US Troops in UKR | DVEs | Epic Amnesty Rant – Bear Brief 2NOV22

By | November 2, 2022

Good morning and welcome to the brief I’m bear founder and CEO of Let’s uh feed these Uninformed voters While we talk about the news of the day Foreign Well For starters The White House has admitted that uh There are U.S troops in Ukraine Serving in an advisory role of course You know technical advisors given all The weapons systems that we’ve handed Out like uh candy on Halloween To the ukrainians Was talking with uh a guy whose job it Is to know recently And I said hey what do you think about The uh Ukraine war and he said honestly I think it’s the bad guys versus the bad Guys Um I can’t say I’d necessarily disagree With that statement But um it’s interesting an advisory role Remember that the United States Involvement in Vietnam began in an Advisory capacity right you had to Seal Team two up in there advising uh Advising From their uh their ribs rigid Inflatable boats with machine guns Landed laid across the bow right And uh

There’s also this thing Called TAA Train advise assist That’s advising How exactly are they advising and Assisting Interesting right why does this matter It matters because It could potentially Very likely will Heighten The Divide between the U.S And Russia [Music] It could potentially heighten the Divide Between the U.S and Russia So That’s a big boy indicator for us Not that I think that we’re necessarily In a position where we have to be overly Concerned about Warheads on foreheads As Americans currently But as we begin we being the big we United States of America begins the Process of admitting that yeah we not Only are supplying equipment and Materiel We’re supplying manpower to this Conflict in Ukraine Um that’s direct NATO involvement that’s The thing that Russia has had an issue With from jump so it’s something to be Aware of Uh large-scale macro conflict definitely

Has the potential to have a negative Impact on us here as Americans What is this this is the sour apple Sniper JP Donell Jocko go Really been enjoying uh origin origin Maine and Jocko fuel here lately Hopefully in the near future we’ll have Some exciting things to announce Regarding that Hey if y’all you’re new here and you Want to get some unadulterated data on What’s going on in the world and in the Country please consider subscribing And if I didn’t earn your subscription In this video catch up with us on the Next one Bear independent brief independent brief 2 November 22. It’s not surprising but it’s worth Noting a bulletin to law enforcement From the Department of Homeland Security DHS together with the national Counterterrorism Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI So Has obtained by has been obtained by Journalists the best for its tremendous Believe it everybody tells me Milani is Beautiful It warned of a potential spike in Domestic violent extremism around the Midterm elections

Which are coming by the way reading Quote we assess that election-related Perceptions of Fraud and dve domestic Violent extremist reactions to divisive Topics will likely Drive sporadic dve Plotting of violence and broader efforts To justify violence in the lead up to Lead up to and following the 2022 Midterm election cycle end quote Warnings about attacks against Politicians and election officials were Issued the same day Paul Pelosi was Attacked in his home now the Paul Pelosi Thing is interesting because it was Originally pawned off on us schlubs the Peasants of the United States of America As being a violent home invasion Turns out it appears it appears that Paul Pelosi is homo AF and that guy was His boyfriend and they were there at two O’clock in the morning And um A lot of the neighbors have said that The narrative that is being spewed by The media does not at all fit the Lifestyle that the Pelosi’s lead nor Does it fit any of the facts on the Ground who’da thought Who’da thought so Nancy Pelosi this Devout Catholic that’s totally okay with Murdering The Unborn in the womb and Grifting and robbing and stealing and Cheating and who’s basically drunk all The time

Uh turns out her husband was apparently Involved in a love affair with this guy Who something went sideways at some Point and uh said guy attempted to beat Paul Pelosi potentially to death with a Hammer sounds like a crime of passion to Me but I’m not a detective Hold on we gotta move the hose Now also this concept of domestic Violent extremism dves people Behaving Badly civil unrest yeah it’s a civil Unrest indicator but let’s not miss the Fact that these uh Federal agents in the hallowed Halls of Washington D.C are doing their best to Paint people who are pissed off at the System as domestic violent extremism I’m not calling for violence just to be Clear here however I’m not going to be Surprised if there is violence because The same people who are about to be Voted out of office Are these are the same people right that Said that you couldn’t go to church Because of covet you lost your job Because of supply chain issues due to Covet or because you wouldn’t do those Two things in that other thing because Of covet how many people were Dishonorably discharged Because They wouldn’t do those things right Small businesses shut down large Businesses shut down you couldn’t go to

