City Prepping News – China’s Aggression / Russia’s False Flag / Economic Hardships Ahead

By | October 25, 2022

There have been some developments this Last week that all point to some Challenging times ahead and one way it’s Good we don’t have to speculate whether The coming storm will hit us or miss us It’s definitely clear which way the Storm is now blowing which fortunately Gives us time to prepare whether that’s Some combination of China’s increasingly Aggressive moves Russia’s blatantly Aggressive moves and threats a collapse Of the Allied Forces or our own undoing In the coming midterm elections there Are issues that you need to be aware of To instruct and direct how you prepare If this is the first time we met my name Is Chris and on this channel we discuss Emergency preparedness AKA prepping in This segment specifically we look at the Significant Global developments and news And how it relates to what you should be Preparing for there’s a lot that’s Boiling over at the moment that you need To be aware of right now so let’s take a Look also be sure to stick around and We’ll announce last week’s winner of the Giveaway along with the next giveaway And how you can sign up China again China leads off the news This week because so much has recently Changed there Xi Jinping is starting an Unprecedented third term as a country’s President and a significant Consolidation of power he had former

President who Gentile publicly removed From the Communist Party Congress China Has also actively scrubbed huchento from The internet accessible to the Chinese G Is erasing him from history as he Further consolidates his authoritarian Rule over the country also China stopped Releasing economic data last week but is Now releasing financial data showing Them short of their economic goals can We trust it though it wouldn’t be the First time China actively bury the truth And investors are fleeing China about as Fast as Chinese tycoons are leaving the Country what do you think in G’s speech To the Communist Party Congress he seems To have abandoned the previously Established goal of overtaking the U.S Economy in favor of more Marxist deals The zero code policy of locking down the Country has taken a toll on China’s Growth aspirations add to this the chips And science act and recent U.S Government moves that severely limit China’s access to Advanced chip Technology and China appears to be on The cusp of a heavy Retreat back to Red Communist days these things are a Particular note because we have long Reported on the underlying real Fragility of the Chinese economy now These recent moves really underscore That fact watch for more blatant Movements from China in support of Iran

And Russia where aggressive actions in The South China Sea that directly impact Taiwan and it’s certainly heating up in China so we’re going to keep an eye on It in the short to Middle term you Should find alternatives for anything That you need or rely upon that is Manufactured in China and I know that’s Odd to say since they handle most Manufacturing these days but you should Definitely think ahead The Divide and Decoupling of China in the United States Will only broaden from this point Forward Midterms on the topic of division it is Notable that our own midterm elections Are just two short weeks away and our Country is still deeply divided nicer Clear Politics as much as I can on this Channel because I try and focus on Preparing part of prepping though is Also prepping for the potential of civil Unrest and civil Discord the temperature Hasn’t really dropped much since January 6 and we still are deeply divided as a Nation a recent NBC News poll found Sky-high interest in incredible Polarization leading into this election There’s a deep distrust of the election Process for some and every day it seems Both parties demonize and dehumanize the Other eighty percent of Democrats and Republicans believe the political Opposition poses a threat that if not

Stop will only destroy America as we Know it there are clear examples of People being scrubbed from the voter Registration rules in some areas so you Should definitely verify that you are Appropriately registered before election Day recent polls show voter turnout on Election Day could be another record Breaker there are significant interests In many highly charged issues on the Ballot you should also get out there and Vote regardless of how perfect or broken You view our current government I think That your vote matters by sending a Message so be sure to exercise that Right while you still have it also be Conscious of where any public Demonstrations may occur and try to Steer clear of them if you can as we Have seen in the past public Demonstrations can swiftly spin it out Into chaos how do you think the midterms Will play out do you have any concerns UK maybe as an example of how a once Mighty Empire can find itself in Significant decline the UK just had its Shortest serving prime minister ever UK Prime minister Liz truss resigned last Thursday just after 45 days in office Following her failed tax cutting plan She apologized for going too far into Fast with her plans the UK is now facing Multiple crises including the Ukrainian Conflict energy shortages as winter

Approaches double digit inflation in the Depreciation of the pound some of which Are directly related to the United States led to coupling with China in Addition to Rising protectionism we have Quite a few subscribers from the UK on This channel so we hope that the Prepping message gets through to the UK’s people for the rest of us it’s a Cautionary tale of how a mighty Empire Can continue to decline I think it’s Going to get a lot worse there before it Gets any better and we’re going to see The British pound slide potentially Further and like likely Britain’s power On the world stage will probably Continue to recede further into the Shadows we will have some inkling of how Bad it will get once this winter is over For now view what’s happening over there As a cautionary tale because it could Similarly happen here Continue to focus on your food water and Energy preps as we head into this winter Those in the UK are looking at a Challenging winner ahead with potential Rolling blackouts as Russia has been Cutting energy I encourage you to check Out a recent video covering ways to stay Warm if your power goes out this winter Russia Ukraine Iran just as our allies In the world are suffering from a global Recession supply chain disruptions in a War between superpowers fortunately

