Bushcraft in Cimbrer Camp… with complications !

By | November 5, 2022

[Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you Foreign Foreign As you can see today I’m in my Kimber Came together with Cornelius Been a long time since we’ve been out Here I think it was the last owner I Made out here That’s a couple of months ago but yeah Today I’m out here and I want to show You some things You saw this Uh this is actually something I bought And I’ll tell you about this a little Bit later And this one but Today it’s a wonderful weather here and The sun is shining and there’s not much Wind so it’s a perfect day for a trip to Kimber came And I also got my iron Fireball with me And I’ll talk about that a little bit Later I’m going to make a little Thing to eat here out here and of course My coffee so yeah I’m looking very much forward to this Stay out here It’s a wonderful place to be and I know A lot of you are enjoying this video From my Kimber Cape too so Hope you’ll stay on and thank you for

Joining me on this one too I was looking for shots at bird park Container that I could have my flower in When I’m out making my Viking videos Both parties has been used for many many Years hundreds of years and they have a An extra property It is antibacterial so if you come food In here It is less risky that it will rotten Because the Burr spark has something in It that prevents stuff from Get infected with bacteria and so on so This is good choice for a container for Flour that I’ll use and I can have it in My drone it’s perfect size so Um it took me a while to find a place Where I could buy one of these I have some that I bought up in Norway But this one is really cool and yeah I Love it the whole design of it And I find the right size and then I Stumble upon this Yeah It’s a DIY set so you can make A birch bar container not exactly like This because it’s a bit smaller but the Same principle uh and the same material That is used for this Birchbox container So I thought this could be a nice Christmas present for your husband or Your wife Whoever wants to make such a Birchbox Container

I could probably make one myself if I Had the material but here in Denmark It’s very difficult to find birchbark That is in this quality It’s very thin the park I can collect Out here in the forest so if you buy This It’s all in here and you’ll have all the Things that are needed for making social Perspark container And today I’ll show you how I will make It it’s my first time but I think I can Do it and uh In this package I’ll show you in a Minute what is in the package but I have Some additional information about this So uh yeah I’ll take you a little bit Closer Let’s open let’s see what’s inside Thank you And it’s nothing for you gonna use no no No no no no Of course it’s interesting for Canadians To see what this is It’s a very curious dog Extremely cursed I must say No no no no no no It’s not for you So now we’re getting there nine nine Nine nine nine nine nine nope Down Yeah this was it Inside this um

This little package is an instruction Sheet that you can see how you make These you can all them on their website For free too uh I guess I can’t remember But I think the one that is in the Package is on German and you can get one In English but they are not very good Made poor quality but if you ask them They’ll send you uh The one in the digital so you can have It on your computer print out if you Want to but this one tells you how you Can build this Birchbox container And then there’s some information about The company And the common is called Sagan Sagan I’m Not sure how it’s pronounced but it’s a Company in Germany And they are very friendly talk to them A couple of times they’re very friendly People and you can ask them questions About this sets and other phone stop But in here You can see There’s these two And this is for making the actual Container Uh And this is for the rim This piece that goes over here and down Here And this is for the handle This handle you can make yourself And they are uh you can see you can cut

It By the lines here And this one is actually for this Uh this one This one is the lid where the handle is Going in and you can glue this on if you Want to you can leave it like this but I Want to glue this on With some wooden glue I’ll show you that and then there’s the Bottom Also made of woods I think it’s the pinewoods it doesn’t Matter and then last but not least these Ones that are used for Um Sawing on This one I’ll show you Yeah But this is what you get and the most uh Surprisingly thing is it is only 12 Euros I think it’s very cheap it’s very A very good price because it’s quality Stuff and with this kit you can make Such one yourself and I think you should Consider going to that website and look I bought this thing myself I haven’t got Anything for free but I think it’s so Great stuff that I want to share with You so go in perhaps someone could whisk This in the Christmas present or Birthday present yeah But um now I’m going to take my things Out that are needed for making this and

