The Fragility of The System – Bear Brief 21OCT22

By | October 21, 2022

Well good morning bear Mason I’m bear with bear Hopefully we got some new people on Today If you’re new here and you’re trying to Solve the problem of How do I navigate this dumb world that We live in with all the uncertainty That’s taking place globally nationally And on the micro level please consider Subscribing Ring the little bell icon that helps us In our ongoing battle against the YouTube algorithmic of robots If you’re not new here you know what to Do share the show with somebody you love Okay 10-4 Bear all right good talk everybody By the way happy Friday Independent brief 21 October can you believe it 21 October 22. Recently reported numbers from September Have just shown that British inflation Has come roaring back It’s at 10.1 percent matching July’s Rate 10.1 percent With that including basic things like Food and fuel and energy As previously reported these numbers are Very intricately linked with sky-high Energy bills exacerbated by what’s going On in Ukraine

But it appears that food costs are Ultimately the major factor Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said in a Statement Quote this government will prioritize Help for the most vulnerable while Delivering wider economic stability and Driving long-term growth that will help Everyone end quote The government is attempting to protect People from rising prices by putting a Cap on energy costs Hmm I seem to remember somebody talking About this In the uh recent past I can’t remember who some guy with a Beard Pretty sure he had sheep I don’t know anyway The government is attempting to protect Protect people from rising prices by Putting a cap on energy costs though Chancellor hunt has limited that price Cap to six months Right What did Reagan say there’s nothing more Immortal than a temporary government Program Yeah Much like with the United States Federal Reserve the bank of England is Attempting to carefully increase Interest rates to dampen inflation while

Also attempting to avoid a recession The European Central Bank which governs The euro is expected to make another Increase next week A little bit of commentary on this first Paragraph The government In uh Great Britain Will prioritize help for the most Vulnerable while delivering wider Economic stability and driving long-term Growth that will help everyone quote Unquote Things like this bother me From a um At a systemic level There are people who need help Temporarily You know temporary government programs We see we see this with entitlement Programs in the United States right The amount of benefits that certain People receive Is ridiculous to somebody like me Who grew up poor Never asked for anything from anybody Was basically given an opportunity to Survive Until the time I was 18 years old which Was cute because by the time I was 18 Years old I’d been in business for Myself for two years And uh Never took any handouts

Doesn’t mean our family didn’t visit a Church Food Pantry on occasion because We did Doesn’t mean the neighbors didn’t have To bail us out with some sacks of Groceries on occasion because they did And uh doesn’t mean that we didn’t bail The neighbors out on occasion because we Did But there was a pride There was a pride there that well no We’re not going to take handouts We’re going to get through this it might Be difficult but we’re going to get Through this I remember uh Butcher and a cow as a kid With my old man And we ground up a bunch of it because You know we were poor we didn’t have Money But we did raise our own food Mostly And I remember butchering this cow Grinding it up and one winter Then we ate ground beef Hamburgers handmade hamburgers And macaroni and cheese the entire Winter Because that’s what we had That’s it And it’s like yeah but praise God we had That right And for a decade I didn’t eat mac and Cheese I didn’t eat hamburgers

Grandma 83 years old raised by parents Who survived the Great Depression Tell stories about one winner all that Had to eat were black eyed peas and Cornbread the entire winter unless daddy Could shoot a squirrel Where has that mindset gone There’s a there’s this Perpetual Quest By some by a certain subset of our Population to see just how far they can Stick their hand out to see just how Much somebody will put in their hand That’s gonna go away it’s going to have To necessarily go away or it will be Rationed Based upon your political affiliation I Think Saw this during the Great Depression With certain work programs you had to be A registered Democrat to you know get Into the WPA you had to be a registered Republican to get into some of these Other work programs Yeah weaponizing your political Affiliation that’s probably going to Happen but it comes back to mindset Because if we’re going to survive this Thing that’s coming whether it’s an Economic you know uh hiccup Or it’s legitimately the end of the World as we know it regardless of where It is on that Spectrum This concept of handout ain’t gonna work

