First HUNTING TRIP EVER! – I got my limit while camping under a tarp for 2 nights.

By | October 30, 2022

Come on buddy let’s go Good dog up Boy Holy smokes are loaded up to the nines We are heading to White River It’s what a five hour drive north up Through Lake Superior Park and over to My neighbors parents house for some Gross and for some camping and possibly Some fishing we’re gonna have this guy Playing with a bunch of dogs and getting Him used to the sounds and just Smells of camp [Music] What do you think about that blanket That will be oh yeah oh yeah good boy Plenty of room eh plenty of room Pretty windy over here near the lake Just stopped to fix the canoe blowing All around Take this guy for a little tinkle as Well Come on This way bud Foreign This way Go go Oh we’re about three hours from home and All the leaves are gone here So on the way out there was lots of Leaves where I was but she gone more and More snow as we go we’re about 20 Minutes out now So I’m sure as most of you know I’ve

Never really hunted before I’ve Certainly never put up a hunting video Before I’ve always really wanted to Learn but growing up down south in Ontario and not having a father to teach Me no one really around just wasn’t part Of my life I missed out on it and I Really wanted to learn for a long time So now it was the perfect opportunity I’m super happy about being able to Learn from my neighbors That said these guys are super into the Hunting and they’ve been like that their Whole lives but they really don’t know Anything about Bushcraft so they asked Me to bring some you know typical Bushcraft type stuff so we could play Around and learn off of each other so I Brought it to Staples I brought my tarp My ax a couple other things my saw all Sorts of fun stuff that you can find on My new website Robin at Outfitters it Doesn’t matter if you’ve been into the Outdoors for a long time or what you do Outside your activity we got you covered And our feedback has been amazing Already so check out Robinette Outfitters for all your outdoor needs All right we picked up the crew we got a Winter cash and Wolfie back in there and Tammy’s coming Tammy is my neighbor I’ve Known her since we lived in Sault Ste Marie in 2007 and we’re neighbors again Which is pretty cool so uh yeah we’re

Gonna go head out and meet her dad Stewie at the camp Oh Stewie oh my Goodness so many doggies Well we’re at camp now You can see behind me A bunch of trucks and trailers I’ve Never really done this before this type Of type of camp I’m gonna go out get some gross maybe Some ducks maybe some bunnies if Possible You can see all the Tamaracks are in Bloom or in color right now Tessa this is Tessa the one night husky Hey sweetheart Oh wolfy loves her Oh husky Pals And you can see there’s still snow here And the Tamarack are just lit up Like I said I’ve never done this before And these guys are very experienced so I’m happy to be here and learn and it’s Going to be a good experience for Wolf As well Look friends Oh what’d you find there Wolfie oh Oh Um we got what do you call it tenderloin Three days old I have a two and a half year old cow Wolfie what’s this What’s this Wolfie Good boy yes yes what’s that Good boy

Good boy Ah good night Just chilling out in a little bunky here Got the wood stove going dogs in there I’m gonna camp out tonight I set up my Tarp uh over here somewhere we’ll go Check it out real quick So I used there’s one tree back there I Tied off too but there wasn’t one over Here so I just used my four-wheeler And Wolfie and I will camp out under Here tonight And I’ll get up early and go try and get Some more birds tomorrow [Applause] But that’s a husky tray right Um [Music] Archers Well Everybody’s gone to bed It’s time for me to make up A bed in here Wolfie somewhere he’s probably eaten Gross pieces if he ever shows back up Which I’m sure you will But I don’t mind him being gone well I Set this up so that I can get it all Squared away pretty good Without him stepping on my sleeping pad There you are where were you big boy hey Where were you I’m gonna sit with me bud Good boy Wolfie all squared away no no You stay there I got him tied up to a

Tree I’ll show you You can’t go any farther than this he’s Tied off to That tree there All right we’re going to bed folks Mr Wolfie’s ko’d as you can see And I’m ready for bed too We’re gonna sleep under the tarp get up In the morning Try and get some more birdies Good night Good morning buddy Boy Super right Almost eight in the morning now Wolf and I are just chilling here under The tarp cuddling Oh it sounds like most of the camp is up Now Wolfie was Ah chomping at the bit to go play with The other dogs So he’s running around right now and I’m Just getting my stuff on I like to um crawl back on my sleeping Bag after I put my clothes on and warm My clothes up that way so I’m gonna do That this morning And then go get breakfast Hey buddy you excited you have a point You have a point camp all the doggies Hey snoots It was so cold last night there’s uh

