The 2022 Prepper Gear Draft – EP 168

By | October 27, 2022

[Applause] The threat of disaster is never Pleasant Welcome to the Casual Preppers podcast These safety measures are essential the Only place for prepping survival and Entertaining this will be your source of Survival instructions and information Every member of the family must be Coached in the business of survival here Are your hosts Cam and Kobe here we are Doing okay over there yeah You were uh looks like you were Struggling yeah okay just yeah we’re Talking about doing a list of things to Do to help your hiccups yeah cause it Just gets out of control I was like oh Crap I have the hiccups if I start Hiccuping I apologize everybody but like I’ll get rid of him hookups and we’re Like we should just write an article Yeah like the most ridiculous stuff girl On top of ladder sit there swallow Bottle cap stick finger in your left ear Yeah it’s just like such ridiculous Stuff man I think we’ve talked about That before I think we have to the Hiccup cure yeah there’s a billion of Them we gotta do it you got to do a Medical tip one Yeah Cameron today I’m like I’m excited This is an interesting episode we have Going for us today yeah this is Different this is different I don’t Think I’ve ever seen anybody do this we

Are we are blazing a trail through the Podcast Universe today we are uh what Are we doing yeah so we’re gonna do a Prepper gear draft mm-hmm sounds super Interesting just like an NFL draft it is Yep we’re gonna follow those similar Rules and we’re just gonna go through a List of items that we’ve made and just Start picking yeah but the other person Can’t pick that wants to pick you don’t Just like a normal draft and it’s it’s Hard because there’s there’s like only Really hard one yeah you know Sawyer Mini or something you know it’s never Gonna randomize some scenarios and time Frames at the end this isn’t a perfect Thing guys so don’t yeah don’t be like We’re just against your list that you Did back in December like no this is Just for fun this is just to facilitate Some conversation about gear and stuff Like that it’s just fun all right guys Have fun sit back shut up come on dang It I’m having fun yeah before we do that Though I gotta tell you about battlebox It is the monthly subscription box for Men full of solid gear for adventure Seekers draft Was that a burp what was that something Okay uh survivalist outdoor enthusiasts And Casual Preppers each month Battleblocks send you the coolest Selection of hand-picked outdoor Survival in everyday carry gear all

Valued a far more than what you’d Normally pay you never know what’s in The next box but here is a sampling of What users received this month the gear Scope breakdown bow Whoa something like that might actually Mean that’s cool this is cool it might Make an appearance on our list yeah Maybe not that specific one but yeah or The climate Traverse hammock That did not make it on the list we Didn’t put a hammock on there we didn’t All this badass there’s no reason yeah At just 34.99 per month they’ve shipped Almost 8 trillion boxes in one best Men’s subscription box of the decade Probably Um our listeners get a free Knife when You sign up at casual Peppers get your first battle box Plus A free Knife when you sign up at slash Casual Preppers listener reviews Starts Now first pick first battle box battle Box it’s the number one draft pick for My life yep listen to reviews always a Good time sure is I love this podcast Because I know I’ll learn something While also laughing it’s a fun practical Way to get or stay motivated in your Preps or to con or just continue to make You feel less alone in the fact that you Probably don’t have a real inventory and Are overwhelmed at the thought of

Starting one yep that is the truth Megan4187 yes it’s a 100 the truth it Really it really is but thank you so Much for the five star review if you Guys want to be part of this portion of The podcast go to iTunes go to Facebook Leave us a five star review and make it Awesome It’s funny though it’s always that one Too I guess yeah it’s a little short in That button here it is it’s a wire cross Mad mad world Um dude did you see Elon pretty much as Bot Twitter I keep seeing like stuff About it but I’m like is he gonna pull The trigger I don’t know I haven’t Followed it he pretty much yes he did Well it’s gonna be finalized at the end Of this week yeah we’ll see yeah but he He actually it’s pretty hilarious he he Had a video of him walking into the Twitter headquarters he was there Carrying a sink his caption said Entering a Twitter HQ let that sink in [Laughter] Yeah elon’s phony but I think that uh This could this could cause a little Ruckus So anyways I just feel like it’s gonna It’s gonna shake things up a bit it is You know weird yeah but elon’s doing his Thing he was trying to buy wasn’t it Kanye or whatever yay yay uh he bought Parlor right so yeah I started listening

If you guys want to listen to like a Batshit crazy podcast go I just started It so I’m not that far in but go listen To Kanye is on um is that the one you Got in trouble for no no well I think it Was before this he probably got in Trouble on this one too but he’s on the Lex Friedman podcast after this go Listen to that because it is Bonker talk Like it is this is the craziest thing You ever heard that guy’s in that job Yeah he can rap though he knows how to Rap really yeah and it sounded good no Kanye yeah obviously yes Um the guy the guy okay here we go okay Six Women in neon green leotards attack Two New York Subway Riders did you hear About this is this like a start of a Porno Kind of sounds like it yeah no no two Women were attacked early Sunday morning On a New York Subway by a mysterious Group of women in neon green two women Six yeah two women were attacked by six Women in green neon eight women in total Total yeah you got it Um this is scrimmage okay it’s a nice Core image a video of an assault shared On social media shows the group which Has been called The Green Goblin gang The GGG jeez my local media punching and Talking Come on have a good one yeah that was a Good one jeez

Um punching and tossing two 19 year old Women on a Subway near Times Square Around 2 A.M don’t go on the subway at 2AM seriously for one thing that is That’s my whole thing I’m like 2 A.M go Asking for trouble go eat a bowl of Cereal in your underwear like this is Not a good idea you know the assailants Escaped uh the scene with cell phone and Handbag The mother of one of the victims told The post that her daughter told her she Was attacked by aliens I didn’t know what she was talking about This is how she spent her 19th birthday Hope to get what they deserve and then Some because it’s disgusting send them Back to their own Planet yeah Um the NYPD public information office Said that the body suit clad women’s Escaped the subway and are still on the Loose detectives reportedly told one of The victim’s parents that they’ve seen The attacker social media page I’ve seen Him and asking I follow them yeah I just Like how do you not like they seem like They’d be pretty easy to catch I’ll tell You they’re hard to find out there yeah These days and this leotards are screw Me up yes everybody too so I just figure Every Girl’s wearing a damn leotard mom Jeans are a leotard what do I do yeah How do I find them and it’s like bright Green like look at this

