Jeremiah 2 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | October 14, 2022

Jeremiah Chapter two And the word of yahuwah came to me Saying go and you shall cry in the Hearing of Jerusalem saying thus said Yahuwah I remember you The love and commitment of your youth The love of your bridehood when you went After me in the wilderness in the land That was not sown Israel was set apart to yahuwah the First fruits of his increase All who ate of it became guilty evil Came Upon them declares yahuwah Hear the word of yahuwah O House of Jacob and all the clans of the House of Israel Thus said yahuwah one in righteousness Have your fathers found in me That they have gone far from me And went after worthlessness and became Worthless And did not they say where is yahuwah Who brought us up out of the land of Mitzrayim who led us through the Wilderness through a land of deserts and Pits through a land of drought and a Shadow of death and a land that no one Has passed through where no one dwelt Then I brought you into a garden land to Eat its fruit and its goodness but when You entered you defiled my land and you Made my inheritance in abomination The priests did not say where is yahuwah

And those who handled the Torah did not Know me And the Shepherds transgressed against Me And the prophets prophesied by Baal and Walked after matters that did not profit Therefore I still contend with you Declares yahuwah and with your Children’s children I contend For past Beyond The isles of kitten and Sea and send to Kadar and observe well And see if there is any like this has a Nation changed its Mighty ones which are Not Mighty ones But my people have changed my esteem my Glory for that which does not profit Be amazed o Heavens at this and be Frightened and be utterly dried up Declares yahuwah For my people have done two evils they Have forsaken me the Fountain of Living Waters to Hew out for themselves Cisterns cracked cisterns which do not Hold water Of course the Fountain of Living Water You’ve got cross references here in Gospel of John chapter 4. And John chapter 21 . John chapter 4. Hmm John chapter 4. The woman of shomaron Samaria Therefore said to him how is it that you

Being a Jew a yahudi ask a drink for me A woman of shamroon for the yahodim the Jews did not associate with the shaman Orema And Yeshua answered and said to her if You knew the gift of Elohim who it was Who says to you give me the drink you Would have you would have asked him and He would have given you living water The woman said to him Master you have no Vessel the well is deep from where then Do you get Living Water Are you greater than our father Jacob Who gave us the well and drank from it Himself and his sons in this cattle and Yeshua answered and said to her everyone Drinking of this water shall thirst Again but whoever drinks to the water I Give him shall certainly never thirst And the water I give him shall become in Him a fountain of water springing up Into everlasting life A fountain of water springing up into Everlasting life Now for those that were raised in Christendom like me That probably equates to yeah Believe Jesus and you’ll go to heaven So Fountain Spring up into everlasting life Matthew 19 Verse 17. Yeshua was saying why do you call me

Good no one is good except one Elohim But if you wish to enter into life guard The commands If you wish to enter in the life of Guard the commands John 12 verse 50. and I know that his Command is everlasting life Yahuwah’s commands are everlasting life So if we look here at this story of the Woman at the well But whoever drinks the water I give him Shall certainly never thirst and the Water that I give him shall become in Him a fountain of water springing up Into everlasting life Okay well everlasting life is guarding The commands because Jesus couldn’t Contradict himself right because in Matthew 19 17 and in John 12 50 Yahuwah’s commands are everlasting life And so what’s this Fountain that’s Leading to the commands Oh interesting let’s go back over here In Jeremiah For my people have done two evils they Have forsaken me the Fountain of Living Waters they have forsaken yahuwah So yahuwah Is the fountain Commands of the waters the everlasting Life Right And the water that I give him shall Become in him a fountain of water

Springing up into everlasting life so by Yeshua you will reintroduce to yahuwah And therefore keeping the commands Think about that your relationship With Yeshua has returned you to yahuwah And now for and therefore you are now Being obedient obedient to yahuwah Commands Sure that’s just a coincidence See it’s not just the Greek logos Believe with your mind Oh I think I can wrap my mind around it I I understand it therefore I’m going to Heaven when my fleshly body dies No that’s not what this says Whoever drinks of the water yahuwah I Give him shall certainly never thirst And the water that I give him shall Become in him a fountain of water Springing up into everlasting life If you wish to enter into lifeguard the Commands Right And that gets all the way back to here Is the endurance of the Saints Revelation 14 verse 12. Those that have a testimony of Yeshua Hamashiach and keep the commands gets to Hebrews Hebrews chapter 8 the renewed Covenant where Yeshua is the mediator Between yahuwah and his people Revelation 22 verse 14 behold I come Swiftly to reward each man according to His work on the aleph and the Tav the

