Is it Too Late to Prepare? Has the Window Closed?

By | October 28, 2022

Foreign [Music] Just a quick glance at the headlines Today and it’s easy to understand why Many feel anxious overwhelmed and Out of Time Wildfires freezing temperatures floods Droughts War governments dramatically Changing leadership economies failing a Looming Railway strike that could Supply chains and even potential Dirty bombs and nuclear power plant Disasters are all part of the Daily News It definitely seems like we’re leaving a Period of relative calm peace and Prosperity for rougher Seas shortages And even perhaps violence we’re in the Middle of challenging times and the Future isn’t looking much better is it Too late to prepare download the start Preparing Survival Guide to help you Prepare for any disaster I’ll post a Link in the description and comments Section below or visit Forward slash get started or free guide To help you get started on your journey Of preparedness Is it too late to prepare him I get that Question in emails and various comments On some of my videos and it it comes up Quite a bit more people are preparing Than ever before and that’s good news When I get serious about preparing my Primary focus was natural disasters but

My views have evolved over the last Several years based on information that Comes in and things that change some They prep for theoretical disasters that We’re not really likely to happen now Though the tragedies that we continue to Face and the disasters that we could Face are less hypothetical and are Becoming increasingly far more probable I recently asked in a poll on the Channel whether you thought it was too Late to prepare almost 60 percent of you Believe that there was still time and I’m pretty optimistic and I’m glad to Hear that you are optimistic about that But there isn’t any time left to be Complacent about it and that was a Sentiment as well in the poll in this Video I’m going to try to explain why I Don’t feel that it’s too late even now What you still have time to do and why You need to prepare now more than ever Also be sure to stick around to the end As I’ll share something that’s a bit More interesting if we haven’t met Before my name is Chris and on this Channel we discuss emergency Preparedness AKA prepping we discuss how To do it why you should do it and what You should be preparing for now I know Many people feel anxious about what they See in the world as old systems fell and Are replaced by new systems were not Replaced even at all anxiety is really a

Result of not having a plan for example When your Municipal Water Systems fell As we just recently saw a few months ago In Jacksonville Mississippi or even a Few years ago in Flint Michigan will you Be prepared when the power goes out Indefinitely are you in deep trouble and At the mercy of the government or Neighborly relief what many people fail To understand is that when the fires of Chaos are all around you after a Disaster the stores are the first to be Depleted and they don’t hold enough to Sustain a society for even a few days Most people are heavily dependent upon a Just-in-time delivery system it works Great when everything is going smoothly But when it’s not it’s daily for the Masses when I look around though I don’t See stores that are closed while there May be a shortage here or there most Things are still in pretty good Supply Obviously the price of nearly everything Has gone up here in the last year or two And that observation is not a reason for Panning but it’s also not a reason to Become complacent walk into any house in America and open the refrigerator or Even their pantry and there probably Isn’t enough food between the two to Sustain a person for more than a few Days at best and these people are not Facing the reality that things will Eventually fall apart it’s like playing

Outside when we see the dark clouds are Rolling in and things are just getting Darker and darker and the rain starts Falling harder and harder and the Lightning and the Thunder get closer and Closer I think the last few years can be Summarized that way when people finally Come to the conclusion they accept that They need to seek shelter they’re going To find that it’s harder to make their Way to one that’s available and they’ll Typically find that it’s hard to find a Shelter that’s not already packed full Of people that were just a few steps a Few moments ahead of them when you see The storm clouds you need to make a plan And that’s the first key to survival so You don’t have money for fancy Freeze-dried emergency food neatly Wrapped and vacuum sealed and mylar Wrappers but can you afford a case of Soup canned vegetables or even canned Fruits that you can pick up now at your Local store that case of canned food Will have a shelf life of several years It may not have all the calories and Nutrients that you need but it might be Just enough to get you through a Disaster that may impact your community For a week or more the reality is that We really have everything we need to Thrive through a disaster but survivors Will tell you that they had just enough Of something to get them through you can

Still get a 20 pound of rice for about 20 bucks cooked that’s over about 30 000 Calories and plenty of carbohydrates it Doesn’t have a ton of nutrients but it Will keep you alive if that’s all you Had making a survival food plan is Easier than you may think and I’m linked To a couple of videos that I’ve done in The past one for building a two-week Food supply one for billing a year Supply and there’s also a video on the Channel that I did Not that long ago that outlines just 16 Pounds of food that can keep you alive For an incredibly long period of time You see the food is there the plans are There it’s up to you to implement them Last year I took on a rather daunting Personal goal of running a marathon and I’ve jogged nearly most of my life on Pretty much almost a daily basis at Least typically five to six times a week But I’ve never really gone much past six Miles in any one jog so when I first Started out the idea of going for 26.2 Miles seemed impossible and I know that Health and Longevity are intricately Tied together and as a prepper I want to Survive as long as possible for my wife And my kids and obviously I’m not one to Throw in the towel so I took on the Personal Challenge and I was very Concerned starting out about an old Injury that I have I have a knee injury

