City Prepping News – China’s Concerning Rhetoric / Economic Warning Indicators

By | October 18, 2022

If this is the first time we met my name Is Chris and on this channel we discuss Emergency preparedness AKA prepping in This weekly City prepping News segment We’re going to cover some of the main Stories that will help inform your Preparing decisions we’re going to take A look at the potential for an Escalation of the conflict with China The challenges various world economies Are currently facing what you need to Know about the next chapter of the Russian Ukrainian conflict the issue Regarding even more Rivers drying up Around the world and the railway strike That is still looming despite how little Media attention it’s actually getting in Our media but first I’ll announce last Week’s winner of our giveaway for the Survival medicine handbook as always we Just randomly pull a comment with the Tool in the winner this week was Millennial woman I’ll be reaching out to You shortly via email and we’ll mail That book out to you later in this video I’m going to announce the next giveaway And how to sign up for that so Definitely stick around China We’ve reportedly covered how China’s Economy has been teetering on the edge Of a larger collapse it’s hard however To get a good indicator of just how bad Things get when they control the news Numbers and the money flow so it’s easy

For them to kick the proverbial can of Economic issues down the road Significant things are happening in China as it presents itself as an Alternative superpower to the United States Global influence as we reported Earlier the covet zero policies Lockdowns in a property implosion have Significantly slowed their economy and Really put the projected hope of a five Percent growth rate entirely Out Of Reach still is it significant enough to Completely sink their economy president Xi Jinping who will likely break Tradition by winning a third term as a Communist party’s president didn’t Really mention the record high Unemployment amongst the youth and the Current mortgage boycotts going on in The country he pledged technology Self-reliance despite the country’s Billion dollar spending and failure to Make any significant breakthroughs and Ship technology earlier this month the United States curbed certain Semiconductors and ship making equipment Exports China has struggled to make These items successfully on its own and Relies upon American Technology the goal For the United States is to slow the Rate of development of advanced weapons And surveillance equipment the latest U.S efforts also prohibit United States Persons from working on Chinese chip

Development the fact is that China has a History of stealing Tech and then Mass Producing it the current and previous United States administrations have Sought to break that pattern there’s Another reason for curtailing China’s Access to technology as well she Continues to talk about the Reunification of China meaning getting Back control of Hong Kong and Taiwan and The Chinese president seems to have Given up hopes of working with the United States just as the United States Says giving up Hope on working with China the hot spot to watch here is Still Taiwan I expect this to continue To heat up in this area the United United States and China they remain Number one in number two economies in The world respectively with a combined Share of the world GDP at almost 40 Percent covid supply chain issues Technology Taiwan and the war in Ukraine They’ve all been continued friction Points between the two superpowers so Why is this significant now a little Piece of news released today was at China’s national Bureau of Statistics Without any explanation decided to delay The release of economic data Indefinitely the government agency Postponed the release of September data For retail sales industrial production Fixed asset investment and other

Categories you just don’t do that if Everything is running smoothly G is About to get re-elected to an Unprecedented third term so he’s clearly Holding this information back because he Doesn’t want the actual numbers to come Out large countries seldom postpone the Release of even a single economic Statistic for fear of hurting Financial Confidence in this halt in releasing Information will have a damaging effect On China’s bill LT to instill confidence And would be allies expect all of this To heat up even further leading up to The G20 meeting and Bali in the middle Of next month as both superpowers try to Present the strongest position heading Into those Summits I’ll continue to Monitor this but what do you think is China’s economy worse than it appears Are you concerned with China’s Heightened rhetoric is a conflict over Taiwan inevitable let me know in the Comment section below what your take is On this Economy Regarding economic brinkmanship the United States economy’s ability to Influence International Affairs is more Challenging today the global economy is In significant turmoil Finance ministers And Central Bankers gathered in Washington this week with perhaps their Longest list of worries ever inflation

Rising interest rates a worsening energy Crisis in erratic markets the IMF Managing director warned the worst is Yet to come what we are seeing now with Higher costs is potentially just the Beginning the United States efforts seem Solely focused on controlling inflation While supporting the Ukrainian effort And the FED will likely Implement Another significant interest rate hike In November and December as it tries to Pump the brakes on inflation the global Situation continues to worsen however According to the United Nations food Program census are the Russian Ukraine Conflict the number of hungry people Around the world has soared to 345 Million an increase of 22 percent Continue conflict in Russia Ukraine and Iran will snuff any world economic Growth China now not releasing any Financial numbers at all will cast a Long Shadow over the world economy while Some would say that we are amidst a Recession right now and myself being one Of those people Bloomberg model Projections and probability models but a U.S recession at 100 certainty within The next 12 months deterioration in the Outlook was driven by a broad base Worsening in the economic and financial Indicators used as inputs to the model Now this is not just the United States Alone from London to Paris to Frankfurt