It’s not going to get it done it’s not American It may have become American but it’s not American Although I think we’re gonna see more of It which means that today we today we Have to decide we’re going to be those People in the bloodlines We’re gonna be those people on Assistance air quote are we going to be Those people that build resilience and Therefore Independence into our own Personal system so that you don’t have To stand in the breadline you don’t have To be the one on Perpetual benefits And I will say this but like There’s certain programs that are Designed to get people through a tough Time And if you’re in a tough time use the Programs but don’t stay there It’s an emergency parachute it’s not Your primary Back to the brief fortunately for those In the United States recorded monthly Inflation rates continue to calm albeit Slowly June’s inflation rate was 9.1 percent July’s was 8.5 percent August was 8.3 Percent and September was 8.2 percent As Forbes worded it quote the era of Steadily climbing inflation may may be Over But high prices will likely stick around

For a while longer end quote The area is most impacted by inflation Are Drum roll please food housing and Medical Care While the gasoline price index continues To decline amid the release of barrels From reserved stores ahead of the Midterm elections Lots of hay being made about that Their strategic Reserves They’re not political Reserves I agree It’s almost depressing sometimes and I I don’t want to delve too deeply into it Right does voting matter maybe maybe not I don’t know we talked about this on Wednesday’s brief I don’t have enough Data to make a hard call on whether or Not it matters anymore but it certainly Seems like it really doesn’t matter Right because somehow we ended up with Joseph Robinette Biden Jr asterisk 2 000 Mules anybody that’s demoralizing And I think on a certain level it’s Intentionally demoralizing And the argument could be made and has Been made that it’s demoralizing so that Those that would vote in 2022 and 2024 Don’t even see the value in going to Vote I understand that argument the Issue I have though is how broken the System is you know you vote good people Into a broken system you just end up

With broken good people It’s a challenge right because every Little one of these things you know Strategic oil reserves yeah well they Weaponized that for political gain right They’ve they’ve weaponized you know Public assistance for political gain Everything is for political gain these Days And It’s obnoxious to me Because there’s this insinuation that if You don’t want to play in that system Where everything has been weaponized for Political gain you’re somehow a bad American I disagree with that I think I’m a good American I love this country now my identity is Not first as an American it’s first as a Child of the creator of this universe Says the Son of God first I don’t Idolize anything including a piece of Dirt regardless of how big that piece of Dirt may be regardless of how prosperous It may have been regardless of how many Men and women including my family and Friends have died For that piece of dirt But it doesn’t make me Un-American to Not want to play in a broken system I’d like to have in America again where We don’t pay half of our money in taxes Or we actually have a representative

Republic Where we have actual freedoms Call me uh An extremist man I’d like to do what the Constitution says I’m a Biblical literalist why wouldn’t I Be a constitutional literalist what does It say That’s what we do The problem for me the challenge for me Is I don’t think they the big day the System however you want to quantify that Will let us Voluntarily vote in America like that Back into existence again It’s not in their best interest it’s in Our best interest and I think Unfortunately the scales have been Weighted in their favor they’ve got Their thumb on the scale which we know Is an Abomination from reading the Book Of Proverbs right Unjust scales or an Abomination to Yahuwah your Elohim the Lord your God That’s why so many of us whether we know It implicitly or explicitly we know it’s Wrong Because the weights and scales the Measures Are not righteous they’re not just They’re not fair rules for thee but not For me But I don’t know if we can vote Ourselves back into a situation

That looks more like what the Constitution says the country’s supposed To look like Regardless of what might come with the Midterm elections Now on the other hand I understand like America is a big country It’s a big system and Much like major corporations They don’t make decisions overnight They’re not Nimble right it’s one of the Reasons that small government is really Good is because it’s nimble And there’s fewer Hoops to jump through There’s less momentum from uh entrenched Bureaucracy to be able to turn the ship I like small government it’s more Nimble It’s more responsive it’s closer to the People we don’t have that right now so It might take if it’s possible to vote Good people into a broken system and fix The broken system it’s gonna take Probably more than one election cycle it Might take more than one generation To make that happen which comes back to How do we weather this storm in the Meanwhile right resilience not whoring With the system not being so incredibly Enmeshed with the system that if it Fails you fail with it which is basic Preparedness it’s Independence it’s Dependence upon your creator not some Man in a suit in an office somewhere And that’s ultimately what’s dangerous