Still contained in Ukraine we’re seeing A few alarming developments on that Front first and the most pressing is a Possibility of a false flag event as Russia suffers setbacks in Ukraine President Vladimir Putin has threatened To use nuclear weapons Russia indicated That Kiev is preparing to use a dirty Bomb to blame it on Russia and then draw On European and Western allies directly Into the conflict Western officials they Reject the premise that Kiev is planning To use a dirty bomb and instead think That Russia is planning to use a dirty Bomb as a false flag event to blame Ukraine is it simply another Russian Ruse or is Russia foreshadowing Something that previously seemed Unthinkable whichever premise you Subscribe to both indicate that a dirty Bomb may be in the short-term future the War in Ukraine is entering a significant More dangerous phase a dirty bomb which Combines conventional explosives with Radioactive materials would contaminate A swath of territory without immediately Killing a large number of people if a Dirty bomb is used the war in Ukraine Will instantly spill out onto the world The genie May soon get out of the bottle And it may be the start of an in-game Scenario for sure Russia and Iran are both isolated from The world stage and now Iran is actively

Helping Russia though the regime Continues to deny this last week we saw Iranian drones being used and it is Rumored that Russia’s missile inventory Is low and they lack the technology Components necessary to build more now Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder Made public that the Pentagon knows Where there are Iranian troops in the Russia occupied areas of Ukraine and They’re actively engaged in Russian war Efforts At the moment we’re witnessing a clear Axis forming it’s possible that we will See China choosing size in this conflict At some point and this may potentially Lead to a full-blown World War Iran is Deep in its own civil Conflict at the Moment so it is possible that its troops In Ukraine May remain limited but I Think it signals a new and potentially More devastating chapter of this Conflict Iran now gets money for its Sputtering economy in exchange for Drones missiles and training we will Continue to keep a watchful eye on what Is happening in Ukraine because a neat And Swift resolution to this conflict is Further and further removed with each Passing day now before we jump into next Week’s discussion here’s a winner of Last week’s giveaway for the lifestrawal Username Mark B I’ll reach out shortly To get that to you this week we’re going

To give away a wool blanket to enroll For this giveaway all you have to do is Post a comment below and make sure that On your YouTube profile your email Address is listed please note and this Is very important I will not reach out To any anyone in the comments section a Spammer with a telegram account with my Username has been trying to impersonate Me in the comments section again I’m not Going to contact you in the comments Section I’m not going to send you an Email but remember next week I’ll Announce the winner and you’ll be able To see it on the screen Economy now take everything I just Related to you China Iran Russia Ukraine The decline of the UK Global recession And double-digit Global inflation the Midterm elections and there’s really Only one possible outcome as everything Kind of slowly merges together and Combines our economy is on the brink of A potential major recession and I’m not Going to take a Victory lap here but we Did warn our subscribers that we would Be at this point on the precipice of a More significant economic decline at the Start of the covet pandemic and that’s One of the reasons you and many others Have felt the urgency to prep any way You examine it there is no denying that Today’s dollar buys far less than it did 10 20 30 40 50 years ago wages have not

Kept pace with even basic expenditures Like housing if ever there was a reason To prep and to take self-sufficiency and Independence from the filling supply Chain seriously it is now even the Experts are putting the chance of a Recession at 100 percent think of this Economic downturn as an approaching Storm that’s getting close to striking You’re in the path of it it will Undoubtedly impact your life so are you Adequately prepared for it the first Step to prep is your food your water Your energy and medicine because there Will be significant disruptions to all Of these in the future the Second Step Which is just as important as what you Set aside for yourself is increasing Your skills and self-sufficiency from Our vantage point right now we can’t Really adequately see how bad this is Going to get the compounding effect of Multiple countries worldwide all heading Into this recession at the same time an Ever increasing War causing major Supply Disruptions of everything from food to Natural gas in a winter forecasted to be Colder than ever is all shaping up to Indicate a very not so bright future the More you learn Now While You Can the Better you’re going to be able to Weather this storm that is approaching Your doorstep with 100 certainty I would first encourage you to review my

Video on Surviving a recession and Download the free guide on recession Proofing your life that download is Attached to that video I can’t really Stress enough that your finances are one Of your key preps I know some voices in This community encourage you to dump Your money into gold silver and other Precious metals but you’re gonna have a Hard time buying yeast for bread with an Ounce of gold at the same time if you Watch one of my recent videos on pulling Yeast from the air using a potato you’re Gonna be far better off skills knowledge And resourcefulness are what really will Get you through tough times even if the Economy slides into another great Depression and War breaks out in your Neighborhood skills knowledge and Resourcefulness will be far more Valuable than any precious metal if a Disaster strikes View today is an opportunity to sharpen And develop your skills go to the city Prepping Channel and search through some Of the skill based videos there’s Actually playlists that has some how-to And skill based videos whether you learn To make your own soap or plant sweet Potatoes or pickle Foods the day when That skill will be essential to your Survival may be closer than any of us Want to admit let me finish by saying This whatever happens in the near or

Distant future we’re going to be okay Because we prepare now for the worst as Always stay safe out there