The park because outdoor transmission of This deadly deadly virus right it turns Out that only six percent Six percent of the total deaths that Were counted as Cova deaths six percent Were actually from covid And of that six percent The vast majority I think it’s 94 of That six percent had three or more Comorbidities and the average age of Somebody who died from covet was 70 Years old So these same people that shut down the Entire country for a couple of years and Told you that you were the crazy person Because you wouldn’t wear a face diaper Because you wanted to go worship however You saw fit you wanted to run your Business however you saw fit you wanted To go earn to feed your family however You saw fit freedom of movement however You saw fit these same people that told You that you were the bad guy are now Concerned that you might behave badly During the midterm elections because You’ve had it up to here with their Horse Now again I’m not advocating for Violence but I wouldn’t be surprised if There is some And I’ll be honest I’m not a political Person Uh you guys know me I think that the red NASCAR team and the blue NASCAR team

Both suck and it’s the same game they’re Still driving the car around the track While they’re charging you to be in Attendance to watch them drive the car Around the track right and selling your Hot dogs and popcorn and cheap beer and Everything else right bread and circuses Ah But this may be if I put any hope in Elections this may be Potentially the last off ramp Before potential disaster here in the United States of America and that sucks Because while my identity is first and Foremost as a son of the most high I am Blessed to have been born into this Great country that is the United States Of America and I don’t want to see it Fail I also don’t have much hope for Elections given the 2020 presidential Election by the way did anybody see the Election in Brazil hire both scenario Lost hasn’t said a word in uh a few days And the incumbent now dude who was President I think from 2003 to 2011 Served two terms and then was rolled up On charges for um not indecency Anyway he was rolled up on charges right So that guy got reelected and what did Biden do he tweeted you know Congratulations to incumbent guy Um and to Brazil for having free and Fair and open and honest elections

Bro You a little sensitive about free and Fair and open and honest elections after 81 million people voted for you and the Last one I’m just saying your fig Leaf showing All right Water is done back to the report Ideologically driven lone actors are the Most likely threat but it’s not just Politically involved officials that Should be concerned The aforementioned advisory also stated Quote we assess some domestic violence Extremists motivated by election related Grievances would likely view election Related infrastructure personnel and Voters involved in the election process As attractive targets Including at publicly accessible Locations like polling places ballot Dropbox locations voter registration Cites campaign events and political Party offices end quote So they’re concerned that these domestic Violent extremists aren’t just going to Target the politicians but they’re going To Target the polling sites voter Registration and you the voter so that You will stay home and not vote so that Hopefully this read hopefully for them This Red Wave thing never comes to Fruition and they can maintain the Stranglehold that they have on the

American populace How interesting Uh don’t believe the hype that’s what I Would say don’t believe the hype Uh you do you boo if you want to go vote And go vote See fear is a is a Excellent tool for controlling the Populace right have we not learned Anything from covet over the last two Three years Fear Fear uh creates group think Right and that’s what they want they Want you and us To be this this is what they want hey You stay where I tell you to go I will Feed you when I feed you when I feel Like feeding you I will put grain in the Bins I’ll put water over here but don’t Worry it’s just a matter of time before I harvest you for my use Right and trust me These guys here they fear the fence They fear the force And therefore they’re pretty damn well Behaved Foreign That’s what they want for us Get inside the fence do what we tell you To do don’t worry we have your best Interest at heart And I’m sure some people will be making Biblical arguments about the Good

