Jeremiah 3 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | October 21, 2022

Jeremiah chapter 3. Elohim said if a man puts away his wife And she goes from him and becomes Another man’s does he return to her Again Would not that land be made greatly Unclean this is Torah by the way But you have committed whoring with many Lovers And would you return to me declares Yahuwah Lift up your eyes to the bare Heights And see Where have you not Lane with men Besides the ways you have sat for them Like an Arabian in the wilderness and You made the land unclean with your Whorings and with your evil Therefore the showers have been withheld And there has been no latter rain You have had a forehead You refuse to be ashamed proud haughty Shall you not from now on cry to me my Father You are the guide of my youth This one Bearer Grudge forever Does one keep it to the end See you have spoken and done the evils That you could And yahuwah said to me in the days of Yeshuyahu the king Have you seen what backsliding Israel Has done she’s gone up on every high Mountain and under every Green Tree

And there committed whoring Remember two house Israel and Judah here And after she had done all these I said Return to me but she did not return and Her treacherous sister Judah saw it And I saw that for all the causes for Which backsliding Israel had committed Adultery I had put her away and given Her a certificate of divorce Yet her treacherous sister Judah did not Fear but went in committed whoring too And it came to be through her frivolous Whoring that she defiled the land and Committed adultery with stones and with Wood bear what about this Graven image With stones and with wood And yet for all this her treacherous Sister Judah has not returned to me with All her heart but falsely Declare declares yahuwah but where the Leaven of the Pharisees Said Yeshua See this is challenging because there’s A lot of knowledge in rabbinic Judaism Which traces its roots directly back to Pharisaical Judaism But they don’t have mashiach and they Have added to the word so much That is it’s damn near impossible Sometimes to discern What is biblical and what Rabbi shmuel Said right so beware the leaven of the Pharisees Judah has not returned to me with all

Her hurt But falsely Yahudah yahudim Judah Jew the Jews And by the way Israel right these are The ten tribes that were scattered to The winds scattered to the Nations the Diaspora that’s you and me That’s you and me And yahuwah said to me backsliding Israel us Has shown herself more righteous than Treacherous Judah has Go and Proclaim these words towards the North and say return o backsliding Israel declares yahuwah I shall not look On you in displeasure for I am lovingly Committed declares yahuwah and I do not Bear a grudge forever well there goes Your replacement theology right there Huh only acknowledge your crookedness to Shuva repent turn from your Wicked Ways Because you have transgressed against Yahuwah your Elohim What a sin First John 3 verse 4 sent his Lawlessness and have scattered your ways To strangers under every Green Tree and You have not obeyed my voice Declares yahuwah what’s righteousness Luke 1 verse 6 blamelessly walking in The commands of yah obeying his voice Return o backsliding children declares Yahuwah for I shall rule over you and Shall take you one from a city

And from a clan and she’ll bring you to Zion And I shall give you Shepherds according To my heart and they shall feed you with Knowledge and understanding Shepherd Shepherd Sheep herd Shepherd It’s where the root for the word Pastor Comes from Pastor pasture Sheep are on pasture he who is Overseeing the flock is a pastor this is Not some soy boy Polo wearing a feminate Beta male motivational self-help speaker That gets up behind a Podium and gives You three ways that you can love your Brother in the Lord this week brethren It’s not that Pester Pastor Shepherd and I shall give You Shepherds according to my heart and They shall feed you with knowledge and Understanding so there’s a test right There if your pastor is not feeding you With knowledge and understanding they Ain’t a pastor And it shall be when you have increased And shall be fruitful in the land in Those days declares yahuwah that they no Longer say the Ark of the Covenant of Yahuwah neither would it come to Heart Nor would they remember it nor would They visit it nor would it be made again At that time Jerusalem shall be called

The Throne of yahuwah this is end times Prophecy at this point Revelation which We’ve read the entirety of Revelation on A camera here together And at that time Jerusalem shall be Called The Throne of yahuwah and the Nations shall be gathered to it the Great multitude in Revelation 7 with the Ceiling of the 144 000 that John doesn’t Know who they are that’s us the Nations Israel called back to the Father the Throne of Elohim Jerusalem And all the nations shall be gathered to It to the name of yahuwah to Jerusalem And no longer walk after the Stubbornness of their evil heart No longer doing your stuff but doing Your stuff in those days the house of Judah shall go to the house of Israel And they shall come together out of the Land of the North to the land that I Have given as an inheritance to your Fathers The promise to the Seed of Abraham But I said how would I put you among the Children and give you a pleasant land And a splendid inheritance of the hosts Of the Nations and I said call me my Father and do not turn away from me But indeed as a wife betrays her husband So you have betrayed me o House of Israel declares yahuwah let me ask you How many Children of Israel out there whether

They know they are or not Are walking in yah’s ways See a remnant’s not two billion people But indeed as a wife betrays her husband So you have betrayed me o House of Israel declares yahuwah A voice was heard on the bear Heights Weeping supplications of the children of Israel because they have perverted their Way they have forgotten yahuwah their Elohim Return o backslotting children I shall Make your backsliding cease Hebrews 8 the renewed Covenant so knew That it comes directly out of this book Jeremiah chapter 31 verses 31-34 right Where the father will remember our sins And our lawlessness no more He will be our Elohim we will be his People the condition being that his laws Are in our mind and written on our heart Right And no longer walk off after the Stubbornness of their evil heart Right call me my father and do not turn Away from me They have perverted their way and they Have forgotten Yahweh their Elohim Returno backslotting children I shall Make your backsliding cease see we have Come to you for you are yahuwah or Elohim This is happening now this Great Awakening that’s taking place with the

Whole Bible movement if you will Truly delusion comes from the high hills The noisy throng on the mountains which Is where they would go up and worship Their false gods And bowed down under evergreen trees Yeah how many people on the winter Solstice December 25th are going to be Bowing down under evergreen trees Truly delusion comes from the high hills The noisy throng on the mountains truly And yahuwah or Elohim is the Deliverance Of Israel for shame has devoured the Labor of our fathers from our youth Their flocks and their herds their sons And their daughters we shall lie down in Our shame while our our reproach covers Us for we have sinned against yahuwah or Elohim Sin is lawlessness First John 3 verse 4 We and our fathers from our youth even To this day and have not obeyed the Voice of yahuwah our Elohim Do righteousness to the best of your Broken ability Shall we sin all the more so that Grace May abound no God forbid Shall we be Lawless all the more even Though we have Messiah no God forbid Y’all have a blessed day Shalom