Oh my god oh geez it’s like a full body Suit oh yeah over their head and Everything wow yeah geez the hard spot I mean apparently this stuff happens all The time I guess that’s weird you know That group’s okay that one’s bad But that’s weird so next time you think You see aliens it’s probably just the GGG the GGG you know just be like geez I Gotta get out of here GGG jeez Um I like the G’s we’re the G’s the g g G’s Um anyway interesting that’s no good Cameron Um welcome to the 2022 prepper gear Draft I’m great glad to be here glad to Be here I don’t know who do you see as a Number one pick today you know there’s Just so many good ones out there it’s Gonna be tough it’s gonna be a tough one To I really feel like the top three Picks or anybody’s game really they Really are depends on who goes yeah who Gets the number one I mean the Performance of the backpack’s always Been great out there yeah but the fixed Blade you know he’s coming in nowhere He’s got that physicality he’s got the Speed he does he’s he’s got the hand the Multi-uses he’s good he’s good play Different positions and everything don’t Forget water he’s always there that’s That’s the whole reliable water mortar Yeah some awesome Morgan

Yeah so today man we’re doing the 2022 Prepper gear draft this might seem weird Because it is weird but we’re gonna do It anyways all right so basically what We’re doing here is we have this big List of gear and this is all survival And prepper gear there’s probably how Many are there did you count them I Didn’t it was like 35 or something maybe 40 I don’t know there probably is around 30 because I was like yeah man our list Is gonna be 10 and that’s really tough It’s really tough so each of us get 10 Picks we’re gonna we’re gonna do a Little uh random picker to see who gets The first pick and so this could just Screw everything yeah yeah who knows Who’s gonna get the first pick and who’s Gonna pick what so should we go over our List here List yeah I also want to talk about Um what we’re going to start with Everybody like each of us can start with Our basic EDC so this is like a wallet a Watch I debated over this the EDC knife like a Flipper Pocket knife Um in a cell phone yeah you also that’s The standard that’s the standard right You should be carrying that anyway and You get your three days worth of pantry Food and if you don’t have that yeah you Know you ain’t playing this draft you’re

You’re not don’t worry about the draft Because you’re dead yeah exactly well Then but then after we do this pick what We’re gonna do is we have some random Survival scenarios and this is just for Fun you guys this ain’t real this ain’t A real draft just for fun okay we have We have make maybe 10 random survival Scenarios that we’re gonna pick then we Also have random times of the year yeah We’re gonna pick and then we have length Of a disaster which works because you Never know you don’t know could be three Days three weeks three months or years And so that’s the hard thing about this Draft is we’re picking this gear but we Don’t know we kind of were trying to Yeah you had to be a little flexible you Had to think about man I don’t know what Time of year I don’t know just like we Do now we’re basically just putting Together kids not ex you know you have To kind of plan for all of them in a way And it could be three days or it could Be three years like it goes I’m mean There’s a big length of time that this Could be so that’s why it kind of makes It fun and again guys this is just for Fun this is just to facilitate Conversation all right so cam yes tell Us about what gear we have available to Pick from what’s the pool of players We’re working with let’s talk about it Yeah so Jimmy Jack sacks horn from

Um so we’re bags first bags okay we’ve Got a backpack a sleeping bag a fanny Pack garbage bags you get five of them Five garbage bags and then a faraday Pouch you know like a sleeve kind of Thing a little little big not not a Full-on 20 liter dry bag no it’s just a Big little sleeve yeah okay like I said Laptops I sleep okay now on to food and Water you get a water filter pick from We’re just going with a sawyer mini There just because of course that’s kind Of what I would go to anyways hundred Thousand hundred thousand gallons camp Stove cooking pot okay pork one month Nutrient survival food like that one Month water supply survival seeds and Personal steel water container okay onto Weapons you get a fixed blade knife of Course Multi-tool okay you get nine millimeter Handgun with 50 rounds take down bow Three arrows yeah crossbow three arrows A hatchet and a basic tool kit oh I’m Going through that in there and why not It’s a weapon hell you swing it you can Take that socket to the face Right yep yeah shelter tarp hundred foot Paracord backpacking tent bivvy and my Buddy heater with one filled canister Propane propane Protein that’s a pure Protein that’s a hundred percent protein Okay uh last for eternity yeah well if It was true then I’m picking that yeah

Yeah uh lightning well what does propane Doesn’t have an expiration does it I Don’t think it lasts for a long long Time right I think it does anyway uh Lighting and fire so you get a bit Lighter feral Rod fire tender three Weeks worth of fire tender okay I’m just Gonna make Starting Fire super easy yeah Uh flashlight with rechargeable Batteries Um and a headlamp with rechargeable Batteries okay then your medical you get A fact I fax it’s like a basic first aid Kit right yeah it’s got Band-Aid maybe Some ointments and you know just real Like scissors stuff that you any Pack’s Gonna have okay but it’s not gonna go to The extreme it’s not like it’s not a Surgical kit but it’s a perfect trauma Good first aid right right good quality Stuff probably something you would have Like in a bug out bag or something Exactly okay and then a hygiene kit Which has got um tuberculosis Toothbrush toothbrush you’re supposed to Say toothpaste deodorant soap razor Blades uh hand sanitizer you know just The basic stuff to kind of that you use Every night before bed morning before You go to work yeah stuff gas mask this Is separate gas mask an n95 mask okay Three month toilet paper Supply oh my Gosh someone’s already called my name Isn’t it medical that’s a good that’s a