Shepherd right now believe me we take This into a homesteading aspect these Animals have the best life they could Possibly have they have fresh air they Have fresh grass they have grain they Have water but occasionally we eat them That’s why they exist they’re not here For entertainment or Joy they’re not my Snuggle buddies we eat them right we Harvest them So they have a purpose So look at the analogy here for us they The big they have a purpose for us they Don’t like it when the Sheep get outside The fence and start acting independently And don’t eat their grain and don’t Drink their water and aren’t ready to be Harvested they’re not fans of that right They want us inside the fence In other political news Biden has warned That leading oil companies could be hit With restrictions and a windfall tax if They do not invest a portion of their Profits to lower cost for consumers Fascism anybody He Biden Joseph Robinette Biden Jr President of the United States of America asterisk he stated that prophets Like the tripled year-over-year gains by Chevron and Exxon Mobil were a quote Windfall from the brutal conflict that Is ravaging Ukraine and hurting tens of Thousands of people around the globe It’s time for these companies to stop

War profiteering meet their Responsibilities in this country and Give the American people a break and Still do very well and quote let’s not Forget that these major energy companies Are also the primary owners of all of This renewable dirty green energy that The Democrats and Biden are pushing Hardcore for the United States to Develop They own that Yeah they’re not oil companies anymore They’re energy companies and they have Been since the Obama Administration at a Minimum that’s when I became aware of it Because I was in the field putting up Those giant fan things and running Thousands of miles of high tension power Line to move the power from the fan Things back to your house And so I got to see it from the inside And it is horseshit I’ve said it before but I’ll say it Again there’s nothing clean About renewable clean energy to say Nothing of the fact all these solar Panels right I’ve been listening to uh pdb Brian uh Dean Wright I believe is his name the presidential Daily Brief it’s a podcast good podcast You should check it out he’s been Talking a lot about dirty green energy How about the fact that China

Produces 80 percent of the world’s solar Panels And they produce those solar panels with Slave labor from the uyghurs Which is how they’re able to Corner the Market because not only do they have the Raw components the um the minerals That’s required to produce the solar Cells but they also have free labor Because they’ve enslaved these people And Incredibly cheap power to produce The panels coming from coal over there In China Interesting nothing clean about it But it’s interesting to me that the Biden Administration wants to play this Game perform this dance with the oil Companies that are actually energy Companies and that own the Infrastructure that is renewable energy In the United States of America and Elsewhere in the world as well And this forced Transit forced Transition away from air quote fossil Fuels which I’m not entirely sure I buy That either There’s lots of studies that have shown That oil is a replenishable renewable Resource Underground Yeah go read those right Um He wants to demonize the oil companies Which are actually energy companies to Force them away from the production of

Oil Towards the production of renewable Clean green energy which is not Renewable it’s not clean and is heavily Dependent the production process is Heavily dependent upon electricity and Diesel fuel Yeah As an industry Insider it makes zero Sense but back to the brief These threats may be toothless political Pandering ahead of the midterms but even If they’re not because Congress will not Return until late November the American People won’t see any practical movement On anything like this for a while yet AKA lowering your cost at the pump If a windfall tax did come to pass However industry groups believe that This move would backfire and drive costs Up even more for consumers It’s a basic rule of capitalism I’m a Laissez-faire capitalist leave me the Hell alone let me make my own mistakes Don’t bail me out I’m gonna be over here Doing the best that I can to solve Problems for people which will in turn Generate Revenue which in turn I can use To feed my family and bless people That’s me that’s my world view But it’s generally accepted by all the Good economists that the more government Interferes with something the more Bloated and expensive it becomes

Yeah that’s what we need it’s more Government involvement in our fuel costs And our energy costs Um No thanks Now that’s the brief for today although There is an article I do want to touch On Um if you’re on patreon you have the Written brief and the links if you’re Not on patreon you don’t so please Consider supporting the show on patreon We would greatly appreciate that there’s A link in the description of every video And live stream now from the Atlantic Yes I know the Atlantic take everything With a grain of salt Let’s declare a pandemic amnesty by Emily Oster We need to forgive one another for what We did and said when we were in the dark About covet First of all ma’am Not all of us were in the dark about Covet some of us Went to work every day some of us busted Our asses to make sure that we didn’t Lose our American small businesses every Day Some of us made sure that we could take Care of the families who depended upon The revenue that our businesses Generated every day some of us saw this Coming from a mile away

