Hurricane Ian Update & Needs 16OCT22

By | October 16, 2022

Hey guys it’s bear Um update on what’s happening in uh Florida hurricane in recovery We’ve got a gold star mother her son was Killed in Afghanistan 5 October 2009 and uh her daughter who Is also an army vet who is uh got Medical issues in leg braces Their house was flooded after Hurricane Ian and so we’ve been down there helping Them myself and twitch were down there And then a bunch of y’all have been down There helping them a lot and so major Thank yous to everybody who’s come and Helped thus far Um the Bear Nation is the best audience On the face of the Earth We are going back with a full-blown Deployment for Hurricane Ian the end of This month the end of October with Grindstone Ministries so if you want to Be a part of that you need to be on the Email list from That’s where the awkward is going to go Out for that additionally there’s about To be an email going out Detailing all the current needs for this Gold star mother For getting their house to where it’s Livable again I’m going to include some footage that Was sent from our contractor licensed Contractor Aaron Bless you brother at the end of this

Video so that you can see a bit of What’s going on there and so this is a Call to action For those of you on the Bear Nation Who want to assist We have a licensed contractor that we’re Working with but we need professionals Okay in the following trades did a Plumber There’s existing copper line that Doesn’t meet code because we open the Walls that has to be brought up to code So we’re basically talking pecs and so There’s a good bit of rework that needs To be done there and this is to be Expected by the way residential Construction the moment you open walls You don’t know what you’re going to find But almost always there’s something Wrong So we need a plumber we need a framer There’s a wall that has two significant Windows in it that is termite damaged Also had water damage and the windows Are leaking so we need to reframe it’s An exterior load-bearing wall Um you’ll see that in the video so we Need a framer We need a fireplace person There’s an existing fireplace the wall Behind the fireplace flooded we’ve got To demo that fireplace Rebuild back Um

Hopefully using as much of existing as Possible because uh you know all this Stuff all this takes time and money Right and Hey look agato and um so the more Volunteer skilled labor we can get and The more materials we can get donated The better okay so plumber framer Fireplace guy cat I don’t I don’t want You I’m talking to the internet right Now Um there’s an AC guy there’s existing Air conditioners would like to know if We can get those spun up if we can we Can use those to help dehumidify inside The house if not we need to get a slew Of window units to this site so we can Get the window units in and let the ACs Begin the process of sucking the Moisture out of the house Um the termite guy somebody who could Spray for termites Um we can do mold remediation we will do Mold remediation but if you’re one of Those people that’s your specialty get At us by the way email admin grindstone Ministries for all this admin at Grindstone admin at or use the Contact us form at the website Um we need volunteer labor to clean out The shed it’s a significantly sized shed It’s full of stuff that flooded with

Black water so it’s contaminated you’ll Need gloves you know nitrile gloves and A face mask for that Um If you have a dump trailer and you can Haul debris from sight to the dump That’d be great because while the county Is supposed to be hauling debris there’s So much to breathe they’re not keeping Up with it and we’re running out of room To stack debris So we need labor to clean the shed out We need uh drywall guys mud tape texture Bud right Um so drywall I think it’s 62 sheets of Drywall needs to be hung tape it all up So forth and so on Which means also we need a painter or Painters Of cabinets and countertops for the Kitchen and the bathrooms we need new Base cabinets and countertops We need a pool guy because the existing Pool Not that and we’re meeting needs not Wants here right like I want an In-ground pool too so why do these People need their pool fixed it’s not That we need the pool fixed it’s that The pool is filled with black water from The flooding currently and that needs to Be pumped out and they Are chemicals and additives and all that So we need somebody that knows how to do

Pool stuff to do that Um we need a tile guy Because Um the house flooded and most of the Base level is tiled and there’s some Concern that some of those tiles are Starting to pop up and so we need an Expert opinion on tile stuff Um and then appliances all their Appliances flooded you know washer dryer Hot water heater Um The refrigerator Etc all that flooded and so if you are Any of those people and you’d like to Plug in you’d like to donate your time Um oh and a roofer question mark You’re a licensed roofer in the State of Florida we have a gentleman from New Jersey who’s willing to donate the Materials but we need somebody who’s a Roofer to get up there and look and make Sure can we re-roof or do we have to Peel the whole thing and and go back so Uh lots of stuff going on at this job Site again huge shout out to Aaron and To Andrew and to Jay and to Lee and to Everybody else who’s been on these job Sites you all have been killing it and We appreciate you deeply We’re Beyond debris removal now we are To remediation putting it back together Again and so if you’re a plumber a Framer a fireplace guy an AC guy uh

