Return to the Fort in the Woods – Complete Overhaul – Wolf at the Fort.

By | October 14, 2022

Foreign Beautiful Let’s sound his leaves falling I’m gonna bring Wolfie to the fort for The first time And we’re gonna see How it looks Depending on the condition of it I think I might Do a whole revamp Tear half of it down And rebuild but we shall see There’s frost on the leaves There’s the fort Can you see it The color in here is off the charts Right now There’s literally leaves falling As we stand here Oh I love it I love it There she is What’s this hey bud Well Huh Cans in the tree from when Emmy and I Were here last year target shooting There’s a Tripper’s old Bowl All sorts of cut stumps Just all signs of Signs of me Lots of Fallen trees actually look at That wow

Lots more lumber I can use Back looks not too bad This side is good here This is not good This can be all fixed And then most of that’s good there’s Some Jankity pieces up there but the door is Messed up here that’s for sure we’ll fix This up I don’t know what to do I don’t know oh And there’s a couple Fallen logs there Too Yeah I don’t know We’ll clean it up a bit around and see How it looks [Applause] I think what I’ll do is uh spend a Couple days Fixing this up making it real nice and Hospitable and then Um Do an overnight in it with with wolf I’m just starting to notice all the Stuff that did fall Yeah I don’t know I’ll probably end up revamping it Foreign [Applause] Dank No stank Oh she’s gonna come down foreign Oh boy

Oh boy A little dirt down the old uh Dirt down the shirt What’s up buddy watch out big boy All the clothes you see me wearing today And for the past like three years have Been Revolution race This jacket these pants Sweater this shirt it’s quality sock Very quality stuff I put my name on it I Love it and you’re using it for a long Time We are At Robinette Outfitters a distributor in North America of Revolution race gear And not only that we also carry hikes Boots these guys are awesome they’re Worn by like firefighters and combat People this is a very comfortable boot I Have probably four pairs now you’ve seen Me wear the scouts for yours as well and You can find these and tons more at the old hidden Woodsman Bush chair Do this That’s a testing it towards to its Durability I guess Been out here for a long time I like it with the sunlight in here Though I’ll tell you that much [Applause] For a minute Foreign Okay we’re all and off

That’s not too bad I’m missing one here Though Okay Well that’s that He’s just been sitting there Looking out What a good boy Wolfie what are you doing You’re a good boy Hey Hi bud Hi I still got all this really good cherry Wood and everything Should burn some of this today Well if that didn’t look like a snake at First hey All right the bed’s nice Use a couple little More poundings in but Pound is in This is good I can see oh we’ll check on my view Beautiful Colors for days Still very sheltered But we gotta change this up a bit Regardless What are you doing Knocking the sand off this so don’t Check my ax I’ve seen Sparks come off it before Little pieces of gravel and dirt All right

See that boy Back We gotta move here Good boy Oh That is nice [Applause] Getting some more smaller stuff on there But [Music] Foreign [Music] ER So this tree’s been in the way for quite Some time Let’s get that down Funny the owner of the property actually Told me to take this tree down like a Year ago at least so get rid of that Thing it’s in the way of the door I’m Like yeah I don’t know yet we’ll see but Because once you take it down you can’t Put it back but it is in the way And we’re gonna Change in mood so we’re gonna use the Council tool Camp Carver Jacks to chop this bad boy Down I did a little bit of Personalization to this I put a bunch of Ax wax on it and Beeswax and like it’s Super tacky Now and I kind of like burnt some edges And Where the logo is and stuff put put uh

Bunch of beeswax on the top I heat it up And just rubbed it all on there to seal It kind of thing but It’s nice Making it my own I really do like this Uh Pretty smooth now this is Cedar so I Can’t take all the credit for it but See there’s a soft wood A big boy Look at that Little mosquito we got Reckon Oh boy She’s super hung up It’s like dwelling inside the other tree Hey look I found the bone Yeah Tripper’s old boom Oh Boy Hey my plane’s back This is really a truly a old school Joe Video All right we gotta get rid of this thing Well that wasn’t as smooth as I thought It would be Nope all right perfect we’re gonna get Rid of this uh A little Stumpy here To make it look All neat and tidy Which dump these guys Want to get it down as flush as possible With the ground

It’s growing on an angle I might have to cut it a couple times But No no You have to move because it’s gonna it’s Too sharp [Laughter] You gotta watch out man He’s not making this easy I don’t think it’s anywhere near here Watch out Nope not yet Zigzag spot I was cutting it Good boy Hey snoped hey snoots This is a root dog Well we’ll take a break on that let Wolfie do what he’s doing because I I Like the fact that he’s actually doing Something not just staring off into the Space so Um let’s try and fix this I don’t know If I want to keep this wall up or not But this has come loose and it’s Needs to be fixed so let’s fix this Right off the Hop all the ant Dank 350. Oh man Fire’s going I don’t need it to be Ripper on just keep the fire going all Day Nice and easy it’s getting warm but you Can still see your breath

