Global Food Insecurity – Bear Brief 31OCT22

By | October 31, 2022

Well good morning Bear Nation happy Monday I’m bear with bear we’re going to do the Brief today we’re talking about uh Global Food scarcity uh as it relates to Russia and Ukraine and the ongoing Russia NATO War there And uh how that’s going to affect you Generally speaking is the American Consumer male between the ages of 25 and 55 based upon the demographics at this Channel but I’m not leaving out to older Folks or younger folks or you ladies Either so if you’re new here you want to Stay abreast of the Most interesting most recent information As it relates to preparedness without All of the Doomer porn Please consider subscribing that helps The channel and if you’re not new here You know what to do share the show with Somebody you love Bear independent brief 31 October 22 AKA All Hollows Eve so uh you know don’t be Eating fentanyl-laced candy all right Global Food insecurity has just ramped Up again Russia has suspended its agreement to Allow grain exports from Ukraine’s black Seaports following what it claimed was a Massive drone attack on the Black Sea Fleet by Ukraine According to Russia’s claims drones Attacked ships involved in the grain

Deal on Saturday and one vessel Sustained minor damage So massive drone Attack One vessel Sustained minor damage okay Russia has also accused Britain of being Involved without evidence saying that The attack was quote in connection with The actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces which were led by British Specialists and quote Remember Britain is part of NATO U.N Russia has also accused the United Kingdom of the gas pipeline sabotage Patsy’s man I’m fairly certain Um can’t really put my finger on it but I’m fairly certain the United States is The one that’s sabotaged Nordstrom one In Nordstrom too but See Russia maybe it’s not in their best Interest to go ahead and immediately Start finger-pointing at the United States but they can certainly finger Point at Britain which is an island Nation In Northwestern Europe It’s intimately Todd to the United States of America and heavily dependent Upon Imports Makes sense to me Russia has also accused the United Kingdom of the gas pipeline sabotage The UK Ministry of Defense has said that The country is quote Russia is quote Peddling false claims on an epic scale

End quote Regardless of all the finger pointing The result is clear Russia is once again halting the export Of much needed food for the hungry and This will return the global market and Food supply chain to a more fragile Expensive state Food prices particularly for Staples Like bread and pasta have risen anywhere From 25 to 100 percent in various Countries like Nigeria Yemen and Syria Remember the last time there was a crop Failure We got a little thing called the Arab Spring It was kind of bad on a global scale I was throwing that out there and and Why Um Likely if we continue in this direction Governments will collapse or be Collapsed in certain weaker Nations Around the world Because governments strive to maintain Legitimacy among those that they govern That’s a mouthful giving given the Political situation that we find Ourselves in today in the United States Of America it makes you wonder who who Exactly it is that they feel that they Govern But it is a core tenet of governance you Have to maintain legitimacy that’s why

Guerrillas and insurgents attack Infrastructure And uh political targets Terrorism is by definition the use of Violence for political gain Because when you attack those Infrastructure targets and those Political targets it removes legitimacy From the governing authorities so that People now say well you know the Government said they were going to take Care of us but clearly they can’t There’s no food there’s no clean water And the power’s been knocked out these Guys over here doing Hood ratch stuff Yeah they they’re not great either but At least they have food that they can Provide to us at least they have water At least they have security that they Can provide to us so if we continue down This path of global in food insecurity I Would expect based on history That some of these weaker nations are Going to have a toppling of their Leadership because of a lack of Legitimacy At this point allowing the grain to be Exported has been called an air quote Humanitarian effort to provide food for Millions though just a year ago it would Have been business as usual Once again this will require a strong And United response from the world’s Largest economies the U.N and the

