Bear KNIFEHANDS The GOVERNOR of Oklahoma | Kevin Stitt

By | November 5, 2022

What’s up It’s basically it’s uh It means you’re about to get told [Laughter] We’ve done this 36 times in the last Three years we uh got several businesses That we run are y’all from Oklahoma yeah Yes sir Yeah we uh we rode the storm out in the Hallway of my house yeah as soon as the Storm was gone I told my wife I said Babe I got to go she’s like I know set a Text message out we rolled 17 guys out Here we’ve got probably another 40 or 50 On the way and this is just what we do So Anyway Thank you I appreciate you guys good to Meet you Senator Burtons Our office is in Spyro yeah in fact we Had to put a sign up out front that says Go away we don’t sell weed so I’m the New Senator Senator Allen’s area moving Awesome well we should hook up because Not only do we do this we also rescued Juvenile human trafficking survivors and We’re building a recovery facility in Oklahoma And uh We’ve pulled and yesterday before I came here I had to go hug no wife and cry a little Bit because we got a phone call about a Six-year-old So I’ve got between 1 and 19 years old

In my care right now And uh it’s pretty damn bad wow and Right now we’re funding this entirely Out of my wallet and people’s donations Five ten dollar bills and uh I’m Horrendous at red tape man like the Whole like oh you know the maybe Foundation apply for a grant yeah it’s a One year it’s called maybe for a reason Right like you might get it maybe I Don’t have a year So we should connect let’s connect Definitely I’ll I’ll get uh information Yeah our guys will give you our Information call us okay we want to help However we can do it for it yeah hey I Appreciate you uh throwing Peta Underneath that billboard box yeah that Was awesome man that was epic and so Sweet sheep a lot in the front yard yeah Yeah we do this is Kenny Lynn our badass Administrator how you doing nice to meet You nice to meet you thanks for watching Thanks yeah we’re excited to be here Yeah