The Pathway Forward – Bear Brief 24OCT22

By | October 24, 2022

Bear brief 24 October 22. Ports are less congested and shipping Costs have fallen about 80 percent According to flexport founder Ryan Peterson Normal spending is also returning as the Population readjusts to post-pandemic Living increasing their spending on Dining and travel While this is great news right now it is Important for companies and small Businesses alike to assimilate the Lessons learned from the difficulty Experienced over the last few years to Improve their resiliency Resiliency we’ve talked about this Refuge News flash I’m the founder and CEO of Refuge Medical Justin Time Logistics have gone out the Window now it’s just in case Logistics So if you are a small business owner I Know many of you all are just like we Stack food Water Shelter Como security Medical Etc for our personal lives if you carry An inventory and I know it’s tough right Now because the margins suck because Labor costs are up and energy costs are Up and materials cost her up all the Inputs are up if you can I would Encourage you to stack raw materials Stack commodities As far as the outlook on the economy is

Concerned tech companies are shedding Workers in anticipation of a coming Recession The year-long downturn has spelled a job Loss for at least 44 000 Tech workers Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon Anticipates a recession due to inflation And federal rate hikes Saying quote I think you have to expect That there’s more volatility on the Horizon now that doesn’t mean for sure That we have a really difficult economic Scenario But on the distribution of outcomes There’s a good chance that we have a Recession in the United States Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently Commented on Twitter that quote the Probabilities in this economy tell you To batten down the hatches end quote So technically we’re in a recession We’ve had two quarters of negative GDP Very likely to have a third while Inflation is gently Downturning from 8.5 to 8.4 to 8.3 Percent month over month It’s still not great and the FED is in This position Where they need to be really careful About how they manage This particular potential recession Um I believe that we are going to have a Recession I also want to make it

Absolutely clear that I think it’s Entirely possible to weather this coming Storm How bad is it going to be I don’t know Is it going to be riots in the streets And civil unrest and Manoa mono you know Neighbor against neighbor fighting for Food Dear God I hope not But it could and very likely will be Less comfortable than it has been and as Discussed previously I think there’s a Certain amount of karma if you will There’s a debt that needs to be paid at This point literal and figurative for Americans who have had it so good for so Long that Um not all of us but many of us have Come to take for granted the fact that We live in the most special country on The face of the Earth Does it have its problems oh hell yeah It has its problems is it perfect Absolutely not that being said there’s Not another Nation on the face of the Earth from the dawn of time that has Provided more upwards economic Mobility Than the United States of America and at The end of the day we all really want The same things we want to be able to Feed and clothe our families and protect Them and provide for them and give them More Economic Opportunity than we had When we grew up and this is still For

Better or Worse the best place on the Face of the Earth to be able to do that And so a mindset shift here for all of Us at least for me and I would hope that You’d come along for the journey with This is I want to incorporate more Positivity into what we’re doing talk More about how we weather this storm and How we actually win in shtf And I’ve made the argument before and I’ll make it again that we are actually There the has hit the fan it’s just Gone so slowly at this point that many People have been loved asleep There is an upside to this if we can Endure we will be better off than we are Now I believe that I believe that’s Entirely possible that if we endure and We play our cards right we will be Better off now than we were when we went Into this more and more people are Waking up more and more people are being Red pilled if you will more and more People are becoming fiscally and Constitutionally conservative more and More people are pro-freedom especially With everything that we’ve seen that has Been happening in the post-coveted age People are anti-tyranny and that’s a Good thing now that doesn’t mean that The tyrants aren’t going to lash out in Their death throws but it does mean that If there’s a critical mass of citizens Of the United States of America who have

Simply resolved that no more horseshit We will not stand for we will not take It that means that if we weather this Storm going forward things can be better Than they were I’m in like better than 2019 better than 2018 that thing that people called Freedom even a few years ago will pay on Comparison to the thing that we could Have If we weather this storm and that’s the Direction I want to push I have more Preps than I need this is a fact I’m prepared I’m prepped so now I’m Looking at preps as what else can I do To weather this storm how do I weather This storm with our businesses with our Ministries with our faith group With our family How do I take care of these people and These entities these living breathing Organisms that are business and Ministry How do I Steward these things and the People that I love that are wrapped up In them how do I Steward them through Whatever comes next because I’m good my Position of strength is secured I’m good Now what about everybody else and I’m And I’m including you dear listener in That statement what about everybody else What can we actually do going forward Besides putting beans in buckets and Stacking bullets and Band-Aids That’s what I want to focus on more and