I think this is the the shim that fell Out I got I actually pounded in [Music] Freaking wall was never great It was never great maybe it’s time to Take it down But then what do we do what do we do in Lieu of it You just have it open completely on one Side We’ll get a lot of snow in there I would Assume Stump from ho [Applause] There I’m down to my saw line Should be able to Hit it over pretty soon with the ax I Think I’ve seen three spiders Since I started that fire This one’s definitely the biggest so I Assume it’s probably a good idea I made A big Smoky fire Drive out all the critters Mice and what have you Nice cold all right well we’ll leave you There warm up Well that’s all done now Almost clean But certainly opens it up This guy’s over here ripping cedar bark Make me a uh basket bud Make me a cedar bark basket but

Foreign Oh yeah Not too shabby at all Nice The old pot hanger Like to make a tea I’ve got stuff to make A good lunch out here as well But I’m not that hungry just yet I’m Gonna get in there but I think a tea Would suffice Sounds like it’s boiling I don’t even think you’re actually Supposed to have boiling water for tea I’ve heard this recently While I was waiting I cut a big piece Off that uh dense hardwood log there He’s sitting right there Split it down and throw that on the fire But we have our teeth You getting comfy bud Oh husky boy That was looking online at like Characteristics and personality traits Of shepherd husky mixes and you know What they were calling them Jiberian shepskies You gotta love all these crazy names It’s just a freaking mutt he’s just so Much And there ain’t nothing wrong with that Siberian shepsky Little a little upsided Okay let’s get this on

Our tea and contemplate what we’re going To do to this fort We’ve already done quite a bit today But It’s not enough this is nothing really I Haven’t really fixed or anything just Cleaned it up All right while I’ve been mulling it Over drinking this tea And I think I am going to get rid of This wall I’m certainly going to leave this Support one this is going to come down a Little bit once I move these the support One will be here Um And I still might make a wall like that One This one was just like I just tried you Know I had big logs and it was never Great it was never great So it was a lot of work if you remember I had to dig it all out and everything And they’ve been standing for a couple Years now don’t get me wrong it’s been Fine I just never really liked it and it is Time for a change Look I didn’t see him Well I guess I didn’t need time that Little Shiman Keep these Are good

Oh man Wow that was in there look at that That’s no joke man Hulky smokes I did some work Up to my elbow Oh man maybe I can leave A couple oh this one’s in there good None of these are [Applause] Oh boy Oh Man Oh You guys all right Look how far that one was in From there down Man Hey buddy where’d you come from Oh man No shortage of building materials I Guess You can really Build something else pretty Quickly actually without having to cut All these logs measure them and Carry them here and everything seems a Ton of work and time How are you doing bud Leave these bad boys Freaking Tremors over here The worms have turned the ball Hey boy Oh is he going on where’s going on

Oh he scratched my face dude Little town get it get it [Applause] Can we just do this [Applause] We’ll see what are you doing I’m gonna head up onto the roof and see What it looks like up there I might uh Yeah we’ll see Look Well Be up here Pulling up pretty good I don’t know Take the tarp down for now See [Applause] There’s all this bark that Jim and Jim And Baird Uh collected mostly Ted well More Mouse Nest stuff Fire Oh boy Okay let’s do that What are you doing Wolfie Hey wolf hi big boy what you doing Is this ice This is ice what This is ice That’s crazy okay Foreign [Applause] Definitely make it tight

That’ll keep the snow from coming out The front and coming in the front That was ugly as Sin Foreign Well I’m getting pretty hungry Add some more firewood first probably Show you guys what I got So it was Thanksgiving yesterday For us in Canada And we had a spiral ham So I’ve brought myself some spiral ham Cut up real small And some cheese and some farm fresh eggs And some homegrown green uh green pepper So I’m excited for this meal I’m going To cook it in my double boiler Style Freaking zebra pot poach deal Put in uh copious amounts of oil so that Your eggs Don’t stick A little egg tornado You Salt and pepper we’re gonna put on two Lots of pepper okay I’m excited Foreign Relax Anybody who ever watched uh old time Hockey on Tick Tock things from Michigan But he’s just like the most chill dude Like he’s like in a cabin somewhere and Just talks with dogs hey buddy Today we’re going to have a Diet Coke A Diet Coke and some cider there you go

He always plays like vintage Sega games Or something like Just like an old VHS of like Hockey Night in Canada like 1992. I recommend it So you’d think that the bagel was Smoking but it’s not A piece of wood underneath Going through The Bagel Hole I’ll brought it right down because the Flames have died down All right here’s the big reveal Oh boy Oh The cheese is going out You stay back I got my bagel toasted perfectly not Burnt at all all very Crispy like So hopefully we can do this pretty Slick Oh boy That’s fine look at that Look at that What’s in here cheese Green pepper Eggs And ham I do think you can have this Actually buddy I’ll give you some of This too There’s no onions I don’t know what the green pepper is But there’s not much of it in there I Can probably just take them out

