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By | October 20, 2022

[Applause] The threat of disaster is never Pleasant Welcome to the Casual Preppers podcast These safety measures are essential the Only place for prepping survival and Entertaining this will be your source of Survival instructions and information Every member of the family must be Coached in the business of survival here Are your hosts Cam and Kobe Oh man we’re here today To bring you a message It was a message It’s a question and answer message uh We’re gonna give you the answers Mindless banter 101 101 101. this is Like this is the Mind Spanish for Dummies for dummy well all of ours Pretty much are It is what it is the first class you’ve Taken on yeah welcome to 101. q a Um I know this is kind of another q a Because we had the ladies on last week But that was for them enough question Answering yeah get on with the episodes We got another one uh just to keep us on Schedule yeah I got a schedule and I Gotta keep I like it I like it all right I love the question answers I do too man You guys send in lots of fun stuff yeah Make me think me too yeah me too that’s Good speaking of thinking yeah do you Ever think about medical preparedness You’re getting ready for prepping I

Haven’t it’s not like you said prepping But don’t forget your self-reliant Medical Care yeah it’s a huge deal and It’s important to know and there’s a Good way that you can just have a little Cheat sheet oh it’s the prepper’s Medical hand I love cheat sheets yeah It’s by noted Wilderness medicine expert And survivalist William W 4G he’s smart And he’s a survivalist he’s the best Yeah he provides the basis of prevention Identification and long-term management Of those survivable medical conditions That you don’t remember you just look to The book I don’t remember and you can Keep referring back to it yeah it’s got A really nice organized structure that Just gets you to the point quickly and It’s easy to read it doesn’t have weird Medical jargon it’s just a great book it Really is and um I I look at it often because it has a Lot of nice medical uh medicine medical Medicine Wilderness medicine advice in it yeah Like because most the time even in day To day like I’ll run into something like That you just don’t see on a regular Basis and I’m at home it’s usually a Neighbor or something I’m like yeah this Book has been helpful so you get your Own you can go to the Preppersmedicalhandbook.com or you can Go to amazon.com if you get a pepper’s

Medical handbook and you need it in your Bug out bag yeah Well question and answer time it’s time To get it done and we took our first one From the man himself the the man the Door man himself Angelo Amador Junior He says If This Were Zombieland What would be your Twinkie you asking About my twinkie Angela yeah that’s Weird that’s weird what snack would you Crave the most Is that funny cam it is funny okay well What snack would you crave the most I Man I had to think about this but Honestly it probably just goes back to Just plain old ladies like a Non-flavored one just the regular ones The just the normal you could guess yeah I said I I know you I know you I know You like it it’s plain simple not a lot Of flavor so if I’m if I’m picking chips Those are usually the ones I pick They’re so good I like either like plain Laser baked delays I like them both the Baked are really good they’re both great Yeah they’re good Um but yeah no that’s Band-Aid just fell Off yeah I’m gonna bleed out have them Just eat this real quick that’s my snack Um oh man but yeah no plainly chips are Great yeah they go with everything they Do you allowed to dip them in chocolate No you can you really can you can you Can eat cottage cheese with them if you

Wanted they’re nice And the potato at the same time the Potato spoon it’s great yeah yeah so I Was like just the plain so we would be Like I think I’d crave those looking for The the Lays trucks yeah that wouldn’t Be happening totally yeah So I had to think about this too was Really hard because I’m not much of a Snack guy so if I’m going no but I mean But I mean that’s not the thing I crave The most if I’m gonna crave something Like that I really love kettle corn like If I if I’m at night like watching a Movie I want some some buttery sweet Kettle corn that’s my stuff yeah so I Would be looking for that but I didn’t Like kettle corn for a long time and now I like I really like it you really like It it’s good stuff good we got I got Some kettle corn in the corn maze that’s That’s the best and it was so good yeah That stuff’s the best that’s almost like Too good yeah yeah it’s got something in It yeah it’s got something and there’s Heroin probably Ketamine I don’t know something good but Um other than that really it’s this like I love a bubbly drink no matter what it Is okay as long as I have sugar bubbly Bubbly that’s true I do crave that too Like I I crave it so much if soda energy Drink fizzy water that burned oh God you Need it it does feel way more refreshing

Than just straight cold water it does I Don’t know what it is it’s like I can’t Drink enough water because I just like This is whatever where’s my bubbles It’s like that Meme you sent me the Other day The guy’s like in the desert and he’s uh Dying he’s like crawling on all fours And he can cross right past a fizzy Water stand He has like water and he’s crawling to It and then it has the below it shows Fizzy water and he’s crossed past it Yeah his girl’s right past yeah I love Miso fizzy just straight water I’m not a Big fan but anything I love it fizzy It’s not just plain water yeah it’s good Fizzy ease so I’d be looking and that’s The bad things because it’s going to Lose his Fizz eventually it is you know That’s depressing like that’s the worst Thing although drinks I could probably Find enough of those CO2 cartridges for Like the because I have one at home That’s an apocalyptic business there I Know Physifying I make my own fizzy water at Home yeah I have one of the um SodaStream never use it so But I don’t drink just straight water And the syrups like I got one that it I Don’t know tastes it’s gross I don’t Like it yeah I’ve had a hard time Finding something you didn’t like did

You like any of those yeah I did drink Them yeah I like it tastes like sucker like the Stuff you pour into like hard suckers to Make flavor this doesn’t go well with Anything that’s fine I drink a nail Polish by the way did you know that’s What I gave you it was pretty good not My favorite the acid acetone’s weird Kind of weird like acetone aftertaste it Would be odd yeah yeah that’s good stuff Thanks Angelo all right Um what if they’re wrong says asks if a True apocalyptic event happens would you Really want to survive aside from the Fantasy of TV and movies it’d probably Be a pretty crappy time so is this my Wife asking this question because it Kind of feels like it did sound like it Yeah it did huh Kobe’s wife yeah she’s All about that she’s like I don’t know If it just do if it gets hard at all I’m Just done I’m checking out it’s over With really that’s what she said Yeah kind of if you get started all I’m Out and keep it wrinkly boy Um no like she has that same sort of Thing like if it’s If it’s gonna get difficult then she’s Just out she doesn’t want to do yeah Right yeah but I think most people are Kind of that way I guess but I don’t Understand that like I don’t either I’m Just I thought humans were supposed to

Be bred with this like will to live in Them like in their soul like don’t you Want to live we’ve had too many Conveniences man I know it’s rough like When I go camping I’m like Mom I want to Kind of get home take a shower I can’t Get the door Dash life isn’t worth it You know what I mean yeah like I don’t Get it uh but I I mean I understand it But no I have a way to see it man yeah The suicide rate went up a ton so yeah No I get it but here’s the thing though If I can somehow continue to be with my Family Um I I want to live somewhere that is a big Difference like if you lost your family I lost my family then okay whatever yeah Fizzy water ain’t gonna do it for me I Gotta place it something else but like If I can still be with my family Um and it’s not just like me and a bunch Of mutated monsters yeah like I’ve I’m Gonna try and live somehow I agree I’m The same way I I I don’t think that I Would be like I’m done yeah everything’s Inconvenient it will suck and it’ll be a Huge adjustment yeah I think like in in A way like some of the Simplicity in Life would come back and you’d be like Dude it’s actually kind of better I feel Like that’s part of the reason that I am Drawn to anything like apocalyptic me Too because like it’s just getting rid