Good category there Transportation the Only thing different from walking around Which you know that’s default that’s Yeah built in yeah it’s just what you Start with a T-shirt and walking a Bicycle a good solid bicycle that had You know that good tires The chains actually been greased before Yeah it’s a nice bike it’s one that You’re probably gonna be able to travel A lot and so this this section we had a Tough time with we almost put it did you Mean bicycle or motor motorcycle no Bicycle I saw a bike and I figured you Meant bicycle yeah yeah bicycle but we Also we thought about putting some sort Of a basic bug out vehicle in there as Well to make it very very enticing but Then we we took it out yeah we took it Out because it’s somewhat of a be tough One not to pick it’d be a really tough One right so we just left it out okay The only different Transportation you Use is bicycle bicycle could have thrown A horse in there we could have but we’re A new bike but you still might be able To get a horse who knows true so power Source yeah solar battery Bank yeah so These are all rechargeable yeah well I Guess the dual fuel generator yeah but You have to find Fuel and then a BioLite Solar home 620. that thing’s great like We’ve talked about before it has Plug-ins for phones it has a solar panel

It has multiple lights Um a radio like is it that that’s a Tough one it is a tough one and then Miscellaneous gear 250 in cash oh bills Small bills beautiful tens one yep oh Just useful yeah 250 dollars in silver Coins okay maybe go even further than 250 you know yeah maybe you never know Uh 50 gallons of fuel okay two-way Radios propane stockpile 50 gallons of Propane goes a long way Emergency radio fishing gear I mean it’s Like pole and bait some lines sinkers Sinkers Bobbers hold this line yeah yeah Uh Survival Guide oh yeah oh some of Those books are so good they are because You’re not gonna remember I mean I don’t Remember [ __ ] I don’t remember anything I can’t even remember what are we doing Yeah what is this Where you at Those survival guides have some awesome Navigation and all that stuff oh so much Stuff bandana three duct tape rolls That’s a good one and then cold weather Clothing oh my gosh maybe snowmobile Suit nice jacket yeah hat gloves just Like every set of nice yeah cold weather Gear nice okay that’s that’s all of it I Mean that’s the list yeah I know there’s a lot of other gear out There but this is this is what we’re Going with okay so this is what we’re Gonna pick from so right now what I’m

Gonna do I’m gonna do a random thing Here and it’s gonna pick between me and Cam and we’re gonna see who gets the First pick I’m gonna get it on my phone Here so I can actually put it on the uh Um the thing on uh YouTube okay are you Ready cam I’m ready you ready for it We’re gonna hit it here it goes I didn’t no Um there is an option oh yes yes we did Mention the option so there is a little A little spin on this we could the Person that go that has the second pick Can trade up to the number one pick if Both parties agree and then that person That that gives up their number one can Have a third pick yeah so essentially They get 11 items so they get this but They get the second pick they get the Second pick but they also get the both Third picks yeah That’s up to one of us all right you Ready to pull in now here it goes you Ready yep I’m excited this is the moment Of truth it’s spinning oh my gosh it’s Me uh Oh Okay now I’m doing it with my phone Uh okay you’re number one yeah I’m Number one Um okay here it is number one pick this Is I’m not gonna trade up you’re not you Don’t want to I don’t want to do it I’ll Just stick with our regular dress stick

With the regular draft holy crap I did Not I I thought for sure I wasn’t gonna Get the first pick Um and I have like I have like I did two I thought I was getting it did you and We both optimistic and it blew it okay So I’ve got a lot of different ways I Can go on this but here’s this is gonna Jack my list here’s how I’m thinking About it what is the most important Thing when it comes to survival I mean in your mind Cameron what’s the Most important thing water water right And so it is definitely not the most Expensive item but I feel like it’s the Thing that’s really going to keep me Survived the longest so I’m going with a Sawyer mini oh you’re going with the Mini I’m going with the Sawyer mini yeah It’s a lot of gallons it’s a hundred Thousand gallons yeah so you were you Were thinking I was gonna go with the One month supply yeah it’s already ready It’s ready to go I’m going sorry I’m Stacked up clean it’s sterilized yeah so Here is the reason why I feel like if This becomes a three month to a Three-year issue that one month supply Is only it’s only one month true right Now I’m gonna have a really hard thought About that too so that’s why I but what If yeah I know I mean we’re talking About the area we’re in yeah well so the Scenario would start possibly in our

Area yeah it was here but we’ll talk About that later with the survival Scenarios if it’s a nuclear blast maybe You got some radiated water you don’t Want that filter bro it’s true it’s 100 True but I just feel like my safest pick Right that was a tough one because I saw Your man went back and forth on that Yeah so Sawyer mini is now gone it’s Gone from should I just like delete it Or should I just put something next to It um let me just make it blue can you Can strike it out I’m gonna make it blue All right that sounds good how does that Work now you know that I like that I Like that not you can’t use it okay okay All right so that’s my normal pick is The Sawyer mini holy crap nice bro and There’s gonna be people that are gonna Be very upset for me at me probably for That pick but why screw him nine to Screw it’s my it might stuck on the Filter through the whatever event you’re Going through exactly right yeah all Right oh man my number one you’re right Water is the number one thing yeah but Bro I gotta carry my gear oh yeah I’m Going with the backpack oh no I didn’t Think it would go that early I know crap I wanted it early because I was like I Got like I needed to all go with me I Get you I get you like That’s why I Considered doing two you just get a

Backpack yeah but uh this makes it tough It does make it oh my gosh so the Backpack is now gone uh Carry my gear so I’m looking right now I feel like you don’t know maybe you’re Gonna stay in place I know you might so That was my risk I was like I gotta take That backpack but I might not have to Use it but if I do you’re much I’m not Carrying any garbage bags well I may Have to yeah you might I’m gonna have to See but here’s the thing if I have to I Can take that pick probably much later Now it’s true with one of those things I Would think unless you get nuts and like I won’t back but I want garbage bags too Right okay so just take all of them I Just want a bunch of Packers I just want Carry stuff that’s all I care about Um okay wow so that’s gone so I gotta go With my number two pick so Um Oh man okay so number two pick Um there’s a couple of different ways I Can go with this but I feel like Um one item that I have on my list can Be used for a lot of different things And that item is The Bic lighter ah dang it okay I I went Back and forth for on a few things with This there’s so many uses for that thing Though yeah so I can keep myself warm I Can cook Um torture people I can just burn a damn