To those men and women in suits and Offices somewhere is that Myself and so many of us I might recognize their Authority But it’s certainly not ultimate Authority And I’ll be the first one to tell you That if a law of man violates the law of God I’m not interested in obeying that Law of man I think that’s why they hate us Analysts are now warning that even Europe’s wealthiest nations are facing a Risk of more serious civil unrest this Winter as of course energy costs and the General cost of living are expected to Continue to rise Energy scarcity could lead to top-down Rationing which we’ve discussed Previously Could lead to top-down rationing Which could then have cascading effects Such as unprecedented cell network Blackouts A visiting fellow at hungary’s Matthias Corvinus collegium John Laughlin said That the results would be unpredictable Quote if there are power Cuts if people Are cold if there are breakdowns in Food Supplies if the mobile telephone Networks break down because they have Batteries and if there are power cuts For too long they might not work End quote

The fragility of the system man Uh one of the things we we Americans Tend to think about when we think about Energy Is we think about uh Home Heating and Home cooling costs you know the cost to Run the washing machine and the dryer And the all the modern conveniences of Life right I think what a lot of people miss Is the cost of doing business tied with Those energy costs That it’s that is going to have a huge Economic impact Um Offices will close Which means people will be fired Manufacturing plants will close which Means people be laid off We’ve already seen and we know that it’s Only going to get worse or at least we Believe strongly that it’s only going to Get worse given the world geopolitical Situation with Ukraine and Russia and China and Taiwan And Bricks And so forth and so on The availability of raw commodities And sub components for the supply chain Global Supply Chain is falling apart What do you do about that well our Business Refuge medical we’re Stockpiling stuff We have two strategic reserves of stuff

We’ve directed our subcontractors our Social shops you know American-made sew Shops buy more nylon than you think you Need and buckles and grommets and thread And you know D-rings and you know insert part here Buy more of that significantly more of That than you think you need Because it will become unavailable and They’re seeing that as well not only is It becoming unavailable but if they can Give it significantly higher cost per Unit So the people that make the snaps and The grommets and the buckles and the Nylon If they can find people to work for them They’re going to have to pay them Significantly more due to the cost of Living increases If they can keep their doors open and Pay their bills they’re going to have to Pay significantly more For their operational costs you know Electricity you ever run a thousand two Thousand four thousand amps of 483 phase Into a building seen a power bill for a Plant or a shop like that it’s Significant You double triple quadruple 10x That power bill Ultimately that gets passed on to you And me Now what happens if that power bill is

10x and the raw materials to produce the Product are 3x and the labor cost is 2X And There’s nobody to sell your product to Because everybody else is barely getting By then they don’t need your widget I think that’s Going to be a key factor going forward In the next five to ten years in the United States of America and globally a Lot of businesses unfortunately are Going to fail this is why we talk about Businesses and individuals that are Leveraged in debt If you can’t service your debt load now How are you going to service your debt Load when you have increased operational Costs and decreased Revenue going Forward due to global supply chain Increased input costs energy costs Etc Labor costs Your margins are going to evaporate And you can’t service your debt load Which means you have to close your doors And this might be Bob and Sally’s you know Automotive Company you know auto repair and tire Shop It might be Microsoft Or Merrill Lynch Or U.S steel Right The implications are massive So what do you do

