Flint And Steel Fire Without Char – Testing Materials – Birch Bark

By | November 2, 2022

Wow Wally here Guys I’ve been thinking I know dangerous Right I’ve been thinking About this flint and steel issue about This flint and steel Trying to set something on fire with Flint and steel that has not been Charred okay and I was thinking have I Missed the step or have I missed the Step right so bear with me on this stay Tuned So one when I was learning about Bushcraft or when I was learning about Fires and stuff like that one of the Most dramatic things that I remember You know when I got it to work I Remember being like Oh my God this is so Simple You know when I’d watched people light Fires with it on YouTube and stuff I Thought they were cheating right I Thought they were cheating I said there Is no way that this natural thing can go On fire so easy okay there’s no way Right There’s actually two of them but I’m Going to start with this one guys Birch bark Birchmark Will birchbark take A spark from flint and steel and go on Fire Ly works with it with a feral Rod

Doesn’t it so This is what I’m thinking so It is a natural material it falls off Trees you know so this is what I’m Thinking it just I I was going through Stuff this morning in my in my fire kit And I thought Jesus never tried birch bark Let’s try it okay I have a little bit Here I have I have loads actually but I Have a bit here I’m just going to remove these creased Bits I’m just gonna flake it up or fluff it Up a little bit guys See how we get on with that consistency With Sparks and uh and where I get them To land is definitely going to be an Issue Look at my beard Oh we had smoke I’m actually going to put some down and I’m going to just sort of do it on on Top of it so I’m capturing that the Fallen Sparks as well Foreign So I’m going to process it the same way As I did with the other stuff guys I’m Going to shred it up into little little Small pieces and see if that makes a Difference Foreign Well that ain’t working I got some super duper little tiny

Pieces I’m gonna see if I can put it Into a container Foreign This is generally what I find is that You can never get the Sparks to go where You where you need them to go in order To set something to fire like I have all This stuff all shredded up and I have All nice little dust and stuff in here You know so Gotta find a way to bounce a spark onto That So that Catches Do you know what I mean Try and find the wind And that’s a no-go as well It’s a little bit disappointing for for A split second there I was like going oh My God it’s going to work it’s going to Work okay Back to the drawing board bird drawing Bird yeah but drawing board that’s on The wall I use it for drawing stuff on Guys Good dog bro back to draw on board let Me have a little think about this again Again you know Um Possibly Fatwood you know Is fought with thought would take us Well I don’t know so we’ll find that out Together guys thanks for watching stay