Town down if I have to okay right so Um oh man lighting I mean you can yeah If you have to yeah I could light a Candle yes right I mean there’s a lot of Different things I can do with this big Lighter so I’ve got the Sawyer mini and Now I’ve got the big lighter I feel like I’m doing pretty well to be honest those Were my first two nice little candlelit Room drinking some water out of it out Of the toilet you need a barrel yeah out Of the toilet I can take it right out of The toilet if I need to right I just Drink that straight up yeah you do I Wouldn’t even waste your raw dog that Toilet water bro right Okay so Sawyer Mini’s gone oh we got it Dude did you what was the thing that you Said was gone next uh so sorry mini in The uh big lighter it’s gone I got the Sawyer or the okay Bic lighter is now All right so my number two Is um I mean I I can’t pass up nice Clean ready to go water yeah so I’m Doing that one month water okay one Month water supply okay I just make that Takes a lot of stress off I’ve got one Month ready to go which most scenarios Are gonna fall under but long term yeah It’s not gonna go very far no it Definitely won’t go very far but again You have a whole month and we’re just Talking about it but I’m like unreal Like reality most scenarios are probably

Not gonna go a month You’re 100 right Um One month water supply okay so you got a Backpack you got a [ __ ] ton of water Yeah okay you’re doing pretty good right Yep but here’s the thing with this don’t Take it no I’m just saying I’m just Saying with your backpack and your one Month supply so you’re you’re basically You’re staying put kinda well you could Like you’re gonna have to stay put with That water supply yeah to use I am if You have to do that I was like it’s a Little goofy yeah but at the same time I Don’t really want to go anywhere but if I have to I’m gonna be ready to go you Are but you won’t have water yeah so Yeah that’s a Boy okay there’s no other option there’s There’s a lot of other options but That’s the whole filter and water in the Same didn’t I was like considering the Filter which one I knew it was probably Gonna go yeah I need to consult my list Here so we’re only in number two and I Feel like the list is already hurting oh My gosh I know this it’s so difficult to Do because you just don’t know which Situation it comes back to buying stuff For prepping anyways you don’t know Which situation you’re going into right That’s why this is very very hard okay So I’ve got I’ve got water

Probably right I’ve got a filter anyways I can I have a way to make fire Um I man this is really hard but I think Dude there’s there’s like three Different ways I don’t want to go here But I think I need to take The one month supply of nutrient Survival food okay Um yeah boy that that gets me Um that gives me water food and fire Right off the bat right Um so that’s what I’m gonna do Oh man I I might have just made a Mistake but I I keep going back and forth right now Man it’s so hard big time so yeah I’m Going I’m going with the the food one Month nutrient survival food okay okay You’re not planning on packing out too Much well no I could only when you get Ready to drink some water it works Somewhere we’re both in the same Situation we’ve got like a a stay but Not stay yeah type of but but again That’s but you have to do that you have To you have to have two different you do Plan A and B here that stuff Um So that was your number three that was My number three now it’s your turn for Three I’m going back and forth on this Okay and like looking at maybe switching It up like oh dang it man Um

Yeah I mean in reality almost every You you you’re gonna need a fire so I’ve Gotta pick a feral Rod okay It was it was gonna be a bit quieter but Okay that’s the only other way to really Start like I’ve got to have something to Prepare food yeah to boil water okay to Start down to start a fire in town so You’re going with feral Rod I’m gonna go With Pharaoh rush because I’ve got to Have something just buy things going I Honestly I feel like you could have got That a lot later I I probably you could But well I could have done that I Already have my list you’re right I Should have moved it down it’s done now Yeah it’s okay see that’s where it gets Hard because you uh I I picked it early Because I know I was like I didn’t need To there’s not another person that’s the Hard part about this list but I’m going Off my list of what’s most important you Have to adjust as you go because Of the way things get picked right so You have to pull stuff that’s why I’m Like the backpack is gone I think I Still don’t I still think I’m safe on my Other one though You’re probably okay you know what That’s a change okay so you’ve got the Backpack you’ve got the one month water Supply and you’ve got a feral Rod okay I’ve got the Sawyer mini I’ve got a big

Lighter and I’ve got the one month Nutrient survival oh man okay Um So I feel like Dude this is so hard Um I don’t bro I don’t yet Man because I could do that If I have to bug out I’m going to be in Trouble if I don’t have a shelter Right but Um gosh I gotta have a couple of things Fall into line to make this work Um Maybe I should just go with that because It would get me through okay Um I feel like I want to just do a tarp but I feel like The sheltery stuff was tough I know but If I do there’s a lot of uses but if I Do the tarp I also have to have the Paracord to make it work Right I mean or duct tape I guess you Could duct tape that’s true so because Of that I think I’m gonna do the Backpacking tent oh okay okay okay yeah Um oh Man this is I probably could have got that later on But he could have but probably could Have but you’re gonna be comfortable Yeah I’m gonna become way easier to set Up yeah any other portable it is like

Shelter like but if I obviously if I was Going to do this another way and I had More than 10 picks yeah I would probably Buy it on with the tarps that’s yeah but We only have 10 picks so you have to Think about that as you’re making these Picks okay so now I have the Sawyer mini I have the Bic lighter I have one month Nutrient survival food and then I have a Backpacking tent right So I’m I’m half and half here as well Like I’m either staying at home or I’m Going with yeah so what number are we on We’re on number four this is pick four Okay My number three was the uh the fair run [Music] Okay I’ve got it written down below if You want to look at it so no I’m just Changing it up because I had to move Some stuff up So we’re on number four yeah we’re on Number four and you just took the ten I Just took the tent so I’m gonna go with I’ve got it this is not exciting and It’s like it’s overlooking a ton of Really good gear okay Um oh man there’s two though I know dude So number four okay This isn’t exciting it’s probably gonna Cost me but yeah I’m gonna go with Survival seeds okay wow because you’ve Got a left field because she got like I Don’t have any other food source yeah

