretty rough day So kids toys in the yard at this place I must have had small kids Nerf guns and Tricycles and stuff like that You’re smelling yeah gasoline over here Yeah it was probably a garage Yeah If this was a house that would have been A really bad day Here’s where the gas smells coming from Yep Where Back here in the backyard yeah we need To check that Yep hey boys we got a storm shelter back Here All right so uh this neighborhood has Been Searched and documented using the app That the COC is using so we can update Them in live time as far as casualty Conditions you know locations coordinate With EMS fire law enforcement and then Also the status of each of the dwellings On the property so that’s all been done For this neighborhood it’s pushing 4 AM And we’re headed back to the EOC Emergency Operations Center so we can Debrief the leadership there as to what We got accomplished even though they can See it in real time it’s good to have a

Little face to face I’m gonna go talk With them sunup is about 7 30 in the Morning so we hopefully get that done by Four get three hours of sleep be back up At seven pound coffees and jockos and Then uh at first light we will send a Team back to the EOC to continue to Coordinate with them and then we’re Going to send a minimum of two Recon Teams out as well once sun comes up We’ll have a much better idea of what We’re dealing with and I was speaking With a law enforcement officer earlier Doing a little bit of a ride along with Him getting a feel for where some of the Worst areas are so our plan is to hit That tomorrow morning