Stockpile now Not buying stuff out of fear but Stockpile now You need more t-posts for your farm I’d Get more t-posts Because uh you know we know Russia makes A lot of that low Quality Steel you know Not stainless steel like we manufacture Here in the United States but just use Raw steel Russia China okay well we could be Having a war with Russia and China here Pretty quick So I’d get some t-posts right practical Tactical you need another cast iron uh Dutch oven I’d get one right Haven’t serviced your lawnmower lately I’d do that Like get your Affairs in order and think About Not if I couldn’t go to the store for The next five years But if there was nothing at the store For the next five years what would I Want to have this is your thought Exercise for today this is your homework For today There’s nothing at the store What do I need to have Seeing people have focused on since February 2019 With the Coronavirus What happens if they don’t let us do Business

Completely missed what happens when There’s no business to do Sure you can walk your happy ass in the Walmart go for it there’s nothing on the Shelves and by the way your dollar’s Worth was best of luck to you So what do you need Do an inventory maybe a physical Inventory but certainly at least a Mental inventory of what do I need if I Couldn’t go to the store for five years And fair are you saying it’s going to be Five years saying it might it could be 10 could be six months Don’t know nobody really knows right now We ordered an impressive unprecedented Point in history Not a lot of data to work from and the Data sets that we do have coming out of China and Russia and Ukraine are all Tainted held the data coming out of the United States is Tainted Because fifth generation Warfare is a Game in narratives they’re not going to Tell us the truth it does not behoove Them to tell us the truth So the best thing we can do is try to Extrapolate what good data we do have Which is our data what do I need I know what I need I know I know how Many boxes of macaroni and cheese a 14 Year old boy eats per year Because I’ve done the homework on that Because I’ve had to buy them

So if I wanted to buy a Year’s worth of Macaroni and cheese for a 14 year old Boy I know that data because I’ve done The work because I bought the damn mac And cheese right I don’t know we should Subtitle this brief today mac and cheese Because we’re talking a lot about mac And cheese today Point here is We can work from our own personal data Sets to see what we need And some things it’s just not gonna you Can’t store fat most of us can’t store Five years worth of gasoline Five years worth of food is A ludicrous amount of food five years Worth of water good luck Right Five years worth of OTC meds yeah that’s doable five years Worth of prescription meds Nope Nope but t-posts fence Gravel you know Tie wire hand tools Fix it stuff I think fix it stuff Maintenance and repair items are going To be really important because stuff’s Going to break and it’s not going to be A readily available replacement for Whatever it is that breaks Back to the brief protests have already Been seen of course So it’s not difficult to imagine the

Risk becoming more elevated For example unsatisfied with stagnant Pay in the face of increasing living Costs France is seeing Nationwide Strikes as unions aim for higher Salaries this comes after weeks of Walkouts which created shortages of fuel Around the country and heavily impacted Oil refineries Over 60 percent of France’s oil refining Capacity was affected Demonstrations have involved Transportation workers teachers and Hospital employees and dozens of cities That is the brief for today if you’re on Patreon you have the written brief and The links there is a link to patreon and The description of every video and live Stream I highly recommend you join the Patreon family there is a Metric butt ton of content and value Over there Significantly more than what’s on YouTube Uh interesting article from RT Russian Propaganda Russia’s grain Harvest hits All-time high this year’s crop has Already exceeded 147 million tons the Country’s agriculture Ministry has said Already set a new record to date 1.147.5 million tons is in Bunker weight Have been harvested with harvesting Still ongoing Russian agriculture Minister Minister Dmitry petrushev later

Confirmed the figure at a staff meeting Of the ministry quote we expect to reap A maximum of 150 million tons of course This is an absolute success for our Farmers and the Russian agriculture Industry as a whole he stated The previous record was set in 2017 with 135 million tons including 86 million Tons of wheat this year the wheat Harvest Harvest is expected to reach 100 Million tons This is an interesting paragraph in this Article petrushchev recently said that Russia’s newly joined territories the Donetsk and luhansk people’s Republics And Curson and zapronista regions would Add about another 5 million tons of Grain per year to Russia’s overall crop Now there’s a The United Nations Has condemned Russia For essentially annexing via bullcrap Vote you know these referenda that took Place in these regions Uh adding these areas of What were what are Ukraine uh back into Russian territory which we’ve talked Ad Nauseam about the implications that that Has as far as War fighting in those Regions you know could be considered a Direct attack on Russian citizens and Sovereign Russian territory which could Lead to escalation but it’s interesting Now as well they’re counting output from

