Jocko at Refuge Medical! Jocktimus Prime Arrives!

By | October 18, 2022

Good morning [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Usually we have a Lift gate on the truck but they don’t on This one And uh Yeah uh Jocko believes that on time is Early Is on time on Thomas late and so we Didn’t have an opportunity to get the Machine with the forks over here so We’re just hand unloaded but Huge shout out many thanks to Jocko Origin fuel or origin Jocko fuel And uh Everybody involved over there Pete and Travis and Troy Jocko and I guess Echo Charles Um This stuff It’s been generously donated is going to First Responders uh hurricane Ian in Florida Lee County Sheriff’s Department So law enforcement Fire EMS Personnel Search and rescue personnel and the United States National Guard and we will Take every single one of these cans to Them We have our own Jocko stats that we will Drink in the meanwhile so

Thank you Bear Nation and thank you Jocko and crew for the liquid energy you Have powered a bunch of our Shenanigans Thus far and it’s cool to uh it’s cool To have your support So you’ll have a blessed day shalom