More at this Channel and I hope that You’d come along with me for the ride Back to the brief for small businesses The picture appears to be slightly Different small businesses are actually Struggling to hire while larger Companies are slowing their hiring part Of this is the need to provide higher Pay to mitigate inflation which is a Struggle for small operations for small Businesses this may ultimately mean Reducing hours or even closing for Entire days to cope with Staffing Shortages Labor in a small business is key your Business is your people businesses exist Not to generate Revenue they exist to Solve problems and the more good people You have within your organization that Can help you solve problems the more Business you will do And so what you might look at if Straight up revenue is an issue you Simply don’t have the money to offer a Higher wage what can you do for quality Of life inside of the business flexible Hours can you provide that because that Might be more important to a working Mother Flexible hours then the totality of her Paycheck at the end of the week Not that the totality of the paycheck Isn’t important but it could open up an Opportunity for her to work for you if

Your hours are flexible or even you know Working Fathers as well right anybody Who has kids that flexibility might be a Contributing factor as to whether or not They join your organization Culture is huge what is the culture of Your organization are you a bunch of Winners who are out there killing it Making stuff happen every day and trying To make people within the organization Better is there good leadership there Are you building up the subordinate Leaders on your teams are you making Moves is there upward mobility within Your organization those are all Contributing factors as well beyond just The totality of a paycheck So things to consider culture is Incredibly important leadership is Incredibly important flexibility is Incredibly important to small businesses And it’s the one thing that small Businesses have above these large Mega Corporations it’s flexibility they’re Small and maneuverable you’re adaptable Because you’re smaller you can turn on a Dime you can make decisions in a moment Rather than having a several levels of Entrenched managerial bureaucracy So look at what you can offer aside from Paychecks only paychecks are important They are the number one contributing Factor honestly but all these other Ancillary tertiary

Considerations play into that decision Making as well as far as hiring is Concerned it would also be a good idea To audit the people you already have are They actually performing because I Guarantee you most of us have people on Their teams that aren’t truly performing And it doesn’t mean day one you go in There with a knife and you slash them Out of your annual budget But you build those people up so that They do perform because when they win The company wins and most people don’t Understand that the company is its own Organism The company simply does not exist for Employees and for the leadership to Extract Capital out of it is its own Organism it’s a living breathing thing And if you don’t take care of it It won’t take care of you and so the More leaders the more winners you can Build within your organization The Better Health the organization will Have therefore the more it will be able To take care of somebody and so you Might be able to bring somebody on board With the promise of within 90 days Within 180 days we’re going to revisit What your pay looks like based upon your Performance because I need killers in This organization and I think you’re a Killer Back to the brief to add to this small

Business administration loans may rise Above nine percent by the end of the Year if rates continue To rise in response to inflation for Small business operating amid High Inflation profits may not be able to Adequately cover such high interest Loans rates have not been this High Since the 90s Rohit Aurora biz2 credit Co-founders said quote most of the new Business owners today because they have Lived in such a low rate environment While they have floating interest rate Loans they didn’t even realize that on Existing loans it could go up everyone Expected with gas prices coming down to What I would call pre-high inflation Levels that things looked a lot better Now people are realizing that oil prices Don’t solve the problem and that’s new For lots of business owners who thought Inflation would taper off and the FED Would not be so hawkish end quote Another thing that I think that’s going To happen here With businesses small businesses Medium-sized businesses even large Businesses Who have been overextended over Leveraged who are dependent upon a debt Cycle in order to be able to operate And we’ve talked about this at length in Other broadcasts Those companies those organizations are

Not going to be able to weather the Storm if the Revenue is not there if the velocity of Money continues to decrease if they Can’t service their debt load with their Revenue with their sales they simply Won’t be able to stay in business So it’s incredibly important as an Individual and as a business as a Business that you’re not heavily Leveraged I understand that’s a lot of work but if We talk about making this country good Again so that it can be great again from The Grassroots up We have to understand that debt is Slavery Debt is slavery the rich rule over the Poor and a borrower is slave to the Lender it’s in the Book of Proverbs in The Bible Proverbs 22 7 I believe This is real And so do not be heavily leveraged don’t Be leveraged at all if you can and if You are if you’re in debt work as hard As you can to get out of debt Dave Ramsey love them or hate him has some Very effective baby steps babe baby Steps that I personally have followed We got out of debt before we moved from Texas to Oklahoma We bought our home with cash All of our vehicles are older vehicles