Is for Frost Foreign Where is it Shadow good girl Good girl shadow Where is it [Music] Hey good eye Should have brought a bag that’s all Right we’re just going for a for a Little walk I haven’t had coffee yet Yeah we can go back like Two is pretty Two’s pretty good You want that I said Danielle you should just give Tesla right I don’t did I do something Wrong no okay no Oh yeah thank you [Music] Right right Five But because you’re here overnight you Get you get to bring 15 home sick Because I’m here for three days okay Yeah it was pretty wild there was like a A group of like a family of those young Ones and everything and it seemed like The dad was trying to distract me So I should put this in uh the freezer Okay all right Three Hold on buddy you coming in come on Okay we just gotta get this in the Freezer

You can shoot from there Joe [Applause] What sound do they make liquor Cheap and then I love when they fly so There’s something of the job yeah I used to think it was an outboard motor Before I knew anything I was camping and I come here [ __ ] motor again Checking out this Lake Tammy’s showing Me Attaches to a nice river system Apparently and there’s good fishing For walleye and Pike What do you got Wolfie is that that fish Skin This is the Cold Lake [Applause] It’s nice and clear Yes Oh all the way yeah or at least to there Oh sick I didn’t see this This is where this is where you were Talking about yeah yeah this is perfect Man like Uh-huh it’s so easy enough to get to What do you got what do you got big boy Hey Wolfie Hey good boy Foreign Do a puddle Another ruffle look at all the Ruffles Three Back why are you coming in the front

Seat Yeah but then she freaks out right like She’s shaking just uh you’re okay Because we can stop shooting no no no Well back at camp now there’s some drama There’s some drama We got the bush cat up in the tree so I’m gonna have to try to lure him down I Think Zafira She’s playing with the branches like 50 Feet in a tree oh God Oh what Wait Saved I could play I know you’re tired then go Lay down [Applause] What do you see Tasty bird Shadow oh you’re taking it easy Here’s my wolfy boy let’s go clean those Birds let’s clean those birds up huh Is that that’s a Cabela’s tent That’s a Cabela’s tent yeah The what A laknak That’s the meat from four gross Build up a Ziploc All right Doing all right We’ll see this dehydrated or Freeze-dried food that you can add water To and or break up and feed

Like this It’s a lot lighter and smaller than Kibble would be Granted it doesn’t matter for this trip But I just wanted to try it out So we’ve been sighting in my 22 just Messing around all the dogs went for a Walk because they didn’t like it look What look what Wolfie did He wouldn’t laid by my gear Hey good boy it’s okay you’re good Boy oh I know you’re doing such a good Job over here buddy I’m so proud of you I’m so proud of you Such a good boy are you smiling are you Smiling You’re a good boy I had to take my shelter down because it Was attached to my four-wheeler Foreign ER today so I gotta set up my tent again Or my tarp again rather but I could sleep in the trailer as they’ve Offered me to sleep in the campers they Just I like camping out with Wolfie He’s ko’d man He’s dead to the world I know all I I knew I was going That far and that broke two of the Points are coming up [Music] Yeah this works Though I’ll have to get you to 7

7. oh I met your buddy Trevor the smoke There’s smoke and everything we’ve got a Whiskey Jack for a gray Jay depending on What you want to call it eaten what is It up there moose The inner inner part of the heart Tenderloin we just hung up the Tenderloin Like I said he’ll take the other There you go Just got a doggy nap time here Come on Wolf let’s go buddy Good boy good boy we’ll be That’s right Foreign Ass to get back to you guys seriously I Had to catch up with him Okay [Music] Did I miss yeah oh yeah I went up in the Tree Foreign Wolfie’s been smooching scrounging and Mooching got some steaks on the barbie To go Not too bad Yeah you know look at the morsels licked All the morsels cash Hi Wolfie are you having fun at Camp Wolfie Tammy I forgot to put this on your steak The one or the product we brought back To the trailer He loves those things he throws them all