Those regions as Russian output Talked about this in February of this Year and many times since war is a game Of resources at its most basic level Russia is the largest wheat exporter in The world followed by Canada and the United States the country has already Delivered about 8.3 million tons of Grain to foreign markets in the 2022 Agricultural year which began on the 1st Of June it expects to export around 50 Million tons in total by July 30 2023 So half of its total wheat Harvest one Third of its total Harvest Um That’s good for Russia It may be good for the rest of the world It’s Dogs are chasing something The interesting thing here is that grain Is very likely going to be used Strategically buy Russia to firm up Alliances and to build new alliances you Know with bricks Brazil Russia India China South Africa South yeah South Africa and um several other nations you Know bricks Plus Essentially we’re talking about coercion Here Hey you want your people to not starve To death here’s some Russian grain by The way we’re going to need you to X Y And Z for us The United States is trying to do that

With natural gas to Europe right now Not going so well uh Part of the reasoning Behind the argument for the United States are the ones that blew Nordstrom One and Nordstrom two because everybody Knows it was sabotage everybody admits It was sabotage Um and it’s a it’s a bold reason and I Wouldn’t necessarily lay it at the feet Of ice cream Grandpa Uncle Joe Because I don’t think he’s I don’t think he’s coherent Let alone has balls this big But it’s basically the equivalent Blowing Nordstrom one and Nordstrom 2 is Basically equip the equivalent of Burning the ships once you make landfall Because For since President Obama and really Good commentary on this by the way There’s a podcast called the Presidential Daily Brief With Dean Wright I believe it was Recently turned onto that by a contact Of mine it’s a good It’s a Good podcast you might want to check it Out Um Dean was talking about this And I agree Basically saying That since the Obama Administration Obama Trump now Biden

The U.S has been Asking politely then strongly suggesting And then flat out telling Europe hey Don’t get in bed with Russian natural Gas it’s going to be weaponized against You guess what’s happened it’s been Weaponized against them So now with war looming in Europe proper Given the conflict between Russia and Ukraine Oh You’ve got countries like Germany that Could potentially flip-flop on their Commitment to Nato because of the Dependence on Russian Natural Gas So it’s a very ballsy move burning the Ships but if you blow those pipelines That removes that consideration from Germany and Europe’s decision-making Process What Russian gas you don’t have it Anymore Which of course is part of fifth Generation Warfare which is not only a Game of narratives but also asymmetrical Attacks on things like civilian Infrastructure including pipelines so as These things continue to escalate we can Expect more of that The fragility Of the system Now if you’re one of those people that Likes to jump off when we talk about how To support the show either because

You’re not interested in supporting the Show or because you’re already Supporting this show Defeat skedaddle get out of here have a Blessed day Shalom We still go to live stream you guys want To see the fire again Uh yeah We got a live stream There we go Living life independent you’re welcome Foreign Now for everybody else Let’s do this quickly today We’ve already talked about patreon good Stuff going on over there hit the link In the description it’s five bucks a Month if you hate it you’re out five Dollars That’s one beer today at the bar I don’t even think you can get a six Pack of beer for five bucks anymore if You stop at the gas station That’s one caramel macchiato One latte that’s less than a pack of Cigarettes or a can of skull For a month’s worth of potentially Life-saving educational content You do the cost benefit analysis there Refuge medical we had an awesome Sukkot We are back from Sukkot the vast Majority of items are in stock and Shipping fast just launched the um mini