In this Little info you can see there’s a list Here that tells you what you’re going to Need Some of the things I haven’t and I added Some other stuff that I think it’s a Good idea when you’re going to make a Birch back container like this so let’s Get ahead and start making one Yeah and this is some of the things I Have brought with me so I can make this Burst bar container uh my pots that I Can have some warm water in I explained That later Um something to make holes with You can use this you can use an all Or perhaps something you punch but I Choose to take this with me Uh ruler A pencil A scissor Sharp knife One I used for my little box Some sanding paper A piece of soap and I’m not sure I’m Going to use this but in the description They say that soap is a good thing to Have so I brought it with me and some Clams that I could use for securing the Rim when I’m gluing it and of course the Glue just ordinary white blue they were Used for wood So now I’m going to um To make this first

And I put you a little bit closer again And accordingly to the instruction I have to cut this out I’ll show you Make a cut here and here And perhaps here And here The sage will be in the middle So I cut this out with a scissor Thank you And so on Uh something I forgot to say that was This birchback container has two walls And inner wall and an outer wall and you Can see there’s a brown surface and a Lighter brown and the lighter brown is Going to be in contact with the inner Surface so this way So that the The surface you see both inside and Outside is this color and I can feel this is a little bit thicker So this is the outer and this is the Inner one Now I have cut this And then I have to Weave together Kind of It’s not difficult it’s difficult to Make it when I have to film it in the Same time So I just take it here And do it like this You can see now I have collected the one

Here Try with the other one Bend it slightly Be careful not to bend it too much the First part can crack If you are true But Down in the Hole And then press it down I think it’s a good idea to make it like This Foreign And then I just take it From the other side Just press it down here It makes a little click actually so Very nice And then I’m going to make the other one And remember this this one has to be Bended the other way First I’ll cut this Again In the middle Of the holes like this And then I have to bend it like this the Other way And I guess this will be a little bit More tricky But we’ll try And that’s here where they say some hot Water or warm water would be helpful If the birch bark is very stiff You can put it in warm water and it will Soften and I guess this will be much

Easier Yeah now I cracked this one But Let’s see I don’t think it’s Going to be a problem because This one is going to be inside Perhaps I’ll put it in water and see if This is going to be more soft when it’s A little bit wet And of course I’m I’m prepared for this So a trooper A thermal Canister I can have some hot water in This is very hot I have to This one has to be it This one So hot water and then Some Some cold water From here I think they are saying about 60 degrees Like this I’m gonna use Yeah Not long time just Some minutes or some seconds I can already feel it’s going to be Much easier Yeah softening And just have it in here for

Half a minute or so And I’ll take it up And watch for the hot water can you use And then I have to put this one in Inside the other one And you have to do this Put it down here You can see I got it down then I have to Flip it around here I have to work a little bit Yeah it’s almost there it took me a While to do it it’s not easy Um But with a little patience and Uh You can make this It looks okay It’s mostly inside it’s not so pretty But It doesn’t matter that much It looks great on the outsides But You can do it I know you can and now I’ll have to put on the rims here And I’m making something that I found Out myself would be a great idea And the idea is to Market With the pencil And the mark the place is where the Holes are going to be Yeah So now I have mates Markings with one centimeter apart

From each other and I think half a centimeter down I’ll do that with the other one too So yeah now I made that [Music] Um And This Rim Is going to be overlapping each other With two centimeters so I have to cut a Little bit off I take this one Like this Yeah that is okay And um Then I decided to glue this on But first You have to use the Sandpaper Foreign The transition between this and this Will be more smooth So make it a little bit thinner here I say that one end is already sanded so I can feel that was a little bit Thinner Yeah this is fine And then I’m going to put some glue on Of course this side and then put it on With these claims Like this Just let it dry for a minute So it will Be ready for putting on This one