The time oh yeah Why don’t you lay on that bed right There buddy Won’t you Know just get on the ground eh all right Done We’re heading to bed Wish me luck I’ll see you guys in the Morning Good luck on sleeping Joe A tired boy lots of action today What’s new experiences I’m so glad I Brought him I’m so glad I came lots of Fun Super grateful for my neighbors I finally got him on the bed Something fun mattress And my Coat on top of I’m sure he’s fine But it’s pretty freaking cold I just want to be comfortable Don’t hate me because I’m baby my dog So I’ve always really wanted to do Something like this I’m just starting Small with birds you know what I mean But I never had anybody to show me last Year Tosh and I went with bows for for a Deer Um But no luck And this I’ve had lots of luck That’s lots of fun and I’m appreciative For the knowledge and I like the fact

That I can provide for my family Um I feel a little bit more manly But it’s just a blast I’m glad the dog’s Here learning from the other dogs He doesn’t care about the Shots at all And uh It’s just cool it’s cool being out here I could see staying out here for a week This is Moose Camp real really and they Already got one Um they’re just staying out here until Tomorrow I’m gonna help tear down camp And uh Yeah Really cool Really cool to have people who are Excited to show me things like this Good morning buddy Oh Big Stretch Oh yeah Oh no All right Hey coming back I’m hungry Quarter after eight supposed to be Leaving here around 8 30 to go drive Around for some more birds so I better Get up Great sleep absolutely fantastic sleep Oh [Applause] That’s a sure

Proof way to make yourself get up in the Morning Put all the air out of your sleeping pad Oh hi Shadow what are you doing over Here [Laughter] I love you too you’re such a good boy Hey there’s my hand I will I love you Yeah I’ll have a bacon tomato sandwiches You want lettuce with the two [Music] Foreign Foreign [Applause] Man you really have the eye for I guess It just comes with time eh That skill S Foreign [Applause] Let’s face it [Music] Voila right now froggy oh by the way [Applause] Thank you I’m getting all packed up trying to find Wolf And him in winter Being doggy Pals Uh the marsh Were you guys just drinking the The beaver fever water Hey

You having fun hey buddy Yeah you are You going swimming It’s almost the end of October here and It’s hot enough to be Uh wrapping my white pasty skin so it’s Good weather Real nice spot I limited out on birds Oh Don’t eat it Oh yeah yeah you probably uh yeah that’s Not good leave it alone [Applause] Man that Beetle must have secreted Something because he smelled it and then It’s Started foaming at the mouth and Spitting it out come on bud come on you Know when we When we made the move up here like four Years ago four years ago this October This was the plan the whole time be more Self-sufficient live off the land be Helpful to the neighbors have the have a Community type thing you know what I Mean and uh this is exactly that They welcome me with open arms they Taught me Everything without being judgmental or Anything like that Didn’t make fun of me too much so Uh it was a great success I learned a Whole lot

And like I’ve said Wolfie learned a lot Too it’s a really good experience for Both of us he’s not nervous around any Of this stuff And uh that’s super awesome for me Because this is what I’ve been wanting To do for a long time So hope you guys enjoyed it I know it Was completely different and some people Will be Not happy about it but that’s just how It is guys I’m not trying to offend Anyone just living my life and Everything I’m doing is legal and Morally right regardless of that’s your Opinion or not I love all people from all walks of Ages I want everybody to be accepting of Everyone else oh wolfy I’m so proud of You I tied them up under the tarp with me Both nights just because there were so Many smells around and it were pretty North and there’s other dogs you might Want to be able interested in stuff like That so it’s just easier for me But I’ll go back to just having them Next to me once we’re by ourselves and It’s a little bit more normal of a Camping trip for us I think we’re gonna Just have a last little lunch together And I’m gonna drive Tammy into

Town here and drop her stuff off at her Parents and her off and then Wolfie and I have the uh Long drive home It’s already it’s two o’clock I won’t be Home till dark tonight for sure that’s Okay though Totally worth it And I would come back again it was Either going four-wheeling this weekend Or coming here and doing this with my Two options and I’ve been four-wheeling And I really enjoy it But this is skills life skills that I Wish I would have been taught Growing up Well buddy it’s just you and me again Ready for the drive Thanks for watching folks hope you Enjoyed it We’re gonna drive home now everybody’s Dropped off everything’s all squared Away so See you on the next one Stopped here A little little snack a little break That is old woman The head [Applause] We’ll feed the bush though Come on go Good boy [Applause] He’s biting the water like that

Foreign [Applause] You’re my good boy