Stop 2.0 did a video on that on patreon Yesterday Same price Significantly increased capability added A bunch of components to the mini stop a Stop as a Seal Team operational medical Pack It’s a mini Hospital on your back and we Had one person comment on patreon said I’ve been a per I was a paramedic for 35 Years and I would feel more than Adequately prepared to deal with all Types of injuries with that bag right There awesome comment appreciate that That’s what we do at Refuge medical we Tell stories all the time of people who Have saved lives with our kids and our Goal here is to equip you to be the hero So that you’re not useless and helpless When not if when something bad happens Because bad stuff happens to good people All the time whether it’s a car wreck or A gunshot wound or a workplace accident Bad stuff happens to good people all the Time And if you don’t have the proper tools And equipment You’re gonna stand there and watch Somebody you’ll like and or love Die Because you’re not appropriately Equipped I don’t want that for you I’ve Gone through that myself that’s why I Started this company

I was telling those stories on patreon Yesterday I was uh I was involved in like a 30 car pileup As a young man before my 18th birthday And uh I spent an hour pulling people out of Vehicles It was rough I wished I had a mini stomp with me We’re passionate about saving people’s Lives That’s what we’re about that’s the Problem that we solve you don’t know Which kit you need we do we do this for A living You don’t know where to get an American-made high quality kit that Actually works we do we do this for a Living that’s what we’re about And if as a byproduct we get to Contribute to the rebuilding of American Manufacturing Praise God that’s awesome So I strongly suggest you Check it out you don’t want to be in a Position where you’re literally holding Somebody’s life in your hands and There’s nothing you can do about it I’ve been there If you use promo code Bear Nation you Get free shipping on everything in the Store and that’s not nothing in today’s

Day and age so Please check it out Refuge training we are in the process of Adding dates for 2023 uh had a meeting On that yesterday so be encouraged there Will be new dates put up for the next Training season in 2023 meanwhile we Have some private classes going on we Also have a couple of public classes That have a couple of slots left in them In Waco Texas and Dallas Texas and so if You would like to actually know how to Use your kit to learn the Fine Art of How to not die this is in-person Real Hands-On training it’s not Death by PowerPoint it’s not some commoditized YouTube video although if that’s what You’re looking for we have an entire Playlist trauma medicine here on this Channel uh just go to playlists on you Know click bear independent click Playlists trauma medicine I’ll teach you The entire March algorithm stop the Bleed you know March pause algorithm Pain management antibiotics wounds Splinting you know blah blah blah it’s All there So if you’d like to come to class the Remainder of the year your opportunities Are Dallas and Waco unless you’d like to Book a private class in which case email Us Grindstone Ministries email just went

Out updating about the gold star mother That we are working for down in Florida Post hurricane in Um so construction is ongoing on her House to remediate the flood damage Which is awesome There’s a full-blown deployment being Put together details on that are going To go out via email so you need to sign Up at for that Email blast when that goes out Um We are in contact with elements law Enforcement elements in the area who are Doing scouting for us as far as Developing targets for full-blown Deployment I’m going back down for a Recon in the very near future so we can Spin up that full-blown deployment and We’ve got Caleb house Caleb house is our Juvenile human trafficking Survivor Restoration facility which is a mouthful To say kids who have been raped it’s a Safe place for them to go so they grow Up in a place where [ __ ] aren’t Raping them every day And uh I will be my boots will be on the ground At Caleb house today So that we can uh continue to plot the Course forward there uh prayers would be Super duper appreciated we’re running Into a couple of just kind of routine Construction headaches as far as

Dealing with this utility versus that Utility and needing these prints done And getting this signed and submit this For approval and this and that and blah Blah blah and it’s it’s um It’s not death by red tape yet but it’s Starting to feel that way a little bit So if you could uh beseech the father on Behalf of Caleb house to grease the Skids on that one that would be great we Would really appreciate it and of course If you’d like to contribute whether it’s Your time your prayers or your money to All the good works that we’re doing you Can visit Grindstone That being said I freaking love you all You are the best audience on the face of The Earth thank you for participating in All the shenanigans that we do Um we could not do it without you so Thank you to every one of you Every one of you Yeah Y’all have a happy day I gotta go do stuff bless y’all shalom