Belarus Joins the War – Bear Brief 12OCT22

By | October 12, 2022

Hello and welcome I’m bear with bear we’re going to do the Brief today if you’re new here subscribe Ring the little bell icon that way you Can stay tuned to uh all the world Shenanigans that will inform uh your Ability to be prepared for whatever lies Ahead if you’re not new here you know What to do share the show with people That you love okay okay bear bear can we See the Sheep yes briefly but then we’re Gonna do the brief okay Tada meet Delicious meat all right Better to put them brief 12 October 22 Adding to the heat of the war it appears That Belarus will now be joining Russia In the fight against Ukraine Russia has armed Belarus with dozens of Iranian drones and more planned to Arrive in the coming days The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has announced the formation Of a quote joint Regional group of Troops and quote approximately they say Approximately a half a million troops And Russia’s mobilization of 300 000 Military-aged males it is now rumored to Be closer to a million in other words Big Push by Putin at Al in Ukraine Speculation on when that’s going to be Are they gonna are they going to push The timeline and do it now before winter Gets here they’re going to wait till

Spring the issue with spring being it Gets very cold there And because it gets very cold there That’s a good thing for Russia during The winter because they can move their Trucks and their tanks Cross country However in the spring when all the snow Thaws everything turns to Mud they can’t Move cross country which means they get Channelized onto roadways which makes it Easier to Ambush them Because an ambush is an attack on a Moving or temporarily halted element Right So if you’re bogged down in the mud it Makes it easier to attack you if you’re Channelized on the roadways that makes It easier to attack you and so Speculation about when this big push With 500 000 ish Belarusian troops and a Million ish Russian troops will take Place in Ukraine if at all remember they Uh Belarus was a jumping off point At the beginning of the war in February 22 into Russia So Russia is claiming that Ukraine has Been planning attacks against Belarus And that they need to head off any Possible aggression from Ukraine or NATO According to the Washington examiner Russian troops are quote pouring into Belarus by the train load end quote Unsurprisingly Ukrainian president

Zielinski has called for an International monitoring on the Country’s borders with Belarus saying That the troop mobilization there poses A threat to supply lines This Wednesday AKA today the United Nations General Assembly will vote on a Resolution condemning Russian annexation In eastern Ukraine This being the recent uh votes that took Place in the luhansken Donetsk and Crimea regions Breakaway republics in Ukraine which voted some 60 plus percent Majority To join Russia proper the issue here Being that Russia has stated that any Attack on Russian territories or Russian Citizens by NATO would create an instant Escalation in the war So if part of Ukraine de facto overnight Becomes part of Russia that means any Combat operations that are taking place In those parts of what was Ukraine and Now because a piece of paper was signed Is part of Russia would be seen as Escalation We’ve been talking a lot about a Black Swan event uh for the last half a year The possibility where NATO members NATO Allies who are supplying uh Materiel right truck drivers that are Driving stuff into the region they’re Supporting the Ukrainian war effort that Makes them a legitimate Target for the

Russians well what happens when the Russians blow up one of those Supply Trains full of uh NATO Personnel Escalation So that’s been interesting so the UN General Assembly is meeting today to Condemn Russian annexation in eastern Ukraine The resolution is reported to have 70 Co-sponsors and according to Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield the vote was Geared towards quote defending the U.N End quote Additionally next week is the annual NATO exercise that focuses on drumroll Please nuclear deterrence NATO Secretary General Jens stoltenberg Said the routine exercise quote now is The right time to be firm and clear that NATO is there to protect and defend all Allies end quote Also recently G7 leaders condemned Russia’s most recent missile attacks on Ukrainian citizens and non-military Targets Because the attacks involved more than Two dozen missiles being fired from Belarus lukashenko is now under the Condemning eye of the G7 as well The day after President Biden asterisk Condemned Russia’s actions and made more Supportive statements of Ukraine the Russian ambassador to the U.S said quote Such assistance as well as providing

Kiev with intelligence instructors and Combat guidelines leads to further Escalation and increased risk of a clash Between Russia and NATO end quote which We all know standby got to move the host Foreign Officially moved In related news this last Monday more Than 12 major national airports reported Having to go offline because a denial of Service attack Los Angeles airport reported that Unfortunately or fortunately quote No internal airport systems were Compromised and there were no Operational disruptions end quote Now That’s the official talking points if Their internal systems were compromised They’re not going to say oh yeah and by The way they compromised all of our Systems So who knows I don’t know LAX reported uh oh we just talked about That the pro-russian hacker group kilnet Is suspected to be behind the attacks The group has been targeting allies of Ukraine since the invasion began and is The same group that took down U.S Government websites in several States And a U.S Congress website So now all these things and if you’re on Patreon you have the written report and If you’re not on patreon you don’t all