Of all the extra [ __ ] it would suck and You would miss it but once you got kind Of used to it you’d be like man it’s Better simple because look at look at The rest of the world like you see those Kids in Africa that have nothing and They’re like dancing super happy kicking In a little ball around that’s just like Wadded up plastic bottles I know Like they’re they’re just happier we’re Sitting on our couch scrolling through Netflix there’s nothing to watch life Isn’t worth listening right but and then You’re just like stressed out about Having to go to work and bills and all This other crap that doesn’t really Matter it’s all made up yeah everything We do is made up yeah this is fake it Doesn’t have to be this way all we need To do is eat and breathe and drink water True to live all this other crap is just Made up and it just causes anxiety Obviously there’s fun things there are There’s a lot of good stuff but I think A lot of I think a lot of our stress Would would be alleviated yeah probably All it’s also going to be when you’re Only thinking about your food yeah water That’s also the thing like it’s going to Be hard because you gotta eat and you Gotta find food and you gotta stay alive Yeah but I’m willing to take the chance Me too I want to see how it’s gonna go I Want to see how it all ends yeah right I

Don’t know I get it though yeah it’s Gonna suck but I also do it would suck Yeah it’s gonna suck it’s is guaranteed To happen yeah but yeah no I can see why People are like I’ll check out but I Don’t I want to see how it goes plus if There’s less population you know go turn On my own rides at Lagoon or that’s Right Six Flags that’s right yeah no Lines no one hashtag no lines nowhere to Post this the only thing I’m looking Forward to is yeah theme parks I’m gonna Think if we can get through the first Blast Think of what Lagoon’s gonna be like I’m Gonna ride all day I’m gonna be yeah I Ain’t even get off that road I’m gonna Hit go I want that thing of jumping Number one plan it’s like that’s plan a I haven’t figured out how to get off the Ride yeah get through the first blast Yeah and we’re golden yeah we’re golden All right this one came from Callum Darby 1997. how old are you were you born in That 97. you’re born that year did you Graduate Nobody puts their marriage on it you’re Married 2006 Kobe 2004. I see you’re not married to them That when you’re born I heck no hey when The world all came together that’s when My life was complete right there that’s The start of the end for me now but she

Says or he says I don’t know it’s a sky Or girl hey guys I have a Three-month-old baby Callum sounds Pretty I don’t know actually Damn Okay What you call him You name that kid yeah would you go on Callum I won’t name him cow I didn’t Ever name you but you said some Sparkling idea kill him got him uh hey Guys I have a three month old baby Cool congratulations yeah what baby Supplies would you stock up on if there Was a long-term bugging situation love The podcast and keep those hairy beetles Safe stay survived be a shout out to my Beautiful partner Taylor and baby Willow It’s a good name that is a good name I Like that great movie Let’s see it’s even more confusing Taylor can go both ways Yeah Taylor can’t yeah so we have no Idea we don’t know who’s who here yeah But it doesn’t matter it’s all about Baby Willow anyway that’s true that’s Exactly right that’s where the focus is This is the question baby Willow uh uh Anyways congrats you made a baby good Job yeah it might be two boys might be Two girls might be boy and a girl we Don’t know Willow could go both ways Willow can be either [Music]

Um wow I know it’s pretty cool uh here’s The thing though it’s been a while since I had a baby It’s been been a fortnight or two Um I can’t remember what them babies Need I just remember they pee and poo And they cry and sleep yeah but I know You gotta have formula Unless you’re doing the boob uh feeding Um and you gotta have butt cream Movement I don’t know use a nibble method or are You using the formula I can’t remember Why this goes he’s going natural latex Which one do you do yeah Don’t matter uh you got it for me you Got a butt cream you got diapers and got Medicines yeah right yep is there Anything I’m missing there no I I Remember Doing this podcast when we had had a When we had a little kid Um maybe just thinking of all those Things it does stress you out you’re Just like man you gotta supply for this Baby is confused This is complicated and Confusing the formula is going to be a Big one because Um the like we saw that goal that was a Problem during coven for sure covid was Unavailable the code and formula was Unavailable got cold was out they’re all Out of code we had to order it in That’s part of the conspiracy

We didn’t get enough from Factory I don’t want to tell you this but we’re Out of Kobe 100 China we need Jamal And our Journeys are taking Arco We’re gonna have to order some in we’re Back order on cover and it’s a problem I Just gave the last two in the back room To some employees so you’re gonna have To wait I gave them to his family and I Took some from my family yeah I don’t know what kind of stories you’re Running I don’t know how I would turn it Into this kind of person He’s gotta call the covered managers Town like this yeah but um yeah so Formulas and then liquid forms and Medications is a big deal Um trying to crush up pills you just Know what you’re doing there and then um Cereals and treats and stuff like that But baby diapers that was another thing That I’d worried about so baby diapers I Looked into like adult diapers or baby Diapers baby diapers not big boy diapers You can use big boy diapers A little bit strap it around their Shoulder that’s not bad it’s a onesie Diaper That’s actually a better idea I know the Whole thing because that shoots out Their back oh my God all the time that’s The worst you watch baby will is gonna Poop all over yeah all over her back why Don’t they have a full back diaper

Fullback You were just a half back or a full back Yeah I ordered the fullbacks my kids are Big bullets They’re going to be on the football team With guarantee it and we’ve got full Back diverse you don’t want crap you Don’t want to add up their back I had looked into like cloth diapers and How to manage that and kind of had a Little plan but never got to that point I know my brother was weird enough and Did that yeah soaking them and washing Them out in a bucket I’m like dude We’re in America we’re in America we Used to throw away diapers we landfill Over there getting bigger yeah we Contribute to it but anyways um yeah so All that stuff think about the diapers Think about the things that are Convenient the Um you’re gonna have to figure out a new Way around yeah there’s a lot of Different little things don’t have Another baby that’s the last one because If apocalypse comes you don’t want a Baby yeah think about birth control to Have that because nobody wants to start The apocalypse off pregnant that’s the Worst it’s a scary scary thought yeah It’s always yeah we’ll find a doctor and You’re gonna charge all your bullets you Don’t want that You want to have a baby you know how

Many bullets that’s gonna cost five Thousand bullets right there five five Six in my pocket all right we’re about 22 I don’t want that crap now you want a Baby you’re gonna give me the good stuff You want me to cut the umbilical cord And I want five five six boy yeah get Out your Leatherman I’ll get that baby At you I’ll get her done no more tops not Bushcraft Butch crap that’s Bushcraft All right this one came from Tony Mao He loves cats Wow what kind of Footwear do you wear Every day uh do you have any specific Brands or styles that you recommend to Someone who wants to be prepared but Still comfortable yeah man I’m gonna Have a horrible answer for you I don’t Have a good answer for this one you’re Gonna hate it I’m not a big Footwear Yeah copyrighted Um seriously I wear one of three things Every day mostly it’s a Converse All-Star This is the worst worst going into the Apocalypse with one of these it’s like The worst shoe you could ever have yeah Bobby weren’t for a hundred years Sandlot isn’t it I hit the table and it set that off Now that was a bad joke oh gosh Um yeah crickets um yeah Converse I Don’t know they’re not good for anything

