What’s the Point of All This?

By | October 11, 2022

Let’s feed the morons then we’ll get Down to business Foreign Foreign Probably going to be a bit of a bird Walk today So Sukkot feeds the Tabernacles when you Dwell in booths or at least when we Dwell in booths uh not here to have a Ideological theological argument with You we do this uh If you do Hug some mayak if you don’t cool more Power to you you have a First Amendment Right to worship however you see fit in This country So or not at all and so you do you Uh but begs the question why are you Throwing hay bales for your sheep in Hayfield because uh their Hayfield has Been uh eaten down and I don’t have the Time right now or it is not a priority For me right now to spend the time to Move the electric fence for the Sheep Might do that later in the week but Right now Ah it’s easier It’s a better use of my time to throw Hay bales than to move the fence Speaking of moving we got to water these Buttholes There we go Ah so but hey hey hey hey Um

Two years ago three bucks a bail 50 Pound bale A year ago 450 a bale 50 pound bale Now Seven dollars a bail 40 pound bale They’re not 50 pounders They’re not even close Um so shorter bales Two and a third the price of two years Ago why labor costs input costs like Fuel and then drought right that’s a Thing so A lot of people have asked well how are You going to feed these morons uh when The balloon goes up we have hay fields And if I didn’t have a stack of hay that I’ve been prepping for the winter right I thought we would rotationally graze Them which we’re already doing it would Be more of a priority to move the fence If I didn’t have hay than right now so I’m willing to burn a few Bales this Week to feed these dummies so that I Don’t have to spend the time to move Them right but Agricultural indicator yeah things are More expensive And um shrinkflation hay bales are Smaller Let’s see uh Ukraine ukrainians are on An offensive and Uh

Kirstan and the Kurt straight bridge That blew up uh v-bed on there’s two Roadways on the bridge one of them was Blown up and set on fire and the at Least the initial reports were that uh The road surface on one of them was uh Actually damaged like like dropped so That you can’t move Vehicles across it The other one the Russians are saying They can still move tanks and planes and Bombs and guns and trucks across okay I Guess we’ll see huh although frankly uh The last 48 hours I’ve not paid a lot of Attention to what was going on there What is going on there because we’ve had Other stuff on our mind Um But that’s important because Russia most of their Logistics are Dependent upon Rail and um so there’s Two roadways and a railway there on the Kurt straight And that’s no longer passable Or at least it’s questionably possible So the ukrainians are on the offensive Which suits NATO’s needs NATO’s wants Because NATO basically wants to bleed The Russians dry in Ukraine so don’t They don’t make it into actual Eastern Europe proper you know the uh the Baltic Regions Latvia Lithuania Estonia Poland Um all of which are NATO allies are Closely affiliated with NATO so that Seems to be going in NATO’s Direction I

Think it’s becoming undeniable at this Point that the United States is involved Uh which everybody’s known we’re Involved man we’re given uh Intel Support material support boots on the Ground hush hush and we’ve had boots on The ground in Ukraine since years almost A decade before the war started but Nobody talks about that don’t don’t talk About that just like the Wagner group Has been on the ground you know boots on The ground for a decade but nobody talks About that So you know nuclear Holocaust question Mark maybe Um kind of begs the question if Somebody’s going to put a warhead on Your forehead uh a do you live in the Wrong location maybe it’s time for you To actually strategically relocate or You know cost benefit analysis now I’d Rather stay here where I am low Probability of Russia putting a warhead On my forehead I can get down with that I understand I get it you know but it Begs a question for me like How are you living in the meanwhile are You eating all of your fingernails Just waiting for Russia to put a warhead On your forehead or are you going about Your business I and I don’t know for you It’s an honest question We’re just going about our business We’re just continuing to do what we do

Um which praised the most high has been An awesome amount of Fellowship thus far Shifting gears people and I’m Fairly well caffeinated this morning so If I’m talking fast and jumping around You can blame blackout Coffee Company uh Thank you Jared from guns and gadgets When we were down in Florida doing recon For our upcoming grindstone deployment Um we swung by LaBelle Florida and went And checked on the guys and girls at Blackout Coffee Company because I know They had some damage as well and while We were there had an opportunity to meet The owners hang out toward the facility It’s a cool place and they sent us on Our merry way with some coffee and Tow So made some blackout coffee over the Fire this morning I don’t I make no Money telling you about that I don’t I Don’t care uh Good coffee so if you’re looking for Some good coffee and you like supporting The Second Amendment blackout Coffee Co Very good this is the uh the dark roast And it’s fabulous Move the hose okay But people so there’s this uh propensity In the preparedness community that even If you get to the point where you accept The idea that I have to have people we Tend to look at people as commodities For the Performing of Labor Um you know whether that’s security or