Foreign This was the The ends And then the other sides of the other Ends Yeah now it’s on both ends and I’ll let It dry there And I want to put Uh this Birch back on top of this the Lid So I’m going to Add some glue here And of course you have to be careful This is I think it’s called conical it’s A little bit smaller in this end and in This end so this end will be up so you Have to glue that there So be aware of that Because when the lid comes down it will Press and hold itself You will see that later Something like this And then which side do we want I think this side Would be nice So if we’ll do over here And yeah then I have to dry here I put something heavy on it Let’s see what I can find Perhaps This one All right head there Have the water in So you put this one all right so we’ll

Press down And hopefully this glue will attach uh To the back and the woods Yeah and right this is uh drying I will prepare my fruits and my coffee And it’s actually begin raining outside So I put up my fiber or my iron Fireball In here and Light Up My Fire And that’s very nice to have a shelter I Can be in when it’s raining yeah and I Want to tell you all that I’m so Grateful for all the support you have Given me and uni in this Kickstarter Project it is amazing how well it was Received and we already got a lot of uh Backers For this project and we are very Grateful for that but There’s still some days left So if you want to join us and be a part Of the kickstarter project with this Iron Fireball I think you should go into The kickstarter page and uh yeah be a Beggar so you will get this as soon as Possible that is finished Um yeah it’s an awesome product and I’m So proud and grateful That it will that it has been well Received And I’m looking forward to see the Looking forward to see the Canvas bag that is made for this I Haven’t got it yet But I sure will be fine

And then I just turn it around here Yeah The Irwin Fireball and I put it over in My fireplace and This one in of course And then I’ll use these to cook my food On hang on Just remove this And put the Iron Fireball over here This is perfect Putting this one in This Putting this together I think it’s called assemble it Yeah And down here And then I just have to find some Firewood and Light It Up It’s working fine in here Yeah bro some bacon See in this nut mushroom here I just put it over here Oh yeah Some nice bacon Foreign Always Good quality Foreign Sometimes there’s a car Driving here through this little dirt Road down there but I haven’t heard anything I Know and now for the little egg

So I can do this oh yeah Yeah Almost And then I took this these slide of Reds From back home Like this and of course the egg on top Of this When it’s finished Just a minute Oh yeah Ah doesn’t that look nice And then this is for Cornelius Then I brought my salt and pepper Kit here You can see and those of you who hasn’t Noticed it I have a new channel called DIY Kimber where I put all my videos Where I make these things So um There’s not much pepper in here What about the salt No I have to fill it up But Eggs without salt is not good You get your bacon just in a minute Cornelius I have the salt I hope I have the salt For the Yeah For the coffee So And that’s not yeah oh my gosh

That was a lot What am I going to do I can’t eat all That salt I’ll take this And remove Some of it Yeah Well I guess that’s okay And put this on top And then I have my little My little sandwich Bacon egg sandwich And I actually found out I haven’t Forgot to bring a knife And we like to cut this so Why not use an X Oh yeah Like this You can bacon sandwich You like it Um About It and now the sun is shining again it’s Typical weather Autumn weather in Denmark rain and Sun Mostly a little bit more windy that Today but That’s the spring and the awesome Weather in Denmark Thank you Are you thirsty yeah I guess you must be I think

And see if this Some sword lifts Come over here Foreign Yeah so now it’s Uh Dried almost And I want to make the holes now While I’m cooking my coffee I think this one is A good size Just Continue all the way around Now the coffee is almost finished I have To rest For a minute but then I have my The Kimber coffee Wow Okay Foreign It’s glued on now so This is fine And then I’ll continue with the holes And then now I punched uh made the holes All the way around and Foreign And They say If you apply a little bit of soap on it It will be more Soft to work with So I’ll try to do that And you can always wash the soap Off afterwards

And then you have to start somewhere Someplace I think I’ll start here Yeah I caught it a little bit pointed in This end And then you just have two Weave them And of course you have to be careful Here not to Overdo it So that the Sparkle Middle splitter But just from the outside in and from The inside out Like this Of course you have to be firm around the Edge And yeah This one The end inside I have to put it through This So So it will attach I make it and then I’ll show you Can you see here Almost like a little nut and then I Could cut it off But I’ll continue here Yeah now I’m almost done With the First end I’ll see how I can finish this So it looks good