Labor to clean the shutout drywall guy Tile guy appliance guy countertop guy Cabinet guy painter guy or girl on all These little girl or a pool guy or girl Please and you’d like to plug in admin At grindstone Additionally I will never beg y’all for Money right if you feel convicted to Give please give all this costs money People ask occasionally yeah but when I Donate to grindstone like what am I Actually doing This this is why we build war chests so That we can go do stuff like this Because these people were barely getting By before the storm And if if they get an insurance payout It’ll be months from now If they get any FEMA money it’ll be Months from now Um and they’re living in a camper Trailer that was bought with grindstone Money that y’all provided that’s next to Their house and we need to get their House put back together for them we’re Dealing with Heroes here Who lost everything and uh This is why we do what we do so if you’d Like to support the effort you can also Visit grindstone and it Should go without saying your prayers Are welcome and deeply appreciated so Thank you The cat thanks you as well

I’ll uh I’ll add in that footage that Aaron’s Shot now so you can see what’s going on In the job site you all have a blessed Day okay Okay All right yeah old penetration right There that’s probably letting things and Water in that we don’t want She’s stating that this Plumbing Needs to get removed or replaced if Necess possible Insurance uh won’t cover This old pipe it needs to get changed Out to a new style like PEX or something This was an old pocket door that was Buried And framed in that had a regular door Right there so that needs to get Reframed and then this wall here Is kind of loose and not fully attached To the wall over here We got to get some caps on the plumbing So that stops dripping She does not care if we tear that door Out because he got wet she just wants it She said you don’t care if we tear it All out but then we got to fix the Ceiling leave that guys up to you But we can just drywall take the door Out try all that up cover it over This stuff’s still a little bit wet it Just got tore out a few days ago because It’s amount of granite or quartz Countertops that were on it it’s too

Heavy for a lot of people to move Kaylee said that the only thing she Really wants if she can is to get this Cabinet put back in with the sink in it As far as these cabinets up here she Doesn’t care to keep them and she Doesn’t care to put cabinets back in any Of this area so we can just drywall be Done with it This is a big room This is where we’re having some Unforeseen issues as you can see What it looks like Dirt on the cat here And here that’s all termite residue Almost all these boards Have been They’re just done Um there’s some water damage getting in Over here and then around the windows Our first initial thought was to then Remove the drywall up to the header pull The windows then reframe or put Temporary framing in to then rebuild These joists on the side but then we Tore it all up and then this bottom Plate here or this top plate on the Window put the bottom plate there and That top plate that goes all the way Across from wall to wall that’s got Massive tournament damage and these Headers got some damage you can’t tell The extent of them you know at the Moment but the windows will leak in and

Then we got massive termite damage along The whole wall here so definitely all The studs need replaced all these Jack King Styles Jack studs they all need to Replace the header I would say needs to Be replaced so we got to remove Potentially more drywall to see how far The extent of the damage goes and then Put the windows back in Seal them properly this time and uh make Sure nothing else is going to happen With that Get your close-up You can see like down here I’ll turn my damage there And see that board is completely Done Over here looks like we had some leak From that plumbing that one down there And again the old pipe that And more termite damage going down the Wall here Over here in this corner I got some rot Going on down there The bottom plate itself the PT looks Okay in some spots but then spots like That where the plywood has been tore out Looks bad And then got a bunch of rot right there That’s like you can almost put your hand Through it So I don’t know How far I need to get into it this

Board’s already been replaced so I’m Guessing between that hole and that leak And maybe it wasn’t properly sealed but There’s a lot of Not so great things All right so there’s this Now though Trying to get a pull or uh Sump pump to get a thing in here and Suck up about half of this And then uh Going to use the pool pump and clean Water and some poultry mint to then Through the through the next week or so Start to Cycle this water out using a hose to get It out the back side of the house Still got to clean the pool deck just Something we haven’t really prioritized Yet I’m going to change out all the existing Outlets and switches outlets for sure Switches are still Debate you know we’ll change them out But they’re concerned about this Um question I have too I got to find out From some guys but you know replace that Fireplace or fix whatever damage you got Behind that all that’s got to get tore Up It’s a gas fireplace So again all the outlets and stuff and If it’s a metal box for the most part I Plan on changing them out to plastic