You’re right I’ve got water okay so I Can plant indoor yeah and um oh man Hunting and all that scares me man like It’s gonna be so hard I get that in real Life so I’m just gonna go with seeds I Can just in their Heirloom Seeds right Yeah for sure so I can just um I’m gonna go with the seeds I’m gonna go With the seeds because I need food and That that’s and essentially depending on The scenario right most scenarios They’ll be replaceable like I was just Right they’ll just feed me forever and If I do it right Change it up okay so my list is not Following whatever it’s mine is not Having three different lists mine isn’t Even close to anything Um okay you took survival seats okay so I’m gonna take The thing that I feel like is a staple With every bug out bag but also with Every home kit and that is a fixed blade Knife yeah number five Um I just feel like there’s so many Different things that can be done with That um survival wise I agree that uh I I have to I can’t just go past it at Number five I didn’t think there’s any Way in God’s green earth it would be There at five yeah I didn’t think there Was any way so I didn’t either I feel Like that’s a great I honestly didn’t Either

Um so okay fixed blade knife is gone my Number five bro that was Fixed blade slash Multi-tool multi-tool you’re gonna go With the multi-tool I’m taking the Multi-tool okay yeah that was that was My also because there’s so many like the Pliers could be used as like medical Instruments they can help with fishing They can help with building shelters Like I’m going with it oh gotta have it I like it that’s a great pick I think Um so let’s see I’ve got food I’ve got Shelter-ish stuff I’ve got a fixed blade Um okay well since Oh my God this is jacking my list I’m so Jacked up too dude it um I’m way out of My uh Plan whatever my plan was supposed to be Um but I think that’s kind of the fun of This is that uh okay I’m on six so I’ve Got five more picks to go Because of that and because of the Importance of this in again all survival Scenarios I’m gonna take the hygiene kit Oh okay wow well yeah I had a feeling You would throw that in your list Somewhere yeah just because stinky Freaking disease ridden yeah I feel like Um it’s again it’s not sexy it’s not Even close to sexy but if I’m looking at It pure survival scenario Um and I’m bugging out or bugging in for That matter yeah I want that’s the hard

Thing is like so are we considering you Already have like your home and stuff Not necessarily not necessarily okay not Necessarily basically the only thing we Can guarantee we have is this gear is Our EDC gear oh okay that’s on us yeah You might be in three different Environment yes so that’s the only Reason I say yeah because you can’t Assume you have all of your home stuff You can’t that’s what I did too you Cannot assume it you could be yeah we Don’t know what the situation is so Hygiene kit for my number six pick okay Oh I probably could have got that a lot Lower too right that’s an important one Though disease prevention yeah oh man Um It’s over on number six we’re on number Six tearing through this list you got Five more to go man okay Okay so I mean You see you have a multi-tool that’s Great You’ve got I got seeds you’ve got yep It’s gonna be a rod but it’s only Long-term food So you have to look at it that way you I Mean I guess you could eat the seeds It’s not good it’s not going to sustain You for very long that way yeah so You’re looking at long-term food right Right Um

My second my sixth my sixth pick This one this one again is it’s man it’s So stupid and not exciting okay looking At all the other stuff I could have Picked I’ve got to go with this though because Um Man I mean Yeah I’m gonna go with it I’m gonna do It I’m gonna stick with what I what I Had okay I’m gonna go with a cooking pot Cooking pot okay because it can carry Water okay you can cook in it obviously I think it’s great you can put more gear In it yeah and just trap you know you Could stick it in something or you can Bury it as a cash there’s a lot of uses For a cooking pot just capturing water Did you already say that yeah yeah like It’s like oh yeah and ring catchers but I mean like is it transporting water or Getting it out of the river Trying and boiling it that’s a really Good idea like that cooking pot it Sounds so like there’s a lot of Different things you can do with it Valuable but man there’s so many things You can Okay Um kid gracious this is so hard because That was my alternative to water prep I Need something to boil it in yeah it Totally makes sense you got it you gotta Have something like that um gosh there’s

Three different things I want to get at This pick and so Finding the right one Um Okay Um Fudge this one I don’t know if I’m Thinking about it in like normal Prepping terms and I don’t have one of These I feel like I’d be horrible Prepper and so I feel like I need to Take oh but I could take the other one Too Um Okay Um Oh crap okay I’m gonna take it because I Don’t think you’re gonna take this other One I’m gonna take 250 in cash oh wow Yeah okay okay Um in most world yeah If I look at bile this year both of the Short-term scenarios which would be Three days or three weeks That 250 in cash is going to be a Gigantic it really is help in those Scenarios So that’s why I think that’s kind of Like covering my short-term bases really Like anything I have 250 bucks you can Get a lot of stuff yeah if the stores Are open or I can go buy fuel or Whatever it might be 250 in cash feels Like it’s a great pick for short term so

That’s what I’m taking 250 in cash is Mine bruh okay okay that’s pretty good Okay oh man it’s getting dirty what if You only have four more picks yeah yes Well I only have three more picks oh What a joke yeah oh okay Um Man so yeah If it’s so hard man yeah I don’t like This is like way harder than actually Thought it was going to be I thought it Was actually I thought we would blow Through these lists yeah I’m I’m chain I’m like kind of changing as I go yeah Thinking about the scenario I’m in Um I probably could push that down Um I’m gonna so there’s a reason I’m Gonna go with this one okay this is Number seven right this is your seventh Pick I’m going I’m going with that 100 Foot paracord oh wow okay because like Paracord has you know you can break it Down you could essentially use it as Fishing line yeah you could it’s not the Greatest and it probably wouldn’t I mean It’d be hard to use but you could but You can you can build with it you can There’s just so many different things With paracord yeah dry your gear out you Can Um use it as a security perimeter Um there’s just a lot of uses that I Think