That are completely paid for We have money in savings for the Children we have an emergency fund we’re Able to live and give now you know why Can I do grindstone Ministries well it’s In large part because of y’all because You support us in what that we do what We do but understand for the first year 18 months of our existence grindstone Was solely funded out of my wallet And that’s not a flex that’s not a brag It’s just a fact And if there wasn’t money in my wallet We wouldn’t have been in a position to Do the things that we did To go and bless other people to live and Give and I’m not rich make no mistake I’m not rich but I’m not poor either There’s nobody ruling over me because I’m not wrapped up in that debt cycle And I would strongly encourage you if You are to get out of it I get to Question all the time what’s more Important should I prep now should I Burn up my credit cards with debt now so That I can prep or should I get out of Debt The long-term sustainable answer is get Out of debt because We may never need our preps God help us If we do need our preps but you will Need all that Revenue that you’re Currently spending to service a debt Load

You will need to be financially Independent as well at some point Whether we’re talking an individual or a Business That is a position of strength literally Because the rich rule over the poor and A borrower is slave to the lender so if You don’t feel like being somebody’s Slave you should murder your debt See when you do that These Rising rates for loans don’t Matter to you It doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean that Inflation doesn’t affect you because it Does but there’s one less element these Interest rates for these loans they Don’t bother you now because you don’t Have loans you’re not overextended That’s the brief for today Um I appreciate y’all I hope that you will Continue to stick around I’m always Interested in your comments Encouraged By your comments your productive Comments I want us all to do better I want us all To take this seriously and begin the Process of looking long-term Strategically I don’t think it’s within the realm of Possibility now to make America great Again But I do think it’s within the realm of

Possibility to begin the process of Making America good again So that we can be great again I live here too My children Will live here when I’m dead and I do Want this country to be better than it Was when I leave the face of this Earth And I get just as frustrated if not more As you all do when I look around and I See the rampant political corruption and I see Um ideology driving law and edict and Credo in this country and I see the Corruption and the perversion of Righteousness in this country it pisses Me off But I have to come back to what can I do About it Well I can be as strong as possible Where I am And I’m doing that And I can speak to y’all And encourage and motivate y’all and Hopefully I’m doing that as well Handmade made in America guaranteed Forever shout out to prep medic who just Dropped a video on the the bearfact 3.0 Give it a very good review so if you Haven’t seen that go check it out this Is the SOB the small the back kit it’s About that big Bear you have such big hands why yes I

Do called bear This thing weighs as much as one loaded AR magazine Yes I know the lighting’s terrible Please bear with me it’s early in the Morning and I have a very tight timeline Today I have a softy tourniquet on the Outside here committee on T Triple C Recommended winless tourniquet this has A metal windlass so if you’re one of Those people who’s like yeah I don’t Trust the plastic I need a metal Windlass The soft tee has a metal windlass Obviously this is in Red River red with Reflective but it comes in coyote and OD Green and multi-cam and black and all You know and red with reflective Molly compatible will interface with Your Pal’s webbing or with your duty Belt or with your gun belt or with some Bungee straps on the back of your Headrest or anywhere else you’d like to Put it it’s pretty thin it’s pretty Compact the nylon on the outside gives You your portability and your durability Inside you’ll find this little pouch Right here red handle pull this out The inner pouch gives you your Capability okay and as you can see Proudly made in the United States of America by Americans these are hand sewn Guaranteed forever if you break this I Will replace it at no cost to you if you

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Per the March algorithm your promo code On that is Bear Nation for free shipping Which in today’s day and age is not Nothing There are a handful of slots left for Refuge training in Dallas Texas and Waco Texas if you do not understand the Criticality of the Fine Art of how to Not die strongly recommend you go check Out Refuge come to class Learn to be the hero And grindstone Ministries there are Myriad ongoing operations with Grindstone Ministries including recovery Efforts for Hurricane Ian in in Florida Remediating a flooded house for a gold Star mother and an army vet Uh you’ll be seeing more content on that Here in the near future Additionally Caleb house Um there’s ongoing construction at the Caleb house property which is a Restoration facility for juvenile human Trafficking survivors this means kids That were passed around like product by so that they could be seriously Raped daily well we rescue and restore Those people so huge shout out to all The people boots on the ground who help Us do that and huge shout out to Everybody who’s been supporting our Mission at grindstone and Caleb house to Break generational curses and to forsake Not the Widow and the orphan we could

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