Western World in general That United response in itself of course May do little to diffuse tension as the World Teeters on what some consider to Be the brink of a global conflict War at its most basic level is a game of Resources that’s why we talk about Resilience here for you and your home And your family and your community and Your faith group right there’s no Resistance without resiliency If you don’t have resources not just Stockpiled resources not just inventory Resources but also ideally the ability To produce resources if things get truly Bad in this country Unfortunately you’re more likely than Not to become a statistic of World War III one way or another That’s why we we strive for excellence With our preparedness here it’s why I Don’t care about the 15 reasons that the Zombies are going to rape your dog and Eat your kids That’s why I don’t get all hyped up About all this stuff we want to we want To extract out useful information that You can onboard so that you can make the Appropriate moves engage in the Appropriate courses of action for your Preparedness for the people that you Love our working definition of Preparedness here is to maintain Normalcy for the people that you love

The implied task is establish normalcy That I can’t help you with I don’t know What normal looks like for you but I do Know that it’s going to take more effort In the days ahead than it has taken thus Far in order for you to be able to Maintain normalcy and as we continue to Deal with the fragility of the system Having a backlog in an inventory of Stuff Is going to be very useful to you very Helpful to you Now this is not permission to waive your Amex at everything that you think you Might need to survive the end of the World as we know it but these are very Basic not sexy things A working Pantry with three months worth Of food in it long-term food storage Water storage medical equipment OTC meds Training on how to use that Communications the ability to affect Security the ability to provide Mobility Transportation Fundamental things that we have thus far In our American experiment taken for Granted But unfortunately have the potential to Rear their ugly head yet again you know In the Bible the term scarcity of food AKA famine is mentioned 87 individual Times 87 times almost as if the father wanted

Us to understand this is a cyclical Thing it does happen and you need to be Ready for it and there’s a lot of people Out there who are thinking that could Never happen here and while I certainly Hope that it doesn’t happen because I Have more important things to do than to Put food in buckets I have businesses And Ministries to run I have a family to Love and to lead that doesn’t mean that It’s not possible that those things Could happen here And as we continue down this pathway Towards what seems like it could be World War III The potential need for that resilience Grows greater in my mind and so I’m here To help encourage and instruct you as to How you can do that Back to the brief As of Sunday the European Union has Already called on Russia to reverse the Suspension of grain shipments The foreign policy chief for the EU Joseph Burrell tweeted quote tweeted by The way I’m not an Elon fanboy But I am enjoying the way that he has Basically taken over Twitter It’s nice to see Again I don’t trust Elon Musk I don’t Like the idea of a computer hooked up to My brain Not a fan

And I don’t think that he is necessary Necessarily conservative But I do think that he’s not a crazy Liberal ideologue And so it’s been entertaining for me to See over the last few days since Wednesday I believe it was Um his hostile if you will take over of Twitter and to see all of the Purple-haired folks react and overreact To there being a new sheriff in town It’s been enjoyable back to Joseph Burrell who tweeted who is the foreign Policy chief for the EU quote Russia’s Decision to suspend participation in the Black Sea deal puts at risk at the main Export route of much needed grain and Fertilizers to address the global food Crisis caused by its war against Ukraine The EU European Union urges Russia to Revert its decision end quote Russia’s probably not going to do that Because again war is a game of resources And while Russia’s military has been Far less than Stellar in its campaign in Ukraine It’s agricultural Harvest 2022 has Actually been quite impressive Russia is going to sell the food that it Has it’s a matter of who it sells it to And as we’ve seen around the world as This conflict continues to heighten we See things like bricks Um Brazil Russia India China South

Africa and now bricks plus with Saudi Arabia way to Fumble the ball by the Administration yet again These alliances are forming there is an US versus them mentality yet again and Really since the end of World War II The Global hegemony that was the United States of America has been more or less Unchallenged yes we had the Soviets And I’m not saying that they weren’t a Threat to us but that war never went hot Now I’m a product of my raisin you know Rocky IV Rambo GI Joe right Wolverines I’ve uh I’ve been indoctrinated with a Disdain for the Soviets right Um righteously or unrighteously But that threat never materialized into What it could have been but there wasn’t Us Versus Them dichotomy then when uh That wall fell Mr Gorbachev teared down This wall The United States was more or less Unrestrained on the world stage and Again I’m taking nothing away from the United States I’m not just speaking Macro geopolitically The alliances that were formed through NATO and the United Nations With the United States at the helm being The driving security force and economic Force in those agreements Some of those still stand it’s still Standing as of yet