Um it’s not something I ever use in day To day so it’s like why would I throw it In there but if I had nothing else you Know just the stuff that I have now gear Cooking pot like I need that cord for a Lot of other reasons sure I like it Breaks down into longer small strands Repair Gear Repair your pants you can Use this fish or you use uses shoelaces Um you never know you just don’t not I Think it’s a good pick I mean how do you Say 100 feet of paragord is a bad pick Especially it’s so many uses it’s at Seven yeah you’re down there right like That’s that’s a value pick really at Seven so but it’s so hard because you’re Just like man there’s other stuff yeah It could be better there it really is Okay so I’m on my eighth pick Um I’m gonna take this pick and a lot of People aren’t gonna like it and you’re Probably gonna think it’s a dumb pick But I’m gonna pick it because I feel Like again it’s a super important pick In all of these scenarios because to me Communications are gigantic so I’m going With the emergency radio that’s good Okay because I feel like if I’ve got Information on what’s going on on any of These I’m gonna be better off yeah right I’m gonna be I’m gonna be ahead of the Game even if my gear isn’t on point I Know what’s happening I feel like Um I’m gonna have a leg up and at number

Eight I’m taking the emergency radio Yeah the emergency radio is huge so we Probably should have specified this Because a lot of emergency radios can Actually charge phones and they’re solar That’s true I never did think about that One with that one but we didn’t so I’m Gonna say that does that one because we Didn’t talk about it it’s just a you can Just charge itself it can charge itself Yeah yeah I like that okay like a crank Or like or both but it’s not going to Charge anything it’s not gonna charge Anything else yeah okay I’d still that’s Still a valuable pick like I still good Right like I wouldn’t care Um Now we’re getting really tough yeah now We’ve got you’ve got three picks my gosh I’ve only got two what the hell am I Gonna I was thinking that it was the Other way around I was thinking like the First like three to four picks were Gonna be the hardest I think oh it’s Worse now it it actually is because Um because you’re getting down to your Last few picks and you have to think About all the different types of Scenarios like the length of time Um bugging out bugging in type things So it’s very tough very very tough Yeah Oh man so thinking very much on on the Food aspect of things yeah I

Um I’m going like in this one man this is Against my religion here this is against Everything that we preach okay I’m going With that pistol I’m taking that nine Millimeters 50 50 rounds yeah and if you’re very Careful small game maybe even large Right fish you could shoot at fish yeah That’s not the greatest thing in the World but I’m just saying and Self-defense yeah oh man it was hard to You can’t turn down a gun I honestly That was probably going to be my next Pick was it Um just because of this well I loved the Crossbow but I’m like the arrows I just Worry There’s not very many arrows yeah um and They break or they or you lose them but You’re stealthy oh man it was tough but I’m going with that nine millimeter Nah I’m just dang man Um Oh my gosh how am I gonna do this Um but that another thing is I had to Think of food procurement if I didn’t Get like yeah so I got seeds and I can Hunt yeah So obviously I’m see I have to look at Mine too I have a self-defense weapon in My the fixed blade the fixed blade knife I didn’t have anything But I don’t really have a radar hunt

Feral Rod just throw people off um I Don’t think I don’t really have any way To hunt I do have the 250 in cash which To be honest I have to look at that Saying I can buy some sort of a bag Maybe to carry my stuff yeah a lot right Buy some food off man you don’t need it But I don’t know though so me looking at Probably by Cheap gun maybe right But you don’t know I don’t know Um oh my gosh this is so hard okay Um this is Again going back to the basics of what Is needed for preparedness and my ninth Pick is going to be a first aid kit yeah Okay yeah I think I have it so the one Thing about that first aid kit is it Does have some basic medicines ibuprofen Sure diet anti-diarrheal yeah like yes It’s got to right that’s that’s that’s Whatever kit should have a few of those For kids for you it’s huge yeah that was On my it was on my Knicks oh so hard Yeah you got the damn handgun gosh dang You Uh I had to sacrifice some stuff though You did but ah man there’s a lot of Things in here too that are like Comforts they are it’s so nice so much Better yeah Uh what did I just pick I picked oh the First aid kit okay

I know this this last so you have two Picks I have one pick What you do yes we should have made it Like 12. no I think I this makes it Better honestly that you have to really You have super limited super limited all Right so is it my pick it is your pick It’s your ninth pick you’ve got a Backpack I can put my seeds my Multi-tool my cooking pot my paracord Yeah Um my Ferro Rod like I’m I’m pretty I’m In pretty good but yeah I need I need to Have some sort of shelter if I’m bugging Out so I’m taking the tarp no with the Tower that’s good that’s good pick Because like yeah I mean I can wrap Stuff in it I can I can carry more in it I can collect water yeah rain catchment Um there’s a lot of uses for that right And I and you need shelter like you Gotta have yeah you have to have shelter There’s like no building like you can Build you know branches and stuff it’s Never gonna work like a tarp to keep you Dry and keep you warm so I it was that Or the the backpacking tin yeah and I Couldn’t decide I was gonna take Whichever you didn’t well that’s what I’m looking at like that backpacking Tent probably has a bag that I could Stuff some stuff in yeah I’m sure yeah That’s true that’s true like it’s got a Stuff you can just squeeze stuff in

There like a lot of my stuff I could Squeeze I have all kinds of crap stuffed In my tent bag yeah man it’s like Um there’s way too much in it to be Honest Oh my gosh so that’s true you got your Bag there that would kind of work kind Of or you would you could abandon the Tent yeah it’s not great so now I’m Looking at what my last pick needs to be Um which this one might be the hardest Of them all to be honest with you it Kind of is so there’s you took you took Several of the ones I needed there are a Couple that I’m looking at that Um I think would be good picks here one Of those is probably the top of my list Right now as I look at it is a headlamp Um I feel like that’s a you gotta have Do you gotta be able to see it at night And especially if there’s no electricity Um things like that it’s it’s a huge Deal the other thing I think would be Great is a solar battery bank I could Keep my phone charged Um the communications again are a Gigantic thing Um And then the last one a couple I’m Looking at is either the fishing gear For some long-term food or a survival Guide because I’m an idiot and another Member here in the gun were the two Things I couldn’t yeah settle on

