Flint And Steel Fire Without Char – The Story So Far

By | October 12, 2022

So now I have no head Well Wally here guys I just I thought it was time that I did A little bit of an update video on my Flint and steel process on my My journey To find a flint and steel something that Will work a foot and see that you don’t Need the Char I suppose guys so I have Some of the things that I’ve used here Some of this is is is not really part of A case and I just want to go through all The different Things that I have used some of which I Haven’t put out in videos guys because They were all very similar okay okay so I used Winter nettle fresh now two week old Harvested now I use the landia bark I Used Fox gloves But the fox loves I don’t know the fox Loves video came out I used Cleavers I Used Merlin leaves I used Fireweed which Would be Willow herb guys Uh the Cleavers video I didn’t upload Guys because it did not work at all even Though A part that it would work and they were Very stocky and just not at all what I Thought would happen guys None of these worked none of them at all The closest I came was the landia Park Which is this here I think the closest To getting it the smaller this is the

This is the fire weed the rest of the Stuff I have up in the house guys I Tried different Strikers I tried different types of Flint this is This is the chart here not Flint Flint I tried big pieces of Flint small Pieces of Flint guys I tried as many Different variables as I could think of And I could get none of these hey Bruno One of you have you got something that You want me to see guys I could find None of these Worked With flint and steel All of them all of them worked Every single one of them worked With a feral Rod you guys all of them You know so For me It is not a wasted exercise okay I know Some of you might be thinking that and Guys I know a lot of you are actually Getting into the comments and these are Having all the same issues as me okay so That’s why I wanted to go through it but This is actually a brand new Striker and I’m going to try this one today and see If this makes any different because I Was thinking Is it the carbon content in the striker That is not producing hot enough Sparks I am not a blacksmith by the way I’m not Really scientifically minded so I don’t Really know if that would make a

Difference guys so Um I don’t know another person said to me That uh Nettles because we live in such A damp type cold environment here in Ireland that Nettles actually are always Reabsorbing moisture from the atmosphere So in order to get them dry enough to Take a spark outside is virtually Impossible but I don’t know about that Either you know so guys As of like okay so the Mullen leaves They’ve been drying in the house you Know so they’ve been sitting up in the House for a long time guys so I don’t Know about that either the It has been an interesting Journey it Has made me think about the properties Of plants and how these plants can be Used in a different way you know is it The process that makes the difference is It me scraping the stuff with the knife Instead of you know beating the beating The stalks and peeling everything off Has that been the difference if that was If that was the difference then that Would be these and that was only you Know so this should work That’s the same stuff this should work You know this should work all these Different things should work But so far guys I have found nothing Okay now I do have other stuff I want to Try like you can see here behind me this

Is uh clematis right here okay and also I have I want to get some Burdock leaves As well and see if they work guys So that’s it Bruno the interrupter guys That is it I just want to give you guys An update on how I’m getting up do you Want to see us open Bruno What are you going to say I’m a dog that’s not what he’s saying It’s like he doesn’t have a Southern Accent He has a German no don’t knock it then He has a German accent guys listen In the comments let me know what you Think let me know is it is it a Geography thing I know I can combine These with Ash and stuff and make plugs And it will work that way one straight Okay so that That is that is not the point of this Exercise uh you know the Wilderness Strong the guys who who were the Inspiration for the video Um for the videos Uh I did they live in a different part Of the world so I wonder is it is it uh Is it the weather thing is it the Geography thing and that is the Difference but listen let me know what You think in the comments Below guys and We’d figure this out together Thanks for watching stay frosty What is a printer what if you what is so Important that you need to show me it

Right now it’s only a stick you have Like a million sticks a day Bring love sticks