But there are other alliances forming Bricks for example and so Russia rather Than playing ball with the UN which is Not a fan of Russia’s action in Ukraine Currently will very likely continue to Play ball with its new best friends its New allies Brazil Russia India China South Africa Saudi Arabia And whoever else joins brics Economically speaking that doesn’t bode Well for the United States of America is That enough of a blow to crush the Economy of the United States Potentially Taken given enough time allowed to run Its course long enough yes potentially More likely to be Death By A Thousand Cuts than one catastrophic failure However when you look at other things That we have going on economically you Know trillions and trillions of dollars In unfunded liabilities the uh debt Bubbles that are out there that are just Waiting to burst the inflation of the US Dollar Foreign Again I’m not here to fear porn I’m just Simply here to illuminate that things Like that like an economic crisis in the United States Are not only possible but I think at This point probable Which again gets back to preparedness

And resilience what are you going to do About that a spoken Ad nauseam at this Channel about getting out of debt I Think it is incredibly important to get Out of debt He who can be trusted with little can be Trusted with much this is the parable of The talents If you’ve never lived a life where you Don’t have to service a debt load It almost seems like a fairy tale The money that you earn is your money It’s yours You get to do whatever you want to do With it of course after you Render unto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s Otherwise nerds with guns will show up At your house and put you in a little Concrete box We don’t need to jump into that rabbit Hole right now But As far as Economic collapse in the United States Of America Possible More and more probable by the day if we Don’t begin the process of digging Ourselves out of this hole that we’ve Created for ourselves But that’s not the focus of today’s Brief so let’s jump back into the brief Poland working with other EU Partners is Ready to Aid in the needed transport of

Grain out of Ukraine but as discussed in Previous reports land transport through Poland just can’t hold a candle to the Mass efficiency of seed transport it can Only transport about 10 percent of Ukrainian exports at most it is a great Move to help but it simply isn’t enough To solve the crisis Got our Chimney Sweep guy coming across The Little Creek It’s that time of year you know Grandma’s got to get her wood stove up And operational and so uh we called the Chimney sweep guy had to pull the wood Stove out because all of the floor Joists and rim joists and Grandma’s House were rotting and so significant Amount of work was done to put all that Back together again and the wood stove Had to be reinstalled with new stove Pipe and the vent cap and all that and The decision was made you know what Everything else is new we might as well Get the chimney guy out here to give it A good once over so For everybody concerned about Grandma Staying warm this winter please know That’s been handled appreciate y’all Back to Poland Poland just can’t hold a candle to the Mass efficiency of sea transport it can Only transport about 10 percent of Ukrainian exports at most it’s a great Move to help but it simply isn’t enough

To solve the crisis Roughly 20 million tons of grain were Trapped in Ukraine since the start of The invasion and that doesn’t appear to Include this year’s Harvest as a as of October 28th three days ago over nine Point million 9.3 million tons of grain and other Foodstuffs like sunflower oil had been Shipped out According to the United Nations 30 of That had gone directly to impoverished Countries while 44 percent had gone to High income countries the pace of the Shipments each month were below pre-war Levels as concerns of mines and Russian Attacks were high but the efforts still Lowered food price indexes just the Signing of the export agreement alone Allowed Global food prices to Fall by Almost nine percent in the first month Those of us in the United States are Very fortunate comparatively speaking Yes fertilizer prices are high yes Widespread drought is complicating the Situation however the United States with Its massive expanses of agricultural Land mostly Imports iron steel and Related items from Ukraine Their nation has been reporting steel Replated steel related supply issues for A while now and that is an ongoing issue I’ve Got Friends in the steel industry And it’s a thing