Some of us have been on camera talking About this Since February of 2019 So we were not all in the dark about Covid Ma’am and I reject your assumption Outright now let’s continue She Does some dumb build up in the article Here in April 2020 with nothing else to Do my family took an enormous number of Hikes we all wore cloth masks that I had Made myself we had a family hand signal Which the person in front would use if Someone was approaching on the trail and We needed to put on our masks once when Another child got too close to my then Four-year-old son on the bridge he Yelled at her social distancing oh so We’re indoctrinating children as well Right again these are the same people That took your children out of school For two years who said you couldn’t go To work who said you couldn’t worship Who limited your freedom of movement Who Mandated that you must participate in Some experimental medical procedure Or lose your job AKA die these are the Same people globally who were putting People in detainment camps And we’re just supposed to forgive you I don’t think so not for me Not for me This is why I want small government and

As much Freedom as possible at the micro Level for me you don’t get to tell me What to do And I don’t get to tell you what to do Either And that’s just the way that it is Because governments derive their just Powers from the consent of the Government and governments are composed Of people and those people are no better Than you or I They work for us not the other way Around They are no smarter no better qualified They have no better morals and ethics Than you or I do in fact if we were to Look at the data I think it would be Safe to say that generally speaking Across the vast strata of politicians Most of them are morons in scumbags And I have to Curtail my life to the whims of a And a scumbag Now see that flies in the face of Personal responsibility and the idea That we’re going to have some covet Amnesty that I’m going to conveniently Misremember all of the infractions upon My well-being and my freedom over the Last three years you’re out of your damn Mind She goes on in this article you can find It in on the Atlantic it’s the uh It’s the covet just look for covid

Amnesty On your favorite search engine you’ll Find it No No As Andy frizzella is fond of saying These are crimes against humanity and I Agree And I think every single person That was involved in perpetuating these Crimes against humanity should be Brought to Justice Every single one of them how many of you Lost your jobs How many of you lost family members over This How many of you were unallowed To go worship as you saw fit and how Many of us over here on this side of the Camera were saying F them You do what you need to do you go to Work you go to church they can’t tell You that you’re not allowed to do that How many times have I said exercise your No muscle No because what you tolerate they will Embrace There’s no covert amnesty for me I’ll never forget And just because it didn’t quite work Out the way that they wanted it to you Know the the great reset isn’t exactly Going as according to plan the sheeple Didn’t just line up and walk into the

Slaughterhouse the way they wanted to Now we’re supposed to forget How many people how many millions of People Are going to die In the coming years Experimental medical processes From companies whose own internal Documents show that there was Zero Difference Between those who participated in these Experimental medical processes and those That didn’t zero Zero Difference how many times did we hear That this is a pandemic of the Unvaccinated And I’m supposed to just forget Every day of my life for years Struggling To run my businesses to teach my kids Who weren’t allowed to go to school Anymore To worship as I see fit To hear Millions upon millions of my Fellow Americans Who would detract from my reputation Because I chose to live freely rather Than bend the need of some Tyrant Somewhere thousands of miles away Nope Nope I’ll never forget Let us not become like the Jews who love

To scream never forget in reference to The Holocaust and then support all these Politicians who are all about tyranny And removing our gun rights and Monopolizing power over the people Never forget but Let’s do all these things that run Counter to our well-being negative Or 9 11. never forget the country was Never more united than it was on 9 12. And now here we are People’s families are broken Because of whether or not they bought Into this hype Relating to the global pandemic We’ve forgotten I’m not going to conveniently forget This one either That’s the brief for today If you’re one of those people that jumps Off when it’s time to talk about how to Support the show Have a blessed day beat feet shalom Get out of here let’s get out For the rest of y’all Appreciate you This It’s hard to get and in limited Supply And it’s not going to get any easier to Get now that we’re very clearly having a Ramp up to the war in Ukraine If you guys remember back uh half a year Or so ago we couldn’t get first aid kit Stuff because the defense Logistics

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