BUILDING A FORT IN THE WOODS – A Night at the Fort, Building and Cooking with 2 Dogs in the Rain.

By | October 21, 2022

Hey folks how are you doing we’re back In the woods today we’re at the Fort I Brought the dogs both of them Uh as we were walking in here I heard Wolf yelping and he started limping This has happened a couple times he Fought with him and Beauty playing Around I shouldn’t have brought both of Them but I feel bad leaving Beauty at Home and wolf needs somebody to play With out here And uh anyways He seems to be all right Well as you can tell from the ground I’m Sure it’s been raining It’s been raining for the past like four Or five days so all wet here because I Removed the top but over here it’s still All dry bone dry it was supposed to rain All day and like I said it’s supposed to Rain for the next like week and it has Been raining for like four days five Days already Uh and the rain stopped it’s about four O’clock in the afternoon the rain Stopped so I figured let’s get out here The dog’s been cooped up and I really Wanted to get back out here I have an Itch to get out and uh keep building Here so Hopefully the dogs just chill out we can Have a cook up a supper And just relax over here [Applause]

Beauty I’ll be using the Boreal 24 today Because we got a lot of sewing to do Here here Jerky Jerky oh my goodness greedy pants Foreign [Applause] At each other Beauty what are you doing girl hey Don’t be playing too rough then you can Cry again I do believe he’s finally bigger than Her now She’s got a haircut she looked a lot Bigger two days ago All right well game plan for today Continue building this wall here start Building the back wall or the front wall There rather and uh cut some Big Timber Cook up some steak and feed the dogs Chill out have a nice big fire stay warm So That’s what we’re gonna do I think we Need uh Right now we need our gloves and our saw We’re gonna go check out those big if You remember from last video was big Trees that had fallen We’re gonna go check out see if there’s Any usable pieces for the front wall now We want to use big thick pieces for that One that’s that’s what I want to do this

Time so Girl beauty [Applause] I have to go get a measurement now How long this needs to be because I Don’t want to cut it twice and I don’t Want to cut it too short So Actually pretty close I’m just going to notch it Where it’s uh Can be cut off at nobody [Applause] What’s wrong Beauty You don’t really blend in too good I don’t think he does either Beauty you’re doing all right Foreign Today I made sure I had my aggressive Sydney Rancher blade on my agawa Canyon Boreal 24. this is a great saw for big Jobs Oh My God There we go Nice nice One piece Kind of I’d still have to get it over There Where did Beauty go wolf Where did she go You Come on girl Oh it’s pretty heavy

Beauty Foreign This still needs to be leveled out We got the third piece there So I figured if I put This under it might help It was much more even So this has to come as far as it can This way Sit as solid as it can I’ll have to Peg that in a little bit More probably A little bit of pegging Maybe I can put this right next to the The wall and then that won’t be Obtrusive for anyone So right now I’ve got that small peg in Right there I need to put this long Stake log into the ground Okay that’s nice and secure in there I’ll tie at the top Joe Jam Surprise surprise The old Canadian Jam But you guys didn’t expect that and see That one coming huh Ah Where the frick there we go Make it straight Okay Okay I’ll have to put another one here Let’s see if the other one fits on top First

Whoa Oh this is long cut that long Pokey smokes But as long as the first one Oh boy I’m gonna try and knock some down but Just even uh Yeah Even ish Yeah not great I wonder if I flip it around Nope not great Okay Whoa it’s heavy Super heavy No steak’s gone Okay this is gonna take some doing [Applause] Okay Try this again okay Oh boy Breathing heavy Foreign Starting again Hopefully it’s not too much it’s not a Big deal for me I just don’t want the Dogs to be miserable I don’t want them To have a bad experience and I want Wolfie to be comfortable in the woods so Just for the first little while I want It to be nice Yeah much better actually So that’s in there I’ll put another Steak in there in the ground