To put it in perspective the U.S Imports Foodstuffs at a rate far below the United Kingdom which is a much smaller Country with a much smaller population So bear that in mind when we hear these Numbers For example in 2021 the UK imported 164.6 million dollars in animal Vegetable fats oils and cleavage Products Now I don’t know exactly what cleavage Products are but it seems to me that’s a Lot of money to spend on cleavage Products And 161.8 million in oil seed oleadic fruits Grain seeds and fruit In comparison the U.S received 89 million and 56 million of those Product types respectively So significantly less half as much of Animal vegetable fats and oils and a Quarter a third as much of oil seed Fruits grains seeds and oleadic fruits And I’ll be honest I don’t for the life Of me know what the hell an olegic fruit Is But okay copy that So while food prices will be impacted in The United States to some degree for Those living in the U.S the greatest Concerns from these recent events will Most likely likely be related to the Potential of global conflict not

Starvation As we currently understand it snapshot In time now if you’re on patreon you Have the relevant links and you have the Written brief if you’re not on patreon You do not there is a link in the video Description on every video and every Live stream to take you to patreon it is Five dollars per month and it is the Best five dollars you can spend on the Internet in fact uh this morning Episode 2 of the shtf clinic posted this Morning I have recorded six videos thus Far Talking about long-term Medical Care and Shtf and if you had to establish a Clinic for you and your people your Neighborhood your community watch your Team your Mutual assistance group your Tribe your church your whatever What would that look like what could That look like what do you need what do You not need So that’s up on patreon as this morning I would encourage you to check it out One of the links That is in the report is to and I wanted to briefly look at that Agricultural impacts of the Russia Ukraine war six months later Some interesting stats in here When we released the fbn Special Report State of Agriculture 2022 we found that Exports from Russia Ukraine were

Estimated at a valuation of 13.8 billion Dollars here’s how those exports broke Down for 2021. 29 of global weed exports 32 percent of Barley exports 19 of rape seed exports And 17 percent of corn exports Summary grain exports from Ukraine and Russia remain well off historical Norms Impacting some of the world’s poorest Countries though shipments have improved Ukraine’s Harvest slipped versus last Year’s record but Russia has had a Massive crop Disruptions to false seating for winter Wheat barley and rapeseed are inevitable Especially for Ukraine raising concerns About Harvest potential for 2023. High input prices still exist today with Limited hope of a major break in the Future And grain Futures have continued their Volatile movements with the slightest Developments on the trade and production Fronts in the Black Sea sparking sharp Swings and prices U.S producers have and will likely Continue to see high input prices into 2023 planning season While fertilizer prices have eased it’s Unlikely to see a return to the pre-fall 2021 prices but the good news is feed Grain prices may be stable for a while And while U.S Commodities are not Attractively priced for importing

Countries to pay premiums for American Wheat corn and soybeans that is expected To ease as the U.S harvest season Progresses and buyers return to the U.S Market Really good article there if you’ve got The links uh check it out That is the brief for today if you’re One of those people that likes to jump Off when it’s time to talk about how to Support the show Appreciate you you could give us a Thumbs up and a share that helps us in Our ongoing battle against the YouTube Algorithmic robots If you’d like to understand how to Support the show and how to support American small businesses stick around Okay for the rest of y’all beat feet Skedaddle get out of here have a blessed Day shalom Now Many of y’all Are aware that I am the founder and CEO Of Refuge Medical Refuge makes handmade made in America Guaranteed forever first aid kits We started in the military sector And then That Grew From military to law Enforcement EMS and fire and then that Grew to the civilian sector And we have because of y’all because we Have the best audience on the internet And because of the blessing of the most