Because I mean the fishing gear is more Long term because it just can be used Over and over and over again but I can You can also do something like the Crossbow or the takedown bow with three Arrows Um Oh my gosh Jimmy rig up some yeah Fishing line from paracord that was the Only thing I could think of maybe using It that way yeah that’s true huh you’re Going with the spork it’s all right Um and cold weather clothing if this Happens to be oh my God the winner issue We’re both gonna be interesting it’s Gonna be really hard other than the fact That I have 250 in cash that’s true That’s the only flexible it’s super Flexible Um and so that’s why I’m like maybe That’s the way to go Um Okay I’m I gotta go with the headlamp with Rejectionable batteries okay ah man that Was my number gosh that one and another One I had slash Um okay so that’s so you guys have the Last pick man gosh yeah see headlamp Number ten guys for me but yeah I need lighting too yeah and having used The solar home yeah and it recharges oh That’s a good idea I’ll strap that into My chest and walk through the forest

Because you could put that solar panel Up on top yeah because like if it’s Charged you get you get a few hours out Of it and so I’m like I wanted the Headlamp or that Um but the bar light solar home like has A lot of good things like it does if You’re if you’re holed up somewhere it’s Super convenient it’s a beautiful stream Of lights and it keeps recharging yeah So you have some power yeah Um so yeah that’s my number ten is the BioLite solar that’s a great value pick Right there too man at number 10 you get A lot out of that one pick so that’s it Guys that’s our picks so let me go Through what mine were number one I got The Sawyer mini I got the good one I got The big lighter I got a one month Nutrient survival food cash I got a Backpacking tent a fixed blade knife a Hygiene kit 250 dollars in cash an Emergency radio a first aid kit and then The headlamp with rechargeable batteries Cameron yep so my number one was the Backpack yeah in a way I kind of wish Like I I thought for a long time about Going with the sleeping bag just because You could pack stuff in it you could Yeah it wouldn’t be very easy but then You have a nice warm sleeping bag Especially if you don’t have to but I Want the backpack you can’t go wrong no It’s a great it’s a great pick number

Two was my one month water supply so I’m Pretty set there yep I don’t have to go Looking for it it’s ready it’s terrible It’s clean for a month yes you got a Month number three is my Ferro Rod gotta Start some fires you do gotta start some Fires for a lot of different uses number Four is seeds survival seeds so as long As they grow it’s not a nuclear winner Yeah like I can keep I can keep growing Yeah Um number five uh multi-tool And then I’ve got a cooking pot to Prepare all my stuff yep number seven is My paracord eight is my nine millimeter Pistol 50 rounds yeah and then I got a Tarp and a BioLite solar home lighting System wow that’s awesome Okay not at all how I thought it would Go but it’s how it went yeah Fantastic that’s it Um for the for the gear now before we Get into the rest of it yeah I need to Tell you about something do it have you Ever heard of This place called Um have you ever heard of a little cyber Crime that happens I have every now and Then yeah Um nobody got surf shark on here to Prepare for cyber crime that could Happen should have put it so you would Have lost your 250 right off the bat Probably but no for reals um we’re

Coming into the holiday season yeah we Are online searching for that gift for The loved one that’s hard to find and Maybe you go to some sketchy sites Because you’re looking for a good deal Black Market oh yeah right yeah we’re Out blackweb where else you’re gonna get Like pirate treasure right right but you Do you start searching for like really Good deals and there’s always Shady Websites that pop up yeah um even if right yeah right Macy’s Dot org Macy’ is not a place you want to Yeah it’s a bad bad section of the Internet but for real you’re going to These sites they’re seeing your IP Address you want to go pretty stealthy If you’re gonna do this yeah man surf Shark is the way to do it so they are Virtual private Network that allows you To cloak yourself online you can go Through a server in France to the Website in China I thought you could Just turn your lights off in your house And they couldn’t see you Um you just go to a private web browser Oh that’s all you got to do Incognito The Incognito but no for real surf shark Um will protect you and all your devices Any of them that connect to the internet Are protected you’re not limited to one Or two devices Um and you’re not going to find a better

Deal for a VPN that protects you as well As surf shark if you use our code casual Preppers it’s 83 off you get 24 months Plus an additional three that’s less Than 60 bucks like 59.76 that’s 2.21 Cents a month wow for full protection This is like the best time to do it this Time Um when you’re starting to shop online And do all that or travel and you’re Using public Wi-Fi get surf shark it’s The best way to protect you it’s cheap Go to Casual Preppers Code will give you 83 off beautiful I love it it’s great so Cam now now we’re gonna go and this is More of just discussion and kind of see How our picks you know work out in this In these random scenarios so we have Some random scenarios we have times of Year and we have length of disaster We’re going to start with the random Scenarios first so here are the ones we Have to choose from that we’re gonna Have to survive through are we just Choosing them no I’m on a randomize it Okay that’s what I thought we’re gonna Have to make it through this type of Scenario with the gear that we’ve picked Perfect oh this is scary so the ones we Have to choose from we have a pandemic We have like a total grid down EMP Scenario we have a major earthquake we Have World War III economic meltdown I