And hold it to hold it up but Looks decent there [Music] Not sure how much I’m actually gonna get Done today The uh oh man I’m filthy look at it Starting to lose light a bit I want to Get a supper cooked and everything and Like I said I don’t want to keep the Dogs out in this crappy weather but We’ll just have a fun day out here Regardless get some stuff done And just uh Yeah enjoy the fall Which I really like to do Oh the rain’s really picking up If you can’t really see it but you can Certainly hear it We’re gonna go back under the fort stay Nice and dry maybe cut up some more Cherry wood and throw it on to cook our Steak these guys are just taking some Z’s catching some z’s you know no big Deal True Husky pet husky form he’s got his nose Tucked in his butt crack In this non non-real dog is just you Know Hmm feedling it up you’re okay sweetie You’re okay you don’t you’re not having Fun or what you’re not meant for the Outdoors eh I know this I know this from Experience past experience Beauty

Ain’t gonna be okay though I got some Food for you you want some food No wolf no wolf Puberty this girl Yeah you inhale that or what beauty Beauty girl Here you go sweetie Oh yeah you’re such a meanie you’re such A lady you know we got the mean Monster Wolfensteins So if you look here this is about the Size I need roughly And she’s dead at the top broken off in A windstorm So that’s more Hopefully we’ll be able to get two Pieces out of it But who knows All right you gotta back up big boy You gotta back up we’ll see Go Go on Go go Good boy I told you guys I like this ax Freaking laser Cool Ah Foreign To put the food on I am starving must be All cherry and I think Ash or Oak Coals So that’s nice

We’ll just wait till it burns down quite A bit more I don’t want any flames If you want me flames When I’m cooking don’t want anything you Want to cook right What do you say Wolfie Just give me some steak bro everything Will be okay Let’s take a break Short break from this uh regularly Scheduled program to put some Stakes Place on the stake got our hidden Woodsman packed today our day pack Uh oh looks like we also have a Flashlight on here Now that’s not good Still got some brightness I imagine I’ll Be out here till the dark Till the dark kicks in There we go Almost all thought out too bye-bye We’ll buy him Yeah mostly thought out no this isn’t For you either hey you got oh you got Burned your fur got burned by a spark Bro You gotta be more uh attentive to Yourself Back up camera can’t see go he gets Super jealous and worried that beauty is Going to get something he’s not Whereas Beauty can just kind of Be told

Go away No no stop it Got some garlic here and I also have a Nice Orange pepper So we’re gonna Yellow I guess yellow pepper we’re gonna Put that on the grill as well like I Told you before I love grilled peppers This is not home grilled though this is Store-bought sacrilege but I’m trying to get away from that as much As possible We get our meat from abattoir So it’s nice and healthy grass-fed pea Pea grain finish I believe Regardless it’s healthy and it’s from It’s local So I like that And I’m going to try my hand at getting Another deer or getting a deer this year Try it again at getting a deer I meant To say no luck last year Okay That’s about all I need to do for that To prepare that one There we go Oh instead of instead of peeling the Stuff off the garlic I think I’m going To leave it on just as like a protective Layer we’ll see That’s pretty hot Oh yeah that’s hot that’s hot hot No I’m gonna let those cook for maybe

Two minutes before I put the steak on Because that steak will not take long It’s not that thick and it’s a hot fire Hot coals rather Beauty what are you doing Hey Google So Beauty I almost kept Beauty as my Outdoor dog for a while She’s super agile she loves coming out With me and stuff but She’s just not meant for the outdoors Will and I took her camping she was Freezing getting bit by bugs through her Non-existent fur on her belly You can see her here today too curled up In the fetal position where a wolf just He’s fine I’m glad I made my decision On him He’s awesome he’s a great dog this is my Point exactly right here he’s chilling Waiting for food and she’s almost in Like a Inflator flight mode right there maybe Not so much but it doesn’t seem like She’s having fun I’m looking for a Sizzle so don’t get a Sizzle don’t be disappointed I’m not doing too bad Garlic’s getting a little soft Garlic You know Must-handle beat code of the street pack Up the heat if these dudes think they Get up around real dudes do real things