I have a torn meniscus that’s been Bugging me for years but I didn’t let That stop me it would have been easy to Look and say well you know come on a Marathon on a torn you know a messed up Knee but I decided you know what I’m Just going to continue to push through And see how it worked out and at the end Of the day it did work out what I did is I found a plan online I followed it and It made all of the difference had I not Had a plan I would have probably just Jogged when I felt like it only for Distances that didn’t make me feel Uncomfortable but what I found was a Plan that I followed very closely and it Was horrible on Saturday mornings I had To jog for hours and I was typically Exhausted the rest of the day and I Nearly gave up several times during Training but fortunately I had friends Which encouraged me to stay the course One of them in particular that had done A marathon before and he had gone Through some of the same challenges and He kept encouraging me stick to it and I Did I’m glad I listened to him And during the training I had several Setbacks and I didn’t hit all the goals That I wanted to but I pushed on I didn’t expect overnight success Precisely because I have had other Failures in life I’ve had injuries I’ve Had things that have prevented me from

Going as far and as quickly with goals That I had wanted to go but I just Didn’t achieve them but failing is a Part of learning to survive prepping Requires us to challenge ourselves it Requires us to be steadfastly focused on Our goals it requires us not to withdraw From life or to give up when it gets top It requires us to be radically present In our daily lives and focus on enduring And building a better future for Ourselves and our loved ones finding a Plan and working it that was one of the Motivations that drove me to create the Preppers roadmap course I’ve mentioned It several times on the channel this Year it’s a course I rolled out at the Beginning of the year I poured hundreds And hundreds of hours into it where my Goal is to make it easier for you to Truly understand what you need to get in Place to endure an increasingly unstable And dangerous future it was really Designed to allow people to plan as Quickly as possible based on the years Of experience and knowledge I’ve Developed teaching on the subject and I’ll post a link to it in the Description and comment section below if You’re interested I have mentioned a few Times here recently but the goal of it Was to enable you to move as quickly as Possible in your preparedness Journey Without making all the mistakes I think

That I’ve made along the way providing You with a plan and Illuminating a path For you has really been core to much of What I try to do on this channel Hundreds of hours of video that detail Everything from crafting soap and Gardening to the most pressing threats That we collectively face and it’s so Essential for you to get ready to get Prepared for this future that we all Face and it goes far beyond just having An earthquake kit or disaster bag one Thing for you to truly understand here Is that the actual work though has to be Done by you also every inch and foot of Preparedness not only makes the outcome Of your future slightly more certain but It’s also building a stronger today look You may may not be in a war zone or in The path of a hurricane anytime in your Immediate future still if you have the Preps in place and simply face the loss Of a job for example or a sudden need to Relocate or even a minor medical Emergency or even a major one those Preps I believe will get you through and I’ve heard countless stories of Individuals that they’ve shared stories That that really did having those things In place got them through these what do We kind of consider everyday things that Come up in life the ease your anxiety And provide you the confidence and Sustenance you need to see you through

To better days I recently came across a Term from a subscriber that they Mentioned in a comment on a recent video And it really captures my viewpoint kind Of my world view at this point and I Think you’ll like this one it’s apocal Optimus I love that it’s apocal Optimus This is defined as someone who knows That it’s all going to hell in a Handbasket but still thinks we’ll find a Way to get through it all it’s true that The present day that you’re in in days That you can visualize most clearly in Your immediate future they may be some Of the darkest days when you look back On your life though you may have been in More trying times you may have been Stressed and just ridden even hopeless Looking back over the long Arc of History our ancestors they survived more Significant Wars extended periods of Famine fewer food choices no electricity Or running water periods of pestilence With very little medical knowledge and So much more Sometimes there were several things they Were trying to survive at all the same Time and sometimes everyone in the Family but your direct ancestor died What I’m trying to tell you is that it Can get a whole lot worse but when you See these stories there tends to be a Common theme for survivors they had a Food source a source of water or shelter