Mean we’re living through that right now Probably zombie apoc apocalypse Alien Invasion we should have put locks on There like Master locks you know with All the little that’s what we should Have done uh complete civil unrest Cyber Attack cyber War a nuclear blast or Attack and Civil War those are the ones That we have to choose from so I’m gonna I’m gonna do this randomizer and we’re Gonna see which one we get you ready cam Here it comes it’s gonna happen I’m Scared this is you or me or all of us This is both of us we’re both gonna go Through this and we both have to go with Our list okay yep okay here it comes Here comes here comes It is nuclear Uh world war three oh wow that’s the one That’s scary that is super scary Um so this one is kind of interesting Because the length of time is if we have A three day world war three okay that’s Fine Definitely not gonna be three days no But for oh yeah it can be it can be yes So Obviously it doesn’t make a lot of sense But none of this does we’re just making It we’re just making all this up anyways So world war three so obviously we’ve Talked about the impacts that a World War would cause looking back at World War One World War II yes and the the

Yeah food rationing economic impacts are Gigantic yeah obviously it’s the value Of the dollar yes so your 250 might not Might not be for the first little bit it Probably will yeah Um buy something fast could be on home Soil there could be a bug out scenario Happening Here Yeah you could be in your Yeah yeah hide that’s kind of scary Right okay wolverines wolverines it’s a Wolverine scenario so now we’re gonna go To the uh time of year so we have winter Summer spring and fall those are all the Times of year Not summer okay You want winter don’t you I don’t okay Don’t want them here it goes we’re doing The randomizer and it’s I mean winner in Really like realistic’s probably gonna Be the hardest please Is it fall it is fall Okay so we’ve just Gives us time to prepare for winter yes And I love I do too I love that’s a good One I actually think that’s probably one Of the best ones I mean spring spring Probably would have been the best yeah Because you’ve got three seasons too so Now our our last thing we’re gonna Randomize is the length of this world War three so world war three and it Starts in the fall yeah and then we have Three days we have three weeks it’s Gonna say three years you walk we have Three days three weeks three months or

Three years oh this is kind of scary all Right here it is come on I’m gonna punch the screen Um oh my gosh don’t Oh it’s gonna stop it oh three months Perfect okay Three weeks would have been three weeks What I would have expected so we got Three months so we’ve got world war Three it’s gonna last three months it’s Gonna start in the fall so basically We’re just gonna barely get into winter Which is nice Kind of right because so yeah you’ve got A month’s supply of food that’s gonna Run out it is good I’ve got seeds I’m Gonna plant them in the fall that’s not Good that’s not gonna work no Unfortunately that’s not gonna be great I am glad I have a pistol in the world War three event for sure well and Because you know there could be a lot of Different issues there could be power Outages like 100 that could be part of What’s going on right yeah but you got That solar home 620 that’s great I do have to look at the fact that I’m Good for a month with food a month and Three days really because I have the Three days at home so I got a month yeah You’re already set like you don’t even Have to worry about you you can plan for Procurement and yeah you got time I do Have some time my food immediately I’ve

Got to start figuring something out yeah Your seeds aren’t going to be super Helpful there unfortunately I do have The 250 like you said yeah those packets Get you through maybe maybe an hour a Couple days through that I do have the Emergency radio which I think is going To be but I mean starvation takes a lot Longer than dehydration so yeah exactly I have that emergency radio I can kind Of tell what’s happening throughout this Whole World War III disaster where are The enemy where are they coming towards Me do I have to bug out that’s a big Thing I have the cash I got to use it Right away probably I’m probably gonna Have to buy food and water yeah or a gun A really cheap ass gun for 250 Um so man I don’t know I think we’re Pretty we’re both about the same we are About the same with this besides my Water that I probably would abandon I Mean I could take probably two weeks Worth with like everybody or something Like that But the rest of it’s I’m kind of set up To bug out you are yeah like I’ve got a Lot of portable items yeah to get out And set up camp in Middle nowhere Um but man but out in the middle of Nowhere with winter yeah coming around The corner that’s that’s tough it is Tough You’re ready to go bro

But uh that’s it that’s that’s I think That’s just kind of fun to to I like to Randomize the scenario because I’ll just Hit it again let’s see what happens on This next one what do we get so world War three and fall in three months That’s what we did huh yeah we just got Civil War this time Really okay I think that’s worse than me It knows what’s happening I know because That’s for sure on home soil mm-hmm Right I don’t know that’s fun stuff guys I Mean this we just wanted to do this to Kind of Um make you think about the scenario Yeah make you think about your gear when When like your priorities are gonna Shift yeah and it’s just more it is fun We wanted to do something fun something Different Um you know we want you guys to like uh Rate our loadouts that we picked tell us How we did yeah we’ll do a post or Something yeah if you think that the Gear and why you wouldn’t have like I’d Like to know yeah I’d like to see what You say which ones would you pick Um other than the ones you’re gonna go Number one you both are stupid now so Maybe I’ll do a post Um here pretty soon with the list with The list on it okay and we’ll um I’ll do It tomorrow probably so Friday the 28th

Of October and we’ll just ask you guys What do you think what would you pick What would you not pick why were we dumb For picking what we picked yeah Um and um again it’s just a facilitate Conversation I think it’s always fun to Talk about gear scenarios and all those Types of things right yeah I do too I Love like the way that it kind of put You in a different mindset yeah Especially as you’re going man that was That was like harder than I thought it Was he had to grab that stuff yeah like Out of your house yeah crazy exactly I Don’t know it’s good exactly uh guys so Today’s podcast is brought to you by Tacpak it is the only monthly tactical Subscription box with useful Professional grade stuff inside use our Code casual Preppers you’re gonna get a Free 70 machine made part from Next Level Armament go to use That code and it’s gonna be awesome Right cam it really is you’re gonna Especially got ARS magicians telling you Freaking magician they put so much money Into those that you get basically for Free we could we should have done like a Random tack pack box or a random battle Box as one of our picks the random Battle box yeah pretty good it would be Good attack pack too if you have that That nine millimeter that’ll help me out Full show

All right cam you got anything else I do Not okay well that’s great stay alive Out there stay alive good luck with that Um draft of your own I think you should Do it look at that gear and get a buddy Get a buddy and do a draft with the gear That we used and let us know how it went Because I think it’d be fun I think so It’s super fun all right guys thanks and Stay survived