Just to because they’re new and probably Old and corroded these ones here They’re pretty pretty bad Transition you have boxes that are The cutting boxes remodel boxes that We’ll go through and change out Those are serious in here The one thing I would like to do Now the trying to get a pull or a Sump pump to get a thing in here and Suck up about half of this And then uh Gonna use the pool pump and clean water And some some pull treatment to then Through the through the next week or so Start to Cycle this water out using a hose to get It out the back side of the house Still got to clean the pool deck just Something we haven’t really prioritized Yet Foreign Outlets and switches outlets for sure Switches are still a little bit you know We’ll change them out but they’re Concerned about this Um a question I have too I got to find Out from some guys but you know replace That fireplace or fix whatever damage You got behind that all that’s got to Get tore up It’s a gas fireplace So again all the outlets and stuff and If it’s a metal box for the most part I

Plan on changing them out to plastic Just to because they’re new and probably Old and corroded these ones here For you pretty bad Transition we have boxes that are The cutting boxes remodel boxes that We’ll go through and change out Those are serious in here The one thing I would like to do for Them because I don’t see any of the Rooms Just add smoke detectors inside and Outside of the bedrooms we can do like a Hard wired Wireless interconnection which is a Legal thing to do but it’ll so that way You don’t have to run wire from room to Room to room cutting more damage This just got demoed out the other day Again just haven’t had anybody here that Was capable of doing it and the guys Come by yesterday my guys were stating That this window is also leaking It looks like that was just tile glued To it but had some uh it was just wet And it kind of still stinks in here Right now Probably gonna end up pulling the tub And Saving the All the plumbing hardware we’re keeping The toilet here just for people to use We got all the back side pulled out I’m Going to rework the electrical in here

As well Dryer vents I’m gonna work that get her A new exhaust fan that works properly Thank you All right in the kitchen This was the old Pantry old fridge area Old stove area now letting the wrong Spot just all kinds of things going on Here This salad actually was behind the stove Okay So we got a lot of previous water damage Here The adjuster that came by yesterday See all that Some illegal wiring going on that we Have to fix A lot of existing water damage I mean It’s a good chance that that thing’s Definitely leaking but the adjuster said That it’s probably leaking from the Upstairs window so Concerning point to address Some more stuff here We haven’t prioritized tearing these out Yet because she still has things in them It also is giving them a spot to just Kind of hold on to things Because there’s not a lot of places to Store things right now So I come over here hallway Door I put in There was a lot of water damage on these Ones I don’t know if it was existing or

From the flood but this area seemed to Be Bad already what the drywall that was Here was basically crumbling in her hand So there’s an issue in here so I have This Old dryers And it’s been kind of buried oh they put A sink here now and they were using this PVC pipe with this flex duct fencing it Out over here so that suggested is that We build this wall out Four more inches Maybe even six inches and build a seal But then that way we can legally use a Four inch hard duct run over and out to Here And then boxing that in but then we can Legally uh fence it out to that spot Right now with flex duct and they had a Big old six inch or four inch PVC pipe Not legal so that’s got to get fixed and Then uh What they want to do with all that we’ll Figure that out later Out here The garage Panel We ran the power for the RV right over There so they can plug that in Um we’re just going to change these Lights out for them because they’re Basically useless And then over here

Not sure the state of their water heater I’ll find out later might be on the Other plot somewhere On the side of the pool deck So we still have All their stuff out here That still needs to be kind of cleaned Up and gone through it’s just stuff They’re not really overly in a hurry for One thing we do need to do Is get this place cleaned out And then Cleaned up either with some I don’t know What this floor is going to be it’s all Got the black water on it so I mean I Obviously need to be tore out but if we Could get it cleaned up and put Something down even plastic sheathing For now so we can use this as a storage Point for all their stuff in the Meantime or if they get things donated To them we have a spot to put it I asked them to prioritize cleaning this Garage out And getting it cleaned up and Desanitized Or sanitized excuse me so that way we Can start to store materials and or Donations in here Camper Got to take these two things to the curb Still A guy named Stuart and I can’t remember His last name came and dropped this

Trailer off it’s basically like a mini Pantry trailer got Um A lot of water and a little mini fridge Microwave in it we have it plugged into The house right now Um so we got water going to the RV and Then Um they’re basically just using the Restroom inside Um I got my gray trailer over there I Have it cleaned out and I just told them Once they have all their items cleaned That they can start to store it it’s Going to stay here for the remainder What they need it I don’t it’s just been Sitting I don’t need it right now And then we have this area Now I’ve just been chilling outside But plenty of water plenty of everything Else for the time being thanks