These things should hopefully Wallet The information makes you want to focus On the micro They’re data points in the micro you Should have a long-term sustainable Outlook for how do I survive and thrive In the end of the world as we know it Right What moves do I need to be making well That move is buying more food or working On your water storage or getting some Training or Strategic relocation whatever it might Be right and so Don’t get all hyped up don’t get all Caught up in the moment So I’ll pull Something like 52 percent of Americans Never Think past more than three weeks Ahead of time 30 percent of people look as far forward As five years out 20 of people roughly Have a 10 to 20 year plan for their life I would encourage you to fall into the 10 to 20 year plan bracket of Individuals Because preparedness is maintaining Normalcy for the people that we love Implicit task establish normalcy And so I don’t know what the future Holds I’m not a prophet

I don’t have a magic crystal ball and if I did you should hit me in the head with A rock Not not allowable So I don’t know precisely what’s coming Ahead but I do know that resilience is The Cornerstone of resistance and I do Know that many of the things that we see Happening today have befallen us before Ecclesiastes there’s nothing new Under The Sun for everything there is a season Right and so here we are in this season Of war and famine and plague again it Has happened before it will happen again After this yet Humanity has endured the Roman Empire fell There are still Romans right what Happens to the United States I don’t Know But there will still be Americans Regardless of what happens to the American Empire and let’s be honest I was talking with a brother a couple Days ago and uh he said yeah you know The U.S dollar is as terrible as it is It’s still the best looking horse in the Glue factory I would agree with that you know there Was uh a lot of talk for the last Several years sometimes at this Channel About the rise of China China’s not looking so hot right now China is not uh does not have parity With the United States of America

They’re collapsing their ability to Project military force is questionable At best Taiwan is 100 miles from Mainland China And yet they’ve not taken Taiwan yet So I don’t think we’ll see Chinese Paratroopers In the United States of America The Russians they’re having their own Economic issues their ability to project Forces displayed in Ukraine is not that Great not nearly as good as many people Myself included thought it was going to Be Doesn’t mean it’s not nothing but they Did not steamroll the ukrainians in a Week like a lot of people thought was Going to happen right Um Europe Broke No money very small militaries Um Small navies right the ability to ensure Global trade by protecting International Waterways is questionable at Best in Many cases non-existent South America yeah maybe maybe one or Two countries maybe Brazil but they got Their own issues and so what does that Leave the estado sonitos United States Of America Now I think that we are likely going to Have a period of time half a decade to a

Decade of economic uh depression and Hardship here in the United States of America Cool so what’s your mid-range plan to Weather that and then what’s your Long-range plan to capitalize on the Opportunities that that’s going to Present how do you maintain normalcy for The people that you love not by buying a Bunch of prepper gear And never using it by but by living a Lifestyle that’s as resilient and Self-supporting as possible Right Self-reliant Because as the system hiccups and Falters if you were intimately enmeshed With the system The system gets a cold you’re going to Catch the flu So I would encourage you to be as Independent of the system as possible Build your own resilience right and have A long-term plan that as we look at These Micro Data points Russia and Ukraine and China and Taiwan and Brazil And the US dollar all these things right They’re data points Micro Data points That inform the macro courses of action That we need to be taking so the 20 Years from now we could talk about hey Remember that time when covet hit and Then Russia invaded Ukraine yeah those Were crazy days man

Thank God we had food in buckets and a Robust garden and sheep to eat Right so mindset there just be be wary That you uh be careful that you don’t Fall into the Trap of hyperventilating Every time the next headline drops at Fox News Okay okay cool uh listen lots of content This month and every month at patreon Not a lot of content this month on YouTube because we are celebrating the Festival of Tabernacles the Feast of Sukkotan Uh but there’s a lot of content over at Patreon so thank you to the patrons for Supporting the show there’s a link in Every video and live live stream Description to patreon it’s five bucks a Month it’s the best five bucks you can Spend on the internet there’s an Overwhelming amount of content there Refuge medical there are people in the Store today shipping orders and so if You’ve been wondering should I get a First aid kit made in America guaranteed Forever on four continents with all Branches of the U.S forces Armed Forces Electively and uh if you’re not a Cool guy operator You drive a minivan or a semi truck or a Forklift or you’re a carpenter or an Electrician or a school bus driver or a Principal

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