By all means Knowing how we get down to go What blah blah blah blah blah blah Oh almost almost What could you possibly want Hey Whoo Fancy Almost done The garlic is nice and soft The peppers are getting Torched up that’s the right word right Torched oh Beat Something’s for me right are you content You good bro This is going to come off here now Sit over here The fire is not much now so I’m gonna I’m gonna cut up this Hardwood split it down let my steak rest And then dig in [Music] Cut them up just cut them up sauce Break break Holy smokes Oh Beaut There we go Let me find the split down oh man that’s Dance Oh man This is the reality of it guys You know you might see me splitting lots

Of wood here looks like a quarter of the Wood I actually do split and cut up to Burn while I’m out here I’m sorry if it gets a bit repetitive But this is how it goes that’s how she Goes over here the Knoll Bobby generic don’t you know it’s Generic Generic Anyone anyone Bobby’s World picture Might be getting a little grainy I sure Hope not but it’s uh It looks like that in the LCD Losing light over here The peppers are good You’re making him think he’s here he’s Missing out This is the Garlic I’m just gonna spread It on my steak As much as possible No go on Come on buddy Um Super good Wolf back Good boy Oh Boy Um I love food Oh my God I know it doesn’t look like it but I eat A lot A whole lot

Um That’s the pepper Wow Back off Let’s see if I can squirt one of these Uh garlic garlic cloves in my mouth like A Go-Gurt Oh wow You could never do that if it wasn’t Grilled You let me eat a full clove like that With no like Nastiness Oh Man so good No Cheers I’m glad the rain stopped I wanted to come out and do it overnight But I gotta get this Finished up a little bit first Oh man I’m so glad I came over here I’m So glad I needed a break in the rain And you guys have seen me in the rain Before it’s not a big deal for me Like I said for the dog so like This is his first year outside I want to Make it all positive experiences right So he wants to come back out no no I’m Gonna go positive experience boy So damn good Well that was super good man Super freaking good

And some Leftovers here for the dogs here well Eric Beauty Good girl No don’t try and take it man just relax Sit Just take your cup take your time wait Your turn There you go Good boy Girl beauty Yeah you’re a good girl aren’t you Got to get it off the bone for you don’t Want to give you the bone after it’s Cooked I don’t like to give them the Bone really too much Very very short amount of time it’s not The biggest deal in the world I don’t Think but I just don’t want no problems Over here Chew that good Anyway there you go that’s about enough Of that I’m not going to give you this Piece I will burn this piece I’ll burn it good Yuck Some after dinner tea on Then I’m gonna go cut some more logs Here Bring them over to the port for next Time Yes Oh my God

Watch out bud This piece is solid Foreign All right so this is here I’ve got a Still clean up all the pokies and stuff And fit it on there Tie that up But as I’m sure you can tell I’m losing Light very quickly Oh yeah get my tea off or my water off Here make my tea That’s a good little little trip to the Floor at least happy to get out after Being cooped up for a few days there Hey good girl Like what are we doing over here dude Here dude hey what are we doing Well it’s obviously too late for me to Film anymore so I’m going to uh to want To see and build and film all at the Same time I’m just gonna enjoy my tea Here there’s a bunch of wood on the fire We’re gonna relax it’s dark now let’s Play a little bit before uh We’ll wait until this fire dies down to Bed actually Wait till my teeth die and I’ll probably Mosey on out of here Good girl Well Tea was good Well done the rain’s starting to pick up Again and she’s dark so I think we’re

Gonna call it thanks for joining me on This one again Hope you guys enjoyed it we’ll see you Soon next time we’ll camp out at the Fort Beauty There you are come on let’s go No fight in the dark guys oh piss Go Yeah she’s dark Good boy Good boy I love how he waits for me Freaking Beauty the Doodle’s gone the Non-outdoor doodler The in Doodle indoor doodle Oh my God Wanna jump in the new truck oh Freaking wet muddy dogs Wolfie come on Come on Wolf come On good boy come on There you are Up Good pops Goodbye