Gardening or row cropping or you know Fixing the tent with your embroidery Needles or whatever right Who are you what’s your skill set what Can you do why are you here what is your Purpose how are you going to contribute To the group I think a lot of times what’s missed is Uh how’s the group going to contribute To you and I don’t mean physically Monetarily I mean you the well-being of Your soul Do you love the people you’re doing life With because I can honestly say I do I do even if at times it’s overwhelming Or it’s like bear has to retreat to his Corner I will be on the cot in my tent Love you all bye right Um because right everybody has a Different amount of people in that They’re capable of doing Some people are They’re Social Butterflies man they want To be around all the people all the time All day all night have all the Conversations do all the things other People are good for like an hour every Other day Or a couple hours a month right and it Doesn’t mean those people that have a Low level of peopling low level of People in capability maybe that’s how We’ll term that doesn’t mean that They’re not as bought in as the people

Who are there all day every day all the Time it just means that they have a Different uh makeup of their personality As to how much people and they can Actually perform Before it becomes overwhelming for them Even if it’s overwhelming in the best Way possible It’s still overwhelming for them it’s It’s stimulus it’s a lot of stimulation That other even if it’s good stimulation It can be overwhelming Well we’ve had a lot of really good Stimulation lately and one of the cool Things about Sukkot the Feast of Tabernacles is you get practice bugging Out Using your gear using your equipment you Know what works what doesn’t work I I think I like this tent I think I Like the sleeping pad I’m pretty sure This is a good sleeping bag this is Going to be our cook system you know Blah blah blah oh well go pressure test That stuff does it work or doesn’t it Work if it doesn’t work Wouldn’t you rather find out on a Nonchalant camping trip than when it’s The end of the world as we know it man And what is your bug out system look Like like uh The way we’re set up is we can basically Establish a base camp wherever the hell We want to whenever the balloon comes

Goes up however you define that if we Have to relocate from this place our Shangri-La in the wilderness right Uh what some would would turn your Retreat location But if there’s a reason we have to leave Here whatever those bug out indicators Would be for you overwhelming Force Natural disaster a lack of resources a Lack of ability to uh To perform Commerce drought Etc you know weather events yeah then You got to go we can’t stay here it’s Not tenable it’s not long-term Sustainable for us to stay here cool Where do we go And what does that threat look like Because if it’s overwhelming Force if Three towns away China has paratrooped In you know 12 000 dudes with machine guns and there’s You know a light artillery regimen Coming behind them and they’re moving This way uh we’re probably not going to Stay here Um you know how do you avoid martial law Don’t be where it is how do you avoid World War III don’t be where it is right And that you know you’re not going to Stay and fight for your Homeland with What my toddler okay here you go Sweetheart yeah this is the DMR rifle Okay it’s listen it’s got an absolute Zero out to 300 so what I what I want

You to do kiddo is go ahead rack the Charging handle get down behind the Rifle get a good cheek weld all right And from zero to 300 and I know you have No idea you think that a foot is this Long right you have no idea of space or Time or anything like that but from zero To 300 I want you to do a dead hold with The reticle okay and then after that Passed about 300 to 500 you’re gonna Top Hat this guy yeah that’s what I want to Do with my toddler right we’re gonna Fight the Chinese with my toddler and While we’re doing that I’ll probably get My wife to start shooting mortars over The ridge sounds good right in direct Fire Or Or we could relocate And so and that’s our decision versus Your decision right if you’re gonna stay And fight cool appreciate you you stay And fight some of us are going to not Become decisively engaged so that we can Uh we can live to fight another day Elsewhere and that gets back to how big Are you drawing your circles right Because my circle starts with me in the Most high and then me and my wife and Then me my wife my kids and then our Community and then our faith group and Then our Township right and then our County and then our state and then our Country

So it really begs the question of is This your fight or not Well which circle is being affected by This fight and do you actually have the Ability to project force from your Innermost circles to your outermost Circles and if you’re all up on The innermost circles you got no Horsepower for the outermost circles This is just a fact or you’ve done the Cost benefit analysis and you’re okay With losing the relationships that are Represented by the innermost circles in Order to go project Forest on the Outermost circles I’m not I’m not going To lose my wife and kids to go out here And fight a war for a country that let’s Face it is basically Babylon at this Point But I digress and now on the one hand I Can go yeah America is Babylon over here And on the other hand fully acknowledged That it is still the greatest country on The face of the Earth and perhaps in the Midst of this controlled demolition Demolition by the world economic forum If we can weather the storm that’s Represented by the coming collapse of The dollar and the digitization of our Currency And uh you know this slump of American Manufacturing that we’re in and all These other things that we got going on If I can weather that storm and be