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Please come to class there is Um I believe one slot left for responder One in Dallas and a couple of slots left For responder one in Waco Texas and we are in the process of we Will have more dates in the store for 2023 uh come this Friday so we’re in the Process of putting together our tour Dates for 2023 because unlike a lot of Other training organizations we come to You we teach you on your home turf and So if you’re anywhere near one of our Class dates please consider coming We will teach you the Fine Art of how to Not die the March algorithm massive Bleeding Airway respiratory circulation Head injury hypothermia and everything Else and that’s covered in responder one Our entry level class it’s a four hour Classroom class and it is not Death by PowerPoint you get a lot of reps and Sets on how to actually apply Tourniquets to yourself and other people Arms and legs how to wound pack in the Junctional areas the neck the shoulders The pelvic girdle How to apply chest seals how to maintain A patent Airway so forth and so on all That is done in class Hands-On it is a Hands-On class so you get the Kinesthetic learning value not just fall Asleep watching a PowerPoint we’ve had a Lot of people who’ve taken stop the

Bleed classes with other organizations Come to our class and say this is the Best the best class I’ve ever been to Because in these other classes they Didn’t even make us put tourniquets on What What Are you doing You should have just stayed home and Watched the YouTube video then well That’s not how we operate so if you need To learn the Fine Art of how to not die Refuge Lastly but certainly not least Grindstone Ministries Grindstone Ministries is a Construction and disaster relief Ministry We also have Caleb house which is a Restoration facility for juvenile human Trafficking survivors It’s a challenge because I have to be Careful what I say on camera about Caleb House because we have ongoing Caleb House operations to rescue and restore Children that have been serially raped By And it’s tough for me because how do I Quantify What we’ve been doing and what we’re Doing when I can’t talk about it because Of legitimate operational security Concerns It’s a challenge for me because I don’t

I never want to say hey just trust me And trust me we’re doing good stuff Right But I’m not in a position where I can Show you the fruit With Caleb house Because it will compromise ongoing Operations and legitimately compromise The safety of the two dozen people that We currently have in our care So that being said I appreciate every One of you that prays for us and donates To us and allows us to do the hands and Food of the most high We are headed back to Florida Uh we are doing construction with Grindstone for a gold star mother who Lost her son in Afghanistan her daughter Was also a service member was in the Army And she’s got some medical complications They’re house flooded after Hurricane Ian And we have ongoing construction Operations there to restore their house Back to a livable status again Huge shout out to every one of you that Has supported that mission that has Shown up on site that has donated your Time your materials your money who’s Prayed over that mission all the guys Boots on the ground Aaron and Andrew and Lee and everybody else who’s been down There making stuff happen George

You guys are killers man Um I really really appreciate you And so we’ve got that going on right now With grindstone Ministries if you want To know more about how to plug into Something like that visit Grindstone Get on the newsletter that’s where all The details for these deployments go out And so we’ve got the restoration of this House in Florida for this gold star Mother We’ve got ongoing Caleb house Construction operations to build out the Facility The restoration facility for Caleb house Because while I’ve already got a couple Dozen people in our care I don’t have The facility built yet Uh yeah the father has plans Um I just wish he’d clue me in on what They are sometimes and so we’ve got These people currently in safe houses Around the clock security meeting their Every want in need But the long-term goal is to build the Caleb house facility That’s a massive Endeavor that is a Seven-figure Endeavor that being said The land has been secured dirt work is Ongoing we’re in the process of getting The utilities in right now and building Pads for where buildings are going to go And doing the drainage and building

Roads and doing all of that so that is Ongoing that is happening And then of course we’ve got ongoing Rescue operations that cannot be Discussed And we’ve got the restoration side of Putting back together again the two Dozen people that we have in our care Man I can’t do this Without y’all I can do this without our team I can’t do this without the father And so it’s really uh humbling to me and Encouraging to me To be surrounded by people That when they see something That’s just not right That they spring into action Whatever that is That they don’t let the fact that it’s Complicated difficult Expensive crazy Get in the way of doing what’s right And it has been an absolute blessing for Me To be allowed by the most high to be at The center Of an absolutely amazing group of people That will do what is right regardless of Whether or not it’s convenient for them To do it And you play an integral part in that We couldn’t do it Couldn’t do it without you

So thank you for that I really appreciate y’all I I don’t have words Would be dead in the water without you So thank you It’s Monday We got to get after it I pray you all have a blessed day Shalom