Other than looking like you were cool Around 20 years ago right wasn’t that The converse on Sandlot it was yeah the Only thing they’re good for is looking Like you were cool 20 years ago That’s worse I still think it’s a good Look it’s where I’m stuck in but I also Wear like a Vans once a while and once In a while wear some Nikes yeah none of That’s tactical none of us great for Preparedness but it is gray man yeah so That is true so there’s that I think you Know you go around wearing combat boots Or like military style shoes it’s like Yeah someone looks at you like okay are You gonna shoot up a place I’m winning Five five six are in your pocket right Now how many just walking it’s like like That creaky boot sound you’re like this Guy’s crazy yeah this guy’s nuts come Here baby come behind me that guy is Gonna kill somebody soon That’s when you’re like situational Wearing she’s like where am I gonna hide Yeah or if like someone starts shooting I’m getting behind him yeah that’s Because he’s got a gun on him I Guarantee it and investing and I’m Wearing one right now full body armor Underneath chin pull out his pistols From I got your back don’t worry I’ll Reload your mags and once you drop them Eggs I got some more for you To find a chair here here

[Laughter] It’s good you’re doing a good job Loading it Oh I stubbed my toe in these Converse oh Are you okay up there I can run real Fast I don’t have a better Um answer for that either because I’m Not like big into like man I’ll wear Some 511 boots and I don’t yeah Um I do have a nice set of North Face Boots that are like they’re kind of Seasonal but I think they’re made for Winter but I wear them all the time and I love them I’ve had them for like five Years we’re in the church in the summer Yeah I didn’t warm to the lake but Anytime I go out in in the in the Hills I usually have these on because they’re Semi waterproof they’re comfortable they Lack they’ve lasted forever and they’re Lightweight so I like a North Face Moon Okay yeah but then I have I have some Reebok Um crossfit shoes that I like oh you do CrossFit huh nope I just like them yeah You just like them but you know I have Had the thought process of looking at New shoes of like Trail runners or Running shoes just because they’re going To last longer they’re going to hold up A little bit so that’s what I have like For my outdoor shoe I have an Under Armor trail running shoe

Yeah um to be honest they’re not the Most comfortable that’s the thing They’re hot like the souls are hard and They’re not I actually took them a Couple years ago when I did but you Don’t have to worry about falling apart Yeah and bugging out I took them when I Was on went to King’s Peak and they were Just okay I still got a blister I was Thinking like these are gonna be great For like a 30 mile hike right and I Still got blisters but I I’ve worn them In now so they’re a little bit better But honestly like for hiking and stuff I Have just like a regular freaking shoe Just just like an athletic shoe if you I Don’t like hiking boots I know that’s a sin for five years yeah But uh anyways yeah every day swear yeah It’s kind of one I want to just go with Like all the two Brands yep yeah okay Crocs all day long that’s in now did you Know that yes they’re expensive too are They yeah crap my kids all have them out Like One of my kids is showing me like the uh Lightning McQueen Croc was going for Like 150 bucks or something for a Regular adolescent size I’m like geez I Ain’t buying that boy you wear dad’s old Converse yeah Uh anyway yeah I cut these water these Irrigating boots down the shoe size I Want you to wear them you can have them

All right Cdt87 like a blood count or something Dad titties 87. Cute dim taste cute damn titties 87. is That the year you were born You were married probably when you were Married if you could choose a different Country uh to the US than the U.S to be In when shtf uh taking into Consideration things like the country’s Climate size resource population Etc Where would you be on the same note uh What do you think would be the worst Countries to be in when shdf I you know so having like been in South America I’ll tell you like anything Would grow down there and there’s a lot Of Natural Resources in South we had to Take our podcast down but there’s a lot Of people a lot of crazy people in the Government’s chaos so it’s like you have This perfect terrain and you have this Like seriously South America is amazing But the people there I don’t think I Could do it because of that why did you Just get beaten to death even now Nowadays you would get murdered yeah so And there’s like law it’s just a mess Down there at least in Brazil Yeah if there’s any Brazilians beautiful Amazing country yeah there’s just it’s Just scarier sorry it is do you want to Know how many times you have to get Tapped in Jiu Jitsu to be good

How many times a Brazilian times Um We talked about the different locations Like New Zealand and those islands Iceland and stuff like that they’re good Because they don’t have a lot of Population and that you know they’re Fertile yeah they are that’s what’s Important that’s kind of like but They’re isolated I’m gonna just mimic What the richest Among Us are doing I’m Going with the the fact that they’ve Probably done their due diligence I’m Sure they’ve probably spent some time They’re gonna spend a couple billion Yeah they probably know what they’re Doing yeah they don’t just randomly Throw a dart at the map and say do it There yeah um they’ve got somebody who Looked into it so I’m probably gonna go With some place like New Zealand you Know it’s remote it’s cut off it has Lots of resources has a small population It looks beautiful Middle Earth yeah exactly even better Even better yeah exactly so um that’s What I’m gonna go with as far as worse Countries go I’m gonna probably go just With the most populated country is India And China Mexico I don’t want to be in Those places yeah Mexico yeah that Wouldn’t be great either yeah that’s I Put those I put Mexico would be bad just Because it’s already chaotic yeah nobody

You can’t trust anybody not that there’s Not good people it’s just there’s a Majority of game trust the water no Um but yeah those highly populated areas Even like Japan and stuff would probably Be bad it’s just tons of people there There’s a lot of people in a small Island mm-hmm But North Korea would probably be pretty Good yeah I’m gonna go there they raise Big bunnies not a lot of people Unfortunately Anyway uh foodie Rock in Ryan foodie Rockin Ryan hmm okay Fruity Rock I ran [Music] Foodie Rock in Ryan What what’s in you Ryan If you’re kids If your kids built your bug out bag Using only five items what five items do You think they would choose that’s a Good question that is a good question um So I thought about this for a bit let’s Just put it together that’s basically it Right yeah They’re putting together a bug out bag What five items do they put in so I’m Gonna go with the first one is gonna be Flaming hot something like everything They eat it’s like flaming hot Cheetos Flaming Hot Doritos flaming hot Twinkies I don’t know it’s like everything is Flaming hot these days so that’s gonna

Be the food that’s in there probably There’s gonna be an iPhone in there Because exactly they’re freaking kids Crafting supplies probably like glitter And glue and scissors and paper and String ah man right that’s gonna be in There there’s gonna be a book because It’s just reading constantly and then For the drink there’s gonna be Mountain Dew like any time like we don’t let them Have like soda very often and everything That’s their choice every time it’s to Some sort of one of those Mountain Dews Like the fancy flavors that they’ve got You know oh right right that’s what they Go foreign Mine isn’t much different my kids go With like paper like they do everything With paper yeah and so just just they Just take a big old ream of paper I’m Gonna put that in there yeah that’ll Keep us survived and then an iPad lays Pickle chips like that’s like their Favorite thing like a dill pickle flavor They’re so good I haven’t had those They’re really good Um but yeah that’s like their their Snack of choice and then they have like World record or fact books like I always Have a book that’s like talking about History or facts or discoveries and Things like all of them like that so They probably have that in there yeah And then I I’m gonna change that bottom

One out um okay for like a camera of Some sort uh like they could be doing Their iPad but they always have their Like VTEC cameras I’m always like Everyone you could take a better picture With the iPad no they’re always like Everywhere we go every trip they have Like these cameras and they’re taking Pictures of everything thing yeah Uncomfortably so Stop taking pictures of this stuff Taking pictures of people But it would satisfy him for ever yeah They love taking in in videos obviously The cameras that shoot back at them Because they’re like Yeah so that would be it that’d be what My kids would do I like that it’s Actually not even this isn’t even a Scenario that could happen this is what Happens yeah when we go on trips this is Exactly what they pick yeah so that’s Good Dylan five four four six this is Different different deal yeah it’s a Whole different one what is the funniest Joke you know I hate when people ask That question because like I I know some Different jokes to just flow through my Brain and I’m not really like an older Joke person I’m not either I can’t Retell jokes it’s like my life yeah I’m Not really a good joke person but I got A couple that I heard actually pretty Recently that I thought were kind of