Strong centrally Centrally if I can be strong centrally In my innermost circles maybe then I can Project Force to my outermost circles And what does that Force look like Because a lot of guys default to one of These this is how we’re going to fight World War III bear Okay well is this the only tool you have In your toolkit Is this all you have All you have is a rifle that’s all you Know how to use Your voice box doesn’t work Your prayer box doesn’t work you haven’t Beseeched the father for intercession Your uh your checkbook doesn’t work you Don’t have soft power you can’t exert Influence I’m not talking about coercion Talking about influence You can’t run businesses righteously as An American manufacturer you can’t Employ other people Create jobs you can’t do that you can’t Make political moves at the local level Which insulate you or serve to insulate You from adverse political moves at the National level right like everybody Wants to revert to force by the time we Get to force we failed so many other Things that we now we have to Rack our Charging handles and flip safeties off There has been a myriad hundreds of Failures in between normalcy now

And racking a charging handle getting The sight picture But the the Boogaloo boys and the the Wannabes and everybody else is like yeah Well we’re going to take this country Back with our rifles Maybe Maybe On the other end of that Spectrum no We’re gonna vote new people and that are Going to fix it Homie Ain’t Gonna fix the system’s broken right you you Keep throwing kittens into a meat Grinder and being surprised when Ground Kitten comes out the other side It’s a meat grinder doesn’t matter how Cute the kitten is you throw it into That system what comes out the other end A ground up kitten right The system’s broken I think we deserve I think we as Americans have become spoiled to the Point That we deserve you reap what you sow Right we deserve well half a decade to a Decade of economic hardship To make us Stout again to put us back on Our knees again to focus on the things That we’re supposed to be focused on Again God family country right That’s easy to say it’s much harder to Do I had a conversation with a brother Yesterday Had a lot of conversations with a lot of

Brothers yesterday but one in particular Just talking about it’s easy to find Somebody to die for you It’s much harder to find somebody who Will live for you That’s fine you wanna you wanna go die For your country Mazel tov And many people have in defense of this Nation and I mean no disrespect towards Them I’m talking about right now the SS Shtf combat arms guys right like oh yeah When the balloon goes up we’re gonna We’re sling our rifles and get busy all Right you you do you homie Or that we got to take our country back People all right you do you best of luck When the FED Boys Roll you up Righteously or unrighteously Never knew you don’t condone it enjoy Your prison cell You can go die for that but can you live For that because it’s so much easier to Go out and Ablaze the glory right The charging handle flip the safety off And go to work Go on squander the one life that you Have the one soul that you have for that Some of us are going to be over here Trying to live To put it back together again How about living For your country but living for your Wife living for your children living for

Your community living for your creator How about that I’m being as strong as you possibly can So you can help lift other people Up out of poverty or depression or angst Or sorrow That’s what we feel called to do We’re gonna live this one out And we’re gonna live it In the process not out of fear not Worried about it somebody’s gonna put a Warhead On my forehead I’m gonna do life with people that I Love we’re going to build businesses We’re going to rebuild American Manufacturing to the best of our Freaking broken ability We’re gonna do stuff that matters not Stuff that doesn’t we’re going to be so Damn strong in Eastern Oklahoma that When a storm comes to your town and Schwax it we can go help I’m gonna try and live my life so well Vertically aligned that horizontal Alignment with my brothers and sisters Is just a it’s a non-issue I want to be so good at hearing the Voice of my creator that even if he Whispers the tiniest little word to me I Hear it and I listen to it and I’m Obedient to it Rather than charging up a hill in the Machine gun fire

Rule one of Guerrilla warfare did not Become decisively engaged And you are not the United States Military and neither am I And even if you once were you have the Resources of Uncle Sam that you’re back At this point I don’t Not interested Don’t want to play those games I’m gonna feed this I’m gonna eat That rooster that I shot this morning I’m gonna drink this coffee I’m gonna finish these short chores Finish this video And go back to doing meaningful things With people that I love Gonna live life Not squander it And if I can live that life in such a Righteous way that I have a net positive Effect on everything and every person That comes in contact with me not Because I’m awesome but because he’s Awesome Isn’t that a win This whole make America great again Thing dude like America was great Because America was good We’ve forgotten how to be good and I Think we need a little kick in the balls To remember again How to be good I think we need to fall On our knees and put our face in the Dirt and cry out to the maker of the

Universe and say hey I’m here and I’m a Busted up piece of and I can’t do This without you but I would love it If you would join me in this walk here On Earth so that I can be your hands and Feet and do meaningful things to maybe Maybe restore myself So that I could maybe begin the process Of restoring these things that surround Me Like what’s your perspective Where are you coming from What are you actually doing in your life All men die Not all men truly live Forgive me for the bird walk this Morning You all have a blessed day shalom