It’s probably not Too big a deal I’m just letting his cool Down he’s got uh That much I’m sure he’ll appreciate that I’m gonna put his kibble in there with It All right Cheers I have Super Grub Like Oh wow He’s like what are you doing to me right Now Tormenting me Um Nope Nope Nope There I want to barely any green pepper in There and I don’t even know if it’s bad For dogs or not I don’t think it is the Only thing I can think of there that I Don’t know For certain Here you go buddy Foreign He’s so weird he doesn’t like to be Petted all the time Like only on his own Like uh The only wants to Like I’ll be laying at home watch TV as Well on the couch I’ll literally be

Laying on the couch and it’ll crawl up On top of me and lay on top of me he Likes the attention likes the affection On his own term so that was what I was Trying to think the same Oh boy Do you not like it Oh It’s nice It’s removing that uh pot hanger Douche ourselves in the head again with It Videos Oh I want it to be a clean cut This is one of the original stumps Pieces of There are trees that I took down watch Out man To build the fort So now we’ve got This piece for whatever reason I was hoping it would be dry but it’s Certainly not dry Ah [Music] Turned on God for me Oh Joe Robinette your dog stands on God For you Hey buddy you hear your Anthem did you Hear your anthem I think I’m gonna line up Some logs to just see what it would look Like if I did the same thing as the Other side

I want the biggest at this at the bottom Obviously So try it on the inside first See how she goes I might switch it up Might not even leave it like this So right off the Hop this doesn’t line Up with this There’s a big root in the way here There’s a couple things we can do we can Put another big hole here and secure it With rope up there And that would come and make it uh Flush Plumb as it were Or The fat end on that side see if it Changed anything I would like to pattern on this side Because it’ll give you more room still Between this and the fire But no one said we had ah Dern I cut Myself that’s why she’d be wearing Gloves Got These are burned wood Anyways nobody said it has to be on the Inside we can always put on the other Two What That’s about as long as it would need to Be anyways Yeah the outside doesn’t really work It’s super slanted And uh uneven Slanted and uneven

Um Mister what are you doing All the food already everything’s going There you go Yeah and it won’t even get close to it Because there’s this big root here so I Think I think the move is to put it on the Inside Put some steaks in the ground to hold it As well Man that hammer Pole Pretty uh Powerful Seems like it concentrates the whole Power to that one spot All right This one’s got to be cut too but I can Do all that after That’s not a big deal Lined it up on the inside I’m gonna put Another stake here pushing these close To this yeah We’re gonna throw a big one here on the Other side just for now until we can put Up the other uh the log just for support So I want this pushed up as much as Possible I think Whoo Start tying it off to the trees too Cool I’m glad we got a plan That’s the whole thing come out here and Start messing around stuff Just kind of happened so Happy about that happy that we can get

The tarp off the top and air dry Everything smoke dry and sun dry before Winter Like there’s just So many desserts so many visitors you Know but We’ll dry things up before the winter When it it’ll freeze should be pretty Solid and clean I’m liking it what are you thinking big Boy Huh He’s like I want to go do something Oh it’s surprisingly easy to dig through Right there I thought it was gonna be All full of roots and Sand Okay probably good Okay solid Very nice So here it is she’s in there it’s in the Ground and tied to there it’s a I just gotta tie everything on I Probably don’t have to tie these bottom Pieces to be honest but let’s get Another uh Let’s get some wood on the fire actually What is the X Where is the X8 Ah Foreign Just a couple pieces at a time It’s nice to uh have it going and it’s Nice to

For the weather to be cool enough out Where it’s not Unbearable to be by it I am warm as you can see Uh another piece of wood You’re gonna see how strong it is Pretty Happy with that Ah Better Okay okay Let’s come along Oh He’s been passed out there for the last Hour Oh maybe he’s awake Laying in the sun though nice It’s got to be good for a dog hey just Being able to relax in the Sun I think so I gotta prop this side up for sure but This is what I’m gonna do Well that’s all going to be cleaned up It’s not a good fish Well It’s looking pretty good if I do say so Myself That top one’s just sitting there it’s Not going to stay I do have some bigger Ones picking around And there’s still the The those big downed trees that I showed You when we first got here So

I think I’m gonna I think I’m done for The day I think I’m gonna go home With Wolfie and come back soon with wolf And probably Beauty as well so they can Run around together and play while I Work but if I’m going with this row I Don’t hate this too bad I put big stakes In or maybe tie off to the roof again Uh and dig into the ground And get a bunch like what would it take Two three four five five or six more and Then be up to here and I wouldn’t mind Leaving a little space for a window So yeah I’m liking this I have no idea this is what I was going To do when I came out but uh it was Pretty cool So all right well I hope you guys Enjoyed the video I hope you’re happy That I’m back at the Fort it’s pretty Pretty cool I’m pretty happy to be here I feel rejuvenated I feel like uh it’s Time to be here so that’s what we’re Doing Anyways we’ll see you guys soon on the Next video thanks for watching Goodbye Um