And this one I’ll put in here Yeah I think this will do It’s not perfect Far from but my first try so It’s okay I think And then I have to Do the same on the other lanes Yeah and now I’m finished Um It’d be wrong to say it’s easy to make This Um But you have to have patient and yeah do Your best Now I’m going to put the bottom in First this one Up here and then I’ll make the lids Finished I think this is the best way to do it Yeah you have to press it down and then With your other hands make the Make the push back a little bit bigger Place it over But now you can see it’s Okay Yeah then for the lid And then I think it’s dry now And I think I’ll use my scissor because My experience this one uh it’s very Difficult to To cut in with a sharp knife This is fine

Just leave Take the Sandpaper See if it fits Yeah I have to Add again Press it down You have to be careful not to overdo it Then I can get it up again But yeah Then I have to make the handles And again This is for the handles I can cut them out with a scissor Yeah This was the first one and then the Other one Show him two pieces and the uh the Lights the White surface to watch each Other Like this And yeah I think I put a little bit glue on it so It will uh It will stick together Yep Just Secure it with these And then of course I have to make these Sludge down Through the top here And I guess this is where the sharp knife Comes in Foreign

Cut it off That’s better Yeah you can see It’s going through Like this It’s okay Do the same on the other side here I think this is okay And then there are two options but I think I’ll You can either put a stick make a hole Put a stick through both of them or you Can split them and come something in Here that is bigger and then pull them But I’ll make that split Or I’ll make that hole here Then I’ll see here Making a hole here And here Foreign Then I have to make a little Like a tooth piece pick Perhaps this will do Foreign The other side Catching the hole there Yeah It’s coming through You can see here Maybe I would recommend you to take a Plier with you so you can do this but It’s okay I’ll just cut it off here

Yeah So you can see Yeah And now For the final Put it down here Don’t Force It I think perhaps Yeah and then uh When it dries up I’m sure that the bark container the Burst back container will have expand so Much that you can put this On without any problems So yeah this is the final results The one I bought And the one I made myself With this DIY kit Hope you like it Yeah it was a very interesting little Project it took me about two to three Hours to make this [Music] Um You have to be a lot of patient and uh Careful when you do this thing the the Findings I broke up a couple of those That are used to make the rim so I have To attach them together again that’s not A easy task so be very careful when you Do that when you pull them but Nevertheless it’s a cool little thing And a great Christmas present or Birthday presenter whatever you can buy

For yourself so I can definitely Recommend you to try this and the 12 Euros is very cheap I think it’s a good Offer and yeah go in and check them out Um second I think it’s called S-i-t-a-n I’ll put a link in my video Description of course I do that and yeah You can see the logo down here So Nice little thing and my first homemade Birch Park container yeah Okay I think he likes to be Cuddle on the stomach He’s 11 months old now so In a month will be one year And Turn into be a very friendly dog My little Cornelius But yeah folks this is all for now I Hope you enjoyed this little video with My little DIY projects and yeah again If you are interested in the iron Fireball go into the guitar project and Be a member of the the team the Aryan Fiber Fireball team there’s plenty room On this uh Viking long ship so uh if you Want to be a member of that crew join us There and you’ll get the fireball as Soon as it’s go into production and it’s Finished And the more the happier so uh Yeah join us there and I hope you’ll buy It when it’s on the markets

Thank you again for watching Kimber Bushcrafts I really appreciate that and For all your support I forgot to say I’m Uh to any of the 91 000 subscribers so only 9 000 Subscribers then I’ll reach the 100 000 Subscribers I’m very grateful for all Your support and the kindness you’re Showing me and my family and I Appreciate having you on board my my Channel so we hope to see you again on The next one bye bye and take care [Laughter] Foreign [Music] Oh [Music]