Funny yeah what’s Forrest Gump’s Password What’s brown and rhymes with snoop I’d Say poop nah Dr Dre Oh that was kind of funny yeah my kids Just hate I have like I’m like Dad joke To the T like everything I try to find One it’s always bad jokes and they get So mad at me they’re the best though They are the best they’re best they’re Clean yeah and kids hate them yeah but They laugh like that’s so stupid my wife Usually just says you’re so stupid yeah That’s usually constantly that’s usually The reply my wife that’s probably the Phrase she says to me more than anything You’re so stupid yeah you’re so stupid But she’s usually laughing so yeah no There’s yeah and that’s about all I have Too it’s like what do you call a deer With no eyes I don’t know no idea How about there’s a new one today okay What do you call someone with no body And no nose Um nobody knows nobody knows We need to do like a whole episode we do Dad jokes trying to make each other I Was telling my wife like when I was a Kid probably the funniest joke and I I Told it for a long time but got in Trouble several times for it oh really It’s not inappropriate but it just I Guess it kind of is as a kid so I would Ride with my uncle somewhere and he’s

Like knock knock who’s there I’m a damn I’m a damn who my damn foot stuck in the Door and I’d laugh my head off yeah Forever and I try to tell school got in Trouble a couple times but um that’s Probably the only joke that I remember Yeah it’s a good one yeah we do we need To do a joke we do we really do alpha Musk he asks have you guys ever thought Of relocating to a different state that Was cheaper less people Yeah I have I have to I’ve looked at Some different locations I always look At the states that I forget even exist You know like Nebraska Arkansas they’re Not very expensive to live in dude yeah We were looking at Kansas there’s some Kansas pretty cheap stuff in there In in really like because we could make Some good money sell our house move away And probably come out free and clear With a home or something but like the Hard part is is we got good jobs here Family is here it’s like that’s the Biggest thing yeah how do you make that Transition it’s got to be really working You get yeah you’re gonna be paying less You’re gonna have a smaller mortgage Yeah um probably more land but you don’t Have your family support that’s a big Deal that’s the heart it’s like where do You how do you determine when it’s a Better deal yeah and so a lot of people Would make that decision not based on

Family but I think mine is like I gotta Be near family yeah either my family or My wife’s family and like here where We’re at it’s like you’re better you’re Going to be better off yeah so Um but I have thought about it and well We dream about it all the time like We’ll send each other like look at his House there’s like seventy five thousand Dollars Like what’s out there it’s insane if you Were willing to just live out in the Middle of nowhere a lot of people are Yeah and I’m jealous that they can do it And yeah but I’m always like driving Three places I’m like what do these People do for work like where would you Work yeah I know it’s crazy I can’t work On I would have to like move my family And my wife’s family with this you guys Gotta come yeah we’re moving to Kansas Do unboxing videos yeah something I Don’t know how to figure it out yeah I Don’t know either but yeah no I have I Thought about it I’d love to live in the Northwest but it’s not cheap the West Coast sucks and I was just looking guess Do you know what state has the biggest Um square footage per family no Utah oh Does it oh that makes sense yeah Everybody builds massive houses here for No apparent reason Look what I got the Lord said he could Have yeah I got a side by side do on the

Backyard it needs its own house yeah I Gotta have all over 50 000 square feet I Got a pool house I got a car girl Um I got another couple bedrooms for my Five five six I’m in my driving house I’m just kidding Uh yeah crazy that ain’t yours Dantron Dant rod danter rod dandruff Um can you make fun of it yeah it’s a Good name yeah can’t make fun of it Well Done Dan dantron Um if you could only have five pieces of Equipment to put in a bug out bag what Would they be in why P.S the bag doesn’t Count as a piece of equipment boo yeah Okay okay yeah so this is I’m sure They’re pretty similar it’s just hard This is hard cam Um it is hard so number one I’m gonna go With the saw your mini good okay all Right that’s on my list as well Beautiful I like to drink water I like That water to be clean I like it to be Easy to uh clean not worry about is this Still filtering yeah it’s 100 000 Gallons yeah it’s probably still feels Like yeah unless you’re drinking a lot Of damn water it’s still working right Okay so swimming second one fixed blade Knife out I mean it’s gonna have to be a Nice one obviously right I didn’t pick

Out I I picked it I like that time it’s A great night use it it’s durable it’s a Good knife all around great knife so Especially yeah fixed plate knife Exactly next one big lighter yep I put That on there too nice we’re three for Three aren’t we we are beautiful now I’m Going with a tarp I went with the bivvy Okay great that’s a great choice start Probably gonna cover more and that’s Probably better depends I mean baby Either warm you can use it to collect Water soil and put soil in it What are you doing I’m collecting soil In my baby On a bug out yes mixing while I travel Yeah shake it up it was great stuff it’s Going to grow some good good corn Probably Oh man taking them with man yes okay and Then the last one is a first aid kit Okay a nice set of head lamp okay guys See where you’re going you do have to See where and I might be traveling at Night time yeah that’s that’s a good one Yeah I just figured that’s hard five Things is tough you ain’t gonna do that You ain’t gonna do this is stupid we Wouldn’t do terrible questions great Name terrible questions yeah It’s tough on them yeah but you know What I would probably really put in There gun nah nutrient survival oh yeah That’s probably what I’m feeling

Recently we were on their podcast the Nutrient survival wolf pack podcast you Gotta go check it out on YouTube we had A blast with those guys because we love Nutrient survival this stuff is made With real ingredients It’s Made in America to keep Americans healthy strong And alert perfect for today and ready For anything ahead I mean you don’t know What’s gonna happen and that’s why you Gotta have nutrient survival it has Hearty delicious entrees that are Nutrient dead snacks immunity boosting Drinks strength building shakes all the Stuff you need each with 40 essential Nutrients available in handy singles Daily use Pantry packs durable cans and Then they have the three to ninety day Survival kits keep your world safe and Your body in Peak condition that’s the Thing guys you can’t just go through the Apocalypse eating dog turd you gotta Have good stuff dehydrated yeah yeah I Mean it looks like maybe it’s a powdered Donut but it’s not that’s a dehydrated Dog turds an ice cream sandwich yes have Fun I’m gonna have my NRE nutrition Ready to eat these things are awesome Head over to nutrient survival use our Code casual Preppers you’re gonna get 10 Off you’re gonna support the podcast and You’re gonna have really good long-term Shelf life food that’s gonna sustain you Through any emergency that the Lord can

Send your way right okay yeah so you got To be excited about that anything’s got Hearty in the name I gotta have it you Got it I got it he loves all the Hardy Boys books yes he loves hearty delicious Students hearty delicious hearty gloves From Harbor Freight Hardy yeah those are Good yeah I got some of those good Gloves all right this one came from C Serrano03 You got married a year before I did Would you guys rather live in the Fallout universe or in the this war of Mine universe That’s a good one that’s a hard question I know I I S for me I I just said the Fallout environment I I don’t know if I’d choose it it’s just what I picture Being in yeah no I get that it’s like Man it’s like it’s gonna be this rough Like desolate everything’s gonna be dead And you’re gonna be fighting off mutants And stuff so I don’t know that one is The one I picked I’m like it’d be awful But I think you know you’d be shooting Things more and not worrying as much About it’s like mutant [Music] Maybe a little more exciting that’s how You do it when I come up on you yeah Yeah Stealing stuff I wouldn’t feel quite as Bad because I’m like man just the World’s just in chaos it is everybody

