A Great Find On A Wild Day – Dangerous Woods

By | October 30, 2022

Wow Wally here We’re a bit off-road Go on Bruno Guys Hang on hang on hang on hang on hang on I’m out I’m out on an expedition an Expedition an Autumn expedition to go to Camp The hardware The hardware And the hardware guys Is straight up Stitching I found this cool Trill here Takes me in roughly the direction that I Want to go so that’s where we go Bruno Isn’t it Come on Someone’s right behind me Foreign A row of wind bushes across the top Up here He likes slipping in behind me and Letting me do all the trail breaking but Then He gets right behind me and he ends up Getting the kick in the chin when I’m Walking Very uneven You don’t know Bruno come on you you go Ahead The last time I was up here guys Uh

Bruno won’t miss him He’s a much different dog we go this Check this out Come on this way Yeah Something guy here If something died here Might be something cool for us to find Let’s see There we go there’s something else and There is something Let’s have a look at this You guys see that I wonder where the head is There’s a jaw There’s a horn One horn she’s quite a big horn come on Back oh it stinks Where is the sky Foreign Guys it’s the Briars and the brambles I don’t know where the rest of that is Ah This will be something for another day I think what do you think Bruno This is where the The horn came out of in here So I don’t see anything Else I really should be following the dog But He’s at He’s he’s four-wheel drive I’m only two Sometimes tree

All right When I get over this wall I’m on a track I see a track Right here is an old car track So you just turns the corner Goes back down the mountain and that’s Where we came from over there So It’s amazing it’s amazing up here but I’m definitely taking the hard route go Bruno I’ll bring those up with me now I Want to be I want to be in a You want to be in a catalog or no He wants to be a catalog though I’m not going for bring him this way That’s where I find the cramp off You remember that I gotta go and go through some sketchy Stuff now Uh some lump of an ash tree right there Oh yeah check it out check it out Grandpa crumple Lovely Lovely guys I I’ve been waiting for this Tree to produce crumb boils for a long Time Yes Guess what we’re trying next in the uh Flint and Steve videos crumbles yay Told you it was windy still Bruno stay Very solid but That’s what I find when I store Crown Balls is that the bloody slugs eat them No

Now we’ll do pretty good Now look you turn it away with your big Fat bomb Guys a score A score I was I wasn’t expecting I’m always Checking but I wasn’t expecting nice one Nice one nice one So I’ll move on I’ll move on we’ll get into Good camp at some stage You know I’m starting to think that this might Have been one of my best ideas It is remarkably windy the trail is very Hard to see If I can find it down this way This is here actually My heart keeps blowing off This is the trim This is not the trail What do you think Bruno I’m thinking there’s a lot of rotten Trees I’m thinking it’s very windy and I’m Thinking I am going to call that as it Is and this is too dangerous to be in The woods right now Bruno come on we’re Gonna go back Come on Up until this point it wasn’t because I Wasn’t in the woods I was on the exposed Mountain even though I was quite Sheltered but up here where I am guys

And over in the Red Branch or not Red Branch sorry over into Goat Camp it is It’s too windy that’s it it’s too windy I’m making a call We’re going to try to find somewhere Else or I’m just gonna go home Guys thanks for watching stay frosty if I find anything else cool I’ll uh I’ll I’ll turn the camera on guys But uh no it’s too windy Really what’s happening today but So I’m back in the forest again that was Torturous as as it can be this time of Year everything is wet everything is Still quite long all the ferns in the Bracken I don’t know if you can see them Behind me they’re all just lying over And that’s even standing up straight Everything is falling over so Going is very difficult to underfoot Very very difficult you can’t see what You’re doing It’s a woodpecker You can’t you can’t see what you’re Doing Can’t see where your feet are going Uh everything you’re walking through Stuff just like this hi that’s squeaking You can hear is a tree rubbing off Another tree somewhere but Unfortunately right now This is my only route I just have to Keep in the yard

I didn’t even get to have any coffee Wow Oh Jesus the dog gonna work out Didn’t you bring up Get out of these Woods And onto a path in the woods Yeah it makes no sense What Guys Listen to your God Don’t be a statistic don’t be one of These people because oh Are you avoiding a flattened by a tree When he was out for a walk Easy going from here