Beginning and the end the first and the Last blessed are those doing his Commands so that they may enter through The gate into the City and have Authority unto the Tree of Life It’s pretty important this whole Fountain water thing over here And We’re here why not the Shoma ronim Sumerians Were Samaritans depending on which Translation of Bible you have the Samaritans if you will This is where Ahab ruled Ruled in the ten tribes of Israel When there was the house of Israel and The house of Judah Yeshua was from the House of Judah and so the two house when They split and they go their separate Ways After King Solomon Um These become their their become Arch Enemies to one another and show more Name Samarita is a is a um Is like that’s their capital and it is Filled with bad stuff Like Pagan worship and idolatry and Horroring and murder and Child sacrifice and it’s it’s bad and so The Jews who were doing their own bad Stuff by the way but the Jews put the Samaritans at arm’s length and that’s

Why this woman is like why would you a Jew have even have anything to say to me And so now you’ve got yah made flesh Yeshua Bringing this woman Back into the fold And whoredom is the thing the woman Answered and said I have no husband and Yeshua said you’ve said well I have no Husband for you’ve had five husbands and The one whom you have now is not your Husband Right Master I see that you are a prophet Uh so forth and so on The point is these are the lost sheep of The House of Israel Yeshua said I come first but for the Lost sheep of the House of Israel This woman was the Harlot she was the she becomes a bride Made new by her belief in Yeshua that’s Us That’s all of us But this Fountain of Living Water back To Jeremiah 2 verse 12. Or verse 13 rather for my people have Done two evils they have forsaken me the Fountain of Living Waters Right they have forsaken me the Fountain Of Living Waters the source of the Torah And therefore all life to Hew up for Themselves cisterns Correct cisterns which do not hold water

To do their own stuff I’ll worship on whatever day I want to Worship on I’ll go to church on Christmas if I want to I’ll watch some Pornography so what if I cheated on my Wife a little bit yeah I might have Fudged my taxes just a little bit well The government don’t really need that Money but Yeah You’ve forsaken yahuwah To Hew out for yourselves your own Cisterns cracked cisterns that don’t Hold water Is Israel a servant what is he born in The house Why is he given to plunder The Young Lions rewarded him they Growled and made his land waste his Cities have been burned without Inhabitants Even the sons of Naf and of toughenes Have shaven the crown of your head That’s a sign of like you’ve been Subdued having the crown of your head Shaven So even these lowly Nofentophanes they’ve they’ve subdued Israel Have you not done this to yourself by Forsaking yahuwah your Elohim when he Led you in the way Didn’t you bring this upon yourself Obedience brings blessings Disobedience

Brings curses And now why take the way to mitzrayim to Drink the Waters of seahor or why take The way to ashore to drink the Waters of The river your own evil instructs you And your backsliding refuse reproves you Know therefore and see that it is evil And bitter that you have forsaken Yahweh Your Elohim and that my fear is not in You declares the master yahuwah of hosts For of old I have Been torn off your chastisements and you Said I am not serving you when on every High hill and under every Green Tree you Laid down a Under every Green Tree huh Christmas tree Yet I had planted for you a choice Vine All of it true seed John 15 5 I’m the Vine you are the branches How then have you turned before me into A degenerate plant of a strange Vine Although you wash yourself with lye and Use much soap yet your crookedness is Ingrained before me declares the master Yahuwah How do you say I am not defiled I have Not gone after false gods of Bales see Your way in the valley know what you Have done a swift Dromedary a camel Breaking loose in her ways a wild donkey Used to the Wilderness sniffing the wind In the desire of her being in her time Of mating who turns her away

You’re like a runaway camel Or a donkey in heat looking for a mate Doing what you want to do rather than What y’all want you to do All those who seek her need not weary Themselves in her mouth they find her in Her month they find her Keep your foot from being bare and your Throat from thirst but you said it is Useless because I love strangers and After them I go As the thief is ashamed when he’s found Out so is the house of Israel ashamed They and their kings and their heads and Their priests and their Prophets Saying to a tree You are my father and to a stone you Gave birth to me For they have turned back to me and not Their face From the time of their Calamity they say Arise and save us But where are your Mighty ones that you Have made for yourselves let them arise See if they save you in the time of your Calamity because your Mighty ones have Become as many as your cities o Judah You’re false gods Why do you complain to me you all have Transgressed against me declares yahuwah In vain I have stricken your children They received no instruction your sword Has devoured your prophets like a Destroying lion

O Generations see the word of yahuwah Have I been a Wilderness to Israel or a Land of Darkness Why do my people say We have broken loose We have come to you know What a maiden forget her ornaments or Bride her headband Yet my people have forgotten me days Without number Why do you embellish your way to seek Love Therefore you have even thought the evil Women of your way even taught the evil Women your ways Even on your skirts has found the blood Of the lives of the poor Innocents you Did not find them breaking in but in Spite of all these you say because I am Innocent certainly his displeasure shall Turn from me See I’m bringing judgment on you because You say I have not sinned Because you did not confess you did not Tissue well you did not turn Why do you go about so much to change Your way even in mits Rahim you are to Be ashamed as you were ashamed of ashore Even from this one you shall go forth With your hands on your head for yahuwah Has rejected those you trust and you Shall not prosper by them Bless y’all Shalom