There’s no coming back from this no it Wouldn’t feel as bad that’s like Hoarding yeah and like eating and all That I get that so I went with this war Of mine Um I just feel like you know that Radiated Wasteland with mutants roving And the countryside I just feel like Um it’s not conducive to survival in any Way shape or form right no Um I think a war ravage country probably Gives me a slightly better chance at Survival yeah it’s Bleak it’s depressing Right it’s Oh this war mine is tough man it is Tough like you can’t you have to play That game it’s one of the few games like Makes you feel like that like I remember I still remember stealing like a can of Food because I my like I the group I was With needed food and I stole it from These old people and I felt bad about it In real life if you thought about it at Night I’m like I shouldn’t have done it Why did I ruin your game Ruin my life but that’s yeah man that’s A good game like if you really want to Try a game that it’s real to what the Situation should could be that’s a good I like it because it’s like simple like And it’s um it’s not it’s not Complicated in any way you can just get It on your iPad or something and play it Again yeah it’s only like forever now I

Have to check that out again I know I’ve Wanted to play it again too yeah it’s a Good game for sure what makes you think Um the prepper syndicate What do you think the biggest prepper Myth is So when I read this I wasn’t 100 sure Like is it like myths people believe About Preppers I don’t know the myths That Preppers believe I didn’t think Either about the details of that so Um so I had a hard time with this one But I went with the uh ever popular on This podcast is the uh 556 is all you Need yeah and that should be your main Focus because I I do say that because When we started this podcast that was One of the main things that we kept Running into it’s just like you go to a Prepper podcast and like every second Episode was about guns and ammo and Um you know armor plates and reloading And I get that that stuff is awesome but In no way should that be your focus as a Prepper I mean we say it so often that It’s for the majority yeah for sure for Everybody for everybody yeah there is a 99 chance you’re never gonna have to use That 556 in a true survival or grid down Situation like it’s a 99 change things Are very bad if you are doing that and Here’s the thing it’s it almost never Comes to that in history it’s very rare That it comes to that it has happened

Yes for sure Um but it’s it’s there’s very few and Far between so it’s super fun it’s great It’s awesome but that should never be The focus of your preparation so you’re Focused on stuff that’s super practical First Right which is like uh Blaze Potato chips and fizzy water that she Can eat it Macaroni right but if you’re looking at Things you know like fresh clean water In your home yeah food in your pantry in Your freezer and emergency lighting if The power goes out that stuff like I Guarantee you at some point you’re gonna Use that you’re gonna use it all right Not saying you’re not gonna use Um weapons or guns or ammo because you Can go out and shoot that whenever you Want but um as far as survival and Prepping goes probably not gonna have to Use it yeah exactly no I think that’s Good Minecraft kind of goes a little Along with that it’s it’s just the myth That like everything will be chaos and Everybody will fight and like scavenge And you know like I really think Truthfully and this is coming from me And I’m a cynic like I do think that People will come together more and be More helpful yeah you can’t rely on that You know you got to kind of prepare in a Way that you’re like self-sustaining Yeah but I do think people will be I

Think they’ll come together more I think That people will help each other out More than than what like like movies and Stuff show yeah so people just going Chaotic and like fighting each other and Shooting each other in the streets and And looting places like there’s gonna be Some of that but I think the majority Small places towns like I think people Are gonna help out more I think they’re Gonna come together more Like I just watched I just watched the Movie on the um the cave rescue for Those kids that got trapped in that cave And just like all the people that came To like volunteer to help yeah just to Do something that happens all the time Like yeah and so I think that the Majority of people will be better than What movies portray I like to think that Too that’s my myth I really do buster Buster that’s my myth buster and Mama I Just became a northern plow boy Um you’re I was that hold him down and I’ll do it I’m at the northern plowing Boy Uh you’re you’re bugging out spin-off Podcast was phenomenal in the hunting For bigfoot film was super entertaining Are there any other spin-offs that you Have in the works or is there a chance Of a sequel to any of your previous Stuff by the way now that you finally Managed to get the wives back it’s

Probably a good time to start thinking About getting Kern back on for another Episode hashtag Burn Rubber stay out of Trevor hashtag have a Pepsi Uh yeah um you know appreciate you you Forgot we said they have a Pepsi like All the time I thank you for listening Thank you for watching to those two Things as of right now We don’t have a plan for either of those Projects Um the so really the Bigfoot project is Probably the most successful thing we’ve Ever done when you look at the numbers I Mean it was massively successful yeah Um the problem is it’s really hard to It’s hard to follow that up it is and I Also don’t want to just follow it up Because we think it’ll be popular yeah Right because when we did that like we Had a blast like we were really excited To make it and in the process we were Having like so much fun but we kind of Already did it yeah like we went out and We did it and it was fun and Um now we need to do something different It’s true right it’s like We could ride that wave yeah that’s what Most people do we totally could ride That wave but we want to we want to do Something new and yeah time is our enemy Man it is our enemy that’s the hardest Part with all this stuff time and Jobs And Family yeah it’s really hard to to

Get time to do all of these things Um but like I’d really love to do Another podcast similar to bugging out Because I thought it was super fun and I Think it’s a cool project Um but it wasn’t like massively Successful yeah I mean it was good I Mean most people if they would have had That many downloads would be like oh my Gosh we’re freaking [ __ ] right but um it just didn’t do it As well as we hoped it would because That was kind of the plan if it hit and It was big then we would do another Season you know we do a couple other Seasons but just never quite hit that Didn’t like I mean it got thousands and Thousands of downloads I’m not saying it Didn’t wasn’t successful it just was Billions and billions billions and Billions so anyways but yeah we do need To get Kern back onto dude that dude I’m Sure he’ll be out again this this next One here so we’ll get them on yeah I Think he liked it out here yeah he did So hell yeah he did guys face rubbed I Did too yeah that was super fun that’s Always the best I got the face my face Rubbed in the mat last night every night It’s just normal huh yeah it’s just a Normal thing but yeah I we would love to Do more things if we had the time to do It but we don’t okay we’re trying to get This stuff done yeah Carissa David

You found a purple Genie and you used Your first two wishes on EDC capes and Unlimited tactical hamsters man that’s Good wishes that’s a good one that would Have been the first two prepper Genius Like The Game Genie yep maybe now you Have one left you have to decide between One complete household water storage System with filtration two Deluxe off Off grid outdoor kitchen with unlimited Protein oh man number three the ultimate Bug out vehicle of your choice and a red Don style store raid to load it up I Mean is this really even a choice There’s no choice of it like it’s three These are great these are great but you Blew it out of the water with that Number three yeah it’s like come on how Do you choose how do you notches Made it a little hard in some way it Doesn’t have tires or something like That yeah no I’m going with the bug out Vehicle plus a store raid to load it too Much and too much in that and by the way That that is my favorite scene in the Whole movie of Red Dawn 100 the best Scene when they get in that truck they Run to the store and they just start Loading it up and it’s just like quick Shots of them grabbing arrows and soda And footballs and food and like and just Loading exciting oh my gosh it’s like The passive dream I know I just I keep Rewinding it watching it over over and