Economies are taking a significant step Backward not seen since 2008 and it Appears to be worse than even then As winner sets in in the Northern Hemisphere and heating fuel costs Continue to rise expect the situation to Get more challenging I think we’re going To look back on the price of everything Today as the good old days but we won’t Look back from a vantage point far in The future instead by mid next year if Things don’t significantly improve we May be talking of a certainty of an Economic depression instead of just the Absolute certainty of a recession how is Economy in your area how concerned are You that it will only get worse Russia On the Russian front Putin’s forces Launched multiple missile and Kamikaze Drone strikes throughout Ukraine Putin Scaled back the missile strikes because Ukrainian intelligence indicates that He’s used up 55 of his missile inventory Manufacturing a new supply of missiles Is difficult to say the least with Current economic restrictions further Credence to the Ukrainian intelligence Report of low missile inventory is that Russia frequently uses iranian-made Shahad 136 exploding drones these Kamikaze drones are launched off the Back of trucks they move rather slowly They’re noisy like a moped and they have

To fly at relatively low altitudes this Makes them highly susceptible to being Intercepted although Iran has officially Denied supplying Russia with the weapons U.S officials said the first shipment Was delivered in August and multiple Independent sources show them in use Over Ukraine either Iran is attacking Ukraine or the Russians are using Iranian Kamikaze drones like U.S Intelligence reports show it’s safe to Say that with Iran’s current domestic Upheaval they probably aren’t building New drones at the moment still we don’t Know how many Russia has acquired at This point although the August shipment Was estimated to be hundreds of pieces Of equipment Ukraine’s military Indicated that it had shot down 37 Drones in one such attack about 85 Percent of what was launched it’s clear That Russia is running low on Precision Guided Weaponry so it is increasingly Turning to coveted War era missiles and Artillery this will have a more deadly Effect on the civilian population as These weapons are far less accurate this Will undoubtedly lead to more highmar’s Advanced rocket anti-missile and Intercept systems sent to Ukraine some Of these systems will be able to dampen Russia’s use of ground-based artillery Though slowing in its Advance the Ukraine Army continues to hold several

Key regions in the Northeast and presses Even further in its efforts to regain Its territory we Russia seems to be Digging in for a more protracted War Through the winter months even as it Turns the Soviet era and foreign Equipment to do so meanwhile Hungary one Of the final holdouts has agreed to Ratify NATO membership of Finland and Sweden on October 24th as of October 16th 28 countries out of the 30 have Already completed the formal procedure To welcome Finland and Sweden to the Alliance turkey and Hungary are the only Nations that have not ratified the Applications watch closely next week for A ramping up of Russian aggression Toward NATO States watch also for more Pressure being placed on the only Country still holding out on the Ratification turkey what do you think is This conflict nearing a resolution or Are we still in the early stages if it All are we still hurtling headlong into World War III let us know your position On this in the comments below for next Month’s giveaway we’re going to give Away a live shawl personal water filter To sign up just post a comment below But Be sure to have your email address Listed on your YouTube account to check Just click on the about tab on your Account to ensure your email address Actually shows up

Rivers Running dry we mentioned in last Week’s news that the Mississippi River Was reaching critical decades low points Threatening shipping along the Waterway And this is playing out around the world The Orion River Europe’s second largest River is also running dry soaring Temperatures this summer and a lack of Rainfall have caused River levels to Plummet making it difficult for larger Cargo lane ships to navigate the Critical waterway in China drought has Caused a yangtzee river to dry so Hydropower operations have been forced To go offline this forces manufacturers To suspend operation and really puts a Halt to shipping the Yang Z is the World’s third largest river providing Drinking water to more than 400 million Chinese people and this is the most Vital Waterway to China’s economy it’s Also crucial to the global supply chain But this summer it has reached record Low water levels with entire sections And dozens of tributaries drying up We’ve also repeatedly covered the Dropping water levels Mead the Colorado River and other hydroelectric sources Across the Western United States Conditions have continued to deteriorate There as well Water is a vital resource so we continue To harp about it here on this channel Because we encourage you as these Rivers

Dry up and you hear more and more about It in the news assess what impact that It could have on you and your economy These major headlines are about some of The largest rivers in the world so what You don’t hear about is some of the Smaller rivers and tributaries that are Even drier these smaller rivers are just As vitally important as a water resource For hundreds of millions of people heed This news with growing urgency to get Your personal water supply in order do You have water stored up do you have Precipitation collection systems Established do you have a means for Filtering purifying and conserving water If things continue at their current rate Of decline water may need to hold a more Prominent place in your preps are you Concerned as I am about these recent River issues Railroad Strike finally I would remind Everyone that the potential for a Railway strike is still on the table I’m Not willing to sound the all clear on This one yet and I don’t think there’s Anything really new on this front except That the tentative deal struck still Needs to be ratified by the union Membership it isn’t likely to be which Means a strike would be authorized Management is it expected to make Concessions unless they are forced to Buy the government a strike even a

Partial one could cause over a billion Dollars in Daily disruption to the Economy and unravel already struggling Supplies as a prepper I would encourage You to continue to get your critical Preps in place even though today may Seem fine when you’re not preparing for Tomorrow prep for the days after that as This potential strike still looms very Prominently in our future these are the Stories that I’m watching this week and If you have any feedback any thoughts Feel free to post those below as always Stay safe out there