Jeremiah 4 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | October 28, 2022

Jeremiah Chapter 4. If you do return o Israel declares Yahuwah return to me And if you remove your Abominations from My presence and see straying and shall Swear as yahuwah lives in truth in right Ruling and in righteousness The Nations shall bless themselves in Him in yahuwah and they shall boast in Him for this is what yahuwah said to the Men of Judah and Jerusalem break up your Tillable ground and do not sow among Thorns circumcise your yourselves unto Yahuwah and take away the foreskins of Your hearts oh so circumcision of the Heart is not a new testament construct Interesting And take away the foreskins of your Hearts you men of Judah and inhabitants Of Jerusalem lest my wrath come forth Like fire and burn with none to quench It because of the evil of your Deeds Declare in Judah and let it be heard in Jerusalem and say blow a shofar in the Land cry aloud and say gather yourselves And let us go into the walled City lift Up the banner towards Zion be strong do Not stand still for I am bringing evil From the north a great destruction A lion has come up from his Bush and the Destroyer of Nations is on his way he Has set out from his place to make your Land a ruin your cities are laid waste

Without inhabitant For this gird yourself with sackcloth Lament and whale For the burning displeasure of yahuwah Has not turned back from us And in that day it shall be declares Yahuwah that the heart of the king Shall Perish and the Heart of the heads and The priests shall be astonished and the Prophets Wonder Then I said ah Master yahuwah truly you Have greatly deceived this people and Jerusalem saying peace is for you Whereas the sword reaches to their heart At that time it shall be said To this people and to Jerusalem a Scorching wind of bear Heights blows in The wilderness towards the daughter of My people Not to fan or to cleanse A win too strong for this shall come for Me now it is thy and now it is I who Speak judgments against them See he comes up like clouds in his Chariots like a world when his horse Shall be swifter than Eagles woe to us For we shall be ravaged O Jerusalem wash your heart from Evil And be saved Wash your heart from Evil and be saved Be baptized for the remission of sins Mikvah A ritual washing for cleansing Repentance to shuva interesting

Oh Jerusalem wash your heart from Evil And be saved to when would your wicked Thoughts remain with you for a voices Declaring from Dan and his proclaiming Trouble from Mount Ephraim announced to The Nations look Proclaim against Jerusalem that besiegers are coming from A distant land to raise their voice Against the cities of Judah Like keepers of a field they are against Her all around because she has rebelled Against me declares yahuwah your ways And your Deeds have brought this upon You this is your evil because it is Bitter because it has reached into your Heart Oh my inward Parts my inward Parts I am In pain oh the walls of my heart my Heart pounds in me and I am not silent For you have heard o my being a voice of The shofar a shot of battle destruction Upon destruction is cried for all the Land is ravaged suddenly my tents are Ravaged my curtains in a moment how long Shall I see a banner and hear the voice Of a shofar For my people are foolish they have not Known me they are stupid children They have no understanding They are wise to do evil but to do good They have no knowledge Knowledge and understanding Hmm Proverbs

My son listen to my wisdom Proverbs 5. Incline your ear to my understanding so As to watch over discretion and guard Your and your lips guard knowledge Yeah talking about the strange woman Which is false worship How about uh proverbs 4 children listen To the discipline of a father and give Attention to no understanding for I gave You good instruction do not forsake my Torah Let your heart hold fast my words guard My commands and live Proverbs 3 my son do not forget my Torah Let your heart watch over my commands For length of days and long life and Peace they add to you Proverbs 2. My son if you accept my words and Treasure up my commands with you Treasure up my commands my son Treasure up my commands with you so that You make your ear attend to wisdom and Climb your heart to understanding for if You cry for discernment lift up your Voice for understanding if you seek her As silver and search for her as Hidden Treasures then you would understand the Fear of yahuwah and find the knowledge Of Elohim for yahuwah gives wisdom out Of his mouth comes knowledge and Understanding Proverbs 1 the proverb of Solomon son of David king of Israel for knowing wisdom

And discipline for understanding The Words of understanding for receiving the Discipline of wisdom righteousness right Ruling and straightness The fear of yahuwah is the beginning of Knowledge Fools despise wisdom and discipline [Applause] Coincidence it’s just coincidence uh We’re reading here in Jeremiah that These people didn’t listen to yah they Didn’t circumcise their hearts they Didn’t keep the Torah and so he’s Sending this Destroyer to Jerusalem to Shwack their peepees because they Couldn’t behave Jeremiah 4 22 for my people are foolish They have not known me they are stupid Children they do not have understanding They are wise to do evil but they do but To do good they have no knowledge They have no knowledge Children listen to the discipline of a Father and give attention to no Knowledge understanding for I gave you Good instruction do not forsake my Torah Proverbs 4. I looked at the Earth and I saw it was Formless and empty in the heavens they Had no light this is like a cataclysmic Apocalyptic imagery now This is Jeremiah speaking I looked at The mountains and I saw that they shook And all the hills were swaying I looked

And I saw and there was no man and all The birds of the heavens had fled I Looked and saw the garden land was a Wilderness and all its cities were Broken down at the presence of yahuwah By his burning displeasure for thus said Yahuwah all the Earth shall be a ruin But I shall not make a complete end on Account of this let the Earth mourn and The heavens above be dark because I have Spoken because I have purposed and shall Not relent nor do I turn back from it All the city is fleeing from the noise Of the horsemen and The Bowman they Shall go into the bushes and climb up on Rocks all the city is Forsaken and no One is dwelling in it and when you are Ravaged what would you do You put on Crimson though you Adorn Yourself with ornaments of gold though You enlarge your eyes with paint you Beautify yourself in vain your lovers Despise you they seek your life For I’ve heard a voice as of a woman in Labor the distress as of her who brings Forth her first child the voice of the Daughter of Zion she bewails herself she Spreads out her hands saying woe to me For my being faints my soul faints Because of killers Jeremiah Chapter 4. Let’s uh all not be stupid children Bless y’all