Over rain would be so fun oh my gosh Yeah so but yeah be of I got a vehicle Of your choice me that’s a dream I don’t Even know what it would be though I Don’t even know either what would it be I don’t know that’s tough I don’t know There’s so many options I know like I Just want this big old like Um Star Wars looking tank thing that Like you know yeah that you can sleep in And you can Crush things but I saw like A Decked Out Land Cruiser the other day But stuff like that that’s awesome man Yeah there’s so many yeah there’s a Million different ones that would be Cool It’s one from Thomas P Enos he asks what Stuff are you eyeballing of the other Person What stuff are you eyeballing he didn’t Forget you know he knows it yeah what Stuff are you eyeballing of the other Person that you are going to take when Their wife sets up the yard sale during Their week there’s a good chance my Wife’s hosting one right now yeah I Drive by his house I drive by his house Once a week just in case it’s a good Idea you know what I mean it’s a good Idea yeah I just want to make sure but 100 I’m taking the blv I’m taking the Four yeah It’s like Oh

That’s everything No it’s 77. I like offenders you got the Original fenders my son’s dad’s brother They drive trainer especially in the Whole class or some Vehicles like that It’s amazing you got lockers up front I Know They don’t make them like this no more There’s like a silence you’re just like Well I gotta go see you later yeah but Now that’s what I’m taking no guess I’m Gonna take it anymore I’d beat my my Wife would probably give it to you yeah I might as well give the truck to you [Music] Um You’re dead man his guns you don’t know I’m gonna take Kobe’s gun pile and these Are from these are mine we always talk About the guns and how they’re not Important but I’d take your guns yeah You got good you’re going with me when I Die all right I’ll take those muscles Right off your boy Yeah no that yeah there’s some good guns Kobe has some good guns so I’d take them Because I don’t have that good against So therefore and it’s more forever more Right And it came to pass it I took all the Guns that he had and it was good and it Was good dear diary yeah and for Forevermore the guns belong to me yes Rest in peace Kobe and I came to pass I

Was a happy man the rest of my life no More outlines amen All right uh Max down two x’s one more X Actually get crazy Max Donovan match XXX don’t a van Do you think it’s worth having so much Supplies in your bug out bag went on Foot in the [ __ ] in the van scenery Scenario scenario scenario do you think You will come across items in your Travels so he’s like you want to take a Big bag full of stuff or you just think You’re gonna come across stuff you want To just take an empty plastic Walmart Bag and pick up stuff as you go Adopt A Highway and get a whole bunch of stuff Along the way you’re just walking along The highway picking stuff probably could Find a lot here’s a knife that’s a Here’s a body that’s another Seinfeld is It really have you seen that one Kramer Adopts the highway and he’s like he Wants to make it like nice wide Lanes so It’s fun to drive in so he blacks out The lines but it causes all these wrecks Because people are Oh my gosh this is the best That’s awesome yeah Um but yeah you know I think it’s Probably safer and better to just over Pack your bag and not assume you’re just Gonna find it along that’s what I’m Thinking man like I’ve there is there is

A view where you should take minimal Gear yeah and so you could trust a true Bug out bag is not yeah and then you can Scavenge along the way but good Lord That would not be a great way to go About it no just like I just brought a Bottle of water I’m good I’m gonna find Stuff I need to find a water yeah no um That’s just two of you you got it I got A food but I don’t have the pots and Pans I was gonna get them on the way Yeah I hope I’ll come across a hubcap or Something I know I don’t know like I Think it’s just safer Like You Can Shed Gear you know what I mean you’re like Man my back hurts no more five five six Take it Um but trying to find that 556 yeah Story yeah so yeah no I’m gonna over Pack oh yeah Um Phil Zito Zito Zito Um have you ever honestly considered Doing the daily fierce apocalypse videos To drive up subscribers and views Okay I get what you’re saying um yeah I Know what you’re saying yes honestly we Have considered this because you see Those guys on YouTube boy they got views Coming out their a-holes their b-holes And their sea holes they got so many Views it works but we just can’t do it In good conscience like during coven we Came out with that we’re like this is a Popular subject people freaked out so

Yeah we wrote that we rode that train a Little bit I’ve been on that train Bought that ticket yeah it’s totally not Us like no it’s not Um yeah that’s it’s a that’s a quick Grab but Where does it go from there let me tell You guys some inside information Stuff’s about to get weird yeah I don’t Know how you could do that ever I don’t Either twice a week I talked to my uncle Who worked with the military over and Back East uh you better be ready for Military lockdown yeah it’s happening Yeah I heard that I can’t tell you how many Times during covid I had like three People message me and they’re like I Don’t know I know from a guy that’s Talked to somebody higher up that said Yeah pretty much we should be ready and That’s what they said you better be Ready for uh martial law because it’s Coming it’s coming Like at what point do people stop Listening to you that’s what I’m Wondering like how does how does it work I don’t get it you’ll have your die Hards but for the majority they’re gonna Be like this guy’s a douche yeah I just Don’t get it man but it works yeah it Works it does yep fear fear moan I love When people say that word yeah it’s Great it is great

Um Not the guy who sings uh proud to be an American Lee Greenwood all right yeah Right yeah he’s a listener um [Music] For that song nah another way Best way to write Melody no best way to Gray man your EDC knife or and Multi-tool I didn’t know how to answer this yeah It’s really hard because like I don’t Know how you do that the biggest thing For me is just spray it color of denim I Just like I don’t mind my clip hanging Out but if I’m going somewhere where Maybe I don’t want to be seen with a Knife in my pocket I just take the clip And then just put it in my pocket it’s Good yeah right because I usually I’m Like um Dude I went to a jazz game last week got Out of the car I walked all the way up To the thing and I’m like oh I got Oh crap and usually like I If it was Like a 15 throwaway knife I probably Would have just tried to hide it and Come back for it but it was nice it was One of my Spider goes so I had to walk All the way back and my wife’s like you Got to do video on how the dumbness is Or something yeah I know Yeah No I’m not going to no I’m not going to Go but yeah I don’t I don’t have a good

Answer for that maybe hide it in a key Knife yeah that’s not a bad idea yeah or A cane knife you know walk with a cane You got your knife in there yeah but I Don’t know spray coat it with like a Denim a denim texture denim texture That’ll work I don’t know that’s just a Piece of my pants Yeah what do you want this Uh they don’t have an answer for that One Jaden Durbin Um yes as the snow has already started To fall in some parts of the country if You guys started getting prepped for Winter yet decided question do you guys Do any skiing long term I didn’t see any Of this long winter ski trips means I Have to have my vehicles prepped Prepared in case something goes wrong Yeah I used to go skiing snowboarding Until I got married I can’t afford it I Used to so I lived like 15 minutes from Park City Utah obviously best skiing on The planet yeah shut your face if you Don’t think it is no I agree but um I Used to every week I was snowboarding But it was so cheap you were on the Honor roll in high school you could get A season pass for them like 99 yep so we Would I got on that and then I skipped School then we skipped school the ghost No more 100 I had seminaries last hour Yeah worth that program still exists I Don’t know it’s probably 999 and that’s

Cheap what does vernal I have on the Road we can go to shooting range for Free that’s probably what it is you go Horn hunting anytime you want Five gallons of side by side fresh ammo Jacket free camo jacket um But yeah I have a bag of fossils making Dinosaur bones a little bit of old Petrified turd Anyway whole can of oil um no I’ve started to think about the Winterizing process I’ve done some stuff Around the house you know what I mean But um I I’m going to very soon start to Do that full overhaul and the vehicle Kits and winterizing the bug out bags Here in the next few weeks I just Haven’t got to it yet too many other Things going on man yeah but yeah I have Thought about it yep I got a plan Haven’t put it into action yet for sure Yeah I’ve already got a list of things It’s like I gotta reseal some of my Doors my front and my back door Um But um Regional that back door I need to Get new tires on my car and I’m thinking Like looks like you got racing slicks on There right now did you see them yeah They’re bad I’m like oh man speaking of Preparedness yeah Yeah practice what you preach That car though I’ve been like I want to Get rid of it so it’s just like I don’t