That protected them the suddenness of Their Calamity possibly caught them off Guard but they were also somewhat better Prepared to face it than those around Them they had an ounce more strength Than those who perish my personal belief Is that we’ve hit a peak in our Collective history as a species in the Days ahead they’re going to be Challenging will better days return in My lifetime I honestly don’t know I’m Having a hard time seeing where things Could improve on our current trajectory I don’t know if the prosperity many of Us experienced in the last 30 or 40 Years is going to return anytime soon if At all I do personally believe that it’s in Your best interest to learn more and More self-sufficiency skill sets and Prepare yourself mentally for Challenging times ahead if you’re Feeling anxious and overwhelmed focus on Creating stability with what you know And the resources you can acquire and Set aside maybe that’s a few extra cans Of vegetables maybe that Sprouts or even Micro greens perhaps you have it a dime To spin or don’t want to spend any more Money if that’s the case work on Yourself build your knowledge your Skills and your health those resources Will serve you long after the food runs Out and the Water Runs Dry in fact

Focusing on your health knowledge and The skills is the most vital and most Overlooked of preps many people who prep Don’t even know how to use some of the Things that they’ve set aside for after A disaster many others lack the physical Strength and endurance to make it Through the aftermath of a disaster Ask yourself honestly if a disaster Struck your community and you were on The other side of town and you had to Walk home could you do it do you have The level of Fitness to make it home I Say this all the time on the channel Prepping it’s like investing the best Time to prep was tin five or even two Years ago and the next best time is Today at this late stage in the game you Would be best served with the plan you Could follow I’ll post a link to a free Downloadable guide below and we’re Always working as a team behind the Scenes to try to provide relevant useful Information to help you stay ahead if You’re unsure where to start or lack any Extra funds then the easiest obvious Freeway to prep is to focus on your Health it really comes down to getting Up and moving if you’re not sure where To begin and I’m going to be doing a Video or series of videos more on the Subject soon so please take the time to Subscribe to the channel I’m going to be Detailing a physical fitness plan that

I’m working on specifically for this Community and as I mentioned I did a Marathon a year ago but I kind of got Complacent in the last year Since then and I’ve been actively Working over the last few months to Really Implement and follow a plan that I’m personally working on which I’ll Roll out shortly on the channel what’s Even funner is that my 12 year old son Is working on a scout rank that requires That he tracks 30 days of physical Fitness which we actually started today At the time recording this video and I’ve been working out with him to help Motivate him now I’m personally working Out typically two to three times a day But I enjoy it look I’m not gonna lie to You life is finite we all know this You’ll eventually reach the end of your Days we all will I recently just went Back to Texas last week and I saw a Family that I hadn’t seen in quite some Time and it had been about nine years Since I’ve been back And it was really a strong reminder to Me that we should value the time that we Have with those that we love so there’s Going to come a time when no amount of Prepping will absolve you of this Reality the fact that life is finite is The very reason that you should be Preparing to get the most out of all the Days that you are in regardless of the

Calamities around you that would seek to Shorten that or a finite timeline so let Me come back to the original question is It too late to prep emphatically I would Say no will you have everything you need In place when disasters come your way Probably not will you have what you need To survive Quite possibly you will have enough but You absolutely have to start today at This point you could benefit from a Detailed step-by-step plan and you Should strive to do something every day Every day has a date and a number on it For a reason and that shouldn’t be the Cause of anxiety for you it should be a Motivator for your future Get Up Get Busy stay focused work your plan and you May find that you have exactly what you Need when you need it are the stores Still open at some point it won’t matter Anymore to you if you’re prepared in the Meantime leverage that asset like any Other there’s always time but you have To have a plan know what you need Understand why you need it and then Learn how to use it if you had heated The message to prepare from the video That I did a year ago talking about this Exact subject how much better off and Less under the gun would you be right Now perhaps you did heed my message There did it save you when the power Went out over the storm’s truck how is

Prepping enrich your present life let us Know why you prep and what it’s done to Improve your life in the comments below I’ll finish by sharing a little more About the video that I just referenced a Second ago the one that I did a year and A half ago I released a video and in That video I asked the same exact Question I asked in this video is it too Late to prepare and I did that video I Believe it was May of 2021 and I shared Many of the same points in that video That I did in this one because the facts Remain the same we have time but it’s Just not going to get any easier clearly Since I did that video Back Then Inflation has Stripped Away a lot of our Buying power But there’s always time again time’s not On our side I would encourage you not to Get complacent and where would you be Right now on your journey you have Preparedness if you had followed that Video a year and a half ago say you’re Watching this now and you’ve been Watching the channel for a while but you Haven’t really taken it that serious but Had you gotten serious a year and a half Ago where would you be today my hope is That if I do the same video a year and a Half in the future in 2023 or 2024 a Year and a half if we’re still all here My hope is that you would have Implemented today a plan and followed it

We have time it’s just a matter of not Allowing yourself to get complacent and To begin to take the steps and again if You’re not sure where to start I’ll post A couple of links below that are guides That will help you get going as always Stay safe out there