Want to put a thousand dollars of tires Into it Um but this yeah apocalypse gonna happen Tomorrow I’m gonna get nowhere and ain’t My bug out vehicle okay no it ain’t I’m Gonna get it siphon out all the gas out Of that yeah but um but I’ve looked at Like an all-wheel drive vehicle to to go Back and forth to work and stuff like That so yes I’ve been thinking about the Winterizing yep changing everything and Ruining my life taking vitamin D not get Depressed yeah good luck so yeah it’s a Good one thank you that was a good one Um Are your kids homeschooled private Schooled or do they or do you send them To the government indoctrination camps Called Public Schools I don’t know if you’re just joking Around here Charlie or a lot of people Have that feeling but they do um I think It’s hard because I think where we live There’s less of that in the public Schools I think there’s two do you know That’s the thing I think we were kind of We’re kind of lucky we don’t get a lot Of the yeah uh Wasatch Front garbage Yeah but I mean yeah I even think that Utah as a whole has a little bit less of That there is some like in some dishes There’s some kick back and so it kind of Keeps it for sure back it kind of keeps How it used to be um so yeah well two of

My kids go to a charter school so that Is Public-ish right yeah um and then my Oldest is in that old public high school Yeah yeah we had a recent event here Where um a kid was stopped before And supposedly had a plan to go to School with a gun like he had they Stopped him before I know a lot of People have pulled their kid out of the School and so I I didn’t see the reason Behind that I’m like it’s terrifying I’m Terrified every day I’m glad that they Were able to thwart that you know but at The same time I’m like I don’t want my Kid to be like They would they would die at home my Wife would kill them and our marriage Would fall apart and that’s not worth it And so no they go to a public school They die they die yeah and there is some Crap that I hear and see and and know That they tell me I’m like oh man but I Don’t know how to avoid it like you Can’t avoid all that stuff like they’re Gonna be in the real world at some point Outside of school they’re gonna live and Work in an environment that has the same Crap I think if you’re if you’re being I’m just trying to teach their morals at Home yeah if you’re an attentive parent They can they can overcome all that Stuff yeah as long as they understand Like you know what I mean they know what

It is and maybe they’ll fall maybe They’ll have some mistakes and you’re Gonna have to say Okay that was dumb Yeah or that stuff is stupid don’t don’t Listen to that right and so yeah I don’t Know I get it But um I couldn’t have my kids home no I Haven’t either murder them yeah Um Patrick rolls John Rosa Jan uh would You do another podcast with vardag’s Prepping Yeah heck yeah let’s do it in person This time yeah in Sweden in severe then Yeah bring us over yeah you pay for the Trip worthy we will be there in a second Can we stay in your basement yeah we can We stay on your bunker because you guys All got bunkers over there right here Yeah but yeah no absolutely You like my ends it’s like burn-ins you Know you yeah Just the ends who’s going to be the First crazy dictator to set off a nuke Putin Kim Jong or Trump well we’re Actually the first ones that set off a Nuke yeah so that is it first and only One sore spot pretty much our history Um but I really don’t think it’s gonna Happen to be honest with you I don’t Either Um I think of the three obviously Putin’s got his finger yeah booty Boots The closest he’s the one that seems the Biggest nuke threat just because he he’s

Got lots of them I don’t even know if They’ll lift off the ground anymore with Russia well here’s the thing Russia has A lot of them they do we don’t know About Kim Jong-un he might have one but It’s like a Fisher-Price nuke you know What I mean or VTEC nuke or something Like it’s just nothing for sure you know What I mean it’s like they’re all dying Of radiation already from it over there Because they don’t know what they’re Doing so I’m not that worried about them I’m not too worried about that Trump Doesn’t have any nukes no so it’s got Some documents but I don’t know if he Has any news yeah so I don’t know here You know what it’s like it’s so crazy Like I haven’t even I didn’t really know That people were super scared about the Nuke thing and obviously they are yeah If I can give you one a bit of advice Stop listening to the 24-hour news cycle Just get out of it yeah it has changed My life but speaking yeah one billion Percent better in my life has been yeah Since I’ve stopped getting into this bed With garbage oh my gosh it’s never Ending like I see it like in in my Grandparents and my parents and they’ll Be like did you hear about this I’m like Nope I was doing something fun at my House you know what I mean like uh I Just don’t care like obviously I Continue to prepare and you know prep

Just like normal but like I just don’t You don’t get caught up in like every Tiny bit of information that somebody’s Giving you yeah But it goes back to the you know control What you can control yes like what are You gonna do like if they fire a nuke Off what are you gonna do yeah and if it Becomes an all-out nuke War then goodbye There’s nothing you can do to stop it Yeah like it’s gonna happen and you’ve Prepared what you’ve prepared and you’ll Do the best you can just keep preparing Yeah and you’ll be fine yeah or not yeah You know the one thing I really want to Do to get more prepared is to get like a Nice jacket For all weather yeah you want you’re Aware I want to get that because Off the Grid Surplus just came out with a brand New that’s great it’s called the Afterburner I haven’t looked at it I saw a pretty Rad email I want to look at it yeah yeah Yeah it’s a soft shell four-way stretch Jacket it’s got four Pockets obviously They’re material Their materials from space man I know It’s good stuff well this was it’s made From the same fabric invented during World War II to increase the strength of Parachutes did you know that wow yeah The afterburner jacket is durable it’s Like that mid-weight uh jacket it’s

Breathable it’s soft shell you take you Know from the rig to the trail to the to The river to wherever it’s pretty badass And if you want to go get it you can go To Off the Grid surplus.com and use our Code casual right now okay use our code Casual Preppers oh gosh how good does That look look at that you want to put That on your body man put those pants on Be camo basically cam oh yeah it’s blend In yeah so 15 off with our code casual Prepper is 15. oh my gosh you guys I Don’t know why you’re not there yet get To the freaking off grid surplus.com and Get yourself a jacket because they’re Cool that is cool yeah Um moving on this one came from Sheldon Lehman If all the adults were to die would your Kids a survive B die C take over the World and build a golden statue to you And you’re awesome yeah I’m just getting Minded bye [Laughter] They man they are so helpless sometimes That’s hilarious like Ellis maybe he’d probably be taken Captive by other neighborhood kids Because they’re obsessed with them like This really like be so funny because He’s kind of he’s at that age like Everybody loves a four-year-old right Yeah like that it is that age where it’s Like he’s just cool he’s funny funny

He’s super funny everything comes up With some funny things yeah Bennett Bennett’s pretty big Entertainer like Makes some stupid decisions so anybody Could talk him into anything yeah so he Might do well Finn is in his own world Like he doesn’t have interest in any Other human beings yeah only the ones That’ll serve him So hey that’s what it takes this is this Unless he finds somebody to pour him a Bowl of cereal and sit on the couch and Die just waste away he will yeah he’s Like he’ll just watch TV until he’s dead He won’t eat it’s like but I honestly Think that my kids will all just kind of Follow that like they’re just like well There’s nobody here to take care of us We have to do things on our own dead Dead okay I get that so I’m kind of I’m Not sure like I think they’re they my kids can make it Work I they don’t they know where all my Friends are they know where all my preps Are Um they know that I’ve got like a whole Bunch of preparedness books on my shelf So they’d probably like figure stuff out Um but it’s gonna be the Wild Wild West For a bit like it’s going to get hairy But I think eventually they’re working At my youngest 100 will become the queen Of the neighborhood like she will be Like a post-apocalyptic little warlord

And she will Um she will just kind of see that she Will have a whole bunch of little drones That will do whatever she wants she Already has it it’s like the weirdest Thing you’ll be brought to her oh yeah Like if you get caught in the Neighborhood yeah thrown down before She’s just like she’ll be sitting in a Big old chair crafting something and They’ll bring up some kids and she’d be Like I’m a crafting supplies what kind Of how much glue you got you know what I Mean or something like that but she like She already has like she already has Like these little drones all over the Neighborhood like the other day I I came Home and it was kind of dark and it was Like her in like 5500 kids I don’t know Where they all came from but they’re all Playing in in like the road and all of a Sudden I heard her kid and she like Yelled like a whole bunch of names get Out of the road there’s cars coming and So they’re like okay Amy and they all Came off like I was like it’s a leader Yeah I she’s like running around like on A scooter like telling everybody what to Do it’s on the Segway all right so 100 If You’re Gonna Play point on the grass Yeah she will be like this little Warlord that’s awesome like yeah that’s Good mm-hmm probably had like a big Scepter yeah or something that that’s

Made that she that she made yeah that’s Awesome Yep Um Austin page What is the biggest argument uh you two Have ever had we’re not married to Austin no we aren’t uh to be honest I Don’t even remember I don’t think There’s ever been like a like a big a Real frustrating Fallout there’s Probably some annoyances in my Procrastination over like stuff that Needs to get done outlines Um ideas to like you know come up with An idea of something that’s probably the Most annoying thing that but I don’t Remember like Like really having an argument I don’t Either we keep it pretty superficial It’s hard to have an argument when You’re just making jokes all day long Seriously no I mean you stole my joke Yeah right but I don’t really don’t Remember I don’t either arguments though The best I think the best argument still Between what was not between me and you But it was me and you towards my Brother’s friend Mike oh that’s right Man we pissed him off but That was a video game argument it was Yeah he was so mad super mad he still Like holds a grudge I don’t get it yeah It was weird I’m trying to remember how It all came about but I it was just yeah The survival game and he like he was mad

While we were offline like took all of Our stuff and so we had we had revenge On him he didn’t like the Revenge not he Did not not go over well he felt like we Were teaming up and we were like yeah It’s pretty funny yeah it was pretty Funny but no forgot about that Uh Kyle Nixon comrades yeah okay uh what Are your predictions for this coming Year just fun guessing obviously okay You want a fun guess yeah I was thinking About this the other day I’m like what If China invaded Russia they’re like They’re weak they’re next door or Russia Is weak Never mind that’s an ambassador yeah Exactly Um week in Russia struggles on for a While and then ask NATO for help could You imagine because China’s right there Man I know they could yeah they Definitely could it was like a weird Daydream thing I’m like man could you Imagine Russia’s not showing very much Strength right now yeah and they’re Weakened it’s like China’s like hey Perfect opportunity to take over a lot More land that’s a good one I hope that Happens yeah that would be an Interesting Let them fight it out I Would too go ahead go ahead throw Freaking North Korea in that yeah poor Japan and South Korea would be caught up That would be a mess yeah India would be

There too all right I got a couple of Predictions okay Cam will come to a jiu Jitsu class in that in 2023 in 2023. Okay okay don’t make me a liar okay all Right and then uh we’re gonna do an Entire episode is either Satan or Chipmunks that’s right right we do both Of them before every podcast every Podcast uh so one time we’re gonna do it Chipmunks are Satan yeah bit contrast Yeah it is Um I’m finally going to purchase or Acquire a generator Um I talked about it Yeah exactly Um also I think we’re gonna get some Insane news about aliens I hope so I Don’t know what it is that’s the one I Hope you’re right but it’s gonna be big I like that one okay good those are good Yep I hope they all come true okay Um Alpha Gunn the two ends yeah two ends Which one are you Would win or arm wrestling contest Uh if y’all can’t answer this truthfully Then arm wrestle as soon as you’re done Reading this 100 Cameron have you seen The guns he’s got I’ve got these I’ve Got not anymore I got a injured elbow I Got like four inch buys It’s got 18 inches I I Strength wonder who knows that movie Yeah everybody Strength arm strength is not my um I

Don’t know it doesn’t come down to Muscles though man or arm wrestling yeah Yeah you think so but it’s got to there Is some in that but yeah not always yeah So I was a good arm wrestler in high School but left arm which is weird oh I’m right-handed but wrestled way better With the left did you I’ve never been a Good arm wrestler like I have really Long arms and they’re also skinny and Weak so it makes it hard like those People with the short arms they’re like It’s true they got you know what I mean Yeah I don’t know So 100 have you ever seen that guy from Like Germany that’s an armed wrestling Champ this is a little scrawny body and Arm and then this one’s like oh really It’s huge big old forearm I’m like What’d you do with that arm buddy you Gotta take it down a notch bro There’s no nah slow it down yeah so Cameron he’s gonna win I don’t know 100 Um did you read that out for gun I think So okay I don’t know the already Outdoorsman Can you say Herefordshire Well oh just like anyway I’m not gonna Say any of them why War wickshire Yeah so obviously in our last episode we Had a bunch of towns from the UK that we Butchered but they they freaking spell Them so stupid they do like I kept

Saying lie Caster Shire but apparently It’s like leicestershire or something I Just said it wrong too yeah I just Looked at it doesn’t make any sense I Watched Premier League I should know how To say this I don’t know but I always Look at it and it like baffles your mind It does it doesn’t make any sense so Anyways no you can’t all right Brian France uh here’s our last one isn’t it Just like lycat no it’s like it’s like Leicestershire you don’t even say like Caster Shire because that’s how I said Sure and everybody’s got like yeah Or something yeah um last one Brian France um would you rather have such a True City yeah would you rather have to Fight the alien or the predator Oh man I I’m gonna go with Predator the Aliens are terrifying me too man quick And freaky and stealthy and stabia So I’m going with Predator as well I if I remember kill me yeah if I remember The Predator movies though he kind of Gives up or he doesn’t want to kill Somebody if they’re not good sports it’s True right yeah so I feel like I’m not gonna put much for fight anyways I can’t even win an arm wrestling match He’s just gonna move on he’s I think Yeah you know they’re not the Bucky Wants no no and also like with the alien There’s a chance of me becoming a Reproductive that is the truth and not

Giving birth and I don’t want any of That happening so I’m gonna take I’m Gonna go with Predator yeah the aliens Too it’s too disturbing it is yeah I’m Gonna go pretty okay you can kill me Yeah I feel like I just slather myself In mud be a poor sport me too and then 100 That’s all we got we do have a attack Pack though uh so we can go through that Real quick before we head out on our day Right Cameron the first item in the tack Pack is the brown coat tactical sling You gotta have a sling you know you got A gun you gotta have a sling on that bad Boy so they’ve got one in the pack for You this is just for me yeah and then we Got the battle arms field pins Um so Those are cool not push pins nope field Pins then we have the carbon fiber hex Mag 30 round carbon fiber magazine look at That beautiful And then we have the Red Rock mag pouch And the pouch to put that Maggie in Pretty dang cool then we have the real Avid nickel cleaner speed brushes yeah [Music] Pretty cool and last but not least the Gunzilla sticker Yeah Those have fun stickers use our code Ketchup peppers

All right anything else Cameron no That’s it okay stay survived